Sunday, June 13, 2021

A lot of sport to follow

 Goodmorning everybody!

After 1/12 day of not very great weather(suddenly several degrees lower) it looks as if from today it will go better and better. The sun is shining, little wind, temperature not yet too high, but it will go up during the day and next week it will rise to very warm temperatures of about 25C average. I can digg that for now.

It was a quiet week, looking back. Last weekend Jan didnt feel very good but on Monday he was already a lot better and I was happy no doctor had to be visited. On Thursday he had an appointment in hopsital to have a ECG, it was done quickly and on Friday he had a telephone from the cardiologist that all seemed to be okay and working well. So that was good news.

Now he has another appointment next week with the pulmonologist. It is more a check over appointment I think We'll see.

I did manage however to buy me a new pair of sunglasses. seems nothing special about it, but after the cataract operation I notice I have a bit more trouble in bright sunlight. I didn;t want to have prescription sunglasses , very unhandy to put on your "normal"pair of glasses on and off etc. So I wanted to find a clip on pair. I had one long ago and they were very handy and also didn;t damage the glass. Not evident to find( if you don;t buy online) but I have a pair of real Polaroid flip up sunglasses. The one I had was more or like plastic and this one is protecting to 85%. Looks a bit like this (only I have brown color)

I am happy with them.

This weekend started the European Soccer Championship, and as you know, Jan and I like a lot to watch soccer(and lots of other sport too). However there was a terrible incident yesterday evening during a match I am sure it went all over the world on the news, bt here is a link if you want to know more.

Everybody's thoughts were and are with Eriksen and his family and his team. Good news is that he is alive and stable but it was a real shock to witness.

Nevertheless life continues, how mad it may sound and the championship continues too. I don;t know what to expect of our Dutch team, we have hopes, but we'll see how they will do.

We have also a hockey championship(european) and there our Dutch men;s tema won the gold medal. Todau the women's team will play the final against the German team. Of course we hope that our team will be the winner.

And in a month time there will be the Olympics to watch. It will still be a bit strange, because there will not be a lot of public in Japan, all to do with the Covid, but it is the greatest sport event of all. 

So this summer we are kind of packed full with a lot of sport, not mentioning the cyclist Tour de France and the Vuelta, oh and there also is on a Volleybal league etc. You cannot follo all, that is far too much, so we pick our moments and matches but still it is a loaded program this summer.

In between all that there is "normal"life continuing, with society and business opening more and more now, because more and more people have one or even already two vaccin shots, but still we aren;t done with it yet, certainly not if you look around on the world. so I will stay a bit cautious, better too much than regretting it afterwards.

Good, this is about all and I think it is time for a morning coffee. Wishing you all a wonderful week.

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Edna B said...

I do hope that the player who collapsed will be okay. You are going to be busy all summer long with all the sports events coming up. Here, it is baseball season. Kevin will be playing again soon. He plays on a local team. Maybe I'll get to go to one of his games with Deanne.

I'm glad to hear that Jan is doing well. Your sun glasses are quite neat. I don't need sunglasses because my regular glasses have a transitional tint in them. They get light and dark automatically.

I haven't had my morning coffee yet so I think I'll make a cup and take it out to the porch. You have a wonderful week, big hugs, Edna B.