Wednesday, June 29, 2011

It was a HOT day!

Goodmorning everybody!

Amazing how the weather can change over just one night! The last two days it was very hot, specially yesterday, when it wasn;t just hot but it felt like a fleece blanket, very humid too!!! So yesterday evening we had thunder and lightning, even during the night(Ididn;t notice that, was sound alseep LOL) and had rain too. In our part it wasn;t so bad yet, but in other parts of Holland they had a real fall of rain, too much in such a short time.
Today it is much cooler, I think temperature has dropped about 10 degrees at least!
But despite of the warmth I managed to clean the windows and wash the curtains at the front side. Yeah, good girl, only didn;t had the courage to do also the outside at the same time. But I think Jan will do that today or tomorrow, sweet guy!

Remember I told you about the challenge on Minky's blog? Well, I did a layout too and as I was priviliged to be sent in advance already the "prize-kit"I also made two quickpages. You can pick them up at Minky's things.
Here is the layout with the challenge kit, made it with a picture of Séverine, I just made the other day.
And here the quickpages:
Jan and I are still on the snail hunt, unbelievable how many of these creatures are living in my garden! In a way it's also a good sign, and you need some of them, as long as they stick to the stuff they CAN eat, they are not nice when they eat the leaves of our sunflowers, salad, or tomatoes or other plants we like to look at of eat from LOL!
Oh, and yesterday we had again a little visitor in our tiny little pond, a toad I suppose, still cannot see sometimes the difference between our toads or frogs, I know, a bit stupid, but what the hell! I just like it to see, they hop in from time to time to cool off a bit.

I started to make a list of plants, I would like to buy, if we can get to the gardencentre and I have to admit, it's a FAR TOO LONG LIST! And I even didn;t finish it. I will have to make choices, and that's sooo difficult! The only salvation for me will be, that the centre will not have all the plants, or the species, I wrote down ROFL!!!!.
Now I have to get moving around, do some shopping, which will be better to do now, while it isn;t so hot anymore.
I have a first part of a kit I named: "Kings and Queens", Friday I will post the second part, okay?
Have a great day!
Download     part 1  HERE

Monday, June 27, 2011

It's supposed to be real warm today!

Goodmorning everybody!

Well. it surely looks great when I look out of the window, sun all over just a little wind, wow! We should go easy today, because it's going to be real warm today, if we can believe the forcast!
But we had some nice moments during the last few days too. Only Satuday a great part of the day it was grey and also raining, but temperature was still nice.
And yesterday I spent some time in the garden, bought myself two garden magazins and emjoyed looking at alll the beautiful pictures of gardens and plants in there(makes you sometimes a bit jealous when you see all those beautiful small and large gardens, some just like I want to have mine!) But then you have to realize that most of the time it takes years to "build"a garden, and not only that, if you want it to be as in your dreams, you also need a well-filled wallet!! So let's be happy with what we have and we also can improve it, with some creativity in a low cost way, yeah!

I received some lovely mails this weekend, two of them contained pictures from visitors, showing how they used some of my fantasykits. It's so nice, to see in how different ways they can be used, I will show you now;
The first one is of Miriam, who made a lovely card with the Goblin Adventures. You should visit here blog too, because she offers also some great freebies there, a lady with many talents!
HMMMM, blogger is playing tricks at the moment, cannot yet upload pictures. I will try a bit later, hope it will be better. Yeah with lots of struggiling they finally did upload.
She also made an envelop for the card, but you'll have to take my word for it, because I am not uploading anything else at the moment. These 3 images took me about 20 minutes!!!!

The other one is a layout from Nanette, from Scrap4Kids, with the Fairies have fun kit.

Blogger really isn;t cooperating today.

Just opened the gardendoors and was struck by a wall of hot air, I suppose I will not be sitting in the garden this afternoon, even if we have that great parasol! But I still can make a little list for the garden centre, digging through my gardenmagazins and I am sure, the list will end up to be far too long!!!

