Sunday, November 17, 2019

Moods have been a bit better to handle., LOL!

Goodafternoon everybody!

it is really late afternoon in our time zone, I have been lazy and busy during the day. I wasn;t up all too late actually, but then I sat down on the couch with my morning tea,watched a bit tv, had a sandwich, and then my eyes just wanted to shut, so I took another short nap!
When I woke up I made coffee, and by that time Jan woke up,so we both were rather late. After the coffee we watched some speedskating(it was the 1st Worldcup), that took some time(and it felt soooo good, not having to rush).
Then I made dinner preparations, I have for this evening stewed beef, we will have boiled potatoes with it and I;ve made some apple compote. Also made stewed pears for dessert. Well, you see, I've been lazy, but also busy today.
Oh well, we can have sometimes some lazy moments. It is also good to take the time for it every now and then.

As I mentioned in the post title, the moods are a little bit better to handle. Although this week there were moments of less quality, in all it was going better LOL. Let's hope this trend of going better will continue, hahaha.

I already sent away a Christmas box this week! Yeah, it was filled and ready, all presents were wrapped, so I though I better send it away now. Perhaps  somewhat early, but I can remember one year, that it took around 6 weeks to arrive and that's no fun at all. So better a bit to early arrival than too late.
Now I am curious to find out how long it will take.
If it arrives early, the poor receiver will have to wait a few weeks before opening the presents. It is kind a bit sadistic, thinking of it. Or isn't it??????
But I know the receiver will be good and wait till Christmas.
I always do that too. I might receiv e presents early for Christmas, or perhaps for my birthday, I always wait till the day it was meant for, really! But it is sometimes hard to do, I acknowledge that too.

It seems still far away, Christmas, but in about 5 weeks it wil be there!
Soon it will be time to get out the Christmas decorations again. We always wait till Sinterklaas has returned to Spain after his visit here. Yesterday it was actually the day he arrived in the Netherlands. Oh, I am sure a lot of kids are slowly getting nervous and enthusiastic at the same time. It is such a wonxerful time for the little ones! I can remember well Sinterklaas time from my youth.
And at the 5th of December it was usually the day we got our presents. Not just handed over to us, oh no! In the early evening suddenly the doorbell rang and there was some banging on the frontdoor. Then we went looking(hand in hand with our parents, because it was a bit frightning too) and there stood a bit bag or sometimes basket with a lot of presents in it. It was such fun to open them, and with a lot of them there were little rhymes attached that we had to read outloud before opening the present( that of course when we were a little bit older and were able to read easy). And when still very young, we never noticed that just at the time of the doorbell ringing, our father was in the kitchen or at the WC, or something like that. Sometimes it could also be a friendly neighbour who did the ringing. Wonderful times and priceless memories.

Okay, it is going towards dinner time, so I better finish now this post and in a few moments will make the last preparations for dinner.
Have a lovely week!


Edna B said...

It's good to have a lazy day when you don't have to rush to do anything. I love your stories about Sinterklaas time. Christmas is always such a wonderful time for children. Everywhere, we all tend to celebrate the holiday a bit different yet so similar.

I'll let you know when the box gets here. I may just mail mine out early too and then send the calendar separately. It might be easier for me this way. Tis really cold here today, and Joe is outside raking up lots of fallen leaves. We will dump some of them beneath the trees for the small critters. Now I'm off to finish up my blog reading. You have a wonderful week my friend, and stay warm. Hugs Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

What a wonderful story. I love it. I'll be getting my Christmas things together soon. A friend and I will try to make some order out of the mess that granddaughter left in my storage shed where all the boxes of my decorations. I'm not really thrilled with the green tree that's in the box but if I can't find a white one in the stores that are reasonably priced, I guess I'll be using this one. My friend and his father went down there on Sat. to see what I was going to have to deal with and they came back with not so good news. Lots of little empty boxes were scattered around but I hope I can figure out what was in them that is now missing. But it will be a good Christmas anyway.

The weather has changed to "dreary" and my lungs are reacting to it as you would expect. I can't tell if it Bronchitis or Sinus. I stay indoors as much as I can. I still take the little dog to "p p" on the grass but she's so little staying outside in the lower temperatures isn't her idea at all. Just Pee and run back up the steps. And that suits me just fine. I have to sit on the chair on the porch/stoop and I'm not liking the cold either. Hope you and Jan are getting used to the cooler/colder weather.

Time to think about my first cup of coffee. Have a good week and stay safe and warm!

Lianna said...

hi Kyra, hope you are ok, it sounds like you've been going through a rough time. My aunt passed away last week and I miss her so much. You must be missing your 2 beloved cats. Hope things improve for you. I miss your beautiful scrapbook kits, I love your style xx