Friday, May 29, 2009

A day with a plan?

Goodmorning everybody!

Unbelievable, but today is a day with PERHAPS a plan.! And it involves Jan, therefore the perhaps! LOL. It's time to go to the "special"supermarket again, to get some catfood for a real good price there and look around what else we can take with us for not too much money. It's the kind of supermarket where they have some things always and other things just for a short time, but then for a low price. So it's a bit of gamble, but you'll have to look around, see it, and ask yourself if you'll need it the coming time or stash it in the freezer and so. Well, I hope we'll get there today. I had it in mind already for some days, but every time something disturbed the plan. Very odd.

Can you imagine the month of May is almost done?? Just Monday we start already with June! I am glad, I already have a map in the scrapkit section on my computer which contains a few kits. Yeah can you imagine, I have a few in store again! Oh and I must say to you that in June we have another FABULOUS daily download on the Magickal Scraps forum. In a few days you'll see the slideshow on my blog, but it;s really a beautiful one. The ladies( haha, I am inculded in that) have done a terrific job on this one! Worth to take a look!

I am a bit proud of myself, about yesterday. I did some on the computer, some in the garden and when Jan got out for a walk I tornadoed(I don;t think it's proper English, but you'll understand the meaning LOL) through the house, dusting sweeping and preparing dinner in advance, all in quite short time, but the house looked better, in my opinion. Ha, sometimes a girl can do a lot in little time. Oh, reminds me of something Jan said the other day. Everywhere on tv you have these commercial breaks over and over again. And one evening I got so yakkkie about it I stood up and changed the sheets etc. of the bed, gave something to eat to my oldest cat(she eats in portions throughout the day) poured a cup of coffee and was back on the couch even before the commercial break was done! So I said to Jan: "Amazing what you can do in just a short time, take only these breaks". And Jan said: "Well, if you'll count all the breaks on an evening only, you'll have "spare"time for almost 2 hours! Imagine what you could do in that time! Only a pity that it is evening and we are problaly a bit too tired to jump around(or we don;t have the spirit anymore). But still, it should be a great spending of that boaring time!". And in fact he is right. But I think, this time will not be spend very often to house work, although it would be a great thing to do. Hmmm, you;ll just have to turn the day on it's back, and make another planning.

Okay, enough stupid rampling. I have the kit waiting for you. Today it's a kit in style of the 1920-1930's, a bit of art nouveau and art deco style. Can you do something with it? suppose with a bit of imagination you always can use something from a kit.
Well, name is"Roaring Times"(referring to the "roaring Twenties").
This weekend it is the Whitsuntide so perhaps I'll extend my"weekend break"too and will not be back till Tuesday. I don;t know yet, so take a look on Monday on the blog and you'll know.
As for now I wish you all a marvellous weekend with lots of fun and joy.Take care!

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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Aweful weather, almost autumn!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday really it was unpleasant weather. Looking out of the window, there was grey clouded sky, quite some wind and from time to time rain. It almost felt like autumn! Weather around here can change so quickly, one day you are almost in hevane, with sunshine and nice temperature and sometimes in a few hours all that is gone and you are placed back in a kind of autumn weather. Well, I think I never get used to that. But if they are right at the weather forecast, this weekend it should become a lot better. We'll see about that!

I thought, it was time for a little funny thing again to start the day with and I found this one, I just LOVE it!

In a way it is a sad quote too, but hey, you just have to see the humour of it, best thing in life is to relativate a lot of things and certainly try to laugh about it, otherwise life would be impossible to live.!!

Hmmm, I am a bit out of news today, not too much happened(anyway not much very interesting). Oh, i went through teletext this morning and saw an amazing fact: In Great Britain there is a couple that just celebrated their 81 th anniversary of their marriage!! He is 101 years old and his wife a lot younger, age 100!!! They met in 1926, can you imagine??? They seem to be in a rather good condition still, they said they kiss and cuddle each other every night before going to sleep. Isn;t that cute???

Okay, the freebie for today. As we just had Mothers Day and Fathers Day is coming up, I made a kit I called "Mom and Dad". Could be nice to scrap some pictures of your parents, hmm??? How do I get that idea?? LOL! All left is to wish you a great day and till next time!

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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I was right, I was WET yesterday!

Goodmorning everybody!

Perhaps I should have waited yesterday a bit longer to go out, but I don;t like to do the shopping too late. You still have to put them away and make the packages for the bread and meat etc. for the freezer and when you have finished that and you did go out rather late, day is almost over. So I was courageous, took a raincoat out of the closet and off I went. Oh boy, there wasn't too much wind but just enough to help the rain. I had wind in front, so with rain(not exactly pouring, but such a creepy misty rain!) in NO time I was almost soaked. I came into the bakery and the girl had to laugh and asked me with compassion in her voice if I still could see something through my spectacles! Well, sight was poorly because all of the drops on it! She gave me a napking to drry it up, nice hey? My trousers, normally light weight, had become at least half of their weight heavier, just because of the water in it! Pewwwww! But on the way home it was almost didn't rain anymore and by the time I was home I almost dried up. So much for taking some air. LOL

Today I have a sweet kit for you, named "Le petit cabinet". I started with some paper and suddenly this idea came up. I imagined myself a little room, near the hallway, in and older house, where sometimes the mistress of the house could receive a visit, or where the gentleman of the house could retire for a while, reading his newspaper. A cosy little room, for all kind of purposes.
I should say, try to have some fun with it.
Now have a fine day, and thanks for visiting.