Now I just hope I can show you a preview of my freebie. If not, just download it and take a look if it's something to your liking, LOL!
Yeah, after a VERY slow upload, finally another one made it! ROFL! Will try again the one from Miriam.
Now you all have a wonderful day!

Download  Free Wings   HERE

Friday, June 24, 2011

Looking forward to garden centre visit

Goodmorning everybody!

When we met last Monday with Heidi and family, we had a little chat when the concert was over, and Heidi told me, that Séverine will be going on her first summercamp with the scouts! I believe she will leave next Saturday for a whole week! Already received a mail from Heidi, asking to everybody to send a little card or letter to Séverine, because it's always great to have some post when you are away. So of course I will write a little letter and send it away the weekend she will part, to be sure she'll receives it.
That week will be great for Heidi and me to visit the garden centre, at last! Husband at work and no cild to take care of, all the time to ourselves( dangerous of course, I will not be able to come home with nothing at all, I know that already ROFL).

Weather here isn;t too bad, although forcast wasn't so exciting. Well, in other parts of the country they had more trouble with some rain and cloudy days, but we seem to do not bad till now. There is a bit of wind(too much for me), but still we have rather big moments with sunshine, although temps aren;t very high.
But if we can believe the forcasts for Sunday and a few days fter, oh boy, it's always everything or nothing here. They expect that Monday it will be around 76 F and even more the next day till about 85! And then it should drop again on Wednesday to 70 or even a bit less and possibly going up again a bit next weekend. No wonder people catch colds and such, with that yoyo-effect weather!
The best we can do is enjoying the good parts, glad that we have our parasol now in the garden!

Oh, LOL! I picked the first sugar beans from the crop! I believe I had about 10, hahahaha. But, it didn;t matter, I prepared them and then mixed them with stir-fried spinach, I had the other day. And I must say they tasted good!!! They were almost sweet and I was proud of my first "crop". You see, sometimes we can be happy with just a little thing, hahahahah!

Have to draw your attention to Minky's blog. She has there a little challenge for you and you can earn a very nice kit, just by entering a layout with the given elements.
So why not let your fantasy fly away with you this weekend and give it a try????

What's next? Not much anymore, that I can think of, so on to the freebie.

I think I will offer you a very nice fantasy kit, to get you in the mood for the challenge, ROFL!
It's named "Goblin Adventures" and I believe you can do some really nice layouts with it.
You all have a great day and wonderful weekend, see you on Monday again!

Download      HERE

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

We've made it to the "concert".

Goodmorning everybody!
In the morning Jan went to the check up with his doctor in hospital, and all was well, he only  has to watch the amount of salt again a bit. Not a big problem, just have to use a bit less when I am cooking.
And I am happy that he is doing well!

Told you, that Monday evening we had to go to Séverine's first performance with the flute. We went a part by tram and then walked for about 10 minutes to arrive at the school.

I have to admit, it was a bit of a loooong seat, LOL! Although there were some really nice performances. And it's just so sweet to see the youngest children playing at their flute with such a serious expression on their faces!
Séverine did very well, she was in a little group, playing together, but also had a "solo"with two others in the piece, and did that well too( at least they had to play about 10 notes as solo LOL!). But we all have to start somewhere, isn;t it?
I have made a few pictures, but they didn;t come out very well, could be that the flash of my little camera wasn't strong enough(we were sitting rather far from the stage, but it was a good place to overlook everything) and they pics are also a bit fuzzy. But I have one nice picture of the little rascal too, at the street, after the concert.
She just finished a demonstration of her judo capacities to Jan. Yes, she also had an exam of Saturday and has already the blue slip(not the belt yet, she's only doing it for two months now), which ment she jumped three other slips already, so she's good at it!!! The teacher already asked Heidi and Danny if she could go to training for real competitions!! Must have to do something with the fact, that when she was smaller, I always did some "karate"with her, (we called it then "Playing Chinese"), who knows!
So here is Séverine then:

After the performances, we just talked a few moments with Heidi, Danny and some family of both, who also came to support and then it was such a lovely evening, that we decided to walk home. It just took us a bit more than half an hour.

