Saturday, November 30, 2013

Add-on fron Arlene arrived!

Goodmorning everybody!

Unusual for me to post on Saturday, but I wanted to give you the clusters Arlene made with the N24 Just Grateful kit.
And reminding you of the fact that tomorrow I will post again, because of the World Wide Christmas Scrapbooking blogtrain!
Have a wonderful day.

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Friday, November 29, 2013

I do have to make a rhyme this weekend!

Goodmorning everybody!

It all together isn;t so bad yet. wednesday afternoon Heidi and family came by to have already a rhyme for the Sinterklaas for Séverine. This one had to be for somebody of her scouting club. Well, I managed to make one for her. I am not completely satisfied with it, but there was so little time!
Séverine was quite happy with it, and at home she and her mother always could change it a bit.
Now I have to make another for a boy in her class at school. Heidi already had some lines ready, now up to me to finish it. Pfffff, sometimes it is hard, you know, specially when you know nothing about the person. Hopefully I get some inspiration later today.

Yesterday Jan went to his doctor's appointmet. In general, all was well with him, even his liver seemes to be a bit better. But now another problem came up. It seems he has, just a tiny, umbilical hernia. Nothing shocking, but he has to keep an eye on it. as soon as it stays hard all day or, even worse, he gets a severe pain at it, we should call his cotor immediately, or in case of a really acking pain an ambulance. So he has to be more careful lifting heavy stuff, specially for longer time, and better not to do it too often. Poor fellow has no real luck lately. It's such a small hernia there, that it might even "repair"itself. 
I am glad later in the evening yesterday he told me about the visit at the doctor and his conversation. Most of the time, when nothing too much changed, he only tells me that it was okay, so now that he explained more, it means it worries him somewhat. Difficult husband I have at times, really have to pull out some words about a doctor's visit mostly.
But we shouldn;t worry too much for the time being, the doctor said. Okay, we will try not to.
It definately means that with this on top of his back trouble, he will not be able to return to the health care I think. Specially not the house care, where he also has to cycle around a lot. Oh well, we will see what time will bring.
Next week the reintegration counselor will call, to have a little conversation wiht Jan, about how he is doing. Well, he has enough to tell him, LOL. I sometimes wonder why they just make a telephone call? I think it should be better to actually see the person involved, and the more stunning to me is, that it isn;t the doctor of the sickness benefits. I know, there are a lot of people in the sickness benefits but not all have the same issue. Some are just sick for a short time, with nothing special, but this I don;t understand completely. But, why bother ourselves with those questions? 
If that's the way they want to deal with it, okay for me.
They say sometimes that God works in mysterious ways, but you can say that too from government authorities LOL!

I was rather busy yesterday, with Jan away for a while, I went to the supermarket a bit further away, where I buy several things a lot cheaper than in "our"supermarket, and stuff is just as good. I came home and turned on the washing machine, took a quick sandwich, and ironed some dry laundry. Even sorted out again a little bit of the mess in the extension, and thought that was enough for the day LOL.
Weather was not too bad, it was dry and hoorray not much wind. It's often the wind that makes it feel a lot colder. Today I will have to do some more running forth and back and should try to do a bit of work around the house. 
So I better not linger around too long anymore, and hop over to the freebie. It's just a small one today, a Nutshell kit for Thanksgiving. With that day behind you, you probably will have some photos you want to scrap and may be this little kit will offer you the ingredients for it.
No add-on from Arlene to it, I think I will receive it later. Hopefully you are not too disappointed.
Better to have some space left on your computer, because I am sure there will be a lot of beautiful freebies to snatch there. 
For now, I wish you a wonderful day and weekend.
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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I am a bit in a hurry today.

Goodmorning everybody!

It will be a short post, because early afternoon around 1 oçlock I will Heidi and daughter over for the Sinterklaas rhyme and I should do some things before they are here. May be even go out for a quick shopping, it will be better I do it before they come and not late in the afternoon. I'll see if I can give myself a kick in the butt LOL.

