Monday, June 29, 2009

We were in a walking mood.

Goodmorning everybody!

I am a bit slow this morning in getting started. Don't know why. Not all too important. We had a lovely weekend again, with on Friday indeed another rather long walk! We went first to see if there was anything nice in the shop as couch, didn;t see something, so we went on walking in the direction of the centre. I was smart this time and took my camera with me. Not that I took a lot of pictures, but I have some. I'll show them in a few days, have to scrap them first. So we walked in a slow pace to the centre of The Hague, and as we don;t come there too often anymore, it;s nice to see what has changed. We were also at the houses of Parlament, the "Binnenhof", where on the innder square they were preparing all kind of things for Veteran day on Saturday. Jan got me laughing again there. The buildings are from way back in time, really old, a bit castle like. And he was looking up on a part of it and said that that part would suit him well as an appartment and that it was easy from there to climmb on the roof and be like Quasimodo, the hunchback of the Notre Dame!! He fully explained to me how he would do it and I even got him so far he acted it. But I wasn't quick enough with my camera, such a pity!!

Then after a while we landed in a little coffeeshop, with real Vienna cakes and so, yammie, so first we took a coffee and then I took two pieces of cake with me for in the evening. That was a treat!!! Finally we arrived home again at about 17.00 o'clock. Pfffff, but it was nice.

Saturday in the morning we got a visitor, the daughter of an aquintance, she's a very nice girl and we had a nice chat in the graden with some coffee. It was as if I forfelt it, because real early for me I alreary hoovered the house, dusted, cleaned some things up already starting at about 9.30 !!! But I was glad I did that. The afternoon I just split the time up between the computer and the garden and yesterday we took it real easy. Lovely weather, still, so some coffee in the garden, Jan with the newspaper and me with a little book. And when it got too warm I went back to the computer. In the afternoon we watched a good detective and also had a nice evening.
Yes, I'm feeling okay after this weekend.

Now first I have to ask your attention for a nice blog I was pointed at, and it's really worthwhile to take a look there, because Rosa, of makes delightful things for us scrappers, all for free. She has already a lot of stuff, so take your time to linger through, I'm sure you'll find something you like. If you do take something, leave her a little love, that would be nice.

What else? Well, I was already busy with the daily downloads for october and november and even december, as I told you. I will give you just a little sneak peek for the Halloween, this are just two of the papers. But I have already more. And I saw also some contributions of the other participants. Wow, it's going to be a GREAT daily download for October, believe me!!!

Well, what do you think???

Good, that's that. Now the freebie for today. I;m sure it will be for some of you a great little kit. Do you like strawberries? And do you like chocolate??? Then it;s something for you! I named it Summer's Delight. Have some fun with the kit, scrapping some pictures of yourself, indulging in strawberries and/ or chocoloate, LOL!
Hope you'll have a nice day and till tomorrow.

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Friday, June 26, 2009

Oh, boy, lovely weather does help

Goodmorning everybody!

I know, I am rambling about the weather a lot lately. But I am soooooo happy we finally got soom real summer weather with real nice temperatures. It definately helps to feel more cheerful and energetic in a way. It's also good for the "old bones!!!". Can you imagine that yesterday we sat in the room with the garden doors wide open till around midnight!!! That;s not happening so often here in Holland at the coast.

Oh I'll have to show you a quickpage, made with a kit of mine by Mimi, from She asked me if she could use some of my kits for making quickpages and offer them as freebie on her blog. So it was okay with me and you really have to go to take a look at her blog, she certainly makes sweet quickpages.

May be today Jan and I will go for another look for a couch in another store, should be nice. And you never know what you'll find. Should I take my camera with me or not? I have no idea if we are actually going and if so, what we'll do after visiting the shop. It could happen we take another walking tour in another part of The Hague. May be I'll better take it with me, it's just a little camera, not difficult to take with you.

And now to the freebie for today. It's a Gypsy-themed one, I chose some colours that remind a bit of the fabrics they like and some patterns and it has become a very bright and colourful kit. I named it "Dance, Tzigane". Tzigane is just another word for gypsy, Russians use it, I believe even in French. I was fun to make this, hope it makes you smile a bit too and making you feel a bit happy, just by the colours alone.! Have all a great weekend, take some "quality"relaxing time and be back all refreshed on Monday!

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

We had a great day!

Goodmorning everybody!

How amazing, I got Jan in the modd to go with me, to look at a couch I saw. It was in a kind of second hand shop. It still was there but somebody seemed to have bought it already! And I just saw it the day before.! Pity, cause it looked in very good shape. almost like new. Well, we just have to keep our eyes open, and when we see something that looks good we have to react quicker. But it was such lovely weather that we decided to make a walking tour. We landed in a neghbourhood we used to come quit often when we still went to the "old"cafe. It's a very nice part of The Hague. And we have a few friends living there, so we decided to take a look if someone was at home. And so one was. It was nice to have a little chat again, cause we didn;t see eachother for a long time. After a little drink we went o, saw another friend for a moment an then walked back home, taking another way. All together we we out for about 3 1/2 hours! On the way we saw all kind of nice things and also wondered about some things that have been changed. It was a pity I didn;t have my camera with me. But I didn't expect to go for that walk, starting with the idea looking for a couch! Hmmmm, next time I better just take it with me, you'll never know.
So we spent an agreabe afternoon and therefor I did put up the freebielist a bit later than normal. But it still was there.