Yesterday Jan came almost running into the room with the news of the day: he discovered already two timy little tomatoes on one of his plants. So I went looking right away(we must keep the husband enthousiastic, LOL) and yes, there are coming tomatoes!!!!
Perhaps you still know he also planted some summerflowers. Okay, some of them frew up, but snailes seem to like the leaves of summerflowers very much, so they look a bit shabby. First Jan wouldn;t believe it were snailes but finally he went looking in the evening in the weekend and saw the snails marching on to the sunslowers. After experiencing the "march of the snails" he now goes into the garden every evening with a little flashlight to catch them and throwing them far away into the garden. He doesn;t want to be snail-killer, he says, so if they want to have a nice meal they will have to work for it, and perform a marathong for it ROLF! So yesterday evening late we both went into the garden for a snail hunt, can you imagine??????????
And we did catch a lot, worst are the naked snails, but I have some disposable plastic gowns and they are very practical for it( cause the slime is very hard to get rid of of your hands, yak).
I think you can call us a bit disturbed, doing it, but we have fun, like little children, hahahahaha.

Okay, time for some serious sutff, have to do some shopping today, again, some things are running out soo fast, unbelievable. But first here is the last two parts of the Mother Goose serie.
Have a great day, take care, till Friday!

Download part 4    HERE

Download     part 5   HERE

Monday, June 20, 2011

I'm a happy girl!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh boy I am early this morning, but I don;t mind it too much.
It seems that the new inhaler i got from the doctor is going to do its job slowly. Saturday night I already slept a bit longer, then woke up, but after less than an hour I was back to sleep and slept 4 hours more. And last night I slept through till 6.30 this morning!!! Can''t remember when that happened anymore! Still have the coughing, but it's far less "aggressive" when I wake up. So le's be careful with our joy, but till now here is blogging a happy girl!

We really kept low profile this weekend. Well, the weather wasn;t that good anyway, but I did a few tasks around here and spend time at the computer, not so much on designing, more on searching around the net and found a few fantastic things I might be able to use in future.
But I have some new quickpages I've made for Minky's again. You know how to get them by now, I suppose. Here are the previews:

The last one, a bragbook page, is made with stuff from Minky's Autumn gifts, take a look for that on her blog, they are adorable!!!!
Now I slowly have to get on my feet, have to make some fresh coffee for Jan, who has an early rise today, cause he has to go for a check up in hospital with his doctor. When he is away, I can take a nice shower, wash my hair and try to get that in a decent shape, LOL. Then it's necessary to get some cat food and bread, and prepaire our quick dinner for this evening. We will have to eat a bit earlier today, because of the "concert"ROFL of Séverine.

My cat Brodski is all confused today, because I am not on the couch, taking some sleep as I did for many weeks after waking up at night( didn;t want to bother Jan too much with the coughing all the time) and Brodski loved to lay at my feet, comfortable on the soft blanket! So now he's laying all alone, all lost on the couch, and when I move around to take my coffee, or whatever, he is looking with very sad and incomprehensive eyes at me LOL!
I have another part of Mother Goose for you, no, I even have two, wow!
Have a fabulous day!
Download    part 2 HERE
Download   part 3  HERE

Friday, June 17, 2011

Feeling like a "medcine girl"LOL

Goodmorning everybody.