Another big plastic sac is filled with stuff I sorted out. When I do more or less every day something I will get there too! Yes, I am in a radical mood for it now. I cannot hang on to all the old pictures, papers, also books and other stuff , some things just have to go. I also put a couple of stuffed animals at the pile of jigsaws I still have to bring to the charity shop.
So there may be a shimmer of light at the end of the tunnel, soon ROFL>!

Oh yes, I do have to say this before I finish the post. Yesterday we saw a programme on tv in which they showed how the wool of angora rabbits is collected ( not everywhere the same, but on many places) and it is horrible!!!
This is pure and aweful animal abuse!
My heart really acked looking at those few seconds they showed!
Please take a look at the video at the link, and you will see what I mean!( put your speakers on, and weapon yourself to be able to see this)

I think twice and thrice before I ever buy a sweater made of angora wool. Specially the "cheaper"ones are made with wool, collected this way(mostly in China).

How can  somebody ever work this way????????????? Those people should be punished severe and never be able to make a business again!

On a brighter side now, the kit for today, with a name that suites the time of year(being almost December already) "Where is the Time?".
Beautiful add-on from Arlene.

Wishing you all a very blessed and wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Monday, November 25, 2013

Just one more week till December!

Goodmorning everybody!

Can you really believe that coming Sunday we are int eh month of December already?
Gosh, time really flies,and so much to be done till Christmas.
We do have to make a serious re-start on clearing the mess that is still in the extension. Somehow I just have trouble going over there and do something about it. But it MUST be done.
I want to have a more or less "clean"and "rummage| free house at Christmas LOL.
Im am sure, that once Jan and I get really started on it it will be done with rather quickly, only that "starting"is an issue(grin)!

We had a fairly nice and quiet weekend, with not much news to tell you. Spend the time mostly with watching some tv, also some time at the computer, Jan reading his newspaper and making some crosswords. May sound boring, but at the moment I do;t mind it at all.
Oh, heidi called me yesterday with a request for Severine/
On the 5th of December we celebrate the holiday of Sinterklaas, mainly a holiday for children, but grown ups also can have lots of fun.
The presents that are given, should be accompanied by a little or longer poem, in which you tell something about the person receiving the gift, you can also tease in it(that's the fun part) etc. all has to done on rhyme! That sometimes can be a bit difficult, so I helped Severine with that for some years now, but last year I told her I still would help, but she also has to try a bit herself.
On wednesday afternoon she will come over with Heidi and we will try to make a nice rhyme.

Not too much rambling from me today, it will be a short post.
Let's skip right away to the freebie.
It's a kit in rather dark colors, grungy papers, and some great clusters from Arlene. Named it "Old and Worn Out""/
Hopefully I will have a bit of productive way( not in designing but in the house ROFL).
You have a terrific day!

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Download   HERE

Friday, November 22, 2013

Oh, it's wonderful experience LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!!

This should be about the last post in which I am talking about leaks and such!!!
Can you imagine what a luxury it feels, that we have a dry toiletroom??? It seems all has been fixed. Now only the hole in the ceiling has to be done. They said they will come Sunday to do that and also paint at the same time the ceiling. When that done, we hopefully can forget all about it.

Jan did have his echo examination yesterday. Nothing spectacular showed up, at the first glance(yuppie), he still have to wait the final outcome given by his doctor, next week, but I am already glad that first look at it didn't ring the alarm bell.

Oh, our doorbell died, so sad! So after his hospital visit Jan went to the DIY market to get us another one. He found a nice one, about the same we had, but from another brand, it's a wireless one too, very easy to install. Back home he right away put in the batteries and of course we had to try it out. It had a good sound but........after pushing the button to get the bell working it stayed ringing it's melody all the time!!!!!!!! Of course, this would happen only to us, we had a Monday morning product!!!
Poor guy climbed on his bike and went back to the DIY. No problem there, he got a new one(and he was so clever to try it out there first, hahaha) and now we have a good working doorbell again.
It has 16 different song-melodies to choose from, if get bored of the one we have now, we just chenge it. Plus it has a "normal"ring sound too and even a flashing light when it's in working order. Good thing for people with not so good hearing, but we turned that off.

