Sunday, October 25, 2020

Bad sleep for a couple of days!

 Goodmorning everybody!

Short weather report. What to say about it? It isn;t really cold, but rather grey, sometimes rain and too much wind. There was one day last week it was real nice with temperatures of around 18-19C! Pity it didn;t last longer. Now we have around 13-14C, later this week it could go up one or two degrees, but it will stay rather unsteady, meaning, some rain, cloudy most of the time, if we are very lucky we might see the sun here and there.

Lsst weekend Jan didn;t feel all too good, had some trouble with belly, somewhere in it, kind of cramps in the intestins. He had that more, but also last year and that didnt end too well, so I am cautious with it. it happens every now and then, but I am never very happy to hear about it(IF he says anything!), but after a day or two it was already much better and I think now it is all over again.Let's hope it will stay away for a long time, because it is hurtfull for him.

On monday I went to the pharmacy to give them a lot of prescriptions of medicins that needed refill, and would pick them up later in the week.

Then I gotnext day a phonecall from the pharmacy that one medicin couldn;t be delivered, that's to say, Jan has it in small sachets, now they have it liquid in bottles. But I needed to now if it had all the same components(with Jan's medication and health history it is very important). The girl couldn;t say if Jan could use the liquid as well, I needed to contact the doctor to be sure. Oh God, next thing that went wrong. Called our doctor, he was on holiday this week. Then called hospital for contact with his specialist..... she was on holiday that week. Lucky there was an assistant who could help out. If it had the same componenets, they call that interchangeable, there was no problem. If the pharmacy couldn;t tell me, then the pharmacy had to call the hospital and not let me do that work for them. Okay, i called back to the pharmacy, had the "boss" on the phone and she assured me it was all the same. So I will have to rely on that(I do, we have good service of that pharmacy for years). They only had to convert the amount to be taken from powder to liquid for us. All is done and in good order and I picked up the lot on Friday. But there are always small things to be taken care of, that you dont count with and that is sometimes frustrating!

Wednesday we had our plumber again, no, don;t worry, no more leaks, he came to give a service cleaning to our central heating kettle(that's to be done every year, specially for the insurance, if anything might happen!). That is all ready for winter also(the kettle more than I am, hahaha).

And what about the bad sleep??? Well, it seems that the municipality is doing some work on the light poles/lanterns or the electricity cables for the tram and or lightpoles, I am not really sure what they work on, and it has to be done apparantly at night. All okay for me, good thay look after them so that it all works as it should, but they are using some machines that make a very irritating noise, a low and piercing humming sound, I don;t know if it is the motor or perhaps aggregate, anyway, more than annoying. They are busy already for 3 nights, and all still in short surroundings of our house. And it is specially annoying when being in bed, the sound and feeling of the sound through the ground isn;t great at all. It seems they only can do it at night, because the machine they use with the aerial platform only moves over the tramrails and that they can use then only between ca. 1.30 and 6 at night(then the tram isn;t riding). I really hope they are ready with it real soon, because it is not a good thing for my sleeping. I already am not sleeping all too well, but if that is interfering also.... well, after a night like that I don;t feel rested at all. And that is bad for the energy level and so on.

Anything really nice happened this week??? Cannot really think of anything, but all in all it was a quiet week, you know, it isn;t all as bad as it may sound LOL. I have accomplished still one thing! I finished the Christmas shopping, found this week on a trip for that the necessary, now I have to wrap that up, put it in the box and bring the box to the post as soon as I can. I have no idea how the delivery of post packages all over the world will go, so better send it away early, might arrive too soon, but better that than too late.

Now time to start on putting up some meat for stew this evening, needs some time so I better start it off now. Hoping i will have a nice and easy and not adventurous week to come, hahahaa, sounds boring but at times boring ad quiet is sooooooo good! It even gives time to have a good laugh about anything that comes up. Wishing you all a very good week in safety!

Sunday, October 18, 2020

Waterpipe leak is fixed!!!

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Weather is quiet and not unpleasant. Not much wind, which always makes it feel better, we even have some little sunshine, and they think arpound Wednesday we could reach temps between 17-20C! That will be only for one or two days, but still.....not bad for second half of October.