Quick backup on me. Went to the doctor, results of blood test much better. Have to take still the vitamins. Concerning my cold, I have now a inhalation stuff extra, specially for restraining the infection, to get rid of the slime coughin. Also have some eye drops, eyes infected too by the cold, bummer!! So wit my regular medication to take, I have almost to make now a day schedule, so I don;t forget anything. I hate it, when I have to take so much medication, but....let's be a good girl and listen to the doctor LOL. We'll see if after some time I can get rid of some of it. In general, I am feeling better, but with a condition of zero! Have to work on that somehow, but let's do it slowly, and it will come back again bit by bit.
Weather here is changing every day now, not steady at all. We had some serious rainfall, also some period with a bit of sunshine and then it was nice outside. Still temperatures are dropping and during the weekend it doesn;t look too good. But they promised us that somewhere next week temps will go up again a bit to reach again the 70 or 75 F again. We'll see about that.
Oh, Monday evening Jan and I are going to the school of Séverine, where there will be a music performance of the children who play an instrument, LOL! Heidi told me that Séverine will play a little piece on her recorder, a wooden flute that is. She isn;t doing that for a long time, so I am very curious! I hope she will do allright, think it's a brave thing that she has the courage to do it. It all will take about an hour, but I think that is just enough for us as audiance, I am preparing to the fact that we will hear lots of false tunes LOL!
I will take m camera and hopefully we will be allowed to take some pictures. This little girl is very busy, you know! Cause tomorrow she will have her first exams of her judo practise too! But it is real early in the morning, so we will ot go there.
As little enouragement to go on with her judo lessons and music lessons I bought her a little book as present.

Have to take advantage of the weather, now that it is still dry, although very windy. Must put a bill at the bank and just a little of grocerie shopping. And yeah, finally have the tax repay amount on my account! Boy, oh boy, they took their time for that!
Time for a freebie, don't you think? We start with a new serie today. Everybody knows about "Mother Goose rhymes"? Well, I've made lots of papers with the pictures of some of the rhymes, didn't include the rhymes only put the title of it near the picture I used. Still I hope you will enjoy these papers, and can do something nice with it. Didn't make elements with it, so it's just papers and a front cover for it, in case you want to make a little picture book with it.
Really hope you will like it, was great fun to make it, and it's just a small part of all of the Mother Goose stuff!! In total I have 5 downloads prepared for you.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Download   part 1 HERE

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Early rise this morning

Goodmorning everybody!

This morning I was up rather early(for me, it is) cause I have my doctor's appointment to go to. And I need a bit of time to really come to life lately, so I woke up rather early and I have time to do the morning coffee, the dressing and even a quick blogging all in an easy tempo.
Yesterday was a really lovely day, with beautiful weather and I could sit for a while in the garden with my book.
Today it's more cloudy and there may be even a bit of rain later, so it would be a good day to tackle the house when I return form the doctor( his practise is just around the corner of my street, about two minutes walk, yeah!)
I hope he will have some solution for my sticking cold, that would be nice, the rest is going steady, slowly but sure, LOL.
You should go to Minky's again, she has a long blogpost and there is also a freebie from me to grab, it's a fantasy kit again, so if you like Victorian fairies, take a look! Here's the preview:
Now I have to hurry on, if I want to have another coffee before I leave, so we'll jump right away to the freebie, quite something different from the Old Time Fairies kit.
I've another steampunk kit for you, named "Rustic Steampunk". Hope some of you will be happy with it!
Have a wonderful day!
Download    HERE

Monday, June 13, 2011

We had rain with hail here!

Goodmorning everybody!