With Jan away for a bit of time, yesterday morning, I took advantage of it and gave the home a good sweep with the vacuum cleaner. also another laundry is hanging to dry, which means there is some dry one waiting to be ironed, sigh! It's not too much, so I will do it somewhere this weekend.
Oh, I did go to the market on Wednesday, only got me a few things I really wanted to have, like some fruit (we discoverd "kaki"s", did you ever taste one??? The are great! Wonderful they don;t have pits, so you can eat all of it), and another load of stew pears and on the way back I bought some meat for part of next week.
No idea what today will bring and if we show much activity, that's always a surprise, hahaha.
I might start wrapping up some Christmas presents, soon it will be time to post some. I already have found a couple of boxes that might serve well, and like I said before, I did find them at the toy store, tadaaa.

Kit today is"A Story Told". Made you a preview of the complete kit and one of the papers. And arlene has been very generous, LOL, she made you  4 clusters to go with it!
I am on good track to offer you almost all of December only Christmaskits. Yeah, I know I get carried away, but they are so nice to design, and still some ideas linger in the depths of my brain!
And then I am working on and off on a request for a themed kit, it isn't going all too smoothly, but I hope to finish it soon too.
Time now to do a bit of bloghopping and then play a bit in Photoshop Elements and after that I will get dressed and do (perhaps) something useful ROFL.
Have a lovely day and weekend.



Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It apparantly has been done!

Goodmorning everybody!!!
with some caution, I think I can say the leak seems to be fixed. Wow, Monday they were doing some work on it, yesterday they were busy till around 9 o'clock in the evening!
But as far as we can see, the toilet room stays dry from somewhere yesterday. Oh, if it really would stay this way, we would turn into very happy persons!!!LOL.
Thee is still the hole to be fixed, and they have still some mending work to do in their appartment( they had to take off part of the tiles there at the least), but till now, it looks good.

That is about the most exciting news of the past days I can give you, but for us it is big news.
This whole damned thing with leaks on and off kept us away from really going on with our project in the house. Now that it is done with(well, till now it looks good, I am still careful to be too satisfied and re-assured), perhaps we will find new energy to go on and finish it finally.

Yesterday I found the last presents for Christmas, even bought some wrapping paper, so I can do the wrapping one of these days, only will have to find a little box for posting. That will not be a big problem, near us is a toy shop and they always have lots of carton boxes empty, so I will ask them to give me one.

Then soon Jan will have to put back all the Christmas lights we have hanging on the ceiling beams, we took them off as we painted the living room, I almost cleaned them all up, so ti's about time to attach them again. I think it will take a bit of patience(mostly my side LOL), to hang them back, the light cordsare offered in a kind of big circle. The end comes back to the  plug, so it's a closed circuit, bit tricky to hang them right, can you imagine?
Hmm, Jan not always the most patient, me neither, both a bit stuboorn at times, that smells a bit like possible trouble LOL! But in the end all will be well, and I hope to have them back soon, now that the dark days approach quickly.!

Today i think I will have to do the laundry, perhaps even some ironing, Jan wants to continue in the small room near the extension, still some cracks have to be repaired before we can actually paint the walls. Then there still is the sorting out of all the stuuf we took out of the closet, oh boy, difficult!
Once we have that done, all will look already a lot better, then still some re-arranging has to be done of closets , but first we really do have to get rid of all the mess.

Tomorrow Jan will have to go to hospital for a medical examination, that takes place every year, an echo of his belly to check if all is okay there. Next week will be his check up appointment with the doctor.

Today I have but a small freebie for you. I have some kits ready, but as Arlene has a busy time, she didn;t manage to make an add-on for them yet and I like to offer the kits as much as possible with the add-ons at the same time.
I will bring you in a bit of Christmas spirit already, I've made 6 tags for you. They can be used in a layout, of course, but if you want, you can print them on thicker paper or carton and used them for your Christmasgifts.
From Arlene you will have two beautiful page borders, she made with some of my kits.
Have a wonderful day, and thanks for your visits, and comments, they are the cherry on top of the cake LOL!

