Friday, June 29, 2012

Kind of special kit today

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh my, yesterday we had a real warm day. Only a pity that almost all day it was cloudy. It was kind of nice, although it felt a bit like a blanket when you were out. But it was the first time this year, I believe, that we could have the garden door fully open till about 23.00 am! Later in the evening, in the pause of the soccer game we were watching, Jan went into the garden, came back in the room to call me. And he said that he saw little bats flying around. I know there are, but normally we don;t see them in our neighbourhood, so we stood there for a while and yes, I saw some too! They are little ones, so no Vampire stories will follow LOL.
Today temperature has dropped a bit, looking a bit gloomy, cause there is no sun yet. Well, may be the afteroon will be different.
Jan is away at the moment, he had to go for a control to the hospital and has to return Monday for his yearly checkup with his doctor. I think, it will be allright.
As he is not far from the agency for work, he will go there too, to drop some of the paperwork, you know, the papers he gets when he has done some work for the home health care institurion.
Once delivered at the agency, they can check them and hopefully pay out next week. They normally pay out each week.
He has to work this weekend again, Saturday and Sunday evening shift. Well, he doesn't mind doing weekends, because it pays more!
And next weekend is also filled in already! Now I hope he will get a few more shifts on some other weekdays too.

I told Arlene you all are thinking of her and sending prayers and she is sending her thanks for them, she was very touched by them. Still no news about her sister, hospital is doing some checkups, to see what will be the best way to operate. So they are all still in stressfull times.
But Arlene found some time to make you some clusters. with the Bst Friend of All kit.
Download    HERE

Then have to show you a preview of a quickpage, made by Linda, with the kit "There was a Time".
You know the drill??? If you download, leave a little word, thanks.

And the kit is a kind of special one. I do get sometimes requests to make a certain kit, and I cannot grant it every time, but this one was kind of challenging. I was asked to make a rodeo kit, more specific about bull riding, cause her fiancee did that. And as they are going to be married at the end of the year I included a married couple in western style in it LOL. But may be some of you also can do something with the kit. Anyway, I will post it, it's named "Taming the Bull" and hope it is a bit in the way of the request.
Ghee, Jan is back already! There weren;t much people in the hospital, so he just spend about 10-15 minutes there, lucky guy! Well, that is about all, time for me to get moving here, and see what mischieve I can get in today ROFL.
Have a wonderful weekend,
Download    HERE

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Life isn't getting any cheaper

Goodmorning everybody!

Gorgeaous day we had yesterday.! So in the morning I did some tasks I gave myself( I always feel more to it when its nice weather) and then Jan and I grabbed a sandwich, sitting in the garden and sat there quiet doing some cross words.
Then i guess the sun made me a bit sleepy, cause I took a little nap, wonderful!
Jan had no shift, so he took a little walk when I was taking my nap.
In the evening we watched some tv and some of the news always is able to astonish me LOL.
Beginning this year the government had the tremendous idea of giving free hand to the costs of denstist care. Till then it was a bit controlled by the government, and though not really cheap, it was payable. But now they wanted to be "free-economy", hoping that the free marketcompetition would lead to better prices and so on. Well, what everybody already expected happened: it didn;t get any cheaper, in general prices for tooth care went up by almost 7%. But some things had a raise of 50%!!!.
Now government wants to bring it back to the "old situation"again. LOL!
This minister of health care has really some great ideas(ironically speking!!). Her policy resulted only in a health care more expensive and cutting out some things out of the basic package, nobody is happy with it.
And everything is getting more expensive and sometimes I wonder why, cause for several things it does;t seem necessary, but oh what a good excuses the general crisis can be!!!!
And slowly I have the feeling that this "free market prices competition is only asking more wor of us, simple people. Yeah, you can try to compare prices, e.g. for energy, than you will have to go on internet, read all the packages of several energy suppliers and you must figure out which one is cheaper. Well, that is to be done, but then you get the change of supplier. They pretend it to be easy-peasy, but in practice it isn;t always so. But if you want to do comparison for several things, energy, water, health care, insurance of all kind, morgage etc. you will have serious work on it which takes a lot of time and I believe that at the end, it all comes to the same level.
And there are still a lot of people, mostly elderly, senior citizens, who don;t use internet, so impossible for them to sort it out. And even with folders, it's almost impossible to sort it all out.
If I would do this, I think I would really feel like a hopping frog. I hate it.!!
And conclusion: no matter where you go and what you do, all prices are going up. Same with groceries, all getting more expensive. No, it is not fun.

Okay, I got that off my chest let's move on to some "Lighter stuff"ROFL>
Hoorray, Jan has work this evening again, and already for Saturday and Sunday evening. I hope they will find him something for tomorrow and Friday too.
So this evening I will be all alone again, snif. No, I am just jocking. I don;t mind it too much, an evening is passing by quick enough. And I can watch a soccer game tonight, still for the European Championship, this is already the semi-finale.
So when he will leave at about 17.30 am, I think I will spend some time at the computer and then install myself on the couch to watch the game. I hope Jan will have a not too bad schedule, so that he can be home again before midnight(has to work till 23.00 am).

