Sunday, November 24, 2019

This post is done on a new laptop, yeah!!!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Weather is nice today, it seems. When I look out ot the window, I see a bit of blue sky, even sometimes some sunshine. Temperatures are around 9C at the moment which isn;t very bad.

So last week Jan and I went to a shop to look for new laptops and we did found two. Yes, we bought after some discussion both a new one.
We have quite a big screen which is pleasant to work with, I think it is 17 inch.
Mine is a bit "heavier one"than the one for Jan. With the PSE I want to install again and some other things I do, I wanted one that could handle it without getting right away slower.
Jan mainly uses his for reading the news on internet, or searching things on the net he wants to know more of, that kind of thing and for doing a few simpeler games. So he didn't need one like me, we thought.
Good, it took a bit of time in the shop to let them at least install the starting stuff for Windows(we had to pay a little bit for that, but I didn;t mind, it saved me a lot of stress already, hahaha and in the ened the salesman forgot to put it on the bill, and when he noticed it, he let if be, nice hey?)
Now I am every day some time busy with getting around in Windows10, at least to put on the most necessary things on it, like installing Firfox as browser, then figuring out again how I installed all the see=ttings for it and every time it is a little struggle again!!), but I managed in the end, pffff. I must say that I don;t like the new starting menu from Windows 10 with the apps. They are very small, and I cannot help it, but I liked the starting menu in Windows 7. Perhaps I just have to get used to it, but that will take some time.
And I have to do it twice, some of the things, also Jan's laptop has to have e.g. Firefox and such. I have to do it, but I don;t like it. There are lots of people who have no trouble(or not much) with all those installations and settings and more, but I am not one of them.
Well, I am only busy with it for 3 days, so that;s not long, but I get tired of it.
I just will have to do it slowly, and then I will get there I hope.
Already happy that I make this post and read some blogs and the more difficult stuff will follow.

The "stormy"weather here in the house has left us, most of the time LOL! Oh, at times there are still some shall we say it........ disagreements, but not as much anymore and not as longlasting either. So all together it is going better.
Just yesterday I went to my friend Heidi's house to take a little walk with their doggie, as she asked me too. The family had a day out and so Tom(that's the dog) had to have a walk in the early afternoon. Of couse he was happy to see, all the more because he knows he always gets a few treats when we get home again(and I always give him a few more than he normally gets, yes, I am a softy).
Pity it wasn;t as good a weather as today, because yesterday it was colder and some more wind.But it was okay, and also good for me to be out with the dog for a moment, it freed my brain from computerstuff for a wile!

Today I made it easy for myself for dinner, We will have a ready made soup out of a can(peasoup the Dutch way) and I will put in it an extra smoked sausage and that should fill out stomachs enough.

Well, I think that is all for today. There is  a World Cup speed skating on this weekend and if I hear it well, it is starting now on tv, so I will end now and have some fun with watching the skating.
You all have a wonderful week!

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Moods have been a bit better to handle., LOL!

Goodafternoon everybody!

it is really late afternoon in our time zone, I have been lazy and busy during the day. I wasn;t up all too late actually, but then I sat down on the couch with my morning tea,watched a bit tv, had a sandwich, and then my eyes just wanted to shut, so I took another short nap!
When I woke up I made coffee, and by that time Jan woke up,so we both were rather late. After the coffee we watched some speedskating(it was the 1st Worldcup), that took some time(and it felt soooo good, not having to rush).
Then I made dinner preparations, I have for this evening stewed beef, we will have boiled potatoes with it and I;ve made some apple compote. Also made stewed pears for dessert. Well, you see, I've been lazy, but also busy today.
Oh well, we can have sometimes some lazy moments. It is also good to take the time for it every now and then.

As I mentioned in the post title, the moods are a little bit better to handle. Although this week there were moments of less quality, in all it was going better LOL. Let's hope this trend of going better will continue, hahaha.