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Download     HERE

Monday, November 18, 2013

Little miracle may happen today LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

We had a wonderful relaxing weekend and it feels so good.
Friday I went to the market to get me some stuff, Jan had something else to do, so we saw eachother again late afternoon.
The Saturday was spent in great lazyness, I only did go out for the newspaper and that's it. Spent some time at the computer, finished something on a Christmas present, I am about ready with that too, only have to wrap it and box it and I will be in time to bring it to the post office, yippee!

Sundya should be the "big"day, rememeber? There would be done some work on the leak? Well, it wasn;t the official plumber who came along, but the owner of the appartment above us, he is doing the job himself. it seems he is kind of plumber himself, so we just hope for the best.
He took a good look, already did some work on it, and will come again today to finish it all. We did talk to him and tried to make it clear that we had more than enough of all the leaking and that it should be fixed quick and well now! well, it might happen today. I just cannot wait till it is done, he promised to fix the hole in our ceiling too.
Hoping now to hear some activity soon in the appartment( the guy will have to buy some accessories like some pipes and kit and such), meaning that at the least there will be progress on it LOL!
I have had it with the misery now, and want to finish all we started, repaint parts that had suffered from the different leaks and get rid of the mess in the extension, and then can concentrate on Christmas decoration, I hope.

Time on tv was rather filled, there were the usual detectives and such of course,most of it we recorded on dvd, because there also was a big tournament of darts going on(some wonderful matches we have seen) and also another World cup meeting of speed skating, this time in Salt Lake City.
Our boys and girls did very well.

Yesterday I really spent hours at the computer, and I loved it. I started a kit and that is almost finished now.
When the ideas and inspiration are present it is nice to work on a kit.
Now I better get dressed before the leak-fixer will come along. Then we will see what we will do today, perhaps it will be a good time to go through some stuffin the extension, and clear away some more. May be at the end of the rummaging it will leave us with a bit more space in some closets, well, that's the idea behind it LOL!

Today;s kit is | Written Secrets", in diffent browns, perhaps nice for some heitage layouts, but as well it can serve for other projects. Great quickpage of Arlene and two lovely clusters.
Hope you will enjoy the kit and add-on.
Take care, have a wonderful day!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Friday, November 15, 2013

We are clearing stuff away!

Goodmorning everybody!

About the leak I can be rather short. Monday or any day after no plumber came by! I saw the tenant of the appartment I think it was Tuesday(or may be Wednesday afternoon) and aasked what happened.
Long explanation, but in short it had to do with the owner of the appartment, who changed the appointment apparantly, it might has to do with the fact he didn;t give the actual plumber who came by at first, the order but that somebody else ??? will come to fix it. The last thing we know now, is that on Sunday it will be fixed. Very confusing at the least, let's hope it will happen!

Wednesday Jan wnet through all the stuff standing in the extension at the moment, and got rid of a lot of it. Mostly it was hifi stuff, still good, like speakers and a radio and all that, but you cannot keep it all for years, standing there, collecting dust, with the idea: May be one day our radio or cd player or whatever might die and then we have a spare "! We were naughty and put it in plastic bags at the street with the garbage , collected every week. Well, we looked out of the window after an hour or two and it all was gone! Yeah, a good thing!
Yesterday Jan did some repair of holes and cracks at the wall, and I went through the stuff too. Got rid of a lot of stuff too, not that it makes a great difference in the heap that is still standing around, but it is a start too! I filled two garbage sacs already. I also will get rid of a few jigsaw puzzles, they all are still complete, I will bring them to a charity shop close to us. They can make a few euros which will go to a good cause. So slowly there will be light in the mess, after a few rummages more LOL!
It is hard to throw away things you held on to for many years, but if you didn;t look at it for years, you probably will not do it in the future either anymore. So it just has to go.