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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Curtains of rain!

Goodmorning everybody!

How happy I was to tell you the weather was fine etc.! Well, yesterday temperature went still a bit up, but there wasn't much sun to see. And oh my, then yesterday evening. I think about 21.00 o'clock our first pictures were taken again! Thunder and lightning, gosh, incredible. But then almost at the same time it started pouring rain, and with almost no wind, it was a dense curtain of big drops and stil thundering etc. And not for a few minutes, it went on and on. And I tell you the worst of it all! As it didn;t rain for a few days, certainly thepots in the garden needed some water, so yesterday, after dinner I gave them a good drink! And I should have known better! Very often when I spray the garde a few hours after it it starts to rain! Really! Well, the fields and ardens could do with a bit of water, but the amount of yesterday was a bit overdone!

Hopefully all the rain fell yesterday and we can keep it dry today, but it's not for sure! So I really must try to pick my moment to go out and put a coat on that keeps the rain away from my body as much as possible, should it start again. What a nice prospect, whooooo!

Hey, I made two challenges yesterday, that were still waiting for me. It was the letter challenge(every time a letter with from the alphabet, and trying to find something of importance to you) and this time we had the N to do. Oh my God, I was struggling with that! But finally I found something and this is the result:

here the bigger one

I was quit pleased with it. Snowy got me pulled in in the quote and poem thing lately! But I always liked poems, in my "earlier"days I even made some myself. So it isn;'t strange that this"virus"caught me again, LOL

Now the new kit today. Very much in sweet colour, as to say in pink shades. I came across some beautiful rose brushes, so this is the result of my humble attempt: "My Secret Rose Garden".
Just hope it will be to your liking. Now I'll take my second coffee, try to play and accomplish some things on the computer and then out I go. Have a nice day, a dry one, if possible, although in some parts of the world you are probably longing for some rain. You can have a bit or ours!!!
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Monday, May 25, 2009

Beautiful days.

Goodmorning everybody!

How was your weekend? Did you tank a bit of new energy for this week? You'll need it, certainly, if only to take and then scrap some photos with the new kits I have for you LOL!

The weekend had beautiful weather over here, so open doors and from time to time catching a bit of sun and walking through the garden, everytime noticing something new came up there.! Amaing it really is, when you think that on a groundpiece of about 6 mtr to 12 mtrs. from which I think 75% is really "garden" can happen so much in just a day! One of my clematis plants bursted open in some beautiful dark lilac flowers, and whoppee, yesterday I had a poppy blooming! Today there are even two! So me rambling on about the poppy I took a shot from one bloom and here it is, so you can see yourself they are beautiful!

Am I right or not? Also one of my roses is giving it's best show on the rose arch just look here:

You'll get a better view if you click the pictures.

So it was a good weekend, I did things at the time they came up, some housework, some gardenwork, all at easy pace and I can say I enjoyed the weekend. Also finished a kit, so what else can a person wish for?

Now I had trouble choosing which kit I should offer first(what a luxury, being able to choose between several finished freebies!!!!) and I dexided it was time for a lighter coloured one after the Generations kit. So here you have i, it's "Sea Bauties"and I think you will like this one. Enjoy it, and this afternoon come back for the freebielist and have a nice day you all!

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Friday, May 22, 2009

Ladies, give me ideas!!!!

Goodmorning everybody!

I was already early in a busy mood, cause I had to make something quick for a forum member on Magickal scraps, who has her birthday today. So that was the first things I did. Wow, I really was awake this morning, but... I had a good night sleep , finally again. Slept all through the dark night from about 1.oo o'clock till 8.30 this morning.
Well, yesterday was a nice day, was busy a large part of the day with a kit I made for the forum, whoooooo, a little bit a naughty one, but still very decent, I must say. If you want to see it, hmmm, you'll know what to do then. LOL.

Yesterday was the first time this year we had the garden doors open till after six o'clock in the evening! Sometimes the temperature outside is still nice, but if there is too much wind, it becomes inside too cold to sit still and still feel comfortable. But as I said, yesterday it was different. And if we can believe the forecast, today, it will be a little less but then temperature will go up to about 22 degrees C!! Sounds much more like my kind of weather.
So I hope Heidi and I will go to the gardencentre on Tuesday, should be nice with good weather. I even have made a few spots a bit free in the garden, cause you'll never know what you'll find in the centre!! LOL. I should find myself a bit different colours for the garden, on the moment it;s very much in pink and lilac, blue, and it should have a bit more white and yellow too in it.

