Sunday, October 18, 2020

Waterpipe leak is fixed!!!

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Weather is quiet and not unpleasant. Not much wind, which always makes it feel better, we even have some little sunshine, and they think arpound Wednesday we could reach temps between 17-20C! That will be only for one or two days, but still.....not bad for second half of October.

Oh my God, last weekend you read we suddenly discovered a bad leak and I called immediately my plumber. He came for inspection on Monday afternoon and how wonderful could come next day with his son to fix the leak. It was struggling not having much water for almost two days, but we managed. I am glad the pipe could be reached from under the floor and wasn;t IN the wall. That would be a different story(mostly workwise but certainly costs of it!). It still made a small dent in our savings, but it wasn;t as much as I thought it would be. 

It all is due too some old waterpipes that are still from lead and that isn;t good at all.Not for health and not for strength. So if we can save enough next year(we also have the windows to pay for one) may be we can let the plumber  change the last bits of lead pipe, and that probably means breaking up wall and floor from the little bathroom / toiletroom. Hmmm, that will not be done for 5 euro! But if we can manage it would be great to have it done, we could do with a renewed, showerroom/toilet, with some fresh new tiles, new toilet, etc.,all light and also easier to keep clean. I am dreaming of it now LOL. That half Sunday whole Monday and almost whole Tuesday of waterpipe adventure somehow drained a lot of energy from me, and that's always amazing why. I couldn't do much in the house( of course I had planned sme things, could guess it......most of it involved needing water hahaha), then with the plumber in the house, it was walking back and forth, sometimes to remove things out of the way, then giving them something to drink, just feeling restless, and after they left I just felt I finished half a marathon. It always needs a few days to catch up again.

This "event"kind of overshadowed the whole week. We didnlt do too much, apart from the usual stuff. Because of the rather mild weather Jan could do some small things in the garden, it still needs attention to prepare it for winter. Amazing that we still have a rosebush that is full of buds and some of them start to open, Even the clematis doesn;t want to give up and gives a flower once a week or so. 

However, I am kind of proud to say, I started wrapping up some Christmas presents, and I am almost ready with it, just need one or two things more and then I can send the box away. Specially this year I will try to get it to the post real early, because it might take longer to get there.

Nice to see that the birds are returning. Yes, they know where they can get some food LOL. One morning, and also evening we had 8 parakeets on our rosebow, enjoying the peanuts and applepieces. Also some tits are back and I even saw a robin.

On the knitting front I finished the blanket for our bed, and now I am trying my hands on a cocoon shrug. I have one nice simple pattern for you, which is crocheted, but I am trying it to knit on straight needles in another stitch. Hopefully it will result in something nice to wear???? Anyway, I liked the simpleness of this one and I will give you the link to the blog. May be someone likes to try it. And if not this one there are lots and lots of free patterns to find of lovely shrugs, with or without sleeves. I have an image of this particular shrug and under it is the link.

I am using yarn of  kind of dark siena color, very much a fall color. And I am curious if it will become really a good fitting shrug-cardigan. If not............yarn is VERY patient, meaning pulling out the knitting work(is pulling out the right expression???? if not, please let me know what it should be then) and making something different with it.It keeps you busy, one way or the other hahahaha!

We have to find things to keep us busy inside, because that Covid 19 still isn;t gone and for now we are again in partial lockdown in the Netherlands. Numbers of infected are rising quick again, and it has to be stopped again, we aren;t safe till there will be a decent and for all safe vaccin. That will take some time so keeping distance, wearing a mask, not gathering with a lot of people etc. is the only way to keep it somehow under control. And nobody is liking it and it is difficult, but we will have to keep it up, for the health and safety for all of us!

And because this isn;t a very pleasant situation we should keep up our spirit with all we can find, and there are still a lot of things we can be happy with, I think. It sometimes are just small things that can make our day, isn't it?

Good, enough of that subject for now.! I have quite an easy day today, because yesterday I made us a pan of soup and backed us some pirogi(small pies you could say) and there is more than enough left for today for dinner. It is tasteful and nourishing enough. May be I will take a quick look in the garden, at the moment we have some sunshine, and almost no wind, so it is a good moment for it. the cAnd I will do some knitting, and watch some tv and tomorrow I will kick myself in the bottom and do something in the house, like for one vacuum cleaning and may be clear out one or two shelves of the wardrobe. There is still soooo much stuff we should get rid off! So that is kind of a plan for tomorrow. We'll see if it will be executed(you know.... me and plans.pfff, difficult).

I wish you all a wonderful week to come and please take care and stay safe!



Edna B said...

I'm so glad the water situation has been fixed. A bit of renovating in the bathroom might be fun for another project. I love the pattern you are showing so I'll have a look at the website. I'm hoping for a bit of energy so that I can clean a bit in my bathroom. It needs a good sweeping. And then a washing. And then, oh dear I think I'm all tuckered out just thinking of it. hahahahaha. You have a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Snowy said...

That shrug looks cosy. I hope you will take a picture to show yours.Also that blanket you have worked on 😊 I've just started the first Christmas stocking to work out how that heel is done! But first I need some beauty sleep after those busy nightshifts .Have a great weekend 😁