This are the little nice things of life sometimes, the unexpected things that just happen, and giving you a great time. It gives you a bit of new energy too!

All in the mood of the wonderful weather we have still here, I have a little kit for you, "Summer in the Garden". Not a BIG kit, but still some nice things in it. And now I have to do today a few things I planed to do yesterday afternoon, like a laundry to turn, and some other things. Who cares, as long as it is done sometime, LOL.
Now you'll have a great day!

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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

That bloody watersupplier!

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, you know we were all set yesterday morning to receive the new watercounter.! At 11.00 o'clock still nobody! So I was brave and made a phonecall. You'll never guess the answer I received!! The guy who had to change the thing was ill!!!! And the best of all................they weren't able to inform me beause they hadn't my phonenumber!!!!! Oh, was I pissed off, yes! Don;t tell me a governmental institution doesn't know all about you, so for sure they must have a phonenumer somewhere. But no, theycouldn;t find me in the books.! Now that's right, I am not in the phonebook, but my number is not secret! Now they made another appointment for the 2nd of July. I was so intelligent to give them my phonenumer in case something goes wrong another time! As an understatement I can tell you Jan and this person were NOT happy!

The only good thing about it was that I left home a bit earlier to do the shopping business. Lovely weather so that cheered me up again. I managed to start off some daily downloads designing already for October and also November! Yes, we keep working an advance, which is a good thing. Now this week I must try to do one or two last challenges for this month! But oh ladies, I think October and November will have terrific daily downloads and don;t forget December! I am "the host"for that one and I can promise you already now it will be also a fascinating one! I know, I know, nobody wants to think already that far ahead, as we are only at the half of this year.It sounds a bit funny, to be busy with Halloween, Thanksgiving and a bit of Christmas already now. I think everybody is only thinking about the summer and the free time they are getting and about the way to spend it. But if you are a regular visitor you know I am a tiny little bit nuts sometimes(is that a true understatement????? LOL)

What's there for you as freebie today. I think a nice little kit, very versatile in use, named "Impressions". Then tomorrow I have a real summerlike kit, I think and for the Friday I will not reveal yet, teasing little creature as I am! Have a happy day, you all, enjoy whatever there is to enjoy!

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Ohh, early rise this morning!

Goodmorning everybody!
You might not believe it, but I was up already at 7.05 o'clock this morning! Why? Hmmmm, we got a letter from the watersupply department that they were coming to change the counter of the water, it seems it's too old now. They are supposed(by the letter they sent) to come between 8.00 and 10.00 this morning! How great! It's now 9.15 and we've still not seen anybody! I already had the idea it might go like that. They give a time they might come, but usually it's much later. But.... you never can tell, so you'll have to be up at a good time. Grrrrrrrr, I just hate those things, I cannot understand why they cannot do a better planning for that. Well, I am curious at which time they finally will arrive.

Hey girls, I think it's a bit award season again. I received another lovely one, this time from Lyy, from

It's this one

It has very simple rules, just pass it on to some blogs you think deserve it for any reason you could think of.

Here are my nominees:

It was again nice weather yesterday, so Jan and I spent a bit in the sun, not for too long, otherwise we could burn a bit too much. This week it seems to get even better, with even better temperature, we'll see about that, but it would be nice. At least you got the feeling it is really summertime.

Today it's supermarket time again, but as I am up very early, I have a bit of extra time, but if I am strong enough to kick myself, I should be going a bit earlier to do it. Not much going on here lately, in a way a good thing, better to be able to say that than having to write about all kind of terrible events. I hope to hear rather soon from a constructor we had last year for the gardendoors. We asked him for a price to repair the roof of a extension we have on the house. It's time to change it, to prevent it will go leaking. But I am a bit nervous about the price! Hopefully he will not shock us too much with it!

Now let's go to the freebie for today. It's a soft colour scheme one, and I named it Swan Lake. Hope you will like it. So have a very nice day and now it's waiting for the water supplier from the council, gggrrrrrmmmmppppffffff!

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Monday, June 22, 2009

Summer really arrived!

Goodmorning everybody!

So Summer is really there now. And I must say weather is behaving rather well here, we good open the garden doors and did sit in the garden too! My garden get's quit warm when sun is shining. It's rather good sheltered from the wind, so on a nice day when sun is shining bright, in the streets it may be 20 degrees C but sitting in my garden it soon feels as if it's around 28 C or something like that!
But.... I am not complaining! Let's be happy it IS summer. From now on days will grow shorter and shorter again and oh my, before you know we'll have to think about holidays again.
We spent a really relaxed weekend here, I got quit some stuff done on the computer, so feeling all happy.
And of course a lot of you had to celibrate Father's Day this weekend. And suddenly I realized I even didn't make a kit for this occasion, so I dedicated myself in the weekend to it and that's my freebie for you today. I think it still is in time, most of you will just have uploaded some pictures on the computer and now is the time to scrap them. May be you can use a bit of this kit.