Today I will have to do again some shopping, and perhaps even some other work around. And I have a question too for you! Think it over in the weekend and then give me some ideas for some new kits. I am sure some of you are walking around with ideas enough, so write them down in the comment box or shoutmix, may be I can do something with a few of them! I am running a bit "dry"for the moment. LOL. So come on, don;t be shy, I am not quickly surprised, certainly not if you know what the ladies on the forum come up with as ideas!!!

Now here you have the second part of "Generations". Hope you like the kit. As the weekend break is there again for me, we will meet again on monday, so make the most of your weekend, and don;t forget about my question!!

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Thursday, May 21, 2009

Supposed to be a LONG weekend

Goodmorning everybody!

As it is Ascension Dat today, we will have Whitsun weekend(or Pentecost) this weekend. And a lot of people certainly have taken the Friday also as a holiday and have a long weekend ahead. I think there will be quit a lot who take a little holiday and go someplace else for a few days. We just stay comfy in our home, and hoping the weather will be kind to us and all others who want to have a break. OH NO, I am TOTALLY wrong! The weekend of Whitsun is next week! Stupid of me. But still, people can make this week-end into a longer weekend, hahaha.
I did my duty yesterday and took Heidi's dog for the walk in the afternoon. The poor little thing was all happy when I came in and looked soooo sad when I left him again.
Oh I also had a quick look into her garden and grrrrrrrrrr, @@@####!!!!! etc (LOL), she has a few more poppyheads in her plant than I have.! No, I don;t mind that, it;s just a little competition that is going on between us, every year!

Well, I will give you today the first part of a kit, tomorrow will be the second part then. I give you the complete preview of the ki, so you can see what you will get, hahaha!. It's a nice one, I think myself and it will be a kit for some older pictures, so I am giving you some work, to find pictures of your youth or even from your parents or grandparents, get them together and scan them and make some nice pages with them. I called the kit: "Generations". So the name says it all, I suppose. For the ones who have the day off today: enjoy it as much as possible, for the ones who will have to work today: still try to have a nice day, may be you will have less stress today, a lot of offices etc. are closed, so you might have an easier day.
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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Dog walking day.

Goodmorning everybody!

It looks to be a rather fine day outside. And that is good, because this afternoon I have to go to Heidi's home to get the dog oput for a necessary "sanitairy walk". He's always so happy when I come to see him, cause he was alone for some time. As soon as he hears the key in the door he is standing in the little hall, full of expectation and wiggling his tail. And as I am in he jumps around like nuts. And as I am at Heidi's place, I better take a quick look in her garden, to see how everything is doing there.
For the cooking today I don't have to spend a lot of time, because we have still left from yesterday's. After I came home from the shopping( hmmm, full shopping car again) I first unloaded the car and put everuthing in place. Made some packages to put in the freezer(like bread and some meat ) and then took a sandwich. Then hopped around on the computer a bit an started rather early with the dinner. I made my boeuf-parmentier(you know mashed potatoe layers with minced meat) but that always takes more time then eating it. LOL. Also prepared our desert (apples, filled with sugar and raisins, to put in oven and when ready whhipped cream over it, yummie). So the potatoe thing I always make for two days, otherwise it's not worth the trouble. Then a bit computer again and at dinner time I only had to shuffle things into the oven and make a little sal to go with it. And so today it's real easy for me. Only desert will be different, but I am certain it comes out of a carton.
Oh, I bought myself finally a new pair of shoes, sporty things, because they walk so wonderful. I had a pair that was like a pair of house slippers, they were soooo comfortable, but they almost are falling apart. But then to find a new pair that fits your feet as good as the old ones!!!! That's not an easy job! But yesterday I found a pair, pfffffff, and for a nice price too, because I never want to spend a lot of money on it. I am a kind of Scrooge in those things. LOL!
These were just 20 Euro, so not too bad.

Today's kit is a colour challenge kit I made for Magickal Scraps forum in January. The colour scheme was very pastel and had to do with the new start of the year in nature, our hopes for new life that soon should be visible in nature. Here you have: "Longing for Nature's Revival" then. Good for your spring pictures I suppose.
So we'll see what today will bring us, hope you will have a happy day!

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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Good girl!!

Goodmorning everybody!