Sometimes I almost wonder if I still have cats LOL! In summertime they like to spend a lot of time outdoors. Well, Brodski is a lot of time in the garden but Dikkie likes to stroll in the nieghbouring gardens. And around 17.00 they are most of the time together in the garden and when I open the kitchendoor to it, they hobble into the kitchen for something to eat. And then disappear again.
It happens though that also Dikkie stays most of the time in the garden and when Jan and/or I are there, he comes to us, and seems to tell us about his adventures ROFL. My God, he can meow  in all kind of ways!

Hmmm, long enough blogpost I think, better go on to a gift from Arlene, come great slusters she made with the "Belive in Fairy Magic kit. Enjoy them!
Download    HERE

And my kit is a light one in color, with some splashing accents in a very bright blue, or even turquoise. Named it "There was a Time". Now time for me, to have another coffee then get dressed and do something around here LOL! Have a wonderful day.
Download    EXPIRED

Monday, June 25, 2012

I felt so sorry for Jan!

Goodmorning everybody!

Gosh, this weekend was a hard time for my hubbie!
Friday he had a morning shift, everything allright, even the weather wasn;t too bad. While he was away, I could do a few things around the house.
In the evening we got a telephone call, and it was Heidi on her mobile, telling us she let out her doggie, together with Séverine, but that she had forgotten to take her keys with her, so she couldn;t enter her house! So good we have an extra set here, so she came to us to pick up the keys.  Now I have to go to her, may be today, to pick those up again, for the next time it happens to her!
But Saturday Jan had to work the whole day till about 17.00 am. He had a hard time, because the wind was blowing fiercly!!!
But at about 18.30 he still wasn;t home, so I phoned him on his mobile to ask what was the matter. Oh, poor thing, he was given a rather long list of adresses, and the route wasn't planned too well, so he was riding back and forth and had to search around for several streets. All together he came home at 19.30 am. He was really POOPED out. I felt sooo sorry for him. It always can happen that the given schedule doesn;t work out completely and that you will have to work a bit longer, but this was really a mess. Part caused because he didn;t know the route at all, but certainly also caused by a bad planning and too many clients to visit.
Lucky for him he had a bit of time to recover, because his next shift was Sunday, starting at 18.00 am till 23.00.
So he could sleep well and long, and take it easy in the early afternoon. I was so glad the weather had changed for the better, by the time he had to leave, even the sun was shining a bit, and the wind had calmed down a lot.
And when he home again(at reasonable time LOL) he was much happier about this shift. Glad he has no shift today, well, till now at least. He could do with a day off.
All the news at the moment is about Jan's work, but that's what keeps us busy at the moment.
It was a strange xperience Saturday for me, to know Jan would be away all day long. I have to get used to that too again and arrange my day in a new way. Funny though that it feels diferent. When he still wasn;t working we also could spent almost a whole day "alone", I was out for the shopping, he went for a long walk or bike ride, but somehow it felt still as if we were around. Hard to explain, but it's strange grin!

I had mail from Arlene this weekend with lots of new clusters for you! She could do though with a little prayer from you, because she had some bad news concerning a family member. It will be a difficult time for all of them.
I have some fantastic clusters from her made with the "Precious Time"kit.
Download   HERE

I have lots to do today, well, I planned it that way LOL, so will not be rambling much longer. Also have to do things on the computer, uploading lovely work from Arlene, finishing a kit and upload it, if time adding the last kits in the MY Freebies of June, also have a list with music I want to burn on a cd, and if time sorting out some folders too! Don't think I will be able to do all today. But better having a lot in mind, which will keep you busy, than looking around and being board ROFL.
Kit for today is named "As Time Goes By", bit in dark colours but I think you can make some great layouts with it.
Well, have a wonderful day!
Download     HERE

Friday, June 22, 2012

Early rise today!

Goodmorning everybody!

We had to wake rather early todau, cause Jan has to work this morning. Good news is that he has work all day tomorrow and then Sunday evening too. Yesterday we had very bad weather in the evening, lots of wind and rain, in some parts of Holland(even we had a little of it) accompanied by thunder and lightning.
Not all too far away lightning stroke the electricity cables, so around 17,000 households have no electricity. It might last all day long and if repairing goes bad, may be even tomorrow. Oh, poor souls, no tv, no light, and just think what it will do to your freezer!!!
At the moment it even looks a bit sunny, although there is stil some fierce wind. Not that good for Jan, having to ride his bike, but let's hope he will keep it dry.