Also made a layout for the Book of Shadows challenge, where we had to make something for the Summer Solstice. Here the result of it:

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Still some things to be done for the forum, but I think I am getting there in time( I hope). Believe me, it's keeping me busy! But it;s a good thing, it's keeping your brain working, to challenge yourself finding new ideas and growing better a bit each time. That's one of the good things to contribute to a forum. And this one is a really fun one to be in, believe me!

So hop, now your freebie and think I will spent some more time on the computer today again, there isn't to be done too much around here so I'll just do that. Tomorrow there is the shopping waiting again, oh, how I am looking forward to that ROFL!!!
I wish you all a terrific day, and be back for the freebielist, I think it will be a rather long one again today!
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Friday, June 19, 2009

Who likes to play cards?

Goodmorning everybody!

Had a good day yesterday, whoopee! Oh, my day was made by Jan. I was still at the computer and I saw him coming in with the vacuum cleaner. So I said to him, tat was my plan also a bit later. Do you know what he said????????? (although there was to notice a little bit of sarcasme in it too!!!! LOL) : "Oh well, thought I might just do it today, as you are SOOOO busy with the computer!!"' Hmmm, I didn;t feel all that good, but on the other hand, what the heck. So he did that and as compensation(hahahaha) I took a pair of trousers from him, that waited already ages to be shortened a little bit. I sat in the sun, doing that, so combined the agreable with the less agreable and now that is done also. You see, it workes if sometimes the partner is doing an kind of unexpected things. ROFFFLL!!!

Then in the afternoon the owner of the second appartment came by, with some constructors for the job to be done. We had a good talk about it, hopefully it will be settled soon also with the 3rd party, pffffff, they are so difficult to contact!! But... the man of the 2nd part is taking charge of that for the moment. Whoopeee, I like people doing those kind of things for me.

So that was the afternoon, in between I also worked further on a new kit and in the evening we watched another soccer game(in between other things) of the Confederation Cup/ It was Italy-Egypt. And oh wonder, what a surprise, really! It was won by Egypt. I must say it's a kind of terrible disgrace or descredit to Italy, being one of the BIG teams of the world!!!
But, to be honest, Jan and I were chuckling at it a bit!

Okay, today I'll have to get me some supplies for the fridge and so again. So better we hop over to the freebie now. Mungo, if I am right, you should like this one!
It's for people who like to play cards. I just called it "Deal the Cards", not a very inventive title, but it says it all, that's true. Hope some of you can use it well and that's about all I think for today. Then later today I will have the freebielist again and already now I wish you all a very pleasant weekend and hope to see you back again Monday!

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Thursday, June 18, 2009

I enjoyed my "free "day.

Goodmorning everybody!
Oh, it was a great day with not much events, but oh it felt good! I spent a lot of time on the computer, of course, but enjoyed the Spring weather also a bit. As Jan was sitting too in the garden, reading a little newspaper, I went there too, made myself some slices of pizza and enjoyed the sun and the small discussions with Jan abot some of the articles in the paper. Later in the afternoon we watched a bit of the soccer Confederation Cup, which is played in South Africa, then slowly started to make some dinner, a quicky this time. After it I did again some things on the computer and then first we watched another soccer game( we DO like that sport) and after it some great series, so we had ourselves a ball you could say.
Then it was time to get some sleep and oh boy, I had a GOOD sleep. And now I find myself again at the computer, full of energy and ideas for some of the daily downloads later this year.
I am working also on a new kit, so perhaps I should be a good girl today and do something of the not so nice things like a bit of housework.
That's in a nutshell the past day.

You know what is funny? When e.g. watching tv, Jan and I often come up with the same remark at the same time! Or Jan is just speaking it out as I was thinking it. That's really so! I think we must have the same twisted mind at times. (mostly it are the funny remarks, I think we also have sometimes the same weird sense of humour). Hmm, let's keep it that way, it surely gets me laughing and to be able to laugh is a good thing!

I have a kind of romantic looking kit for you today, in pink and grey, which makes a great combination. I named it "Come Closer" and it's a kit you can use for a lot of things. Now I am off, going to try to get a bit more done on the new kit and some other stuff I want to do and if today is unfolding itself a bit like yesterday, I am looking forward to a great day LOL.
Have fun and see you again!

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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Kind of free day!

Goodmorning everybody!

I am somewhat later today, because when I started the computer and was preparing for posting, I got an msn call from Snowy! And she asked me if I could do a little of advertising for a sale on Magickal Scraps. Of course!!! So here we go

From the 17th till the 27th of June there is a sale of 33% on EVERYTHING in the shop! So it would be a great chance to get some really beautiful and useful stuff. Well, I am not pushing you, but if anyone has a few dollars to spare and wants something exclusive, perhaps you should give it a try! Thanks in advance!