I told you I had to move around the house yesterday! Well, I am proud to say I accomplished a few things. First I did all the ironing, waiting for me! Then in the room where I usually do it, I had some curtains hanging, but they never were fully to my satisfaction. They didn;t shine through much(which is nice, when neighbours of on the 2nd or 3rd stock could look into it), and yesterday I had enough of it. I still have a big carton box standing on a closet, in which I keep curtains , still too good to throw away. Yeah I have that, I am aweful in those things, I always have the remark:"You'll never know if you could use them for something". Well, I did took them out and replaced the old things in the extra room, as we call that. They were a bit too long but for the moment they will do well and it looks much nicer to have proper curtains now. They let the light through much more and still are not too transparant. Hmmm, pity I don;t have enough for all the windows of that room, but still it is much better now. I even washed the windows before putting the curtains on! Ha, I was happy about it. I arranged all the ironed things in the closets, yeah, and in the mean time, Jan did the hoovering. How nice! Saved me some time.
It took me about 2 hours, all that, so it wasn't too bad.
When I do such things every day, it would be a good thing, LOL.
Then I received a phonecall, that at first did raise my eye-brows a bit. It was a call from the police from the Hague. Hmmmmmm?????? The lady announced herself with"good afternoon, here the police of Haaglanden(our town police), could I have a word with you? I am from the bureau from the opium control"So I started to laugh a bit, asking her what we did wrong THIS time, as a joke. Then the lady started to laugh and guess what?????????????????? I suddenly recognized her, it was my friend HEIDI!!!! I sent her an email about the poppy and Jan's remark on that and she played this joke on me.
Well, we both had a good laugh and talked some while about mostly the garden and may be we will finally have our trip to the garden centre next week. Whoopeeeee! I even may find something nice for her too, because she has her birthday on the 6th of June. And I really have NO IDEA what to give her, but something for the garden is always nice.

So that was the "news"about my day yesterday. I wonder what will happen today. I don;t think it will be too much, must run around again for the groceries shopping and such, but weather looks nice enough, so some walking in the air and sun never can do wrong.
Now here is the new kit, a bit sentimental one perhaps, but okay, I think the colours are nice. I named it"Secret Encounter" . Have all a fun day and see you around!
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Monday, May 18, 2009

Got a lot done in the weekend!

Goodmorning everybody!
I really took the days "off"in the weekend! I didn;t had to blog, I didn;t make any challenge!!!! but I did a lot of work on new kits! I am so happy, I must have had a real brain wave, sometimes I was working on 2 at the same time. You know, busy with one, get a bit stuck for a moment, so hop over to another one etc. I even made a rather latge kit of about 60 MB I will put in on later this week in 2 downloads. Whoopeeee, I feel great!
For the rest it was not a working weekend, only did a quick shopping on saturday, and that was it. I left the house the house(ohhhhh, what a BAD girl!!!) Jan and I even had our "music hour"again, I LOVE that!

The weather wasn't particularly good, but I wnet on a quick tour through the garden and there also was a surprise for me. I have a poppy, one with the big flowers, and the most numer of flowerheads I had was 3 I think. Yesterday I counted at least ......... 10!!! I almost danced around from joy. So you see you can feel happy about a little thing LOL. Jan made me laugh again with a stupid remark. He said, oh how nice from the poppy, soon we will have a harvest from the seed heads and can sell it as opium dealers. You know what, next year we will plant no more busy lizzy in "my"little garden but poppies!!!! Hahahaha, if anyone is against drugs it is him and I even never tried a soft drug in my life! Not even a weed cigaret! And when I had about 16/18 years it was almost in fashion.
So I can say I had a kind of restfull weekend, but the consequences are obvious: today I certainly have to move around in the house and do some things! And I read the blogs of Snowy and Edna and they are very busy rummaging through their stuff and clearing out things. It gives me a kind of tickle that it should be a good thing to do so. Now only find the courage to start with it! Hmmmmm, I think I will start with it too! For example I have a whole part of two shelves in a closet and even one shelve in another, filled with nothing else than slides and films from years!!! And NEVER watch them. Well, there are in the slide parts, a lot of pictures of me and and family of my young years when I was 8 and older. But what to do with them??? May be I should sort them out and put apart some really nice slides and may be I can let them put on a dvd or so. I must think about that. It takes a lot of room and for what? That could be a project to start with.

Anyway, today there will be the "normal"house cleaning and such and I must not forget to go to Heidi's house on Wednesday, to give their doggy a walk. They have to attend to a funeral of Danny's grandmother. Not such a nice things for them, but perhaps it is better for the lady, she was old and not in good health, I hope she found her rest now.

And ladies, on to the kit now. It's a fantasy one, kept in lilac colours and I named it"Fairy Dance".
Have some fun with it, and enjoy this new day of a new week!

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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Didn't find a cave yet!

Goodmorning everybody!

I really did some things from the "housework"part. Hmmmm, unbelievable, but true. I did a wash, a dry one is removed from the line and part of it gone too. I had a good sweep with the vacuum cleaner, on this round here and there came across some things that needed a cleaning, like a door or a glass table, picked that in between, had a little pause in the garden with two sandwiched and my book to catch some sun as long as it was there and cleaned the toilet, got rid of some stuff standing in the kitchen that was waiting to be washed ohm put a new cover on the duvets and I felt good about myself. But.... still the cave is perhaps a better solution, to avoid a lot of this, perhaps!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

I also had nice post yesterday! I did get some taxes back from the governmnet! Yeah, it isn't exactly a fortune, but still unexpected in fact and always welcome. Better it is in my poacket then in theirs!! So it added a bit extra to my good feeling. Then I made a whole new kit! I suddenly must have had a brain wash or so, because after I finished it, I even got started with a new one. Oh gosh, you could say I had a productive way yesterday in several ways.