Yesterday wasn;t a too good day of the weather. Rainy, bit chilly, rather gloomy. But today it looks to be somewhat better, at least the sun is shining at the moment. So Jan and I will  probably go to the market, we do need a couple of things, mainly a bit of fruit, they also have a good bread stand there, and perhaps I will buy a little bit of veggies too(not too much, don't have to much room for it in the freezer now).
Perhaps during the weekend we cna do some more in the room near the extension, get rid of more stuff, re-arrange it in the big closet( that is less high now, much safer, although at the coast of some space to put things away) etc. Oh, it will feel so good when all will have its place again, and in lesser quantity, LOL, but that day is still not all to near. Well, slowly but certain should be the motto!

Today's kit is "November Dusk", perhaps it wakes a few nostalgic memories, at least i feel it that way when I look at the prview. Arlene has done a fantastic job again, with another beautiful quickpage, and lovely clusters.
Wishing you all a great weekend, stay healthy and hopefully you have some moments you even can smile!
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Download    HERE

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Where are the house fairies hiding??

Goodmorning everybody!

A bit of gloomy day yesterday, with lots of rain. But it didn;t stop Jan and me to walk to the DIY market not too far away from us, and we did buy a new ladder. What an exciting buy, isn't it?? LOL.
Well, this one is just a bit higher than the one we have, and will serve us well to reach ceilings and high places. And a nice thing is, that this one is much lighter of weight, so it will be a lot easier to carry it around.
We spent a bit of time in the market, hthere are always interesting things to see, specially the Christmas market, they started. Oh we saw so many lovely things, hard to resist, but we managed. LOL.
It would be a bit silly to buy new stuff, because we are already loaded with Christmas decorations.
But probably in the coming weeks I will see something, that is so nice and attractive, that there will be found an excuse to buy it, hahahah.
On the way back we passed a supermarket, we know it is there for a long time already, but in fact never visited it. I noticed they had sacs of potatoes for a good price and as we needed to have some, I quickly went in to buy that. Took a very quick look around and it looked well!
So I said to Jan, we definately would have to visit it one of these days. I think we might find some good bargains there.

We came home a bit soaked by the drizzling rain, but never mind, we dried up rather soon.
In the time we were out, I turned on the washing machine, and ome again that was ready so I could hang it out in the extension. Yes, where all the mess it at the moment, there was ust enough room left for me to be able to hang the laundry and I even managed to do some ironing. All the ready stuff is lying on the couch there now, because it was hard to get into the closet LOL! Oh, I wish there came some house fairies over night to take care of all that mess and that I wake up in the morning and see all cleared away and painted and vacuum cleaned and such. But helas, I only can dream of it!

I will have to do some grocerie shopping today, I think it is just the right day in  the week for it. I see some sunshine at the moment and on the weather channel they said it would stay dry today.
Hoorray, I hope I will be lucky.

Next week Jan will have to go to hospital for his normal check up test and then the week after he will have his ppointment with the doctor. Let's hope the results will be okay, I will know that after his visit, perhaps,. He isn;t always too informative about his conversations with the doctor, and he doesn;t want me to go with him. Yeah, you know, men are difficult to handle at times ROFL.
 Oh, Monday was a nice day. First I got a call from my freind Heidi, we spent some time at the phone, and then she said she would pay me a visit later that day. She didn;t see all the new paint and such yet. So in the afternoon there she was, Jan already had left for a walk and whatever( he said it was better, so we could chat together about everything we wanted LOL), and she stayed about anhour or so. Nice to see eachother again.

That's about all for this post. The only thing left is the freebie, "Take me Home". A nice kit, I think, bit vintage and grunge, soft colors, ready for some great layouts by you!
And of course a lovely add-on from Arlene, with again a beautiful quuickpage in it!
Have a wonderful day.
Download    HERE

Download   HERE

Monday, November 11, 2013

Will it come true today?

Goodmorning everybody!

