Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Easy peasy going here.

Goodmorning everybody!

After the bit stressing weekend, LOL, the last two days were quiet. I did some householdtasks on Monday. and Jan worked even some more in the garden. Reaching an older age he really gets to like that, grin!
Yesterday I spent time at the computer, busy on a new kit. I think I will have to split up this one in two files, because without really noticing it became rather extended.
Oh, in a week or two we will have great times at night here! The city council decided that the rails of the tram need to be adjusted, there will be riding soon another, newer tram, and as always, to not interfere too much in the traffic they will work at night on it. Wow, I can;t wait till they start LOL. As the rail is rather close to our house, we probably will have some noise and such, how wonderful!

We still haven't heard much news about the son of our Queen. The whole family is still in Austria this week, to be close to him, they are having a real troubled time at the moment. We all hope it will end well, but to be honest, I think it probably will not. But as long as there is life there is hope, they say.

Well, folks, thats about all I have to say today. Not much, I know, perhaps because I have no inspiration this morning to ramble along. Yes, at times it happens to me, I can be very quiet and silent too, hahahahaha.
Better to post the freebie now and get into some clothes and then to the supermarket, suddenly I am running out of some basic things.
Here you have "Far away World".
Enjoy your day, "see" you on Friday again.
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Monday, February 27, 2012

Print, print, print, print!

Goodmorning  everybody!

Gosh, I feel so proud of myself LOL! Saturday I had to go out to buy us the weekend newspaper and as it was nice weather I walked down the shopping street and I knew there was a little computerstore there. So I looked what they had and I saw an Epson printer. Took all my courage into my two hands and entered the store. And...........I came out with a printer for very little money. Quickly back home and now the hard stuff started ROFL.
First had to remove the program files from the old printer. Well, that was done without any trouble.
Then installing the new one. All started well, and when that was  finished of course I had to try it out and print a little document. Oh whee, no luck. The printer didn;t recognized the four cartridges. Damn, why can;'t something go smoothly with me in these kind of things???? Okay, took them out, placed them back, tried again, no result.
What could I do more????? Tried again, no, nothing. So I went back to the store, told them about it, guy at the counter didn;t understand it either, asked me to try again, if no luck, he asked me to bring the printer so he could take a look, and if something might be wrong, they would give me another printer. He was very patient and nice to me.
Back home, Jan was back also from a little walk. Now he is no great help in that, he never done anything with a computer, well, certainly not installing anything. He suggested I tried again, so I did.
Took out all cartridges again, placed them back again and after doing this about 3 times a miracle happened..............there came out a print. YEAH, it worked, oh whee, you cannot imagine how happy I was.
So I'll pass at the shop today to tell them everything is okay!
I wanted just a printer, but this one also can scan. But is real simple in using, and that all for just € 39,00.
And another nice thing is, that the cartridges aren't very expensive.
So here is sitting a very happy girl, completely exhausted I was yesterday, I am getting much too nervous, I know, but it seems to be in my character LOL. Let's hope, this printer will serve me well and for a long time.

Well, yesterday I spent a lot of time at the computer, made a new kit, uploaded other ones that I made earlier last week and Jan spent some time in the garden, cleaning up, removing things there(I didn;t want to know what exactly, cause he has the tendancy of removing the worng things LOL), sweeped the terrace, re-arranged the rack where we had e.g. the tomatoe plants standing, re-arranged another corner of the terrace where we have the little garden tools and sack with fresh soil, etc.
He was having great fun I believe. I must say it looks already much better. Later in March I will have to do some pruning, better when I do that, specially with the roses and the hydrangea!

Today I must do a few things in the house like laundry for sure. And must not forget to pay that visit to the computer store and then I also can post the envelope for the accountant for the tax declaration. Pfffff, I'll be glad when that is on the way!
Freebie time! Kit is named "Satisfction", can be used for lots of things.
Have a great day!
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Friday, February 24, 2012

I knew it, in some things I am unlucky.

Goodmorning everybody!