Oh, Jan also made me laugh. You have to understand probably his kind of humour, but okay I try it in short. He had been busy with.... of course......... the dvd and videao again. And how amazing, it worked rather well! So he was happy with it, still has to figure out some "details"but that will come too! Well, as I was sitting at the computer, he watched the things he recorded and if that was okay. Then said to me: If I suddenly pass away, you should give me a lttle tv and dvd too, after all the work I put in this one! I said, but there probably will not be a connection on the grave-yard!! He said: oh, there will be a solution for it, you will find one! I said: okay, if you like, but you must be careful with it that there will not be a complaint about the noise around there! He said: Oh no, I will put the volume very low! I said, yeah that's okaym but what if everybody there is coming to you to watch tv at night????

Well, may be it will not make you laugh, but we did, I think we have sometimes a strange way of humour, and when the time realy comes then it will be time to be sad, of course, but in the mean time better we have a good laugh about it. I think we two are also gifted with a huge immagination-vision. I see it all in my mind happening. Funny thing, sometimes.

So in all it wasn't a bad day, I suppose. What kind of freebie I have today? I must check on my list of zips first, mmmmmmmmm, I have choice of two for the moment. Yeah I will give you a blue one! It's the one I meant to be a mini kit, but it turned out to be a complete one! Making it, I had to think about my friend Snowy, who is going to take probably a whole new direction in her life.I so hope for her that it all will come true and that's also how the title came into my mind. I named it"Reaching for the Stars". This one is a bit for you and Erik, Snowy! LOL.

Now you all have a nice day, and let's see what this new day has in store for us.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I do understand my friend Edna!

Goodmorning everybody!
I just come from the blog off my friend Edna and she gave me a good laugh! It's about saving stuff for whatever reason and then finally saying to yourself you will have to sort it out. It will give you surprises!! I KNOW!! And about two options for the rest of our lives if you don't like too much housework(but you have to, of course, otherwise you will come in a terrible situation, LOL. Or you will take a housekeeper or you choose for a cave!
I know I am talking in riddles a bit, but if you want to know, you should read first the short blogpost of Edna and you will understand HER and also ME afterwards. LOL LOL.
And as the housekeeper option is NOT within my means( and how I regret that sometimes, whoooo) it will definately be the cave option! So Edna, shall we give it a try, hahahahaha????

I started a kit with the intention to make it a mini one( you know, 2 or 4 papers and a few elements) but it grabbed me and it has become a full kit of about 30 MB. You see, how I loose my time???? LOL. I even could make the second part of a challenge from the forum. Wow and even made another page of my Botanical challenge. You will see it one day, first have to finish it all, then the first ones to grab it, if they want to are my fellow butties(oh, that doesn't sound nice but I mean it in the GOOD sense) of the forum but later I could make it a freebie. I will see, okay?

Ha, yesterday I did the grocerie shopping, tadaaa, so today I don;t have to move, that is to say, not outside, but inside, well, here comes the cave part again!!

Hmmm, as you know, NOT the favourite part of my activities. Oh well, a good attack and perhaps an hour or maybe 1 1/2, woops, and you can do A LOT of work. And it's true, afterwards you feel a bit broken sometimes, but also kind of satisfied and PROUD of yourself. So that is worth also something, hey??

Well, enough stupid bla-bla (cannot be serious all the time, not in my character, thank God!!) and on to a new kit for you. Oh, this is for mothers to be or mothers just become or even grandmothers, cause it's a little baby kit. Have fun with it, enjoy your day, even if you will have to do some of the "boring"stuff in the house, LOL.

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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Hoorray for a little sweetie!

Goodmorning everybody!
As usual I start with reading some blogs on my following list. And of course I read Edna's blog, as one of them. But now there was really good news. Her little dog, Tootsie (here's her portait, haha)

is under chemo treatment for a long time already, but the intervals will be longer and perhaps after the 8 weeks interval she will be so far okay, it will be done with. And she did loose some weight too, for her a good thing. (Lots of you would LOVE to be able to say so too!!). So that was a happy news to read, specially it is for Edna, cause little Tootsie is her pride and joy!

On the blog of Snowy her news was a bit less, it concerned the Mexican flu. Seems it reached England now and the neighbourhood she is living. Not such a good news, I must say. However we know each year there are people dying of the flu, whatever variant it may be. And it just may be so, that okay, this is a new variant, but that is is blown up a bit too much too! The only ones who really profit of this kind of thing is the medical industry! Nevertheless, we should be a bit cautious with this flu, because you never know. Well, we will just have to survive this one too! And then in a few years there will be another variant again.