Quiet weekend, all together. Not that I mind that, only thing is that I have fears going to pick something from the extension, because then I have to crawl over the mess that is standing and laing around there LOL! I am sure that will be for some more time, but I will try to hold on to some hope that one day it will be gone again.
First of all I just hoep that today that plumber will come to do his job. He aid last time he could come today, but I didn;t here the exact appointment e made with the neighbours, so I just cross fingers. I have had more than enough of that leak and the little nucket and all in our toiletroom.

The weekend we passed in rather lazyness, although Jan did some work on that big closet. But I keep telling him that he should call somebody for help, I cannot lift enough to be of real service. Now there is the problem that Jan is of the rather stubborn kind of human being(like I am too at moments) and wants to solve and do it by himself. So some problem is there, result some argueing and irritation, which passes quickly too, but it works a bit on my nerves. I just would like to finish it quickly and to have the house in rather good order. ROFL.
Oh, and Friday was my "active"day, yes! Gave part of the house good clean, and thoroughvacuum turnand such, I was happy about myself.

In the weekend there also was the firt World cup speedskating, in Calgary. And oh my, our skaters did well. It was nice to see some of the opponents too, that they will have to deal with at the Olympics, and there are some real strong ones!
But if our skaters will keep there form as it is now, and some will need the time till the games to improve, we do have good chances to win some medals there.
In sports I like to see everybody perform well, but..sometimes I am a little bit of a chauvinist and cheer a bit more for our guys and girls than for the others LOL!

Weather is going a bit on and off now. Bit lower temperatures, windy at times and I think it was yesterday morning, it suddenly became real dark and gloomy and suddenly we had a hail shower! Brrr, that can stay away in my opinion. It didn't last long and afterwards we even did see some sunshine again.
This night we had in some parts of the country the first nightfrost. I know, it's the time of year, but too much isn;t to my liking.

I had some time at the computer, mainly making a start to a new kit and most of the time making the previews of Arlene's clusters to the latest kits. As usual, she did an awesome job, as you will see when I offer them with the kits.
Today it's the kit Without a Sound, and you can see the clusters and quickpage arlene made, lovely!
You have a great day, stay out of trouble and see you again on Wednesday!
Download  HERE

Download    HERE

Friday, November 08, 2013

Just a few more days with leak!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yeah we, hopefully, have to survive this weekend and then the leak might be fixed somewhere Monday. Can't wait to have it done, then we can get ride of the little buicket and the towel, that catch
the drops from the leak. Then it will be worthwhile again to give the whole toiletroom a good clean.
Talking about cleaning, I fear I will have to do some today, because I was a bit lazy this week, concerning the vacuuming and dusting and such.
When I look around in the room at the moment, I do see the need of it LOL!

I think Jan is feeling a little bit better again, don;t think he is all up to 100%, but yesterday he went out again, which is a good sign. It's hard to guess for me how he is feeling, he almost never says a thing, not the complaining type of guy, and when I ask him how he feels, or if something is bothering him, he answers most of the time just: "Oh, I am okay, nothing wrong".
I only can tell a bit about is condition by the way he expresses those words, but I don;t get any details. Sigh, it's difficult sometimes, although it is nice to have the "not comlaining type of husband", I'd rather like to hear sometimes a bit more.

Wednesday Jan noticed that the small freezer we have was dripping a bit of fluid. I took a look to and saw that the poor thing had some rust stains at the bottom, so I think it died almost after serving us well for many years LOL.
Only problem was where to leave the stuff we had inside(mostly packages with veggies and bread, and two or three little bixes with some other stuff.
Our "big"freezer, having 3 drawers, was loaded too!
I started with taking out all from the baby one, stashed it in a laundry basket, and placed it for the moment outside, covered and all.
Then i took out the drawers out of the big freezer, and re-organized them. Gosh, that made a little bit difference. Threw a few things away, already too old, but most of it was still good to use.
I don;t know how, but I managed to get everything back with all the stuff of the baby one!
Now we just have to use first a lot before we can get us any new veggies from the market or whatever LOL!
Only two boxes whee left over, not possible to place them in the freezer.
One with macaroni and one with chili con carne. So Jan suggested we took that as dinner for the next day. Good idea, so yesterday there was no cooking at all, just warming up in the oven and tasted rather well together.