Finally tried to get my printer working again yesterday, but till now no luck. But I almost could feel this would happen LOL! May be I will give it another try, but I am too thinking very hard about another printer. They don;t cost a lot these days, well,you can make it as expensive as you want, but the thing you also have to look at are the cartridges you need for the printer. Some printers are real cheap but have expensive cartridges, sometimes it's better to buy a little more expensive printer, which will pay itself almost back cause the cartridges are less expensive or you can easily buy compatible ones, which saves also some money.
I just want to find a simple printer, that prints out and a lot of them are "all-in-ones"which can be practicle sometimes, but to be honest I just want a printer that prints and nothing more LOL. If possible I will not buy one from HP, that's the brand I have now and always was a bit tricky. And the cartridges are also rather expensive.
May be I will find one from Canon or Epsom, some of them have rather good reviews from users.
Okay, we will think it over for a day or two more and then we'll see what I will end up with.

I received a nice mail with the request to offer a quickpage the lady had made with the kit Eveline. Of course that was okay, it's a freebie for personal use made by Linda and you can download it from her blog
Here a preview of the page, real beautiful!

Weather today isn;t looking all too bright, sky is all grey, I hope it will clear up a bit later today.
Then I have to go out, to make some copies of formulas needed for the tax declaration, which comes back every year. Jan wanted it to do ourselves this year to save a bit of money, but I am really no good in it and thought this year I can let the accountant do it again. Oh whee, I think Jan will be not amused, but sending it all to the accountant will give me a great peace of mind and that's nice.

One of the things we have to mention and give copies of is the tax the city council is charging you for the house you live in. It's a certains percentage of the value of the house, I received the papers yesterday and you know what it strange? The valuing of the house has the same amount as it had last year, and I wonder how that is possible, with the crisis going on, bad sales of houses at the moment, prices dropping every month, but to them it has the same value. That bills aren;t the lowest ones to pay, but you cannot do much about it.
Oh, how nice was life when we were real young, not having to bother about bills of all sorts to pay, just living day by day, just having to worry a bit about the school and the tests and exams you had to do, I would gladly go back to it ROFL.

I think it's time to finish the post now, just have to choose which kit I will offer you know. Yes, I know, it will be "Carnevale Veneziano". Hopefully you can do something nice with it.
Have a fantastic weekend!
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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I love to see temperatures go up!

Goodmorning everybody!

Temperatures are going up and I love to see it. They expect that towards the weekend daytemperature might go up till about 10 degrees C( about 50 F) and that is quite "warm"for the time of year. Of course it isn;t reaching temps that I really like, but it's a start! Pity that there is just a bit too much wind, and that isn't coming yet from the right directions, so feels a bit cold. But let us not complain, it's already much better than having frost!
Yesterday I didn;t do a great deal at the computer, to be honest, I must say I took a nice nap in the afternoon and it did me a lot of good LOL!
So I only downloaded a bit of music from the internet in the morning and then wnet out for a bit of groceries shopping.
Today I might burn the music on a cd, and really soon now I will have to dedicate some time to my printer.
I know, I should have done that way earlier(I said it before, I know that), but I am bad in these things, as you might know. But I need the thing, so I must remove the files from the printer first from the C drive, download a new full installation file from HP with new drivers etc. and install it again. I am always reluctant in doing those things, cause I am always afraid doing something wrong, or if I do it right, it doesn;t work with me ROFL. But it sure isn't handy when you cannot print anything, and when it doesn't work, you ALWAYS have things you NEED to print out. Is that a part of Murphy's law???

Well, I don;t know if I will do it today, cause I also have to do some errands around here. And have to go to the bank, to deposit some payments for bills, not the nicest thing to do, but necessary.
Weather doesn;t look too bad, so the walk might do me some good too.

There isn;t more news about the Queen's son, perhaps at the end of the week the doctors might say something about his health condition. It certainly will be an anxious week for the whole royal family.

 Today I havean almost white kit for you, named "Souvenir d'Autrefois". Hope you can use it for some real great layouts.!
Have a wonderful day.

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Sadness and joy hand in hand

Goodmorning everybody!

It was a strange kind of weekend this one. Just on Friday there was shocking news on tv about our Royal Family. They are on a short winter holiday in Austria( as they do already for many years) but we were informed, that one of our Queen's sons had been in a skiing accident and still is in hospital.
I have a link for you where you an read the whole story.