First thing to tell is that Minky's husband, Ian, has his birthday! So if you have a moment it would be great if you pop over to her blog, Minky's things, to leave him some birthday wishes. At the same time you can look at some quickpages I've made and snatch them too at the link Minky tells you.
Well, I went Friday to the hospital to leave some bloog there, LOL. But oh my God! That took me an aweful lot of time! It was so crowded there and only a few nurses were available to take the blood samples, so I think I waited there more than an hour at my turn!!!!
When I finally came home I took something to drink and then quickly went to do some shopping. Home again I thought it was enough for that day and I started a bit playing at the computer. I must say lately the creativity and also the fun of it, is returning again, wheeee.
Saturday the weather wasn't too bad, but I didn't do much. In the afternoon I went out for a moment to buy a newspaper and found me an awesome book for only € 5,00. It has been a long time since I bought me a book, pew! Title is "The Nostradamus prophecies" by Mario Reading. It has a slight similarity with the Da Vinci Code from Dan Brown.
So in the afternoon I took my book and started reading in my garden chair, and the book was catchy from the first page on. It's also interesting, because the main figure, Adam Sabir is "diving under"in the mysterious life of French Gypsies.
Here the text on the backcover
For readers of Raymond Khourys The Last Templar, or the works of Dan Brown, this high-octane commercial thriller tells of a hunt for the lost prophecies of Nostradamus and the two men who will do anything to discover their secrets. Nostradamus wrote a thousand prophecies. Only 942 have survived. What happened to the missing quatrains? What secrets did they contain to make it necessary for them to remain hidden? And why did Nostradamus leave his daughter a sealed container in his will? These questions drive two men with very different desires. Adam Sabir is a writer desperate to revive his flagging career; Achor Bale is a member of an ancient secret society that has dedicated itself to the protection and support of the "Three Antichrists" foretold in Nostradamuss verses -- Napoleon, Adolf Hitler, and the "one still to come"...The pair embark on a terrifying chase through the ancient Romany encampments of France in a quest to locate the missing verses.

In the evening we suddenly had curtains of rain with even some hail in it, pouring down from the sky! Also some thunder was heard. Well, it was a good thing for nature, that a bit of water fell down. Sunday started out real nice again, so you can imagine what I did, when the sun was shining? Yes, in my garden chair with my book. I think today I also will spend a bit of time on the reading again. It's a very catching book, like a thriller.
But looking outside, it will not be in the garden today, it looks a bit grey and windy, so the couch will be a good place too LOL.
Freebie of today is a fantasy kit, named "Fairies have fun"Hope you can have some fun too, making some lovely layouts with it!
Have a marvellous day!
Download     HERE

Friday, June 10, 2011

Fantasy is in the air.

Goodmorning everybody!

Have to try to make it a real short post, cause I've a busy day ahead. First I'll have to go to hospital to get some blood tapped LOL for another test. Hopefully next week the doctor will tell me that the values are more or less back to normal. Hoping there will not be too many people in hospital, I'll be back rather quick and then have to do shopping for the weekend. And if I have still some energy left, may be a little housework can be done too.
I've done some of it already Wednesday, like chainging the bedwash, so now also a filled washing machine is waiting to be turned on.
I've also been busy a bit with designing and the last few days it's all in fantasy style with fairies and goblins .
Made also some quickpages for Minky's blog, like these ones
All made with a kit from Minky, go to her blog and see where you can get the kit and the freebies.
Looks a bit strange, making winter bragbook pages, but we have to realize that in other parts of the world, the seasons are different. We in almost Summer, in South Africa almost Winter.
Time to end this post, but not without a freebie, of course. It's a kit in fresh greens and a bit of beige, named "Summer Afternoon".
Have a fantastic weekend with lots of fun and creativity!
Download    HERE

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I hate that sticking cold

Goodmorning everybody!

Don't know how it comes, but I am still aving a cold hanging on that will not go away.! May be it's a bit due to the quickly changing weather, but fact is that I still have a full nose, not the running kind, but every now and then I have to empty it, if you know what I mean and from time to time there is also the coughing to do to get rid of some nasty stuff, yak. It will go away again some day, or most of it, but in the mean time it's real annoying. If it's still about the same, I am going to ask my doctor what he can do about it(I already have to pay him a visit next wednesday, where he will have the results of the next blood test). And I am not going to be satisfied if he only prescribes a sirop for the cough!
Okay, I;ve done my complaining, done with it! LOL,
Monday we went to Heidi to wish her happy birthday, it was nice, we had a few laughs and even made a kind of appointment to finally go to the garden centre somewhere next week. Only she has to deal with one thing then: Séverine will have a few days vacation from school, and Heidi will have to find someone to take care of her for a few hours. Then I said to her that it wouldn;t be a problem if she left her with Jan, he is great with children and loves to be busy with them. So we'll see what happens.

