Friday, March 25, 2016

Just one daffodil blooming, LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

Yeah, of all the daffodils we had in our garden I guess there is just one left. But it is doing a great job showing off, hahahaha.
It was a rather quiet week, and I love writing that down. It may seem boring, but it isn;t.
I did all the shopping for the weekend in time, and also did some household chores and even did some work in the garden this week.
Jan and I moved a little bush to another spot, where it has more room and it brightens up that part, cause it has wonderful light green leaves. Then we moved a rose bush to the former place of the little bush, so now that rose also has more air and room to grow.
I am rather happy with it.
We also placed the old rosebow at the end of the path towards the little shed, now I just have to find either a rose or clematis(or perhaps both) to grow there. But now is not yet the time to find them, I think I will have to wait for another month.
Jan already put down the groundcover between the stepstones of the path, so it looks nice again and it keeps away the weed growing a bit.
Slowly the garden is getting shape again, now we will have to wait for end of April and start of May to put in all the bulbs of the dahlia's and also some other species. And then cross fingers they will do their best later this summer.
some of the seedlings also try to do their best, but are still very fragile and I don;t know how many of them really will survive. Oh well, that's part of the fun to grow them yourself. Sometimes disappointment(and that is a learning curve)and sometimes great succes(which brings a smile to our face, LOL).

Weather here is slowly getting better, for sure temperature is climbing. we might reach some 10-12 C which is not too bad. Next week there might be some more rain, but also some sunshine, so it is kind of unsure, but much better already than a few weeks ago. Frost is out of the air at night, I hope it will not return sneaky somewhere in April(it sometimes does for a few days). And this weekend we will have to put on Summertime at our clocks. Must not forget to change the time on Sunday. We still have a couple of clocks on batteries, lucky that the one of the computer and tv and dvd change automatically.

Okay, it's about time I put on some clothes and go to the drugstore to get a couple of medicins for Jan. Don't want him to run out of them during the Easter weekend, do we?
I have for you Arlene's clusters made with the WInters End kit.
Wishing you all a happy and blessed Easter!

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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring knocking at the door, will it enter???

Goodafternoon everybody!

Yes, it is early afternoon and normally I post in the mornings. But first I slept a little longer and then  was first busy in the kitchen, preparing dinner for this evening. As jan has his volunteerjob and comes home later, I make two plates that we can put in the oven. I usually have my dinner at around 5.00 or 5.30 p.m. and Jan around 7,30 or 8.00 p.m.
So I was busy with that first, in the same time I prepared a red cabbage cut and blanched to put into the freezer in portions, made some stew pears for dessert this evening and also had a load of laundry done in the washingmachine.
I feel quite good about it all and now I have time to quickly post and then I will watch one of my favourite programs at the BBC, Bargain Hunt.

The whole week was kind of smoothly going by, hoorray, and I am crossing fingers it will go on like that for a while, we've had enough "turbulence" the past time.
We've had  rather nice weather lately, although it is still feeling a bit cold outside. Nevertheless the frost has gone and I truly hope it will stay away for very, very, long!
Still at times we had some lovely sunshine periods, and if you could find a spot sheltered from the wind, you could really feel the warmth of it already. Now the air has to warm up some more, we need the wind coming from the south and south-west, then it will become warmer quickly!

That's it for now, cannot think of anything to tell( but somehow have the feeling I am forgetting something, LOL), so here is a little kit I named Winters End.
We all are longing for the end of the winter time, and are prepared to open our arms wide for spring and summertime.
Have a lovely day.
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Monday, March 14, 2016

Weather looks good at the moment.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, the last couple of days the weather is looking not bad at all. It is dry and at daytime we reach about to 9 C and with a lot of sunshine. Of course it still feels not really warm, but it is heading to right way LOL.

Thursday Jan went for his scopie and I went there to pick him up after. He had a light anaesticia, so they want that someone accompanies the patient home. It was good I was there, because jan was still a tiny little bit dizy, but okay enough to go home by tram.
Now we will have to wait two weeks to hear the result.

Jan didn;t go to his volunteerjob this weekend, just in case he would have a bit trouble from the scopie.
Luckily he didn't have any, but it was good he took a rest on Friday.
Yesterday he was all in a good mood and it was nice weather so he washed the gardendoor windows and at the same time we put the big curtains in the washing machine(oh boy, what a strange color f water came of it LOL).
It looks ever so nice again now.

A good thing is that the next week or so there isn;t expected any rain, and the garden really needs that and a lot of sunshine to dry up a bit.
Jan already planted a lot of bulbs in a part of the garden( the ones he found in a sale for practically nothing). Now  am curious if any of them will come to bloom ROFL.
If  so, we will have a nice patch of all kind of flowers.

Today I have clusters from Arlene for you, made with the Stay Calm kit.
Have a wonderful day and week ahead.