We all hope and pray that he will come out of it without any consequences for his health. I can imagine that his mother, our Queen, and the whole family are having a terrible time.

And as so many times, grieve and joy go hand in hand.
This weekend were the world championships speed skating allround and our Dutch team did very well.
With the men even extremely well, cause we were on the 1st, (Sven Kramer), 2nd(Jan Blokhuijsen) and 3rd (Koen Verweij) place! And with the women we also have a Dutch world champion, Ireen Wüst!
Congratulations to all of them!
Here a picture of out two world champions
You can imagine, I didn;t do too much during this weekend, LOL.

So I should do some stuff around here today. But it also looks to be nice weather outside, so it might be a good idea to go outside for a little while. Oh, Jan did go to the market last Friday and brought home somme veggies and a lot of apples. So it might be a good idea to prepare the veggies for the freezer today.
And then there is also some laundry waiting for me to be ironed. Hmmm, if I really throw myself in to it, it wouldn;t take too much time to get that done.
Sun is shining at the moment into the room and oh wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, what a terrible sight is that! Why? Because now I see all the dust and mess on the wooden floor too well, LOL! So I suppose the vacuum cleaner has to be used too today. With all that in mind, I better start not too late with it all.
The freebie of today is "Eveline", a little kit that can be very versatile.
Have some fun with it and have a great day!
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Friday, February 17, 2012

It's sunny outside.

Goodmorning everybody!

Weather hee isn;t too bad, this morning the sun is peeping out which  makes it look much cosier.
I already did my shopping yesterday, but if the weather stays like it is at the moment, I always can find a purpose to go outside for a moment LOL.
It's going to be a real sports weekend again for us, because there is the world championschip speedskating for allrounders in Moskou! You know Jan and I are real fans of the speedskating, so our weekend is spoken for!
We have great expectations of our Dutch team, so cross fingers they will do real well!

This evening I'll be following the Kids Voice of Holland again. The past couple of weeks there were a few kids with outstanding performances. It's sometimes unbelievable how much talent there is.
This song contest is for kids and youngsters till the age of 14 , I believe, and I already have some favourites.

So it's a "busy"weekend, ROFL, better I do a few things around the house today.
Nothing much more to tell you, it's a bit "low"on activity and events at the moment, but I am sure that will change quickly enough. By the end of next month it will be time to clean up the garden again, do some pruning and so on and then hopefully nice spring weather will not be far.

Kit for the weekend is "Powderbox". The name for it came by the colours I used for it.
Have a happy and great weekend
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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Come sweet Spring, my door is open

Goodmorning everybody!

As on Sunday we still walked in snow, now it's all gone and temps are creeping up. Not that we can say it's warm, but at daytime we have no frost and even at night in our part it stays just on 0 or a degree higher.
I should take a look in the garden to see if some spring bulbs are showing their heads already, like the snowbell and crocus.
I surely hope that winter is truly gone now, but untill April you are never safe here.
Yesterday I went out to do shopping, it still was real fresh but I am not complaining. After I was back, I kicked myself in the bottom and took the vacuum cleaner, after dusting the room. In the meanwhile the laundry was turning in the washing machine, and I changed the bedsheets.
Wile I was busy in the room Jan took all his plants into the kitchen and re-potted them into fresh soil. Seeing him busy with them, he sure looks a bit like a mama duck ROFL.

May be today I will make another quick tour to the supermarket, didn;t get all I needed yesterday. They sometimes are out of stock of a few things, which is very annoying.
Then I will prepare already a bit our dinner, I saw a nice recipee on tv lately for a chili con carne. Hope it will turn out well, and I think I will give some rice with it.
It's also time to go to the market again, we need some fresh fruit again, have to think about our vitamines!
If it stays dry today, there may be a chance for the visit, or may be Jan will go alone and I will stay home, and take a bit of computertime.

The kit for today is "Days to Cherish". Found some great illustrations in old children's books and used them here.
Have a fantastic day!

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Monday, February 13, 2012

It looks as if real winter is over.

Goodmorning everybody!