What else is there to tell? Not much interesting I am afraid. I did shopping yesterday, found the gloves, so yesterday evening I rubbed in Jan with the salve. I am curious to know if it will help him, oh well, he'll tell me later.

Oh yeah, I also made another challenge for the forum, the inspiration challenge. We get a picture and we'll have to digg out inspiration from that. You can either use the colours in it, or the picture itself, whatever comes up to you. This was the picture:

And I made this with it:

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I am little proud to say that the poem was made by me! Always liked to make poems, but now a days I am not writing much of them. But sometimes it peeps up and it's nice to do.

So that's about all folks! I have as freebie a vintage looking kit for you, named"A Bit of Vintage". I think the colours are nice. Later this week I might have a little surprise for one of my visitors, nickname Mungo. So keep your eyes openend, haha!!
Now you'll have a nice day, seems today is quit good weather(till now) so I should try to profit of it.
Bye bye
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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I did the phonecall!

Goodmorning everybody!

I made the phonecall to another owner of an appartment! And oh it was a big relief for me! The man is more into these things so he is taking it over, kind of. He comes wednesday to take a look with a constructor he knows(the owner doesn't live in this appartment) and he'll let me know what it might cost. And he also is contacting the man from the council department about what and when we will do the job. So I am glad that is about done then. Now let's hope it will not eat too much money. Hmmm.
But at least my mind is a bit at ease now.

Jan received an unguent, salve for his itching. Hope that will help! Now today when I am doing the shopping I must not forget to buy some cheapest gloves, so I can rub him in on the back. Jan said I had to buy these gloves, because you never know how somebody might react on it. Great guy to think about that!

Yesterday evening we had suddenly a thundering and lightning, wow, lots of pictures must have been taken from us! Also rained, so that's good for the soil. But all the cats were indoors during the tunder, they don;t like it at all.

And already we arrived at the freebie. It's something for cat lovers. named it "Cat Society". In happy colours, not too bad I think.
So have yourself a good day, I will try to have one too, LOL!
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Monday, June 15, 2009


Goodmorning everybody!
So how was your weekend? I had a good one, we did nothing special, but that's okay. As I did all necessary shopping already on Friday, I was all "free"in the weekend and I used the time well. I have some kits ready for you, and also managed to do one challenge again. On the forum we are already planning ahead for the daily downloads for the coming time. As Snowy is going to the US in October, it is up to me to take care of the posting the daily link in that time on the forum. I hope I will do it allright , LOL. But also we already planned ahead for the rest of the year, who is taking which month to give the colourscheme and theme, so that Snowy has time to work a bit ahead. She wants to have it ready(at least her parts) before she is going to the US. That girl has an energy and creativity, unbelievable!
I am really looking forward to see the ideas from the ladies of the forum and I will have to come up with one also, but I am at the end, December. So I still have a little time to think it over.

Then I even had a phonecall with Heidi, I hope to see her somewhere next week. Her husband Danny is going through some rough time at the moment. He sufferes terribly from his back, he has to lie down a lot to give it some rest. He had a scan for it, but the results of it are not there yet. Then will be decided if it will be necessary to have an operation. Brrrr, never like to hear about an operation on the back, always stays a bit tricky. So I hope they can solve the problem without it for him, but in the mean time he's not feeling all yippeee at all!

Today I think I must try to contact the other appartment owners about the council thing, and yak, how I hate those kind of things. But it has to be done surely one of these days. Well I suppose we already learned about life that you also have to do things you don;t like, but that are necessary. It's a pity, but life is composed of nice and also not nice things, it's just something you'll have to accept as a fact. Better it will be dealt with quickly, so that we can forget about it as soon as possible.

My garden is still showing off some beauties, I made a picture of my "unknown"rose which is coming to bloom now. Have to make another one of the completely opened flower also and then I will show you. It;s a beautiful red coloured one! Great.
But I can show you the layout I did for the letter challenge, for the letter O

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
The background I made from an embossed overlay which is having tulips on it. And as the tulip is a very known flower in Holland I thought that would be nice.

Okay, I suppose I bothered you enough, so here is the freebie for today. A one colour schemed one, with some nice papers I think. I made a couple of the overlays for it myself, out of elements I found everywhere. I namned it "Green Assylum"and it has a kind of vintage look over it(I love the two papers with the ladies on it).
Oh must not forget Jan has to go to the dermatologist this afternoon. I hope he will give him something for the terrible itching he has all over, caused by some of the medicin he is taking now. We'll see what that appointment brings.
So have a great day and see you this afternoon I hope at the freebielist.

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Friday, June 12, 2009

Right about the council, not fun!