Today we have the whole day a strike from the trams, trains and busses, as a protest against the enormous economies that are announced in that sector. It will have real effect on the service, less trams and busses, and waiting times will be longer. Lots of jobs will disappear too. So I can understand the strike, I only hope it will be a bit effective.
I didn;t plan to go anywhere today, so no problem for me. I'll have to do a bit of work in the house and it seems to be a good day for it. I actually hope that Jan will go to the market this afternoon and then I have all the space to myself, which is much easier to do some dusting and hoovering etc. I really don;t mind to be on my own from time to time, you know. The same Jan is feeling and all happy when I go out for some shopping or a little visit to Heidi, and he has the house all to himself. LOL. I think everybody needs some space from time to time.

Do you remember I started out with some freebies,  with a quickpage, a background and some elements? And all together it would make a little kit together? I've posted two parts till now and while the Flower Children serie is finished now I thought it a good idea to post the two remaining parts of the quikpage/background sets today. So finally you will have a complete.
I am having fun in the mean time in designing some, I think to be, nice things, one of them will be posted this Friday.
Now I will do a little bit of work on a new started kit and then get ready for some house cleaning and in the afternoon some cooking for dinner(have to put on some meat that needs about two hours to bubble on the stove to get all tender).
Have a lovely day.
Download    set3 HERE

Download   set4  HERE

Monday, June 06, 2011

Birthday of my "adopted" daughter!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, my friend Heidiis having her birthday today. She's now ONY 38 years young. Funny hey, she's having 20 years yojnger than I have. That's why I call her my "adoptive" daughter, she could have been a daughter of mine if we look at our age.
I went into town Saturday and found her a little present, all to do with gardening, LOL. I didn't spend too much time in town, because it was really WARM! We'll visit Heidi in the afternoon.
Yesterday there was much less sunshine, temperature still not bad, but it even rained a bit over night. Suddenly I kind of lost Jan, heard some noise in the garden and there he was, cleaning up the terrace, he took the standard away where are standing among other things his tomatoe plants, swept it clean, cleared out another corner of the terrace near the kitchen, threw away some pots and other stuff that had no use anymore, re arranged the stand with all the pots with tomatoes, herbs and flowers, and it all looks fresh and nice again. He even re potted a few plants, yes, he is definately more busy with gardening these days and I love to see it.
And oh, what a happy day, we discovered some flower buds in the tomatoe plants, mening, that probably in some weeks we will have our first tomatoes. And also the beans are producing flowers, so that's doing well too!

I have a tiny little pond in the garden(I like to have a one or two sizes bigger one), I regularly clean the water in it(still have to buy a few plants for it to keep the oxygen in and the water cleaner), but it already has proven its use. We saw two little frogs enjoying themselves in it, wheeee!

Oh, I love to show you one of the cards Minky made and is offering free on her blog. This lady is a star in making those cards and also some books for children that she is offering for just a small price on the Starchildren project blog.
Take a look at this card, isn;t it just lovely?
Today I have the last part of the Flower Children for you  plus an extra download with some bows and frames in it, that you can use with the kit if you choose to.
Have to get slowly a bit busy around here, I think I'll have to do a laundry and then we also have to go to Heidi, so I fear not too much will be done today. Oh well, there are things to do, but they can wait for another day, LOL!
Have a real good start of the week, stay healthy, and keep smiling!
Download      part 7   HERE

Download Flower Children Elements    HERE

Friday, June 03, 2011

We''ve done a bit of shopping.