I went to town centre yesterday afternoon, just for looking around a bit, weather was not too bad for it. I came home with a load of little packages of all kinds of noodle soups. There is that Chinese store in town I told about you some time ago, and there I bought them. Jan likes to take them at times, when he is still up later at night( he is more an "evening-night person" as we call it) And I take one of those sometimes too on  Fridays, when we have our "make your own meal"days ROFL.
I saw some aweful nice and also funny things, but stayed firm and didn;t buy anything, almost. I just was happy I found another little Christmaspresent or two, just have to take one more tour I think, to have all ready.

Well, I will have to do some housework today and I better start it a bit early. So here is the freebie for today, I think you could see it as an early Christmas related kit, but as easily you can do other layouts with this one. It's named "Believe in Angels".
Arlene made some sooo sweet clusters for you,
You have all a nice day and also great weekend!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Wednesday, November 06, 2013

I love those quiet days LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

The day started again very gloomy, it's raining again, there still is too much wind too my liking.
I went out yesterday for a moment, but it's not a real pleasure to be outside. Oh, where are the days with the sunshine and nice temperatures and such???
The last two days we had real quiet days, not much done here, and it's a good thing . Jan didn't feel 100% tip top, he took lots of naps, perhaps he catched something, I don;t know. Perhaps it's just the body saying to him: "hey, great that you do work around the house, but don;t overdo it".
It kind has an effet on me too, so I wan;t to active either. Well, with Jan taking naps on the couch, it isn;t a good idea to take the vacuum cleaner out, or running around dusting left and right, I know, it is a poor excuse but it works for me, grin!
I easily could do some things in another part of the house, I might do some of it today, but not totally sure about it.

I am turning somewhat into a Christmas mood already, already have a few Christmaskits ready, but planning to make lots more. Then I also have to go to town centre one of these days, to look around for a couple of Christmas presents. I have to make some boxes for sending, and I want to have them ready around first week of December, I like to send them away well in time.
When I have all I want, the fun part is wrapping up the presents. I like that, choosing nice paper and such.

It's still early morning, so when I have finished this post, I will do some blogreading, and then I can play a bit in my PSE, I have a vague idea for a new Christmas kit, and it's fun to start not knowing how it will be, often, I just plunge in and the ideas come along the way.

as there isn;t much news to tell I won;t bother you any longer and post the preview of the new kit.
Kit is named "Nothing Compares". Lovely pageborder by Arlene in the add-on!
Have a wonderful day!

Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Monday, November 04, 2013

Very wet weather at the moment

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh, it's not nice to wake up in the morning and all is still dark.! And then i the evening it's getting dark real quick too! That part of the year I don;t like too much.
Yesterday and today too, it will rain a lot, there were even some whirlwinds in the middle of the country, one caused some serious damage, no personal thank God.
I saw some great hotos on tv-weather channel people made of those whirlwinds.

I wasn;t all too active this weekend, apart from Friday, when I did some smaller errands in the house and ome minor shopping. Jan did a it more, he started to dismantel the real big closet in the passage to the extension, it has to be done because it is hanging overtoo much.
But in the extension it's now like a bttlefield LOL!
Jan took out and off all things of the upper part of the closet, and dismanteled all the smaller doors.
Now the hard part will follow. How to get that upper part lifted up and placed somewhere????
It's too heavy for us two, so we will have to call somebody for help.
Well, we;'ll see when that happens, May be it gives me a chance to go through all the stuff of that closet( real big slocet, long about 3 mtrs and high about 2,5!!!!)
Perhaps I will manage to get rid of some.
Then we will have to decide where we will put that closet, perhaps we can devide it(lucky it's composed of several parts), but that probably means replacing some other stuff in that passage or probably in the extension room.
To be honest, I am NOT amused with it, but it has to be done.

I could spent a bit more time at the computer, and yes, I made a kit, but spent also time on hopping over internet, to get some inspiration and downloading some elements I can use later.
And then time is going sooo fast, before you know it, an hour is gone!

