Sunday, October 25, 2020

Bad sleep for a couple of days!

 Goodmorning everybody!

Short weather report. What to say about it? It isn;t really cold, but rather grey, sometimes rain and too much wind. There was one day last week it was real nice with temperatures of around 18-19C! Pity it didn;t last longer. Now we have around 13-14C, later this week it could go up one or two degrees, but it will stay rather unsteady, meaning, some rain, cloudy most of the time, if we are very lucky we might see the sun here and there.

Lsst weekend Jan didn;t feel all too good, had some trouble with belly, somewhere in it, kind of cramps in the intestins. He had that more, but also last year and that didnt end too well, so I am cautious with it. it happens every now and then, but I am never very happy to hear about it(IF he says anything!), but after a day or two it was already much better and I think now it is all over again.Let's hope it will stay away for a long time, because it is hurtfull for him.

On monday I went to the pharmacy to give them a lot of prescriptions of medicins that needed refill, and would pick them up later in the week.

Then I gotnext day a phonecall from the pharmacy that one medicin couldn;t be delivered, that's to say, Jan has it in small sachets, now they have it liquid in bottles. But I needed to now if it had all the same components(with Jan's medication and health history it is very important). The girl couldn;t say if Jan could use the liquid as well, I needed to contact the doctor to be sure. Oh God, next thing that went wrong. Called our doctor, he was on holiday this week. Then called hospital for contact with his specialist..... she was on holiday that week. Lucky there was an assistant who could help out. If it had the same componenets, they call that interchangeable, there was no problem. If the pharmacy couldn;t tell me, then the pharmacy had to call the hospital and not let me do that work for them. Okay, i called back to the pharmacy, had the "boss" on the phone and she assured me it was all the same. So I will have to rely on that(I do, we have good service of that pharmacy for years). They only had to convert the amount to be taken from powder to liquid for us. All is done and in good order and I picked up the lot on Friday. But there are always small things to be taken care of, that you dont count with and that is sometimes frustrating!

Wednesday we had our plumber again, no, don;t worry, no more leaks, he came to give a service cleaning to our central heating kettle(that's to be done every year, specially for the insurance, if anything might happen!). That is all ready for winter also(the kettle more than I am, hahaha).

And what about the bad sleep??? Well, it seems that the municipality is doing some work on the light poles/lanterns or the electricity cables for the tram and or lightpoles, I am not really sure what they work on, and it has to be done apparantly at night. All okay for me, good thay look after them so that it all works as it should, but they are using some machines that make a very irritating noise, a low and piercing humming sound, I don;t know if it is the motor or perhaps aggregate, anyway, more than annoying. They are busy already for 3 nights, and all still in short surroundings of our house. And it is specially annoying when being in bed, the sound and feeling of the sound through the ground isn;t great at all. It seems they only can do it at night, because the machine they use with the aerial platform only moves over the tramrails and that they can use then only between ca. 1.30 and 6 at night(then the tram isn;t riding). I really hope they are ready with it real soon, because it is not a good thing for my sleeping. I already am not sleeping all too well, but if that is interfering also.... well, after a night like that I don;t feel rested at all. And that is bad for the energy level and so on.

Anything really nice happened this week??? Cannot really think of anything, but all in all it was a quiet week, you know, it isn;t all as bad as it may sound LOL. I have accomplished still one thing! I finished the Christmas shopping, found this week on a trip for that the necessary, now I have to wrap that up, put it in the box and bring the box to the post as soon as I can. I have no idea how the delivery of post packages all over the world will go, so better send it away early, might arrive too soon, but better that than too late.

Now time to start on putting up some meat for stew this evening, needs some time so I better start it off now. Hoping i will have a nice and easy and not adventurous week to come, hahahaa, sounds boring but at times boring ad quiet is sooooooo good! It even gives time to have a good laugh about anything that comes up. Wishing you all a very good week in safety!


hummerdawn said...

Sorry about all the noise and racket and not good when a person can't sleep well to start out with.
I came down with pneumonia. Not bad as I caught it early. 10 days for meds and they are helping already.
Our weather gloomy and cold and snow flurries. Our temps are below normal this month.
Hope you and Jan stay on the healthy side. Hoping those pains were just short lived. Take care and stay safe.

Edna B said...

Gosh, I hope Jan's stomach problems are over. It's always something, isn't it? I hope the town finishes it's repairs soon too. It's maddening to have to hear these noises when we're trying to sleep. I don't sleep well at night and lots of nights the neighbor across the street is making lots of noise working on cars. Some times we just can't win!

My furnace is going to get its annual cleaning next week. I guess pretty soon it will be time to close up the porch. It doesn't seem to have been a very long season to enjoy the porch. I'm finishing up most of my Christmas shopping too. I just have to get busy with the wrapping part. That's my downfall. hahaha. Today is cool and cloudy, but I woke up again so it's another great day. You take care of you, and have a wonderful week my friend, big hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

It sounds like a busy week but then sometimes that is a good week. Busy hands and mins mean less mischief...LOL. just kidding. we are going to have snow or rain or maybe both so I'll be hiding at home since it isn't good for my lungs to be out and about. I'm 87% disabled in my my lungs which makes my heart have to work harder. I just do what I can without exerting myself and then sit down and read a book or play games on the tablet.

I hope Jan tolerates the change in his meds. They changed one of my meds and I'm not sure what to expect if any at all changes will be harmful. Time will tell.

Time to do a little dusting Have a good week and stay safe!