What about news here? Not really. Just a normal day yesterday(how good it feels to be able to say so!) with some housework, new kit made, did a "round"in my garden, Jan again struggling but coming further every time with dvd and all connections to tv and video and digital box, we even watched a few videoclips on you tube from Britain got's talent! Amazing talents there are! It was a revellation, really! If you like music and singing, try to look at some of the contestants, unbelievable!

So we better get you your freebie, yes, I still have a couple! Today we take a trip to the Middle East with the kit "Mysterious Middle East". Hope you will have some pictures that will fit this kit. It's colourful and with some nice things in it. And then do enjoy your day, we must try to do so, each day you live, is a gift that we should cherish a bit. Happy day to you!

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Monday, May 11, 2009

How was your Mother's day?

Goodmorning everybody!

I hope for a lot of mothers it was a marvellous day yesterday! But in fact it's a bit cracky, to have ONE day mothers should be treated all nice. It should be done throughout the whole year. In fact, I am stupified when I see there is almost EVERY day of the year a day of something! It is a bit overdone and too much. Well, we can pick out some days and leave the rest for what they are.
My weekend was a nice one, I can say. First Friday late we had the chat at Magickal forum, and hilarious as ever. We are quit a special bunch over there, you could say! All of different age, although the "hard core" mostly a bit older, but soooo young of spirit, amazing! We all have a different belief or religion and view of life. And still so much in common but what I like most of it, we aren't afraid to express our opinion and accept we are off different views and leave everybody in her value and respect that. It's a bit of an example of how the world could be. Only a pity, it seems only be possible in smaller groups, strange creatures, human beings!!

The rest of the weekend I tried to do some challenges, not accomplished a lot, but graduately I am and hope to have almost done all by the end of the month( we ALWAYS must have something to wish for, hahaha). I made another kit, but not as much as I wanted.. Hmmm, perhaps there will be even a day without a freebie this week! It's real hard to keep that up, or I should try to make some of the freebies a bit smaller or so. Why? I tend to make the kits a bit bigger now, so that takes more time and I am getting all the time a bit more critical about it! One way it is a good thing, I think, to keep critical about you work, but sometimes it is also getting out the speed of the designing. No solution for that yet LOL.

Oh, Saturday was an ever so nice day! I was just busy in the kitchen to make a pan of soup as the doorbell rang. So Jan went to the door and there was a guy with a little package. Not so strange, we often take them for our neighbours, so nothing strange. But then it seemed to be for ME! I received it from a friend far away and it was so nice to unpack it and see what was sent. There were some cd's in it, earrings, self made in a cute little pouch and a lovele bar of soap. I was so surprised by it and soooo touched, it made my day. Such surprises really sometimes spice your life, don;t you think?

So now a new week started, with still some holidays in store, we will have Whitsuntide( here it's called Pinksteren, or Pentecote) it's bringing another long weekend as the Mondya of that weekend is holiday too. And then it's done for a long time with big holidays until again Christmas. But let's not think about that, it;s too far away, first we hope to enjoy a beautiful summertime!
After my bit lazy weekend today there has to be done some stuff around here, oh, I do have a wish. If I could win a BIG prize in lottery, oh, I truly should take someone to do a lot of the housework, that would be great. Oh well, a person should always have something to wish for, it keeps your brain a bit alive I suppose LOL. Let's hop on now to the freebie. I know you all are waiting for that. It's a sweet kit I think, returning again a bit to the vintage style. I named it "Echo's from the Past".
Just like to say one thing more, I know there are true and loyal visitors who leave a comment every time they download or at least regurlarly. But to those who don;t I should like to say, please, acknowledge the fact that designers spend a lot of their time in making the freebies and you can grab them just like that. Shouldn't it be nice if at least you leave a little comment for them? I see the numder of downloads and it's great that people like your work, but the comments are in NO comparison to the number of downloads. I wonder why it is so hard to spend one or two minutes just to leave"thank you"or whatever on a blog? Please think about that. When you get a present from someone I suppose you say"thank you"too, isn;t it? Why should this be different?

Hmmm, I steamed off again a bit. Sometimes this gets to me and have to write it down. Not just for me, but this happens to a lot of designers who offer work for free!
And now enough of that, here is your freebie and enjoy it!
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Friday, May 08, 2009

Still no photo of me!

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, we did have the visit to our friend last night and it was nice. He has a very nice appartment, certainly for one person. He divorced some time ago so had to find something new to live. So now he has and is settling down. We didn;t come home very late, cause our friend had to rise very early this morning for his work.

Hmmmm, tonoght we have the chat on the forum and I still don;t have uploaded a photo of me on there. I think I will have to digg in a bit older ones and scann one quickly. Might be even nice to see myself as a youg flower again LOL.