On Saturday is was still real cold and I just made a very quick walk to the shop for the newspaper and was rather glad to be at home again. Yesterday it was already less cold, but..... we had some snowfall. All day long it was on and off, but it wasn;t snowing very hard, and sometimes it was just between snow and rain.
I was happy it wasn;t too cold yesterday, cause we had to go to Séverine's birthday party. Well, the real party with her friends she had on her birthday, yesterday it was more for grandparents and family and some friends. It was nice, but it's not one of my favourite visits to make LOL. I like it much better when I make a visit to Heidi when she's alone, then we have time to chat about all kind of things. During a "party"visit it is almost impossible.

That's about all I can tell you about our weekend activities. Not much hey? But oh so good. Specially Saturday I had time to do some designing, nice and cosy, while Jan was reading his newspaper and we listened to some music. Oh, yesterday evening we saw a part of anregistration of a concert of Adèle in the Royal Albert Hall. I liked her from the beginning she was getting a bit famous, but she is really good! I especially love the songs "Make you feel my love" and "Someone like you".
There are a lot of nice or even good popsingers around but she is more than excellant.

I think, I will spend some time at the computer today too. Well, first will do some more boring stuff, you know, house stuff, but in the afternoon I want to finish a new started kit.Seems like a good idea to me LOL.
As it soon will be Valentine's Day, I thought you might like another Valentine kit. But you can easily use it for other kind of layouts too. I named it "Endless Love".
Have a great day!
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Friday, February 10, 2012

May be soon frost is gone!

Goodmorning everybody!

We still have to endure a few days with considerable frost, specially during the night, but it seems that after the weekend we will have temperatures above zero again. Can't wait! LOL.
It's a pity for the organizers of the Elfstedentoch in the north of the Netherlands, in Friesland, but for now they decided it will not take place, because at some parts of the route the ice isn't yet thick enough. It's a good thing they are careful, because when this event takes place there are hundreds of contestants on the ice plus a few thousand people to watch it. And they can;t take any risk with the strength of the ice. It could end in an disaster, if an accident happens, just because the ice breaks.!

I did get a few errands done in the last two days, (defreezing my freezer,it was necessary, cause there was too much ice there. So with the cold outside, I could place all the stuff in the garden, of course well protected, and oh my, lots of ice came down from the freezer. Now it's all clean and well sorted again). Today I must go into town to search for a present for Séverine. At the moment the weather looks rather well, although it's still cold, the sun is shining, so it might be nice to be outside for a while.

I don;t know what has happened with our cats, but suddenly they like to play a bit with a little ball and mouse again. Brodski always was the most "playful"of the two, but we really got a shock when Dikkie Dik suddenly started to play too! In the past years he hardly moved when he was inside! Of course after tossing around the mousie a few times, he HAD to take a rest again LOL!

I have a nice kit in blue for you today, named "Dreamtime". I was rather productive again and even have another Valentines kit forr you. Well, you could use it for that day, but will also be nice for other kind of layouts. That will be on Monday I think.
Have a wonderful weekend!
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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Still cold, but that's winter

Goodmorning everybody!

Woops, I had to go out yesterday, but I was glad I tucked myself good and warm. It wasn;t so much about the temperature, few degrees below zero, but the wind made it feel a lot colder. Had to walk a bit careful, cuase there were some tricky spots on the streets. But I managed to stay on the feet and let's be happy about that.
Oh boy, on some net on tv, I saw a very strange commercial. Remember we are in winter time, with now even some snow and severe frost sometimes, for about 2 weeks now.

But only now some company( I think it was a gas company) had a smashing(this is meant ironical LOL) commercial, with at the end the question: "Did you prepare and checked your central heating installation for winter time?"
Don;t you think they are a bit LATE with that? It's something to consider and do in October or may be even November, but not now anymore. If the installation is causing you trouble, it's because there was no check on it earlier. I found it a very STRANGE commercial!!!

Today I must not forget to make a phonecall, to wish Séverine a happy birthday. She already is 10 years old today! On coming Sunday there is the "party"for family and friends, LOL! I already have found her some present, but have to go to town one of these days, to get her another one.
At the moment she is doing judo-calasses and it seems she is doing very well. So we have to be aware of that, LOL, soon she will be able to throw us on the ground, hahahahaha.