Goodmorning everybody!
Well, I did pick up the letter at the postoffice yesterday and it was from a section of the town council and not a nice one! We 3 owners of the 3 appartments in our little block have to do repairs on the outside of the building. As we all have 1/3 of ownership we all 3 have to pay 1/3 of the costs. I fwe don;t do the repais, we get a fee and then the council will do the repairs at our costs. So better we take charge of it, probably we can have them done for a better price! I wonder how the inspection comes to the conclusions of the repairs, cause we never see anyone! It has to be done by the 15th of november, so we have still a bit of time. Now I have to contact the others(they also received this letter) and we must see how to do it. I don;t even know the owner of the top appartment, that's how it works often here. But he'll have to come forward, cause I amd the other owner certainly don;t want to pay for it all! One of the things needed to be done are the windows at the back of the top appartment. They have to be place new ones, cause they are all rotten. Well, one thing for sure: owner2 and me will NOT pay for that, cause when I had my garden doors done I payed for it myself and at the same time offered the possibility to woner 3 to have at least his windows painted, while we had already the painter over and it could have been done at the same time. But no, nothing! Now he is obligated to do it, well , sorry for him. I think it still will be a struggle and if you knew how much I hate these things you had pity on me! Hopefully owner2 (who ownes more houses) has some workers who can do the jobs. But the most annoying thing is that it will cost some money and not talking about a few 100 euro's ! Okay, we'll see if I can get owner 2 on the phone and how we will solve it all.
Having your own house is nice, but sometimes I think that just renting one is a lot easier. If then something is to be done on the house, you will have no trouble of it, how wonderful that must be.

These things always make me nervous, I don;t like it at all. And it's always difficult to deal with because of the 3 owners. Nr.2 is a not to bad chap but I don't know about nr.3, but I know the nt.2 had at some time a bit of contact with nr3, so I hope he will deal with it.

I certainly hope today and the weekend will bring me some nicer things to think of. Don;t ask me what, but it has to be nice!!

Today I have a kit full of passion for you! It's in red and black with some gold and I named it"Sonata Appasionata". Great title, isn;t it?? LOL. Surely hope you can do something nice with it. Well, I have to do some shopping today and some housework and also hope I can go on with a kit started yesterday. And there are still challenges waiting for me to be done, so I hope this will be a fruitful weekend! I wish you all a great weekend, and see you back on Monday!

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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hmmm, don;t like mail of the council!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday when Jan went to pick up the mail, he came into the room with a little note from the postman, that they had a little package or so for us, but couldn;t deliver. Strange, we didn;t hear the doorbel. So to be sure I checked, and it wasn''t working! Jan changed battereis and now it rings it's melody again! The parcel was something from some department of the council, it appears. Hmmm, don;t like those kind of things. So I went yesterday afternoon to the postoffice, but I was too early, I only could pick it up today. D********d, gone out for nothing! And the worst of it was, that on the way back home, rain started pouring out of the sky like a real curtain with BIG drops! So I sheltered in some shops to let it pass. Better use your time like this than standing somewhere hidden for the rain without doing anything. So I still had my round of shops, I do every now and then and that's it. Now I have to go out again today and see what it is all about.Hope it is nothing really annoying and surely hope it doesn't mean that we have to pay for something.
Then I finished the daily download for August! It looks to be a great kit again, although I only saw Snowy's contribution. But the ladies on the forum keep me amazed every time over again, so I don;t worry.
Oh and I was a good girl because I did the ironing of the pile of laundry and had a new one in the machine which is hanging now to dry. In the evening we watched a soccer game, the Dutch national team against Norway and we won 2-0. It are the preliminary games for the world champion event next year, which will take place in South Africa.
Now we are already sure to have a place there, but the team still has to play one more game in this round, that will be Saturday against Scotland.

Also printed out a bunch of posts of my blog. Yeah I am printing it out, I already have a full map of it. But I like to have it and some day it will be great to read it back and see what I talked about in those blogging years. Jan says I should publish it as a book. He has such confidence in me the sweet guy! I don;t think any publisher will be interested in it! However, if you see who is publishing books these days about all kind of things, they only have the advantage that they are more or less known people from TV or film or so. It seems EVERYBODY is writing books these days. Well, who knows, what happens in the years to come??? LOL

Now the freebie for you. I think it's a kit you can use for family pictures but it has a versatile use too I am sure. I named it"Granny's Dressing room".
So I am curious what you think of it. Tomorrow I have a bold kit for you, and it's one I like myself very much!!
Now enjoy your day and if you are curious about tomorrow's kit you'll have to visit me again tomorrow, LOL.

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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Oh my, we are busy again!

Goodmorning everybody!

