Sunday, October 04, 2020

I like the colors in fashion this fall and winter.

 Goodafternoon everybody!

It really isnlt summer anymore, sigh! we have had a couple of days with lots of rain, seems we might see some sunshine today, but also again rain and there is a hard wind blowing. Not really cold yet, around 15-16C, but it is better inside at the moment.

Not so much happened this week, only that we got our flu shot. The first time we had it, I think about 3 or 4 years ago, I had no trouble with it at all. Last year I think my doctor did touch perhaps a muscle or something, I had some small pain during a few days. So this year I told him that, he just smiled and let the nurse do the shot. Well, there was no difference LOL! She did it very well, but already for a few days, I have some "pain"on the spot, it is a bit red,so I think I am just somewhat hypersensitive for the stuff. Never mind, it will go away in a few days I think.

We have some parakeets back in the garden. Teu've left us for quite some time, no idea what caused it, but I am happy some came back again. And also a bunch of tits come for dinner or lunch LOL.

Years ago we got the old birdhouse from Heidi's garden(she gave it to us when she moved out the house ) and now it was about time to give it a facelift. So Jan cleaned it up and gave it a new coat with transparant stain and it looks a lot better again. 

Thursday i went to town centre, just to look around  a bit and also needed to look for a certain present and also wanted to see if I could find a nice new sweater for winter. I looked through my sweaters and there wasn;t much good stuff anymore in the closet. Some really too old and some a bit too small, so I thought after years of almost wearing the same I could do with some new. I found a nice sweater, in white and beige, soft and just a little bit oversized. I like the trends for this winter, the colors are nice,

You can make great combinations, gives you lot of possibilities.

So, the rest of the day I will take it real easy, tomorrow I will need my energy for the housekeeping stuff LOL. This week I started to crochet panels together from the blanket I finished already long time ago. I did two, next week i will try to do the other two and see if the blanket is big enough. Then of course need to do a border for making it look good etc. But..... at least I started it and I have a small afghan almost finished too and with the rest of the yarn I started to make me a scarf for winter. 

Okay, I wish you all a wonderful week, hope you all will be and stay safe!

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Edna B said...

How did I miss this? How wonderful that the parakeets are back. I love being able to watch the birds outside. I like those Autumn/Winter colors too. Make sure to take photos of your finished projects. I'd love to see them. You have a super day, hugs, Edna B.