Hmmmm, today I can stay in, so good moment to do some errands here, and think about what I will make for dinner today. Sometimes it's very hard to think of something, you know! Well, I want to try to have some variation every day, but pfffff, it's hard at times. LOL. I have some chicken breast filet, I can fill that with some ham and cheese, yeah, good idea. Perhaps some roasted potatoes with it, now I only must think of some veggies to go with that. Okay, menu almost done, hoorray!

Freebie time. It's the second part of the Birthday flowers.
Have a wonderful day, if you HAVE to go out in wintery weather: be careful, when driving or walking and stay warm!
Download     part 2 HERE

Monday, February 06, 2012

I walked in snow!

Goodmorning everybody!

I didn;t make it on Friday to outrun the snowfall. Just about when I prepared to go out, I looked out of the window and......oops, it was snowing. The snowfall was rather dense, it lasted for about 2 or 3 hours and then it was over again. Still it was enough to whiten the world and there still is lying snow on the streets.
I've made a picture from a part of the street where I do a lot of my "daily"shopping and you can see it was snowing rather hard.
But as it was fresh snow it wasn't yet too difficult to walk.
It was nice for a moment but now it can go away again grin grin!
So you can imagine we didn;t go anywhere during the weekend, but stayed home. So not much to tell about those days.

Oh, a few days ago I couldn't resist taking a picture just after dinner. Jan likes to take a short nap then and our cats too, specially Dikkie Dik, and that one always likes company. How small a spot may be, it doesn;t matter to him, he wriggles himself into it. Here the result:
Isn't he adorable? LOL!

Well, today I should be a bit more active than in the weekend, (sigh sigh!), for example there is a load of laundry waiting in the machine to get clean, and still some dry one to be ironed. I will spit into my hands and get it done quickly.

I have for you the first part of a kit, in bragbook page size, named Birthday flowers. The idea was given by a sweet visitor and this is the outcome. There are in total 12 pages, one for each month and some elements and frames for an extra decoration. I'll show you one of the pages, so you can get a better idea of it.

It might make a sweet birthday book, and if you have more birthdays in on month just use that month page more times. Could even make a sweet heritage book, make a little journaling page for each person, and then the page with the picture. Next post I will post the second part.
Hope somebody can do something with this.
Have a fantastic day!
Download    part 1 HERE

Friday, February 03, 2012

Clean curtains, yes!

Goodmorning everybody!

I finally washed the curtains yesterday afternoon. Oh my, they looked terrible. Now they are all bright and white again. Oh, can tell you about a little stupidity of mine LOL!
As I washed the curtains, by hand(much quicker) I always hang them wet on a line to drip off a bit first and when they are still a bit moist I hang them on their rod again, result, almost no crinkles whoopie!
So yesterday too. And it was such nice weather I though: "Why not hang them outside for a moment, in a soft wind, will dry quick". So I did, comes the stupidity.............................. I just forgot that it was freezing outside, just a few degrees! Can you picture what happened???????????? To my luck I looked out of the window after a minute or 5 or ten, to see if they were still dripping off or not. They definately weren;t. I just saw some small icicles at the bottom of the curtains. OHHHH< HELP! I rushed out to the garden and touched the curtains. They were almost stiff, like a piece of moist cardboard! I managed to get them off the line, I was fearing I might break them LOL! I think I was just in time. Then I quickly hanged them cautiously in the bathroom, to thaw them. Pffffffff, all ended well.
That's me, I suppose. Meaning well, but just not using my brains, ROFL!!!!!