Wednesday afternoon we went to the market, hoping to get some veggies that I could put into the freezer, but there weren;t too many! Of course there were some veggies, but not the kind I wanted, or only at a high price. So we came back with a little bit, did buy some fruit though and a little bag for Jan;s mobile, that he could attach to his belt.
Also did turn on the washing machine, I think it will be almost dry now, which means somewhere in the weekend I will have to do some ironing. Doesn;t matter, it will keep me busy. Today I want to do some stuff in the house too, best when Jan is still at work, so that we can do whatever we want this afternoon. Probably a little nap will be included LOL.
I have a little job now too, ROFL!! Playing secretary for Jan, grin grin. I do the checking for his schedule at internet with the agency, fill in his new schedule for every week, he has to mention which days he is available for work. I don;t mind, I am not good at the computer, but I know my way around a bit, while he is completely unfamiliair with it. He already had a little "lesson"from me, cause I want him to know how to handle things. You'll never know when it may be necessary! But at the moment it's only me doing his stuff.

So I won't be chatting all too long now, must use the time well, now that my hubby isn;t around.
Let's start with some great clusters from Arlene, made with the Underwater Secret kit. She made you also a page-overlay! I did put it on a paper in the preview, to show how lovely it looks!
Download   HERE

And I have a kit for you, I have made already some time ago, named "Some Romance". It has a vintage look(you know I just love that, I am not good in real "modern"designs LOL).
Have fun with it, and also have a beautiful weekend!
Download    HERE

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Day off for Jan.

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh my, Monday was a weird day. Jan had to work very early morning so when he left I tried to catch some sleep. Didn't last long, so I got up and did some stuff here. First of course blogging, but then some things in the house. Just when Jan left the house it started to rain, and poor thing, he had rain during all his shift. And not just a few drops, it was pouring!
So when he came home he still was soaked through LOL. The only luck he had was, that it wasn;t cold and there was no wind. Then the afternoon it was all quiet here, because both of us, stretched out on a couched and slept a rather long time.
Yesterday they didn;t had work for him, so he could rest a bit and now today and tomorrow he has his days off.
It's rather good weather, now that the rain left and we think of taking a trip to the market this afternoon..
We could do with some new vegetables for the freezer.
That's about all to tell, not much, but it's just as it is.
We still enjoy watching the soccer, although our Dutch team is out of competition. No more than reasonable, because they played very bad, with no real energy or enthousiasm, it was terrible to see. Now we have to choose another country to cheer to, no problem, I think it will be England LOL.
Oh, I have a nice thing to show you. I got a mail with a wonderful layout, made by Kay for a challenge, with the Underwater Secret kit. Look here and enjoy it.

Today from Arlene: clusters for the "In the Library"kit.
Download      HERE

And I told you already, designing is just slow speed at the moment, I really have to make more kits, running out of them, well, almost LOL!
Still have something to offer, a kit named "Melancholy". Hope you will have some use for it.
Well, have a wonderful day, here it looks to be a rather sunny one, yippee!
Download    HERE

Monday, June 18, 2012

Unusual weekend

Goodmorning everybody!

You know Jan had to work this weekend for several hours and it made out weekend different from the ones we were used too LOL. Had to change time for something warm to eat and get up very early morning etc.
Well, I am having trouble with that, and specially the part of going to sleep earlier than normal, and Jan too. Oh, it will get better soon, but it's hard to catch enough sleep.
This morning we had to get up at 6.00 pm, wow! I am the lucky one, cause when Jan left for his work, I stretched myself on the couch and slept another two hours till around 9.00 pm, and I think Jan will take a nap this afternoon, poor soul.
I was happy for him that the evening shift he had Saturday evening was a bit easier for him, speaking of distance and addresses to find. Work itself with the clients isn;t that hard he says.
But this all is needing some adapting from both of us again.
Yesterday morning he had to work too, so I took a bit advantage of it, to take out the vacuum cleaner, LOL. I was even having a nice time with it, because I had a music channel on on tv, with all "oldies" and I was swinging along with the vacuum-cleaner ROFL.

Today looks to be a fine day outside, although this morning when Jan left, it was grey and even raining a bit. But after some while it stopped and now the sun is shining and almost no wind( yes we keep an eye on the wind now, because soft wind means it is easier for Jan to ride on his bike).
They forecasted even nice temperatures for today and tomorrow, something around 68-75 F which is great.

Some time ago a visitor asked me if it was possible to make a kit for dogs. It took me a bit of thnking and trying but I made one, and I will offer that one today. I am sure there are plenty of dog lovers around you, so may be it will come in handy for you too.
But first there are some clusters for you from Arlene. I know I am running behind a bit with her clusters, cause she always sends them to me very quick after I posted a kit. I hope I am forgiven to post the concerning clusters somewhat later???
These clusters are from the "Like a poem"kit, she even made you a page-overlay with it!
Download     HERE

I was on a low designing point for a while but the "flow"is coming back again LOL. In the weekend I finally finished a kit I was working on and even started on another one. Hoorray!!!
But as said here you have the dog related kit, named "Best Friend of All".
Have a fantastic day.
Download    HERE