Oh my God, last weekend you read we suddenly discovered a bad leak and I called immediately my plumber. He came for inspection on Monday afternoon and how wonderful could come next day with his son to fix the leak. It was struggling not having much water for almost two days, but we managed. I am glad the pipe could be reached from under the floor and wasn;t IN the wall. That would be a different story(mostly workwise but certainly costs of it!). It still made a small dent in our savings, but it wasn;t as much as I thought it would be. 

It all is due too some old waterpipes that are still from lead and that isn;t good at all.Not for health and not for strength. So if we can save enough next year(we also have the windows to pay for one) may be we can let the plumber  change the last bits of lead pipe, and that probably means breaking up wall and floor from the little bathroom / toiletroom. Hmmm, that will not be done for 5 euro! But if we can manage it would be great to have it done, we could do with a renewed, showerroom/toilet, with some fresh new tiles, new toilet, etc.,all light and also easier to keep clean. I am dreaming of it now LOL. That half Sunday whole Monday and almost whole Tuesday of waterpipe adventure somehow drained a lot of energy from me, and that's always amazing why. I couldn't do much in the house( of course I had planned sme things, could guess it......most of it involved needing water hahaha), then with the plumber in the house, it was walking back and forth, sometimes to remove things out of the way, then giving them something to drink, just feeling restless, and after they left I just felt I finished half a marathon. It always needs a few days to catch up again.

This "event"kind of overshadowed the whole week. We didnlt do too much, apart from the usual stuff. Because of the rather mild weather Jan could do some small things in the garden, it still needs attention to prepare it for winter. Amazing that we still have a rosebush that is full of buds and some of them start to open, Even the clematis doesn;t want to give up and gives a flower once a week or so. 

However, I am kind of proud to say, I started wrapping up some Christmas presents, and I am almost ready with it, just need one or two things more and then I can send the box away. Specially this year I will try to get it to the post real early, because it might take longer to get there.

Nice to see that the birds are returning. Yes, they know where they can get some food LOL. One morning, and also evening we had 8 parakeets on our rosebow, enjoying the peanuts and applepieces. Also some tits are back and I even saw a robin.

On the knitting front I finished the blanket for our bed, and now I am trying my hands on a cocoon shrug. I have one nice simple pattern for you, which is crocheted, but I am trying it to knit on straight needles in another stitch. Hopefully it will result in something nice to wear???? Anyway, I liked the simpleness of this one and I will give you the link to the blog. May be someone likes to try it. And if not this one there are lots and lots of free patterns to find of lovely shrugs, with or without sleeves. I have an image of this particular shrug and under it is the link.

I am using yarn of  kind of dark siena color, very much a fall color. And I am curious if it will become really a good fitting shrug-cardigan. If not............yarn is VERY patient, meaning pulling out the knitting work(is pulling out the right expression???? if not, please let me know what it should be then) and making something different with it.It keeps you busy, one way or the other hahahaha!

We have to find things to keep us busy inside, because that Covid 19 still isn;t gone and for now we are again in partial lockdown in the Netherlands. Numbers of infected are rising quick again, and it has to be stopped again, we aren;t safe till there will be a decent and for all safe vaccin. That will take some time so keeping distance, wearing a mask, not gathering with a lot of people etc. is the only way to keep it somehow under control. And nobody is liking it and it is difficult, but we will have to keep it up, for the health and safety for all of us!

And because this isn;t a very pleasant situation we should keep up our spirit with all we can find, and there are still a lot of things we can be happy with, I think. It sometimes are just small things that can make our day, isn't it?

Good, enough of that subject for now.! I have quite an easy day today, because yesterday I made us a pan of soup and backed us some pirogi(small pies you could say) and there is more than enough left for today for dinner. It is tasteful and nourishing enough. May be I will take a quick look in the garden, at the moment we have some sunshine, and almost no wind, so it is a good moment for it. the cAnd I will do some knitting, and watch some tv and tomorrow I will kick myself in the bottom and do something in the house, like for one vacuum cleaning and may be clear out one or two shelves of the wardrobe. There is still soooo much stuff we should get rid off! So that is kind of a plan for tomorrow. We'll see if it will be executed(you know.... me and plans.pfff, difficult).

I wish you all a wonderful week to come and please take care and stay safe!


Sunday, October 11, 2020

How long ago we had lovely weather????

 Goodafternoon everybod!