At the moment it looks still well outside, some sunshine, still a whee bit freezing, but during the afternoon they announced it might snow perhaps even a couple of centimeters thick! Oh gosh, I hope it will not happen, but I am afraid it will be otherwise. Probably it will only snow today, lets hope so.
A lot of people in Holland are now crossing their fingers and hoping, that it will stay freezing the next week too. And why? Because every year they hope there will be another "Elfstedentocht"again, a tour on skates over 200 kms in the north of the Netherlands. It's like a fever that is spreading fast. I have a link for you, which explains rather well, what this "elfstedentocht"(Eleven Cities tour) is all about and a link to a YouTube video of a tour of 1985. One of the toughest in the history of it was the tour of 1963, won by Reinier Paping in a time of almost 11 hours!
I always admire the enormous will power and strength of everybody who completes the tour.
Here are your links

Oh, some good news to tell! Remeber the article I posted a few days ago about Mr. Abdul, who lives and workes here for about 15 years, after having to leave Afghanistan? And that he probably would be sent back? It doesn't happen. He can stay and receives his permanent residence permit! YEAH! He was sooooo happy, he couldn;t stop smiling when he was interviewed. Now suddenly the minister and government could make an exception. Hmmmm, I wonder why???? Let's not speculate about that and just be happy for him and his children.

Time to finish the post, if I want to go out for a moment, I better do it soon, before the snowing might start!
 I promised you to post my Valentine's kit today and well, here it is, named "Being with You".
 Have a wonderful weekend!!!

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Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Prolem?? I thought so, but it was easy to solve

Goodmorning everybody!

This morning I started up the computer, no problem. Then I saw my internet icon didn;t jump to the "blue arrow". Okay, that sometimes happens, even sometimes internet works well even when it seems not connected. Other times I just have to unplug and plug in my internet connection and okidoki again.
Not this morning. I went looking to the little box for the internet connection, with also the telephone line on it and the box had no lights at all. Mostly there are some of the lights orange instead of green, and unplug and plug in is the solution. Not today! No lights at all! That was strange. On the same powerpoint we also have a lamp connected, so I thought: let's try the lamp. Oops, no light!!! OMG!! What now. I immediately had the idea that the powerpoint didn't work for some reason. Already saw in front of my eyes the change of the extension box they were connected to.  Or perhaps worse. But..... I got the brilliant idea to check the connection of the plug. Hmmmmmm, it was a bit loose. So I plugged it in well and tadaaaaaaaaa............................ there was power and all worked as it should!!!!!!!! I suppose the plug had been disconnected just a bit because Dikkie Dik is making his jump to the window seat from there, using a little side table that is there. (he seems to hate to move too much if not necessary, although he easily could jump on the windowseat from the floor!!!)
Anyway, I had heartbounces for nothing LOL!
It really is getting wintery overhere! Even during daytime it's a bit freezing, in the easter part of Holland a bit more severe, and it might get even colder during the week. Hmmmmm, no real harm till now, at daytime sun is shining, so okay, it's colder, but dressed well in coat and cap and gloves it even isn;t too bad going outside.
As long as there is no snowfall, or hail or whatever I can digg it.

I was out for a moment yesterday and it wasn;t bad. Got some things done in the house, like preparing the veggies from the market for the freezer, ironed some laundry, dusted the room, cleaned the little windows from one of the cupboards, Jan did the sweep with the vacuum cleaner, so all together a rather well spend day.
Today I really want to take care of the curtains, I saw them from the outside yesterday and oh Lord, they look aweful! And to be honest, infact it is done rather quickly, but it's just the stuff around it that holds me back a little. Have to take the ladder out, clime it and take the curtains off. That should also be a good time to wash the window at the inside, you know. While doing that, the curtains are in the water and when ready cleaning the window, I'll have to take the curtains out, hang them for a while in the bathroom to get rid of most of the water and after some time take them still a bit moist to the room and hang them again. It's best to do it this way, then they don;t wrinkle, you know. Then put the ladder away and such, this always takes more time than you think. But... have to be brave!ROFL.

Oh, about a week ago Jan already planted some tomatoe seeds and the sprouts are aleady coming up. It might be a little early, but they can grow strong and healthy indoors for a while and when the weather will be much more spring like we can harden them during daytime outside and after a bit of time let them stay outside.  I hope they will do it well, Jan is like a mother hen to them ROFL!

Well, that's it for today. Today I have, after a long time, again a fantasy kit for you, "Happy Fairy". And I think this Friday I will have my Valentine kit for you. After all, it will be soon Valentine's Day.
Have a wonderful day!
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