I already sent away a Christmas box this week! Yeah, it was filled and ready, all presents were wrapped, so I though I better send it away now. Perhaps  somewhat early, but I can remember one year, that it took around 6 weeks to arrive and that's no fun at all. So better a bit to early arrival than too late.
Now I am curious to find out how long it will take.
If it arrives early, the poor receiver will have to wait a few weeks before opening the presents. It is kind a bit sadistic, thinking of it. Or isn't it??????
But I know the receiver will be good and wait till Christmas.
I always do that too. I might receiv e presents early for Christmas, or perhaps for my birthday, I always wait till the day it was meant for, really! But it is sometimes hard to do, I acknowledge that too.

It seems still far away, Christmas, but in about 5 weeks it wil be there!
Soon it will be time to get out the Christmas decorations again. We always wait till Sinterklaas has returned to Spain after his visit here. Yesterday it was actually the day he arrived in the Netherlands. Oh, I am sure a lot of kids are slowly getting nervous and enthusiastic at the same time. It is such a wonxerful time for the little ones! I can remember well Sinterklaas time from my youth.
And at the 5th of December it was usually the day we got our presents. Not just handed over to us, oh no! In the early evening suddenly the doorbell rang and there was some banging on the frontdoor. Then we went looking(hand in hand with our parents, because it was a bit frightning too) and there stood a bit bag or sometimes basket with a lot of presents in it. It was such fun to open them, and with a lot of them there were little rhymes attached that we had to read outloud before opening the present( that of course when we were a little bit older and were able to read easy). And when still very young, we never noticed that just at the time of the doorbell ringing, our father was in the kitchen or at the WC, or something like that. Sometimes it could also be a friendly neighbour who did the ringing. Wonderful times and priceless memories.

Okay, it is going towards dinner time, so I better finish now this post and in a few moments will make the last preparations for dinner.
Have a lovely week!

Sunday, November 10, 2019

Has the weather something to do with our mood?

Goodafternoon everybody!

At the moment we  cannot complain about it, it isn;t very warm, around 8-perhaps 10C, at daytime, but mostly we have sunshine periods, not too much wind, although there are sometimes some rainshowers, of course.
But on the whole, it isn;t yet very bad.
Nevertheless..... I am wondering.
I know that sometimes weather can play with our moods, but although we have rather bright weather(disregarding the fact, that it becomes dark already in the late afternoon, yak!), it seems that the lowering in temperature has effect on some husbands moods!!
Jan is very irritable the last week or so, any minor thing that happens, makes him fall out, I cannot say anything or he reacts not too nice, and as reaction to that, I also say sometimes things not in a nice tone, well, you know how that works.
But really, the most small thing can have this effect on him at the moment, so it is rather difficult to sail through his moods at the moment.
But I had a phonecall just two days ago with my friend Heidi and she has the same problem with her husband, LOL!
so we both wondered if the weather had something in it to cause it.
I know I sometimes can be picky on Jan, him being rather a stubborn person, not giving in quickly, I am keeping a watching eye on him, because I just worry and want him to feel good and as healthy as possible with his medical conditions.
Perhaps I am doing that at times too much, but good heaves, sometimes he can react at things, .............................................
I think everybody recognizes it, it happens to all of us at times I suppo, and it solves itself most of the times without problems, but you know, there are times that it is just too much and I feel like exploding ROFL!
Good, that's off my chest, it will not really help, but somehow it's feeling nice, hahaha. I think next week it is time for Heidi and me to meet, have a cup of coffee, talk about that problem, and all the things happened, and after that chat we both feel a LOT better. You just need sometimes someone to talk to, about anything that happenes in your life and Heidi and I have that kind of friendship.
I am lucky to have her as a friend.