Yes, it almost seems really months ago that we had lovely summer weather with nice temperatures, and we good sit in the room with opened garden doors and windows, sit in the garden with the parasol, go out without a coat, etc???? it wasn;t that long ago, only now we suddenly changed to quite some different weather. In short every day we have some rainshowers, some days heavy and long ones, some days short ones every now and then, rare moments of some sunshine, temperatures going down, we may have in a few days only around 11C at daytime. Brrrrrr, for me that's a bit on the cold side, specially if we have some wind blowing. And then knowing that in other parts of the world they would be happy with the rain we have now!

It was a really quiet week that rippled on. So I suppose this will be a short post LOL!

******** PAUSE*******

Help, I shouldn;t have used the word "rippled"!!!!

For some time Jan already told me, that it seemed if he heard water prippling or dripping, sewemed somewhere in our shower/toilet room, but at times it stopped again, so we couldn;t lay our finger on it. Once it was something with our neighbours, and that was settled. But today Jan told me he had once more a bad noght sleep, almost couldn't sleep because of that dripping sound. Finally today he went through the area and ended up at the watermeter in the ground and there he saw that water was running, probably from a broken pipe somewhere.!!!!! Now all was clear, but now we are not happy at all! I called our plumber(yes on Sunday and he answered the phone, great guy), we told him the story and he advoced us to close the water supply, only open it if we really needed some water and close it again when finished and he will come tomorrow afternoon. OMG, i fear it will be a repair that could turn out costly perhaps! Nothing to do about it, it has to be done. Let's stay calm and hope he can fix it, and soon too!

You see, if life is going rather well, and quiet, always something happenes to turn it upside down again! 

I filled for now two buckets with water for we will need some water here and there, for exaple for cooking, making some coffee, toilet, and more. The water supply is off now, if we really need to tap some more water we will turn it on for a few minutes and then off again. otherwise the waterbill will be even more staggering. I am already afraid a bit for the bill next year! Whatever! Let's first see it will be fixed and worry then about bills for plumber and watercompany. Still it isn;t a nice surprise.

That said I think i will finish now, I am not in the mood anymore for some more rambling, can you understand? So I wish you all a lovely week, without any bad surprised(good ones are always nice ) and stay safe!

Sunday, October 04, 2020

I like the colors in fashion this fall and winter.

 Goodafternoon everybody!

It really isnlt summer anymore, sigh! we have had a couple of days with lots of rain, seems we might see some sunshine today, but also again rain and there is a hard wind blowing. Not really cold yet, around 15-16C, but it is better inside at the moment.

Not so much happened this week, only that we got our flu shot. The first time we had it, I think about 3 or 4 years ago, I had no trouble with it at all. Last year I think my doctor did touch perhaps a muscle or something, I had some small pain during a few days. So this year I told him that, he just smiled and let the nurse do the shot. Well, there was no difference LOL! She did it very well, but already for a few days, I have some "pain"on the spot, it is a bit red,so I think I am just somewhat hypersensitive for the stuff. Never mind, it will go away in a few days I think.

We have some parakeets back in the garden. Teu've left us for quite some time, no idea what caused it, but I am happy some came back again. And also a bunch of tits come for dinner or lunch LOL.

Years ago we got the old birdhouse from Heidi's garden(she gave it to us when she moved out the house ) and now it was about time to give it a facelift. So Jan cleaned it up and gave it a new coat with transparant stain and it looks a lot better again. 

Thursday i went to town centre, just to look around  a bit and also needed to look for a certain present and also wanted to see if I could find a nice new sweater for winter. I looked through my sweaters and there wasn;t much good stuff anymore in the closet. Some really too old and some a bit too small, so I thought after years of almost wearing the same I could do with some new. I found a nice sweater, in white and beige, soft and just a little bit oversized. I like the trends for this winter, the colors are nice,

You can make great combinations, gives you lot of possibilities.

So, the rest of the day I will take it real easy, tomorrow I will need my energy for the housekeeping stuff LOL. This week I started to crochet panels together from the blanket I finished already long time ago. I did two, next week i will try to do the other two and see if the blanket is big enough. Then of course need to do a border for making it look good etc. But..... at least I started it and I have a small afghan almost finished too and with the rest of the yarn I started to make me a scarf for winter. 

Okay, I wish you all a wonderful week, hope you all will be and stay safe!