Sunday, October 11, 2020

How long ago we had lovely weather????

 Goodafternoon everybod!

Yes, it almost seems really months ago that we had lovely summer weather with nice temperatures, and we good sit in the room with opened garden doors and windows, sit in the garden with the parasol, go out without a coat, etc???? it wasn;t that long ago, only now we suddenly changed to quite some different weather. In short every day we have some rainshowers, some days heavy and long ones, some days short ones every now and then, rare moments of some sunshine, temperatures going down, we may have in a few days only around 11C at daytime. Brrrrrr, for me that's a bit on the cold side, specially if we have some wind blowing. And then knowing that in other parts of the world they would be happy with the rain we have now!

It was a really quiet week that rippled on. So I suppose this will be a short post LOL!

******** PAUSE*******

Help, I shouldn;t have used the word "rippled"!!!!

For some time Jan already told me, that it seemed if he heard water prippling or dripping, sewemed somewhere in our shower/toilet room, but at times it stopped again, so we couldn;t lay our finger on it. Once it was something with our neighbours, and that was settled. But today Jan told me he had once more a bad noght sleep, almost couldn't sleep because of that dripping sound. Finally today he went through the area and ended up at the watermeter in the ground and there he saw that water was running, probably from a broken pipe somewhere.!!!!! Now all was clear, but now we are not happy at all! I called our plumber(yes on Sunday and he answered the phone, great guy), we told him the story and he advoced us to close the water supply, only open it if we really needed some water and close it again when finished and he will come tomorrow afternoon. OMG, i fear it will be a repair that could turn out costly perhaps! Nothing to do about it, it has to be done. Let's stay calm and hope he can fix it, and soon too!

You see, if life is going rather well, and quiet, always something happenes to turn it upside down again! 

I filled for now two buckets with water for we will need some water here and there, for exaple for cooking, making some coffee, toilet, and more. The water supply is off now, if we really need to tap some more water we will turn it on for a few minutes and then off again. otherwise the waterbill will be even more staggering. I am already afraid a bit for the bill next year! Whatever! Let's first see it will be fixed and worry then about bills for plumber and watercompany. Still it isn;t a nice surprise.

That said I think i will finish now, I am not in the mood anymore for some more rambling, can you understand? So I wish you all a lovely week, without any bad surprised(good ones are always nice ) and stay safe!

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Edna B said...

I agree. The seasons are a bit messed up. It seems that the cold weather last for most of the year. We just have to cope I guess. Gosh, what a shame about the dripping water. I hope it doesn't turn out to be an expensive project. As for the water bill, I just got mine. OUCH! It has gone sky high! I hope your week is full of good things! Big hugs, Edna B.