Do you hate it also, that when you just got out of bed, still a bit "misty"and you have to go to action right away?? Happened me this morning. Not a bad thing or so, but I tell you, hopefully in some sentences. Okay, I woke up, made coffee and went to the room to read the text tv. Hey, strange on digital there is no sound. Okay, can happen, no problem, in the morning I shut down the sound anyway. But Jan woke up and told me it was also last night but the other way around~. Hmmm, possibly the supplier of the channels did womething overnight. But then I had to shut off the digital box(normally pulling out and putting in plugs and so is Jan's work haha), and had to search which plug was from the digital box and then pulled out thecard and inserted it again and then we plugged in again and thank God, all did work again as usual. So no big business, but I just hate it to do things when I even hadn't my first cup of coffee in the morning and already have to work the brain. Yak, it does;t help to get me in a good mood.
But after it I went to my computer and first went to the forum and usually there always is some comment to get a laugh on my face! So this morning.

And girls, we are planning ahead there! We have the theme and colourscheme already for the August DD so as I spotted it yesterday, I already made work of that. I am not finished with it yet, but progressing fine! The colours look like this;

and the theme is "men at work". so it will be a "manly"kit this time, perfect for scrapping some great pictures of your hunks!! I will post the preview of mine as soon as it is ready.

The colour challenges are real beauties. I showed you my preview"Animal Giggles" some days ago. And I'll show you the kits from Smowy and Edna for June's colour challenge.

This if from Edna

And this one from Snowy

I did speak the truth, hey? Awesome kits! But we also inspire eachother each time on our forum. Great community!

Well, hop on we're almost done with rambling along. As yesterday's kit was in bright cheerful colours I think today is time for a soft coloured kit again. I came up with a two colour scheme and in different gradients. And it ended up in this kit "Pastel View". I think those two colours fit wonderful together.
Now have fun with the kit and enjoy your day.

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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The week started well

Goodmorning everybody!
Yes, the week started rather well yesterday. After the posting I did some playing around, started a new kit, no first made some overlays for that kit and some borders, great fun. And also did a little bloghopping, and then it was looking so nice outside that I went out to do already some shopping. I had the brilliant idea to do a part of it already, especially some heavier stuff, like tinsfood for the cats, some pots and bottle things, oh, a bag with dry food too for the cats(sometimes it seems they eat me to poverty LOL), had to buy new toiletpaper. So I came home with a good filled shopping car. Now today I should go out again and buy the other things(fresh food for our oldest cat, bread, icecream !!!) and such, but I may be blessed with a lighter car to pull around. But it's raining now and lots more wind than yesterday, hmmm, not my kind of weather, but... still have a few hours, it might be brightening up later.
Then at dinner I made it easy, we had awefully tasty sparerribs, made some potatoe parts in the oven and a simple salad. Yammie, it was goooooood!! And the evening had still some more goodies in store for me. Yeah, there was again a Bond film on, and although I have seen them all lots of times, they still are great to watch. Specially with Pierce Brosnan as 007. Wow, great guy to watch!!!
And wait, after returning from the shopping, I even washed a curtain and did the window and a bit around, all fresh and bright again, so I was all happy.
You see, sometimes I can be a good girl.

You should pay again a visit to Snowy's blog,, she has a marvellous kit in store but also some very nice freebies for you! This girl is a very artistic lady and really makes beautiful things.
And di you go to Edna's blog to pick up the QP? When I visit her blog she ALWAYS brings a big smile to my face, with the way she rights her posts. She has a special way with words and can right soooo funny. A good remedy for you if you may feel a bit depressed, believe me!

What freebie do I have for you today? I think a nice one. All happy colours, gives you a real summer feeling and title is "Hawaiian Hula". Hope you have fun with it and also hope your day will be a very good one!
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Monday, June 08, 2009

Great chat and weekend

Goodmorning everybody!
Oh yeah, I am feeling MUCH better than the Friday last week! Ouffff, I did catch up with the missing sleep this weekend. We had the plans(you know our plans? LOL) to perhaps go out to the street festival? Well, to be short, we didn't. Very lazy of us, I know, but well, Friday wasn't my day, poor Jan had about the same Friday night(was it a kind of virus, who can tell?) so Saturday we didn't go and Sunday the weather was changing so quickly from still rather nice to windy and rainy, that it really wasn't the day for going out. Oh my, we just have to wait for next year. Heidi wasn't home with her birthday, they planned a little weekend out in Limburg, a province in the south of the Netherlands. Good for her!
Friday night I still made it to the chat, and OMG we did had some good laughs there again! We are really a crazy bunch together.! As always there is a challenge to do but we almost never come to finish it during the chat, as we act like a overcrowded henhouse at those times LOL. So I did it the next day, we were supposed to make either a QP, or LO or maybe mini kit, with grunge metal and pearls in it. So I ended up with a QP,

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I may even offer it later as a freebie for you, we'll see!

Oh yes, I got a sweet and terrific surprise from my friend Edna in the mail. She made a QP from the "Be Proud"kit. I told her she should offer it as a freebie on her blog. As soon as it's there I will warn you about it, so that you can pick it up, okay? And you can go there now, I just checked and she has posted it:

This is the great QP:

Isn't that a great one???

So, did I make you greedy a bit? I've showed you some things, but not yet for download, but... although I am a bit wicked I also have a real freebie for you today! It's called "The Treasury"a rather "rich"kit, with lots of gold in it, specially on the papers. I think it looks not bad. I love the kind of knight figure, who is supposed to be the Treasury Keeper! Where would be be without some fantasy?

