Sunday, December 03, 2017

Some better news

Goodmorning everybody!

We had a few cold days here, with only 2 or 3C daytime, and just around zero here at the coast at night.
But..... today temperatures already will go up again a bit, and during the week they will reach around 7 or 8 Celsius which is not bad for now.
During the two days it was rather cold, I knew I wasn't ready for real winter, but..... you know me, I never really am. LOL.

Last Thursday Jan had his operation. Later in the morning I called to hear how it went and they said it went well and Jan was back on the ward(not on IC). So I felt rather relieved, of course.
On the day I burnt a little candle in front of my icon, thought Jan could have all help possible.
Went to see him in the afternoon, but he still was very tired and sleepy, so I left him sleeping, he obviously needed it.
Oh, they also at the same time drianed some of the fluid of his belly, but this time not so much, only around 5 ltr.
On friday i went to him and he was already much better. we even took a little walk and sat for a while in the little restaurant. That didn;t last very long, he got somewhat tired, so went went back to his room.(yes, wonderful, he has a room all for himself!!)
Then we noticed that the drainage wond was leaking a bit, so a nurse put on a new bandage. But this leaking was mainly some fluid, not full of blood like the last time!
Yesterday when I visited it looked as if the leaking already had stopped. He was feeling also better. It helps a lot that he hasn;t such a big and tensioned belly anymore. Still has to loose some more fluid but that should happen now through the bypass. Via that the fluid should come into the blood and has to leave the body in "natural way".
Till now it seems that the kedneys still do their work, so let's cross fingers this bypass will help in good way.
They still keep him in hospital under control for a few days. He told me that if all goes well, he might be coming home Wednesday.

So suddenly the next few days I will be very busy, I think. Have to clean a bit the house here and there, and if  can find enough energy for it( must dig that out from somewhere, hahaha), I want to try to at least put up the Christmastree and manger before he wil be home.
You would think that I have time enough for that, but my daytime is kind of limited. Nowadays I wake up around 8 p.m., then have to take time to really wake up, have a little breakfast etc. and then there is time for some housework of shopping, In the afternoon I go from home around 2.30 a.m. to the hospital. And I come home around 5.30 a.m.
Then make myself something to eat and then I am happy to sit down.So in the evenings I just do some knitting and watch tv.And in between there are the phonecalls, attending to bills, etc. etc. Time really flies as mad.
Anyhow, I will try to make the sitting room a bit Christmassy. Better to do it now, and not when Jan is home. Because I know what happens then. He wants to do his share, if even for a little bit,  I would be like a motherhen walking after him, afraid he does too much and so on.
Can you imagine it in front of your eyes????
Yeah, wouldn;t be an all too good thing,ROFL!

Good, we;ll see how far I will get.
First and most important thing will be that if Jan comes home it will be because he is on a good mend and that it will stay that way. No more of terrifying hospital visits. Okay, if it is for sharp control, but that's it!
Time to have some breakfast now and then get some work done!
But i am still crossing fingers and sending little prayers that all will go well and stay well. It is all still very fragile I think.

Thank you all for your continuous support and prayers.
Have a lovely day and week to come and stay safe!


hummerdawn said...

Wonderful, wonderful news! So happy for you and Jan and prayers going up that all stays well! You even sound happier in your post! Stay well also. Hugs.

Edna B said...

Oh wow, such good news about Jan! This must be such a relief for you to know that the operation looks to be working well, and that Jan may be coming home soon. I am so happy for both of you.

Last night, Dee Dee and I went to watch Jazzy in the Christmas/Awesome Eighties show. These kids are amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

Kyra, you take care of yourself. It's good to see a smile back on your face. Have a super day, hugs, Edna B.

Unknown said...

It is so good Kyra to hear that Jan had his operation and that he seems to be doing much better.
I hope that he continues to improve. I know you must have been so scared. I hope that you get your Christmas decorating done and have some time just to enjoy Jan's return home.
I have you in my thoughts and prayers and will continue to do so... Hugs, Beth xoxoxo

Kessa said...

So pleased to hear good news about Jan - God is good. It will be lovely to have him home for Christmas. Make sure you look after yourself too. Continuing prayers to you both.

Grandma Sarge said...

I will say my prayers for Jan also. The more good thoughts that up on his behalf the better the noise we can make to Heaven. I'm sure he is being watched over by his Guardian Angel also. Take it easy with the decorating.
My grand daughter's husband will be flying home on the 14th and then he can have Christmas with his family. We will make him feel right at home.. I'm working on a "Honey to do list" for him and his wife will have one too. He can't stay too long away from his job in the Los Angeles area. His boss picked up a couple more contracts from the movie people and one for a TV series being made. The have a shop where they make the props for the movie whatever it is. I'll have to check my blog and make sure I have some of the costumes that Jess (new Grandson-in-law) makes. He also does makeup for the monster characters. Some days it's 17 hours on the set. Then go home, take a little nap and rush back on the set. The Movies business is hard work, I guess.
Time for me to fix a little breakfast. I forgot to do it yesterday.

Have a good day and I'll say some prayers for Jan.
Hugs from Corrine