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Wednesday, March 09, 2016

Bit of exciting week

Goodmorning everybody!

Best I try to do my post today, we have a funny week going on, sort of.
Last week Jan got a phonecall from the hospital about his new research stuff( endoscopie and probably too a gastroscopie, pffff), that they would post to him instructions and a prescription for some medicins he has to take before the reseach.
It took some time but yesterday it was there. So Jan went to the drugstore for the medicin and I read the leaflet with instructions for his diet. Yes, yesterday he still could have a dinner, but i had to be careful what veggies and meat I used, he wasn;t allowed to a lot of stuff. But then he came back with his medication, and we read the instruction book and then the leaflet of the drugstore with information and something wan't right. In the instructions of the hospital he had to take of one medicin only 2 pills and in the leaflet of the drugstore 2x 2, and he had 4 in the little box. I found it confusing, so phoned the hospital this morning and he only has to take  2 pills and can skip the other two. Still it is strange it isn't all clear from the beginning.
Today the poor guy has it diffcult. He can eat until 14.00 hours and then it is over. He still can and even has to drink a lot but that is all. Tomorrow he only has to drink again 2 ltrs. of water but cannot have anything to eat anymore.
Then tomorrow at 13.30 he has the scopie. He will be under light sedation, so he will not notcie anything of it, which is a good thing, the scopies aren;t the most funniest things to undergo!.
Then he will have to stay in hospital for about two hours more to sleep the sedation off and then he can go home again. Good thing is that it happens in the hospital near us, so he will not have to travel much.

I have finished now my antibiotics, so hopefully soon my stomach will behave as normal again. Can't wait for it!!!!!

Good news?
Well, a little bit. this week near the end of it temps will go up also at night, not too much wind so slowly Spring might creep in. if that could be true, I will feel already a lot better.
we have already a lot of seedlings popping up and soon in need of repotting, so let the sun come and with some real warmth.
And when that happens, you automatically get more energy to do stuff.
Then next week I think I will phone my hairdresser, because I am in really desparate need of a haircut!
Oh boy, that will feel sooooo good LOL!

Okay, soon it will be time to wake Jan up, so he still has time to eat  and drink something, before he has to take his medicin(very unpleasant stuff, laxatives), and stay without anything for a long time. I've made him some clear broth he can take instead of only water( he is allowed to have it), so at least he will have some taste.

I have a little kit for you, named "Stay Calm". It's in light colors, already a bit pointing to spring, perhaps.
Have a wonderful day and rest of the week.
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Thursday, March 03, 2016

More pills, not happy.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes a bit late this week, but here I am finally. Some rather good news to start with. Jan can skip his second bloodthinner. Seems it is just too much and for the moment not needed anymore. So that was the good news on Monday, even more, because he has had his MRI scan and at first his doctor was a bit afraid he might have a kind of tumor in his liver, but that isn't the case and that is a really big relief.
Now she still wants to do another scan, I don;t know quite which one, could be a gastroscopie or endoscopie. Well, neither of them are really great ones to undergo, but she wants to check something. Better have a check too much than have nasty surprises later, I guess.
Then Tuesday I phoned my doctor for the result of my test and it seems I have a bacteria in my stomach that causes the trouble. Bummers, I am not happy with that. Now I am on two biotics for a week, also have to take one stomach pill more a day while this cure is going on, and that should do the trick. Hopefully next week the bacteria will have disappeared, then I will have to take the stomach pill for 4 weeks more and then we will see if I can skip that one too.
Pffff, getting older is one thing, but all the troubles you sometimes get with that is no party LOL.
Just let's hope after a few weeks all will be okay and that Jan's scan will show no trouble either, then we can feel much happier again.

Weather here is a bit of everything, times at day with sunshine(and the sun is already feeling rather warm, you know), then rainshowers and sometimes even showers with wet snow. During the night here at the coast around zero, more to the east a couple of degrees frost sometimes.
It will go on like this about the rest of the week and start of next week. There is although less wind at the moment, but it is coming from the North or North-west and that isn't the nicest one.

I just got a mail from Arlene, that she is almost feeling a 100% again, so she got rid of her pneumonia and I am really glad for her.
She even sent me some clusters, made with the Free Flight kit, so sweet of her.

Although attimes the weather could be okay to do some work in the garden, it still is difficult, because the soil still is too wet. But Jan already cleaned some pots and will prepare them, when the sun is shining, I guess. Some of the seedlings really have a speed-grow, it seems. Gosh, soon we will have to transport them into a bigger pot, but I guess it is still too cold for them to be outside, so we will have to find some room for them in the house LOL.

Well, time for me to finish this post and get dressed and then think of the things I could do today. Probably a lot more than I will achieve in the end, hahaha.
Here are your clusters from Arlene, enjoy them.

Have a lovely day.

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