I have no particular plans for today, we'll just see how it comes. I certainly have to get working on kits this weekend, today I offer you the last one I have in stock! Hmmm, may be someone has a little idea perhaps for a subject???? I am busy on a bigger kit for the moment and hope to get it finished this weekend, but I truly hope I will be able to make a bit more.
Oh yes, this weekend there is Mother's day, at least here in Holland for sure and I suppose in other countries too. I forgo a bit about it, I don;t have to look around to find a present for my mom anymore, but I must remember to have my candle burning on sunday for a while!

Well, that is about all I could tell you for now, so here is the kit for today, partly in very soft pastel, except for a few backing papers in a stronger colour, to have a bit of difference. I caleed it "Little Flower Garden" bacuse the papers are for a part on a flower base.
Enjoy your weekend, think a bit about your mom, I know know we take it all too much for granted that she is around, and you will miss her when she will no longer be there. Well, I can only speak for myself, but I hope most of you have or had a good mom. It is effecting our lives sooo much, haveing a good mom or not such a good one.
Anyway, as I said, enjoy your weekend and I'll see you back on Monday again.

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Thursday, May 07, 2009

Later, but I am here.

Good afternoon everybody!

So we returned of Jan's appointment at hospital, and in fact it was good news. His liver is recovering(well, as much as it can) but still good, blood values were good, no more aenimea, blood pressure good, weight to satisfaction. So she wants him back somewhere in august and then his doctor is soon after that going on a leave for a while, because she is pregnant. But she will return again to work, so good for Jan. He got his necessary medication and we went home rather happy I could say.

Then right after I persuaded myself to do a bit of shopping, all kind of things I couldn;t carry along anymore on my trip earlier this week. Coming home I grabbed the vacuum cleaner and did the house then had a sandwich and pfffff, now I can sit!!!
This evening we are FINALLY paying a little visit to a friend, to see his new appartment and have a cup of coffe. We planned that already weeks and weeks ago, but never came to it. It's nice we don;t have to go far, just across the street! The nearer somebody lives the lesser you go over for a little visit, I think!

I made yesterday a few challenges, one of them was to take a funny quote and make a layout with it. This is mine:
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Cllicking it brings a bit bigger picture.
Now the freebie for today. It;s a bit music related, I just felt in the mood, I think. It's called "Faded Melodies".
Have fun with it and do enjoy your day!

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Wednesday, May 06, 2009

A hair-cut today!!!

Goodmorning everybody!!

I finally did it! I made an appointment at my hairdresser to have a haircut TODAY! Whoooooooo! May be I will look a bit more like a normal person again LOL! So I must be a bit quick, lost already some time by reading some blogs I follow and first thing will be a promotion for my friend Edna, who has a new kit in the store but also a lovely freebie from it on her blog. So check that out, ladies on She alsways makes me laugh with her blog posts, she can be so FUNNY!!

I was a GOOD girl yesterday too, because after the groceries shopping, I first made packages for the freezer with food for one of my cats Micky( she ONLY eats fresh beef or chicken hearts, of sometimes even chicken filet, no stuff from cans, quit a character) and made some other packages for us to put into the freezer, then dusted off the room, and some cleaning. Then Jan also got the spirit and sorted out a bit the mess that was standing a long time in a corner of the garden. We even met again a little frog, that seems to come back every year! So tonight we will have a lot of stuff to put on the street for the pick up car for the carbage!!

Then even worked on a challenge and finished a kit, so it was a good day. Now have to get myself moving to put some clothes on and go to the hairdresser. Oh, I might be late tomorrow with posting, cause at about 10.00 o'clock Jan has an appointment with his doctor at hospital, for control and may be even some results of his tests. So don;t worry, if there isn't anything on the blog, nothing wrong, but it will be for a later time that day!

Here is your freebie kit, named "Soft Whisper", I think a sweet little kit. Have a nice day, may be I can persuad Jan to make a picture or two of me, with the "NEW HEAD". We'll see.
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Tuesday, May 05, 2009

I am somehow feeling overwhelmed.

Goodmorning everybody!
Yes, I am feeling overshelmed a bit really and perhaps even a bit stressed. How come?? There is soooo much to do for the challenges(I like them all so want to try to make them all) and then keeping up with your freebies too, and a bit out of ideas again for the moment. So can you imagine my feelings???? Simple answer: don;t do ALL the challenges. But boy, there are a few nice one. Got to say I spent almost all weekend on one: the colour challenge. I did it, one day may be I will offer it on my blog, it;s a real HUGE one. I'll show you a preview later, if I think about it LOL!

Coming Friday we will have a new chat on the forum and that's a tricky one! We'll have to send in a picture of ourselves and somebody else will have to scrap that! I only have one problem: don;t have much pictures of myself, certainly not of the past two or three years. So I will have to dive into the "old"pictures and perhaps I can find something there. Hmmm, otherwise I will have to ask Jan to take some pictures of me. It's an idea, may be I will persue him to do it. But first I should like to the hairdresser to have a cut. It's been way over too long ago I was there. My hair is looking AWEFUL, no model in it, much too long already, I should give him a call.