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, we finally have a parasol and two coushings for our garden chairs! YEAH!!! I managed to persuade Jan to go with me on Wednesday afternoon to a big shopping centre, and there we found a huge parasol. It was a little bit more expensive then I wanted, but still reasonable price and for that we should have one with quality and to open the parasol we just have to turn a little handle. So no trouble opening and closing the thing, you could say it''s half automatic. It has a nice taupe colour, which comes back a bit in the coushins.
We can put the parasol in the centre of the garden table, which has a hole for that, but we want to buy us a separate "" foot"" for it, so that we can move the thing around a bit on the terrace. Otherwise it isn;t giving shade on the needed spot, LOL.
And what happened, while we were in the shopping centre(we go there for about 3 times a year)? Unbelievable, but we run into Jan''s brother. Okay, he lives in the neighbourhood, but it still is amazing that in the one hour we are there, we run in to him.
Yesterday was nice and quiet, with nice weather. So we spent some time in the garden, reading, and puzzling, but first I dusted the room and Jan hoovered the house and I went out for doggie walking. Yes, Heidi asked me if I could go out in the afternoon with their doggie. They were out during the whole day with Séverine, somewhere in the province of Noord-Holland, but couldn;t take the dog with them as they were visiting a theme park. So I had a walk opf about an hour, doggie was happy, I enjoyed the sunshine, doggie was sad when I left the house again.
Oh I have some quickpages to show you, I made for Minky'' s. Just go to her blog and their you can read on which of the blogs you can download them.
Yes, I did do wome "work" the last couple of days, also started with another''project'' something you can use digital, but also could be nice printed out. Hahaha, did I get you curious? Good!!!! I think I will have it finished in a few more days. Also have to finish up a started kit. But as I don;t spend as much time at the computer as a few months ago, it all takes a bit longer.
For today I have another part of the Flower Children for you, nr. 6. After this one still one more to go with some extra''s. Now I must get dressed after I had a second coffee and have to do some serious grocerie shopping. Want to do it all today, so that I have my hands free tomorrow to look for Heidi''s birthday present.
Oh my, with not much the days are quickly filled enough LOL!
You all have a magnificant weekend and till Monday again!

Download     part 6   HERE

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

More Flower Children.

Goodmorning everybody!
And it is a lovely morning as I look out of the window!
Monday afternoon I went out for a bit  of shopping, the weather was great and I found myself two nice t=-shirts with long sleeves, in nice light colours, they are striped too. Stripes in hrizontal direction, so it should look as if I am not that skinny, LOL!!! I think today will be a good day to put one of them on, cause after a not too bright day yesterday, from today on temps should go up again and there will be loads of sunshine and no rain( which is turning into a problem, slowly!). I am still hoppig between two thoughts for today: "shall I go out for a bit of grocerie shopping, as there always is the need of bread and cat food"" , or shall I go into town to look around for a birthday present for my friend Heidi(having birthday on the 6th of June), and may be even find at last a parasol for the garden?" Simpel things can cause a dilemma!!
Tomorrow it''s is Ascension Day and a lot of shops will be closed, as it is an official holiday here.
Hmmmm, we''ll see later what to decide. Of course I could do both things, but I must restrict myself a bit, not doing too much on a day. Yeah, baby we are growing old, hahahaha.
Oh boy, I have to go to the kitchen and take some meat out of the freezer for our dinner this evening! Ooops, good that I thought of it! I probably will make some fresh spinache with it, at the moment you can get fresh spinache leaves as much as you want and I like to prepare it this way:
First cut up an onion, real fine, take a few "" toes"" of garlic, cut them up fine too, put a bit of oilve oil in a pan, then first frie the onion slowly, then turn up the heat and start adding the spinache leaves( always funny to see what uge pile of leaves you have to put in for a decent portion, they shrink terribly) , keep adding new leaves to it, while stirring, till you think you will have enough, add the garlic, some salt and pepper, while in the mean time you backed some slices of bacon to the pioint they almost are breaking. Then you put the spinache on the plates, crumbles the bacon over it and you even could put some slices of hard boiled egg on it. It''s very healthy and it tastes good too!.
Time now for your next installment of the Flower Children, nr 5.
Enjoy your day, have some fun, don;t forget to smile or make somebody smile!

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