Sunday, December 10, 2017

Jan is home again

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, Jan is home again. He came home last Tuesday. They kept him quite long after the operation, to keep a good eye om him. But then decided he was well enough to go home, seems the bypass starts to work. At least his kidneys work good again.
Now we just have to wait and see if he gets rid well enough of the fluid.
let's say I am careful optimistic. Not swaying the flag and shouting hoorray yet. All is still in tricky time I think.
But it is good to have him home.
He still is very tired, his mending will take a longer time than he things!
For now he cannot take a little walk out on the streets, because ihe still is retaining some fluid in his legs and feet. I hope that will disappear quickly.

Just before Jan came home I managed to put up the Christmas tree and also the little Christmasvillage. It looks so cosy now in the room.
When Jan was home on Thurstday he put up his tiny little Christmastree himself. Then he took a rest and later on we put up some smaller decorations and now we are about ready for Christmas.

The weather became more like winter. First only temperature dropped, we even had a bit of frost during the night. Today it started to snow. But it is more wet-snow so it will not stay on for long. May be tomorrow it will be the same kind of weather and then temperature will rise a few degrees again. Snow is so nice and beautiful, but not if you have to go out for shopping and such!
Every day we have the visit of a bunch of parakeets, they keep on coming and I keep on feeding them a bit LOL.

That's about all the news there is at the moment. It is quite good, let's cross fingers that it will stay so and get better. I still do some little prayers every now and then and ask his guardian angel to stay on his shoulder for some longer time!

Well, soon time to make something to eat for Jan and myself( just a little sandwich) then go into the kitchen to prepare a small stew with lamb and vegetables for dinner.
Not leaving before I say "thank you"to all of you for you not ending support. So much appreciated, you just don;t know how much good is does!
Well, till next time, have a wonderful week!


Edna B said...

I'm so glad that Jan is home and doing well. Here's hoping that all the fluid leaves him soon. You must be feeling so relieved to have him back at home with you. Isn't it wonderful that the doctors were able to figure out to get his kidneys working properly again!

I love that your parakeets are still coming to you for food. Keep feeding them. Once you start, you can't really stop. These beautiful little birds come to rely on it for their health. Do they like peanut butter? The fat in keeps the birds warm. Well, at least that's what I've read. I put it out for our birds in the winter.

Kyra, enjoy your hubby. Pamper him and be happy having him home. You have an awesome day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Kessa said...

Wonderful news. Blessings to you both. It must be good to have Jan home and know that he is now improving. Sending yu hugs from Australia

Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Hello my dear Kyra,
I've been having lots of computer woes and problems with my hands not cooperating...(the joys of getting old)....! I have a couple of minutes where the computer will work, then kaput...all of it so very frustrating!
I have been trying to keep up with how you and Jan are doing (and praying for quick healing and relief for both of you), I just haven't been able to tell you so! I am so happy to read that yo have him back home now and I know with your love, care, and scoldings will have him feeling much better in short time!
I think we all should count our blessings this year, it has been so bad for a lot of us....but with good friends and family, as well as a little help from God and prayers, we are all still here and able to complain....ROFLMBO....!
Anyhow, I have asked Santa for a brand new computer and a little bit of relief by keeping "Arthritis" at bay! I THINK I have been a good girl for the most part of this year (LOL) and should be able to get the computer at least!
Well, off for now before this things puts me off! Love, hugs and prayers sent your way for a wonderful Christmas!


Linda said...

Hello Kyra, so good to hear that Jan is doing better and is home once again. Hopefully he will keep improving more and more each day...

Grandma Sarge said...

That is wonderful news that Jan is home and doing a lot better. Bet he's liking his own bed better than those awful hospital beds. And I'm positive your cooking is better than the cafeteria at the hospital. Just don't let him running around the neighborhood and let him heal. Then maybe he can take a bike!

Still saying prayers for the both of you. I'm having the skin cancer on my ear (left one) check and see if they got it all. I'm guessing if they cut any more off the top of my ear, I'm going to have to let my hair grow out a little bit but then it has a tendency to get frizzy real easy. I'm not too sure where I got the curly hair from since both of my parents weren't blessed with curls. Mine is mostly deep waves if I let them grow out..little waves if I keep it short.

Anyway, it's time for a little nappy for me. I'm not sleeping well these days since I'm sharing my bed with a dog and a cat, and sometimes a second dog. When I get to Grand Junction, I'll only have the little dog and Mrs. Beasley my 15 year old cat.

Hugs from Corrine
God Bless you both.