Friday, October 07, 2016

Echo of struma was okay

Goodmorning everybody

Tuesday I went to hospital for an echo of my struma, and yesterday I was with my doctor for the result. Nothing disturbing found, it seems that I have one bigger cyste on the thyroid or nearby, that is filled with some fluid, therefore I have already for years a swelling in my throat. The advise is to visit and internist just to talk it through and perhaps they advise to remove the fluid, I don;t know
But for now I can sleep without worries, okay
I am just so fed up with visiting doctors and hospital and having tests, I think I just had enough of it for this year.

After I came back from the doctor, Jan and I first had a cup of coffee and then I decided Jan could really do with a haircut(I was telling him that already for about 2 weeks LOL). And so it happened. I am not a hairdresser, but I think it is looking not too bad.

Now today I also have to call the dental guy again, to have an appointment for some smaller adjustments and when those are done I think all will settle slowly and I will even get used to it in time LOL. Then I will have to do some grocerie shopping and later in the afternoon Jan will have to go to his volunteer work again.

The weather is still not really bad, although temperatures are getting more crisp. At daytime we have now about 14-15 C, but no rain(or very very little) and not too much wind, even periods with sunshine.
But I know it is getting colder outside, because our Brodski is spending more time inside the house now. Right now he is sleeping on the floor next to me.

I am designing again a bit more, I even started yesterday on a halloween kit( I am somewhat late, but it will be ready in time), and I even have some papers ready for a new Christmaskit
Time for me to make that phonecall to the dental guy and then get dressed and get busy
Wishing you all a wonderful day and weekend and that all may be safe who will have to deal with hurricane Matthew.

P.S.  I notcied that i didn't put a title on the preview. This is the Autumn Symphony kit.

Download    HERE


Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. It's good to hear that soon all will be settled with your new dentures. It's unfortunate that these things take so long to get right. You're sounding more back to your old self now, and that's really good.

Today we are enjoying an awesome day. Temp is 75F and the sun is shining. Perfect! Now I need to tend to my own blog. You have a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Good Morning Missy! So good to hear your tests are okay enough for you to not worry and can ease your mind enough to rest. I had my mammogram done on the 23rd of September and tomorrow I go back for some additional ones...not sure why, but this is first time I've had to go back...I refuse to worry until I know I have something to worry about!
Our weather, too, is finally cooling a little...and my dust bunnies are not too happy with my open windows and doors (this means they have to relocate)....LOL...but my fur babies are loving it with all the intriguing sights and smells and sounds! It is finally cool enough to do some baking of pumpkin bread and cupcakes and my neighbors are loving the smells going out too! ROFL! (They all know they will be getting some as I don't eat much of it, just love to make it, but I do freeze some for later).
Love this kit, thanks so very much and glad to see you are back designing and getting into the swing of things just to settle your new dentures down so you can eat and enjoy the holidays!!
Don't you just love when Brodski wants to stay by your side? My Little Man Sideways follows me around everywhere I go!
Have a terrific week ahead. Hugs! Mat

Linda said...

Hello Kyra and Thank you for this lovely download. I hope all is going well with your dentures...

Grandma Sarge said...

Hello Kyra, I'm still not sitting really well.Need a few soft pillows but it's getting more tolerable! Thank you for the lovely Autumn kit and now I'll run back out and get the one from today! Thank you again.