Friday, October 21, 2016

More and more parakeets visit the garden again.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, the parakeets are definately returning. They are there in the morning and in the late afternoon they are back again.  counted at most 6 for now.
Did I tell you about "Japie"the one that looks so miserable(almost no feathers he had on his head and chest)? Well, he is back too and still is looking rather miserable but a bit better. I wonder if he will hold through when it will really will be cold.
But it is fun to have those parakeets back again.

We had a bit of on and off weather actually. All together if I look back on the week, it wasn;t that bad at all One day it really rained a lot, and there was a fierce wind, but that day in other parts of the country is was pretty bad. so we are doing quite good at the coast at the moment.
Periods with sun, sometimes a bit cloudy, here and there a rainshower, and temperatures around 12 C, I'll settle for it for a whole lot longer!

There was one day temps even were around 17-18 and that was a good day to do something in the garden. So I took out the ladder and pruned a whole bunch of ivy and also lots of branches of the blueberrie that comes from the neighbour. I didn;t had the courage anymore to tie it together anymore, so Jan did that the other day. Oh boy, I really did a lot, we had 4 bundles and also 3 sacks. So I called to the council to ask it they could fetch it and they shoud come today. Yesterday evening Jan and I took all the stuff outside .

Duri g the week I did of course some usual stuff in the house, every day something and also did about all the grocerie shopping and still had some time to sit at the computer to design a bit. And in the evenings thee are lots of things to see at tv, some more interesting than others, but while we also take things on tape and dvd, there always is something to watch. We are now following season 2 of a serie called Madame Secretary. My readers living in the Us probably know it and perhaps even already have season 3, but  must say we like it a lot.
It is a good mix of fiction and facts and also not forgets showing a bit of private life. We usually tape about one week and then on days there isnt too much to watch we see 4 episodes in 2 days LOL.
And there is also some sports to see, like soccer and soon also there will be some speedskating again  guess. And if that is not enough there are here and there also some nice detectives to watch, so we have quite a busy time in the evenings , hahahaha

Well, about time for me to finish this post, must think of something to make as dinner for Jan(best something I can make in advance), because today he goes again to his volunteerjob.(he calls it his "hobby")
and if I am feeling okay tomorrow(why shouldn't I?) perhaps I will try to make an applepie.
I'll give you today a kit, named Manuela, together with the clusters of Arlene. Because I don't want you to wait too long for the clusters of a kit. And why that? Because next week  will have a Halloween kit for you.
Have a fantastic weekend and take care!

Download   HERE
Download   HERE


hummerdawn said...

What a gorgeous kit and in my favourite colours! Thanks so much for sharing. We had a bit of what we call "Indian Summer" here but now the weather is changing and getting cooler but no snow yet thankfully.

Edna B said...

Your new kit is such a lovely color. Very soft and inviting. Oh my, I am so glad that your parakeets are back in your garden. Do they stay year round? Or do they go somewhere warmer? If they stay, what if you had a couple of birdhouses with a bit of insulation in them to give the birdies a warm place?

It sounds like Autumn weather is in your area too. We've enjoyed a few days of simply lovely weather, but now the temps will be getting cooler. Winter is inevitable, but I hope it isn't too bad nor last too long.

We have another drizzly day here, but at least it is good for the environment. It's very gray outside, so I guess Pogo and I will stay indoors most all day. It's a wee bit cool and damp on the porch.

Now I think I'll have a look in the fridge to see what looks tasty for lunch. You have a super day my friend. Hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra and Arlene for this lovely kit and clusters. Wonderful work from you both once again...

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Thanks so much my friend for this lovely gift and thank Arlene too! We finally got a reprieve from the oppressive humidity and had a few lovely autumn days, but now we are steadily climbing back each day! YUCK! I did a little outside work on the break, but now am back to closing the windows and staying inside. LOL!
Hope you have a fantastic week and you keep enjoying those parakeets! Chat more with you later, hugs, Mat