Sunday, August 28, 2022

All in preparation for new furniture, almost

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Our weather is still nice, we are having two days now of a bit lower temperatures, around 20-21C, but next week it will go up again to24-25C. It still is very dry, so this afternoon Jan will have to water the garden, to keep it happy. 

We did some work of clearing out the wall-unit, you know, every day something, and another little cupboard too, to be able to move it. Well, the waal-unit is almost cleared out. The last things we will do probably Thursday, and then the tv will have to be moved somewhere safe.

Oh, I do hope the furniture will really come this Friday and that there will be no delay in delivering. We've waited long enough now!

We did had a visit this week, from Heidi and Séverine, and it was so nic to see them again. We didn;t catch up on chatting, really, that's always difficult when other people are around, for that we will have to try to meet somewhere, perhaps soon we could have an appointment in town, to have a cup of coffee or so, would be nice.

But, Séverine helpd me, to install the printer. I could manage it, but it takes a lot of effort from me and she is so used to those things(the youth is handy to have around at times, LOL), so it was done rather quick. At first, after installing it all the printer didn;t want to print, but then Heidi checked all and came with the solution, and now I have a working printer again, and even we can print from Jan's laptop, because it is working on Wifi. Hopefully this one will last a bit longer as the former one, I have now a HP2600E, not very expensive, but also not the cheapest printer, so it should work for now. It is really wonderful to be able to print every now and then something important, like a bill or so.

I harvested our first tomato, I didn;t taste it yet, we are waiting for a few more to ripe completely and then we may be could try them out on a sandwich. I am curious how they will taste.

It will be a tensive week for Séverine, she will have more research to see if she is having a form of PH(pulmonary hypertension), like her mother has. She wasn't feeling well already for some months, so now they really want to know what causes it and the specialist thinks it might be that. It' will not be the nicest message she could have, but then at least she know what is bothering her and there are lots of medicins that can help. It isn;t curable, till now, but could be handled rather well, depending on which form of course. So I hope they will now soon after her test this Tuesday in the hospital of Amsterdam(there they have specialist doctors for that disease). 

But.... it also cold have another cause why she is feeling quite miserable. Let's wait and see and hope at least there will be an answer, whatever it will be, but hopefuly something that will not be so far reaching for her health.

Good, now I will retreat for a little moment in the kitchen to prepare a bit for our dinner. I already have made our meat, two porc shoulder chops, and we will have some boiled potatoes with it with some nice gravy and broad beans with some fried bacon mixed in, and a nice yoghurt as dessert. Quick, but tasty meal, I think.

I hope I will have made already some photos from the new furniture next Sunday, I don;t promise anything, hahaha.

Wishing you all a wonderful week.

Sunday, August 21, 2022

So far, so good I think.

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Today is a little bit less with the weather. Temperature is still okay, aorund 23C, but sometimes there are clouds and then again some sunshine, but all in all it still is great weather. Only missing some rainshowers every now and then.

Well, this week was a strange one. On Monday Jan had to cut eating from 2.00 pm and only had to take  special medicin and drink very very much in short time and the same on Tuesday when he had the colonoscopie late afternoon. I felt so sorry for him, it was no fun, but the laxative worked very well. Good, Tuesday we left the house at 230 p.m. to be in time to catch the righ tram. The ride to the hospital where he had to go this time took around half an hur and we arrived good on schedule so we could sit in the sun for about 15 minutes before going to the desk. There I left him in good hands and went to a Mall, a shopping centre newly built in the proximity of the hospital, just no more then a 5 minute walk. It was a good opportunity for me to check it out. I must say it looked beautiful, with all kind of shops(expensive ones but also more affordible ones), lots of little coffeeshops and other little places where yyou could drink or eat something. So I spend there about an hour or so and then I got the telephonecall from the hospital that I could pick up Jan again at 5.30. p.m. It was good I was there to bring him home, because he still was a little bit under influence of the anesthesia he had. But it was okay to go with the tram and slowly walked home from the station. Jan already had something to eat and drink in the hospital so when he came home he was really tired and only wanted to sleep. So he did, and he had a real good sleep almost all eveing through and during the night he also slept a lot more than usual. 

Him sleeping I took something to eat and was glad to sit down and also went to bed much earlier than usual and slept well. It is quite straining all together, mostly for Jan of course. They didn;t found anything unusual or worrying during the research, so that already is something. Now he has to have still a CT scan, and MRI scan and an Ultrasound scan. Yeah, his doctor wants to check it all! The only annoying thing was that she wanted it to happen as fast as possible and the soonest was a possibility in that g=far away hospital, although the doctor said it could be done also in his usual hospital. Good, next day I was on the phone to see if they could reschedule it to the other hospital. It took me some phonecalls and explaining, but finally he has an appointment for all 3 of them on one day, the 5th of October. Really glad that it is nearby and that he doesn;t have to travel so long, because it is for him really tiring. Great, I achived something, LOL.

That seems to have given me extra energy or so, because that Wednesday I did a lot of things. I did grocerie shopping, I cooked for two days and changed the bed sheets.I think it is a good portin of work for one day( in between those phonecalls too).

Next day I did the laundry, washing machine was quickly filled with the bedsheets and some big towels. And then a week is gone so fast, unbelievable. 