Now I should finish the rambling again, then there is a bit time still left for me to play, haha, computer wise spoken, but not a game, no I must find something to make another kit and also must do the letter challenge for the forum, for the letters O and P. We'll see what that will end up in.

Here's the freebie, do something nice with it and I wish you a great day!

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Friday, June 05, 2009

Not in the best mood!

Goodmorning everybody!
Well, at least I hope you have one! Grrrmmmppff, I am not all awake yet, after an aweful night of sleep. No, not well said, after a night where I slept a bit, when I slept it seemed I was still awake, my brain worked overtime I think! And in between I was up too! And why? I really don;t know for sure, but perhaps it had something to do with yesterday evening. First we watched the rest of the videao, but started earlier in the evening so that went well. Aweful good film! Then suddenly Jan got in his mind to check on the dvd, because apparently it didnlt record a program. GRRRMMMPPPFFF! I can understand you want to check, but no at about 01.00 o'clock at night!! And stupid as I am, I suppose, I stayed with him, going from one possibility to another, by mistake we skipped all the tv programming( list of favourites) wow, so we had to put that up again. OMG. DEFINATELY not a good thing to start with in almost the middle of the night. We managed to get that in order again, thank God, but I don;t know if the dvd does its thing properly. At a certain point I just gave up, it was really time for me to go to sleep. But.... probably too late, was over the first: hey, nice, I aam sleepy, I can go sleeping now"point and I think all the programming stuff was rolling over in my brains. Well, whatever the cause might have been, I am NOT in a terrific mood yet, feeling all grungy and kind of "misty"and I could have spent longer time in bed. But... most times it doesn;t work well either for me. Then I am angry because I missed almost half a day, and almost feeling the same. Hahaha, I am not a difficult person, but in this............mmmmmmmmmmm. So I suppose I will end up this afternoon taking a nap for may an hour or even two and we'll see how that effects me. LOL.
And I HAVE to be a bit good awake still this evening around 23.00 o'clock, because we have the chat. And I want to join it clear headed, without a headache or anything! It's too much fun!

So, I steamed off a bit, thanks for bearing it! I suppose perhaps today will not be the best day to go to the streetfestival I told you about earlier. It will have to wait perhaps till tomorrow. But then we are probably having the visit to Heidi also, we must work that out. Okay, that's not a too big problem. Better I post the preview of your freebie for today. I named it"Be Proud"and is a native american related one. Hope it appeals to you.
You all have a terrific day, definately hope mine will proceed a bit better after some more coffee and a nice long shower. LOL Have also a great weekend and don;t miss your beauty sleep!
See you again on monday.

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Thursday, June 04, 2009

LOOOOONG sit yesterday evening

Goodmorning everybody,
Gosh, watching dvd and videao can be exhausting! I tell you why! Yesterday evening there really wasn;t ANYTHING interesting or fun on tv, so I suggested Jan we put on a dvd or so of our own. We still have a few we even didn;t see, so why not. And so we did. First a dvd about a teacher on a weird school with very difficult pupils, who found a very drastic way to get them actually learn something out of books and at the same time become really better people socialy. But good movie. As it still was rather early, about 22.30, I said, why not take another one? After some search I came up with a big video box, containing a film from Stephen King( I love those films!) "The Stand". So well installed again on the couch there we went. Good film, it holds your attentiob the whole time. But at the hour of 01.00 o'clock my shutters of my eyes went spontaniously down a few times, so I suggested we stop the video and watch the rest tomorrow( now today, LOL). And we looked at the box how long the videao actually was. OMG, all together 362 minutes, meaning about 6 HOURS!!! And we even didn;t finish the first video of it! So this evening we will watching a lot earlier, I can promise you that!
Today I definately have to go out, for a little grocerie shopping, but mainly to search a present for Heidi. So if I don;t find it today I still have a chance tomorrow. Hmmm, I think I will end up with a nice plant for her garden. But, we'll see how it goes.

Oh yeah this happened to us too. As our doctor finished his practise about two years ago, we could inscibe ourselves with another one, who took over the patients. Okay, nice, but it is much further away, not so easy to reach with bus. But okay, at least we had a doctor( the old one was across the street, how convenient). Well, Jan saw in a neighnbourhood papaer that not far away two lady doctors took new patients. So I downloaded the forms to subscribe, filled them in yesterday and phoned them. And now the assistent told me they had a temporary stop again! But I could try next month, then it should be possible again. @@@######!!!!, I wasn'' t happy with it. But okay, patience and try again next month.