So with some plans in my head I better start to move a bit early today! Here is the freebie, namend it "Forget Me Not". And I am at the end of my little talk today. So have a nice day and till later!

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Monday, May 04, 2009

Did you manage the freebielists??

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, I provided you well with freebielists the last couple of days! I hope you found some nice things to work with.
It was a fine weekend with fairly good weather. Saturday I was all "FREE", meaning no shopping to do, hahaha.! So I had time for my hobby, the computer, LOL. During the afternoon Jan came up with a pile of records again for our "Music-session". But.......then the phone rang and it was Heidi, asking if it was allright to come by. Of course, so we had a nice chat in the sun, talked about a lot, but too a large part about the garden. As Jan knows how we are like two hens in a yard, he went out for a while! After heidi was left, Jan came home again and we grabbed a sandwich and had a pleasant evening at the couch, watching the tv. Sunday weather looked good again, so you always wake up happier and easier when you see the sun shining.
Early afternoon I put up my garden boots and acted like a jungle explorer LOL. No, not as bad as that, but some bushes were growing out of proportion and needed a good pruning so I did that. Looks much better now. Did some other bits and bobs in the garden and was quit pleased with myself! Returned inside and installed myself again at the computer and session!!! So Jan and I had our happy hour again and I love those sessions!! After dinner I had a looooong talk on msn with my friend Edna. I was glad she was there again, because during weekend I had no mail or anything from her, which is weird and I had heard from Snowy, that Edna wasn't feeling well and was in bed. Oh I worried a bit, and was ever so happy that she was on masn again. It seems she catched a bad flu, and is still recovering from it. She goes to her doctor today, to check if it's just a "normal" one. I truly hope so! But as she was feeling already more like a "normal and living person"again, we could chat along.
New month so new challenges on the forum and oh boy, there is WORK for me there to do! Snowy NEVER gives us a rest, wicked women as she is, LOL. She ALWAYS comes up with new and interesting challenges and always manages to give us a few in there, which really need a bit of research before you can start with them. So she is feeding our brains too, school professor!!!

After a such relaxing weekend we have to get back in the weekly rythm again, starting today with some ironing to do and a washing. Hmmmm, not the most favourite things, but I'll be strong and do it!!!
Today's kit is a one colour schemed one, in greens and named "Explore Dreams". Everybody always has some dreams(if you haven't there is something wrong with you I gather!) so use it to scrap some dreams you have. Could be a nice thing to look on much later!
Now you all have a fine day, thanks for stopping by again!

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Friday, May 01, 2009

Month of May has come !

Goodmorning everybody!

Just a bit about yesterday, which should have been a happy day for our nation. This terrible event made a great impact on a lot of people. You just cannot imagine that something like this happens here! The man who made the "attack"died in hospital, so perhaps we will never know exactly what drove him to this action. It seems he planned it and it meant to be an attack on the Royal Family. He just missed the bus they were riding in on a few meters! I'll never understand people who take this kind of actions. Whatever reason you have to unlike another person, it never justifies it. And may be somehow I can understand, no follow the reason why somebody does an action, but point it only to the person or whatever, but why to harm innocent bystanders, people who have nothing to do with your dislike! But in fact, I don;t approve any violence, it's such an useless thing to do. Violence, murder etc. is never the solution, it only sturrs up other violence as an asnwer and so on and so on.

Well, for now the result of it is, there are 5 people dead and still a few in very critical condition.

This day will not be forgotten easily!

Now here is already the month of May! Every time again I am surprised by the speed of passing time. Never will get used to it, I suppose. But one good thing it has: we are heading for summer time, mostly to be considered as a cheerful time. Unless you are gasping for breath and almost are suffocated by the heat, and that is happening too! Well every good thing has and opposite, I think, of a less good thing. We'll just have to accept that, isn;t it?

Before going to the freebie I must remind you that today on Magickal Scraps shop a sale is starting AND MY FRIEND EDNA IS STARTING THERE AS DESIGNER. Look here:

And look what kit she is offering for only $ 2,59!! Isn't it LOVELY?

And lots more of beautiful stuff is there to find! I will give you the link to make it easier for you LOL!!

Okay, today's freebie then. Because of the sad day yesterday I thought we had to cheer up a bit, s I made a bright kit, to prepare you to the summertime. I named it"Summer Song". And now I post some things on other forums, may be even have time to start with another kit I have in mind and then I'll have to do some grocerie shopping. Shouldn't be too bad, it should be a very nice day today, about 20 degrees C, sunny and such! Oh I even made some pics of my garden yesterday, well, somewhere next week I will show you a few, okay? Off I am, heading to my week-end break and hope to come back with some new stuff for you in my pocket on Monday!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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