Out tomatoes are starting to get color, they will need some more warmth and sunshine, but next week they will get that, because we will have rising temperatures again and almost no rain at all. That lack of rain is slowly causing some trouble for transport over our rivers, the boats cannot load their full capacity so that isn;t a good thing. So many people are happy with the good weather but others are praying for a little bit of rain. You can notice that climate is changing, whatever the cause may be.

In the afternoons and evenings we watch tv, of course, and for now we like to watch the EUropean chaampionships ot athletics, swmming, sports on the track etc. I have great admiration for all those sporters who give their best and knowing the effort it needs to reach the top makes it even more special. 

Time to finish this post, almost time to go into the kitchen and warm up the oven. I've made Mac and Cheese for this evening, and I think we will have enough for tomorrow too(and it always tastes a bit better the next day. I added also a bit of minced meat into it, with some small diced paprika and tomatoes, mushrooms and onions( things that needed to be used out of the fridge). And as dessert we will have diced uo melon. 

I wish you all a wonderful week, stay safe and healthy.

Sunday, August 14, 2022

More research for Jan in hospital

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Oh good hevanes, it is really warm today. Full sun and that's it. They say in general in our area it is around 30 C now , but in our garden it really is feeling uch warmer, more like 33-34C. Yesterday it was about the same, but it seems that next week it will cool off somewhat and may be even some rain. That would be nice. I like good weather, but as it is now it is also for me too much.

Last week Jan had his appointment with his doctor on hospital and she discussed the last hospitalization of him and the cause. She wants to do more research, to find out what is causing these attacks. So Jan will have a colonoscopy on Tuesday. That isn;t so bad, but the preparation for it takes two days, of which of tomorrow 2.00 p.m. he cannot eat anything anymore, has to take special medication as laxative and has to drink, specially when taking this medication 2 ltrs of water or something like that in really short time which is terrible and then not allowed to eat anything anymore till Tuesday late afternoon when he will have the colonoscopy. Poor husband of mine, it isn't really comfy at all next two days. And for sure he will spend a lot of time on the smallest room so to say. His doctor was thinking about a cause for the returning attacks in his intestines, but therefor is this research and later he also will have an MRI again.

Well, we'll just have to wait for a possible result and/or solution.

Then Friday I had to go to hospital for the eye control. Itt took some time, most because of waiting time, and the result was, that the oprated left eye still looked good and clear and that the right eye didn;t loose a lot of sight as compared to 2020. I have a bit of cataract but there is no real urge for surgery right now, the doctor told me that there will be another check in a year and I always could phone to have the eye operated sooner if I wanted. As I have now quite a few things on y mind, as Jan's situation, then also the new furniture that soon will be here(and we need to clear out the old display cabinet and such I rather wait bit with the eye.

Having the old wallunit removed also will let us see how the paint is behind it, LOL! It might show that we need to paint at least that wall. So suddenly we have a lot on our mind. 

This ia for now what I can tell you, not all good but also not too bad, it is how life can play with us, simple as that.

Time to finish this post, wishing you all a great week, please stay safe and healthy!

Sunday, August 07, 2022

Visit to hairdresser and cleaningwork done!

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Today is nice but not all too great weather, yet. Sometimes some clouds, temperature could be 21-22C, which is of course already nice, but next week we will reach very high temperatures, could be 28-30C. Well, it is summer and then you should have some warm temperatures also.

I just watered the garden(it is still very dry, almost no rain), did give it a good soak, so it should be enough for the next two days, may three. But when it will be very sunny and even warmer, we need to water all the containers almost daily. 

Last Tuesday I went to the hairdresser, and now I have real short hair, which is wonderful. So easy to maintain, and I am happy with it.

Then Jan and I also worked hard on a day, we did wash the net curtains of the front and Jan washed the windows inside and I did it on the outside. Gosh, it all looks fresh and shining again.

I also went into town one afternoon to see if I could find another pair of pillows for the new couch. I bought two in sale, but it would be ever so nice to have another pair of them for the second couch. And yes, I was lucky, I found them in sale and even in extra sale so they only did cost me 5 euro the two!!! Isn;t that a good buy? You will see them when I make a photo of the new couches, which will be here on the 2nd of September. Yes end of this month Jan and I will have to clear out our old display cabinet, and put the stuff somewhere aside. Gives me perhaps opportunity to see what we will keep and what can be thrown away. 

Good news from my friend Heidi too, she phoned me last Monday and she sounded a lot better already. The flue almost was gone, she only had still a bit a soar throat. I was real glad to hear it.

Now next week Jan and I will have a hospital appointment, told you already last week. Both are in the morning, which is a good thing, because on Thursday and Friday we will have the highest temperatures! So best to have it done before noon. 

To give you a bit of a good feeling at the end of this post I have a few photos of the garden for you. The first is of one of our tomato plants, and you can see we will have tomatoes! (To really see them well you have to see the larger picture.)

Here one of our Verbena's, they do so well this year.

This clematis already flowered once and to my pleasure it flowers now again China Rose, I fell in love with the flowerof this one. You often see them in red or orange, but this I like even better.

I think it is time to have a cup of tea, nice and quiet in the garden.

I wish you all a wonderful week, with possibly some smiles during the week. Stay safe!