Well, on to the freebie for today then. I am a bit in the "lilac, purple"mood lately it seems(although I try to make them as different each day as I can, like yesterday's) but today there is a kit in the "lilac" scheme again. Sorry if you don;t like the colours, but it will certainly change too again LOL. It's named "Romancing"and the title covers it all. Good to scrap pictures from your sweetheart, or secret loves (hahaha) or something like that! Have fun with it and also have a great day again. Bye!
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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Wanting too much in too little time

Goodmorning everybody!
Another day passed, with always some boaring stuff in it(you may guess what, LOL) but also fun stuff in it(and you may guess that too!). Do some of you experience the following too sometimes? That you want to accomplish a lot of things in just too little time? I had that the last two days again! And then I am only speaking about the scrapping!! Don't let us involve even more things. Oh my, it's always the same! When a new month started I run over to the forum to see what challenges are up, I pick out the ones I like to do( it ends up in almost all) and right away the brain is working overtime! And I find myself suddenly involved in 2 or 3 challenges at the same time plus working on a freebiekit plus downloading some stuff and planning burning some cd's with older kits I made and some downloads. See the word PLANNING???? I mostly don;t even come to DOING it!
Okay, I think I will have to live with that. I know I am sometimes a bit(????) chaotic, always have been in some things, but somehow it seems to work with me cause at the end I finish up almost having done all. Strange!
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May be this weekend, if the weather will work along(it seems to be getting a lot less beautiful for the coming days) Jan and I planned to go one of the days to a town real close to us, Delft, where every year there is a street festival. But almost every year we forget it, because we always think it's happening a bit later in the year. It's really fun to see it, there are all kind of little acts, varying from music to theatre to magicians and whatever you can think of along the canals of Delft. And we remember one time we went there, that we had a GREAT time. With it there is also a flee market, so enough to see and hear. I truly hope we will/can go and I must not forget to take my camera! So far for the plans(you know what often happens to our planning????) but also I must not forget that Heidi has her birthday this weekend. Oh, the always returning problem of finding a present! Must crack my brain on it, I am always such a nutty to want to find something real special and a bit unusual. Let's hope I do.

Why is it that I almost always end up with a lot longer post than I intended? Uncomprehensive for me! LOL. Let's skip now to your freebie, you deserve it after this rambling on again. It's one made in one colour scheme, a colour I really like for scrapkits. I think it;s a kit you can use for almost anything, so very handy. The name is "Charisma"and I hope you will like it. Have a great day and let's see how this day will unfold intself, hahahahaha!

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Back to blogging.

Goodmorning everybody!

After a quick hopping in yesterday, I am back in nto "normal"again, LOL. It was a great weekend, stunning good weather, so we enjoyed that to thefull. We even thought about going somewhere out for a walk or so, but at the end we just stayed home. We have the garden, so we sat there to enjoy the sun, and being lazy.

I was hopping in and out of the forum to see what challenges Snowy came up with and oh boy, there is work waiting for me again! And believe it or not, I already made 2 of them! On is the colour challange and on for the Botanical project. Wow, and even made another kit for the daily freebies for you, and did some "cleaning on the computer", burned a cd with some favourite music of ours(yeah, I am able to do that now, wow!) so it were very productive days.

Oh, I told you that Friday Jan and I would go to the supermarket with low price things. Ye, we went there, but as we arrived at the supermarket we stood there full of unbelieve! It was CLOSED! Not because it finished but for a "renovation"of the store! And that just at the time we finally got there! We uttered some ###!!!!!!!*****^$$@@!!! words ! Lucky for us there was also a kind of little market in the shopping centre(it;s not a BIG shopping centre) so we took a look(weather was nice for it) and even did the weekend shopping in another supermarket. So all by all it wasn't a lost afternoon, but I wasn't happy with the temporary closure of the "bargain"supermarket. Well, we'll try again in a few weeks.

I can show you the colour challenge kit I made for the forum. This was the colour chart

and we had to make a bit whimsical kit, theme was to be our choice. And here the result:

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Here a preview of just two of the papers, to get a better idea
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It really was a fun challenge.

And finally we arrive at the freebie for today. It's in a soft two colour pastel, I named it "Allegro"and I think it is a quite versatile kit. Now I am off, just want to look around a bit on internet and my files too, to get started with another kit. We must keep busy, hey??? I hope you will have a nice day, and .... take a god look at the slideshow on top of our daily download at the Magickal scraps forum! It's a very nice one!

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Monday, June 01, 2009

A quick catch up.

Hello everybody,
Just a real quick post today, but I wanted to warn you I will have a freebielist up today with no doubt some amazing things! So check back for that. I am enjoying the weekend to the full. It;s beautiful warm weather, so a bit of sun catching, yesterday I did some pruning especially on the ivy! Gosh, that always grows so fast, I really must cut it back a few times a year! Satuday afternoon Rob(Jan's brother) and son came by for some catching up. The only a bit pityful thing for me was, that I was just taking a nap!! Well, I got over it, LOL.
Certainly you noticed I changed the blog layout again, well, it's a new month and look at the slideshow on top! It's the new daily download on Magickal Scraps! Isn't it a wonderful one?
And it has a very versatile use, I think!
Well, so far for today, I will enjoy the extra weekend day and tomorrow I will be back, with freebie!
Have all a great day!