Yesterday it was a bit more kitchen time, preparing for dinner, and preparing some veggies for the freezer. And with cleaning and chopping ingredients, partly cooking already and cleaning up the kitchen, washing up all I used, time is going fast too.
But it was worth the time, we had a tasty dinner:
two smaller parts of chickenbreast filet, seasoned with chicken herbs, then I chopped up two smaller tomatoes, an onion, toe of garlic and a handfull of green olives( take as easy the black ones if you have), fried that in a pan, and put it aside. Best is to take off the skin of the tomatoes and remove the juicy parts with the seeds.Then fried the filet quickly in a pan, just so long that the outside is colored a bit. In a baking dish put the filets in, cover with the tomatoe and onion stuff, then put it int he oven at about 200 C , for ca. half an hour.
I had potatoes also in the oven, so the big chunks had a crispy cover, and as veggie I had string beans.
Desert was stewed pears/

I must keep an eye on tthe clock, because I have to phone the doctor for a repeat prescription for Jan's painkillers. Doctor has a time for that for an hour in the mornings.
I am glad that Jan sometimes doesn;t need to take them, and if he does, he first needed up to 4 a day, now he can do with sometimes one, sometimes 2 and if he isn;t doing any straining stuff, sometimes can do without. Still I think he should visit the doctor again, to see if he can take another painkiller. Probably he will have that back trouble for much longer, or will keep that for ever.
Yes, older age sometimes comes with some trouble, we will have to accept that.

Today I have a kit for you that shows a bit of my roots LOL. It's named My Russian Soul!
Arlene made a wonderful page border and two lovely clusters. Hope you can use it for some layouts.
Have a wonderful day!
Download    HERE

Download    HERE

Friday, November 01, 2013

Ever gone to WC with umbrella???

Goodmorning everybody!

First hope you all survived Halloween well and had lots of fun!

May be a funny post title but I will explain.
Because of the whole in our ceiling the leak from upstairs has more free space to send the water drops down.
So it can happen that we do our business at the toilet and suddenly feel some drops of water in our neck LOL!. We will try today to avoid that, operhaps we can attach a piece of thick plastic to the wood, make a little whole in the plastic, so that whatever water is coming from that leak, will fall on to it, run to the lower part with the whole in the plastic and can drop into a bucket.
Plumber couldn;t come earlier than a week from Monday to come, so we hope upstairs neighbours will not take too many showers and be careful with the wc ROFL.
Oh well, we have been struggling for so long now, we can handle this week extra.

Oh, I wanted to give you this message I received from a visitor to my blog, it may be of use to you.

I was downloading several of the beautiful kits and clusters I missed this month and, as usual, MediaFire has a pop up window in the background. Most times I just click the "x" to shut it. However, I thought you should know that this time the following popped up:

blocked red-x
Symantec logo
Malicious Web Site Blocked

You attempted to access:

This is a known malicious web site. It is recommended that you do NOT visit this site. The detailed report explains the security risks on this site.

For your protection, this web site has been blocked. Visit Symantec to learn more about phishing and internet security.

Exit this site.

I don't know if others have had this problem but thought you should be aware of it.

Well, today I hope to have a rather quiet day, okay, we will give a shot at the plastic attaching, I also have to do a laundry, may some little eraands can be done too, but for the rest I hope to be able to spend some time at the computer, cause the designing is a bit on slow speed at the moment.
Oh, I do spend time at the computer, mostly in the morning, when all is still quiet and peacful(meaning Jan still asleep grin, grin)but I easily get distracted when I do some blogreading here and there. There is often a link to a site that might have some interesting tutorials, or freebies and often you go from one link to another. That consumes time, and when I look at the little clock on my computer I realize that an hour has been gone already!
Never mind too much, but it takes away designing time, so I do have to restrain myself at times not going from link to link as a mad goblin!

Today's kit is "Innocent Thoughts" Look at the fantastic quickpage Arlene has made you, together with the 2 great clusters!!
Take care, and have a lovely weekend.
Download    HERE

Download    HERE