Friday, January 11, 2013

It's winter, so there is skating.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, it's getting colder here, but for the momonet we also have sunshine with it, no wett stuff.
And then it's not too bad, the colder weather. Is better for nature too, because I think nature is a bit confused of the much too warm month of December.
Still some roses blooming in the garden and our "house"| frog still hides under a stone, and Jan says he has grown and is becoming more and more beautiful.
Speaking of blooming, we also have some blooming in the living room. About two weeks ago I bought 6 hyacinth bulbs()they were in a sale, yeah( and Jan potted them.
And now the first two are showing already some colour. The pink ones. Amazing how quick that happens. But it's nice to have some blooming plants in the house.
If I don;t forget I will take a picture of them when they are in full glory.

Jan and I will be much in front of the tv this weekend, starting already today. There is the European Championship of allround speedskating and you all know we love to watch that. And we have good hopes for some medals for the Dutchies. so there will not be left much time for the computer I guess.
But I am busy ontwo kits and they are almost done with. Just a few elements to add and then I can make the previews and upload them.
I made a little bit of space on my harddisk. I burned a dvd with some months of scrapkits of last year, have to do another one for sure, but when I have burned all, I think I have gained about 10 GB of free space again. And I should go through some files, I am certain I can delete some stuff that isn;t necessary to keep. Always a miracle how quick you download things and then don;t use it actually.

I had a nice phone chat yesterday evening with a friend, she appologized for being late with the birthday wishes, but was coping with a bad jaw inflammation, it did hurt terribly, she went to the dentist, he did some poking and such, and she has to take antibiotics and heavy painkillers.
I feel very sorry for her, cause tooth ache and such are not nice things at all, I know !
But yesterday it was already a lot better, certainly the pain was less and so she phoned me. I laughed and told her that almost every year she was one or two days late and that I didn;t mind. The most important things is that she thought about it, isn;t it? Today is HER birthday, so I already wished her a happy birthday in advance, and now we agreed to do this every year. We will phone eachother for our birthdays, just in the days between mine and hers. Hey, it's a good deal LOL!

May be I will do a quick visit to the market today, now we still have good weather. We could do with some chesse(they have not too expensive there and very good tasting, specially we love the old cheese, yummie) and if the price is right some veggies too. And on the way to the market I can drop off another bill to pay at the bank. Yes, I think I will do that and I can be home in time for the skating.

So on to the freebie, and I think you could do with a light colored kit again, and so it will be.LOL.
Here is "Winter Bride", of course good to use for a winter wedding but also for some real winter pciture scrapping. And with a lot of clusters from Arlene.
Make something nice of your weekend to come, have fun, some laughs and some chilling too!
Download    HERE

Download all clusters HERE


Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for this lovely kit and clusters...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Holy cow this is so gorgeous! Thanks a million for the kit and the lovely clusters too! This can be used for a lot more than the winter bride! I adore the elements in it too.
Too warm here today, but to rain again tomorrow and then down in the 20's by Sunday! I will be in front of my TV watching football and then the Golden Globes on Sunday night!
I got out this morning and raked up 4 bags of leaves for the trash guy to pick up, my yard guy could not get here! I will probably pay dearly for it tomorrow! LOL, but hey done before the rain again!
I also bought 3 big plastic tote bins (really cheap) cut a hole in the sides, put in blankets, etc for the the kitties outside. I felt so sorry for them in the wet weather with no place to go but under my car. I don't want them hiding under my car cause they can get hurt too easily! So I made each one their own homes! LOL! Let's see if they use them!
Well, got work to do, so off for now, enjoy your weekend of speed skating...I enjoy that too! :)
Hugs! Mat

Bright Eyes said...

Beautiful kit. Love the soft whites in it. Thanks so much.

Edna B said...

I'm so glad your birthday was such a happy one. I agree about the weather. As much as I love the warmer temps in the winter, I realize that we also have to have some cooler weather. Nature is depending on it. This year we are being overwhelmed with a nasty flu that is becoming epidemic. My state alone has more than 6000 cases reported. Thank goodness I got my flu shot early. Now I must get ready to leave for my nail salon appointment. You have a wonderful day, hugs, Edna B.

HappyScreens said...

Beautiful, as always! Thank you.

Unknown said...

I love both parts of this new set from you and Arlene. Thank you both for sharing. I can't wait . to start making tags with this kit....

Unknown said...

I love both parts of this new set from you and Arlene. Thank you both for sharing. I can't wait . to start making tags with this kit....

Lianna said...

hi Kyra, hope you had a lovely birthday and so sorry to hear about Arlene's sister. Thanks for your lovely kits as usual, you are so creative.

Anonymous said...

très joli merci beaucoup

Judith Richards Shubert said...

Gorgeous winter bride kit ~ thank you SO much for sharing your talent.

Terry's Scrappin said...

Please take a look at My cover photo and profile photo on my facebook page. I love scrapbooking and designing! I really love all your kits. I used Winter's Bride for both my cover and profile photo's. If this is not alright I will kindly take them off. But will be very sad!;) But, will understand comepleatly. Thank You from the bottom of my heart for all your lovely kits!

Chloé said...

Thank you very much for this amazing kit !