Monday, March 14, 2011

Do we really are getting some spring??

Goodmorning everybody!

My God, did we had a "sporting weekend"! So much sports we watched on tv, of course mainly the speedskating, with real good results for the Dutchies! Yeah for them!!
Of course all was a bit covered with sadness, because of the terrible disaster in Japan and still not ending! If it wasn;t enough to deal with the big earthquake and tsunami, and during the weekend about 150 after shocks, some of them also around 6,2 !, now they have to deal with the big trouble at the nucleair plants, and that is real scary!!! I pray they can keep it under control and that not will happen what everybody is afraid of!

So you can imagine, I didn;t spent too much time at the computer, but still I managed to get some new things done. You can see I changed the bloglayout again. That's a nice thing to do when you are for a moment out of inspiration for a new kit, it's real playing time designing a new layout LOL!
But.... I also made a new gift for Minky's special blog and she posted it on Saturday, I believe. So you'll have to scroll a bit back on the blog to find it.

Friday I went for a real quick shopping tour to the supermarket, just needed a few things, and at the exit of the supermarket they have a counter for cigarettes, news papers and also flowers and plants. And there I saw the sweetest little pots with a little kalanchoe in it, That aren;t my favourite chamber plants, but they looked so sweet, really mini ones and they were prized down too, two little pots for 2 euro! Couldn;t resist and bught them for Jan's "collection". And I got a nice surprice at the counter, the lady there gave me a little bouquet of daffodils for free! Well, they were already blooming for a couple of days, so I knew they weren;t the most fresh ones, but I still was happy with them, and they decorated the room the whole weekend and it felt really like bringing spring into your house. And when I looked into the garden this morning I saw the first daffodils blooming there too!
Oh boy, do we really head for some serious springtime now?? It surely looks that way!

And we go to the freebie for today and the next couple of days! I sometimes look at the Gutenberg site, because they have lots of books on line and many of them have no serious copyright anymore, and you can find the most enchanting pictures there in the illustrations. And I stubled upon a book for children, with all little poems for children and each poem is accompanied by an illustration in black and white. It's a HUGE book, I think there are about 200 poems an illustrations in it!!!! I made some copies of the first ones and incorporated them in a kit. I've made till now 3 kits with them, each containing 7 papers with poems and illustrations and 7 background papers, some elements and frames and also made a front and back cover for it, so if you want to print them out, you really can turn them into little scrapbooks. Made one front cover with title and one with and empty space, so you can put in your own title for the scrapbook. Each kit became a bit heavy just for one up and download, so I splitted them up in two downloads for each kit. I amvery curious to know, what you think of this project! I loved making them, so if you like them, I can make some more LOL!
I named the kits "Book for Children" .
Okay, today time for some serious house work again after the weekend of "chilling"!
Here youhave the 1st part of Book for Children nr. 1, tomorrow part 2 of Book 1 will be there.
Have a wonderful day!

Download   PART 1 OF BOOK 1 HERE


VJ's Scrap Room said...

Good morning Kyra:)
I am in a hurry this morning cause Mom has a Dentist appt...and wants me to go with.:)
Love your kit and can't wait to see what is in tomorrow's freebie.:)
How sweet to get a gift of Daffodils.:)Please be sure to take pics of yours as they we can see.:)
Have a wonderful your house.LOL


jzayler said...

This must be some book. You can look at a black and white book and get inspired to create such beautiful files! Thank you and keep reading that book. lol

Anonymous said...

Just a quick note to let you know that a link to this post will be placed on CraftCrave in the DigiFree category today [15 Mar 01:00am GMT]. Thanks, Maria

Orlie said...

I just love your work!!! I wish I could be so creative like you. Keep it up.