Between all those irritation moments(giggle), it was also a rather nice week. I cannot mention anything really special that happened, but I managed to get quite some things done, that were already on my list for some time, mostly things in the house, a few little jobs in the garden, etc.
 I hope to be able to go shopping for my laptop next week, time is running a b it out now, for changing to windows 10.
It would be nice to have a laptop that will start withing 5 minutes or so(mine is taking around 15 minutes or even a bit more!) and where I can work again with my Photoshop elements program(hopefully it will work on windows 10, because it is already quite an old version, PSE 8).
I already have made our dinner, I've made cannelloni in bechamel and tomatoe sauce(the cannelloni are dried ones, that you can fill with minced meat or whatever you want, and they will cook in the oven in the sauce in about 20 minutes). I will make a simple sald to it from cucumber and tomatoe to it and for dessert we have stewed pears. We both love them and it is the season to buy and prepare them. It is easy, doesn;t take very much time.

My bottle gourd was delicious, and I still have enough left to make one or two more meals of it. Oh, last week I also made once stuffed peppers, which is also easy to make. So you see, I am busy also with cooking, I just love to have that oven again, it makes life easier. You can prepare a meal or part of it in advance and you just have to finish it in the oven in the evening.

The parakeets are coming back again too. First, some time during summer, we had just two or three visiting us, but nowadays there are sometimes 7 or 8 at a time! To it the tits(not always, but they do come) a lonely robin, lots of sparrows, it is sometimes real traffic in the garden. And there are also lots of pigeons and crows or perhaps jackdaws(is that a birdname?). That are the ones i donlt like too much, because the snatch away the food for the parakeets and others. I know, they also have to survive, but they sometimes scare away the little birds and I don;t like that. So at times I am like a guard, watching into the garden and when I see those pesty birds, i scare them away LOL. It is almost an impossible job, but helps a bit.

Good, that is it for now, I hope to soon type a blogpost on a new laptop, where everything will go much faster way. It also takes ages to start up my email, so that would be nice too to have a quicker upload of the program.
I wish you all a lovely week and that everybody stays safe( I saw the bushfires in California and Australia on the news, aweful!) and healthy!
Till next week.

Sunday, November 03, 2019

Mostly a rather quiet week, hoorray!

Goodafternoon everybody!

We have rain at the moment, nt heavy, but dripping. Possible that in an hour or so it will be dry again.
Temperatures are still not really bad, around 12C, and at times there is some sunshine and then it all looks rather friendly.
Hope this will last for much longer, so that frost and snow stay away as long as possible LOL.

I don;t have too much to tell actually. It was a rather quiet week, and that was so nice to experince again hahaha.
here was only one day, Jan just did a bit too much and he felt that the evening!
I had warned him, but you know, hubbies tend at times not to listen to us.
Okay, next day he took it easy and he felt much better.
He can do little jobs every now and then now, but not for too long. I knw that irritates him, I think he feels a bit useless by it, but he just has to take care of himself after that operation and that takes time.
It will go better slowly, in a few weeks he wil be able to do much moore again.

Did you have a nice Halloween? We don't do anything about it, but I always go out in the evening in the garden to see if my friend Edna's is flying over and wave her a hello and goodbye LOL. This year she flew together with her daughter and that it was nice to see they both had a wonderful time in the air.
Tomorrow my friend Edna will have her birthday! If you have time post her a birthday wish on her blog. She will love that!
I did sent her a little birthdaypresent and card which by wonder arrived at time!
Sometimes the post does a good job too.

Have to go to the kitchen now to look at the meat I have on the gas. It is meat that has to stew for some time to get really tender. It is more a dish for Jan than for me, but that doesn't matter. I try to make different things during the week and once it is more to my taste and the other time more to Jan;s taste. And there are also things, of course, both of us like evenly.
May be there will be meat left over from today and then I think I wil make it into a one-pot thing. I have a bottle gourd, which I can dice up (or part of it), with some paprika, mushroom, onion, put that together in the oven for about 20 minutes, oh, may be even put some potatoes to it) and in the last 5 minutes I can add the meat to it and we have a delicious dinner. It isn;t much work, doesn't take too much time, what do you want more?

Good, that was it for today, hopefully I will have some more to tell about next week.
In the mean time i wish you a wonderful week.