Sunday, September 05, 2021

A really late summer time is on now.

Goodafternoon everybody!

Yes, we have now fine weather with nice temperatures of around 21C much sun, and it will be even a little bit better during the week. It is more or less summertime starting late. Never mind if it will hold on till end november I would be happy.

It was a week that gave me a bit of stress and worry and because of that one or two nights of real bad sleep. Cause of this was Jan not feeling very well from Sunday evening on, he had again those cramps in the belly, not as bad as last time, thank God for that, but it is always something not to be happy with. It lasted for about two days, with on and off time, and it always comes with not too great stool. it comes difficult, although he has medication for it, and it takes a while before all is okay again. It's hard to explain how I feel duuring these periods, but not good. Jan isn;t the kind of calling a doctor very quick, he would ask me to do so if it was really really bad, but he is most of the time doing that at the last moment and I don;t feel happy about it. But now it is about "quiet"again, but it is never good for my sleep (neither for Jan's). 

I know I have to deal with it, it is something that will return every now and then, but knowing so and doing so are different things, LOL.

But..... yesterday I had a good telephone call. It was of the shop where we ordered our curtains, they are about ready and Wednesday the man will come to put all the the new rails on, take off all the old stuff etc. Oh my, when all will be hanging and installed, it will be looking already a lot better. 

As Jan was feeling more or less okay yesterday, he started to sand the outside of the gardendoors and the woodwork around. He has a machine for it so it isn;t that hard work. If all goes well he will start painting today. I started yesterday to really clean some woodwork insode the house, like the door or the sitting room and such. Not too much I must say, but it is a start. Slowly we will get there and soon I will be ready to at least paint a part.If all goes well, Jan will do a part too. It is really time to have a new coat of paint after all those years.

We still have visits of our "lease cat"(don;t know how to call her otherwise at the moment hahahah). She isn;t around all the time, but often she spents a lot of time in our garden, in her little basket(Jan made it for her, a small plastic basket with a nice thick fleece blanket folded up in it, so she will not be cold if she is there dring the night, which happens every now and then). So we still don;t know if she is at home somewhere, or is strolling around in several gardens, very strange. 

Oh, this morning Jan startled me with a remark that we needed to check the watermeter, because he wasn;t sure if there might be leaking something. I opened the shutter in the floor and I saw the meter moving very sloly, so somewhere there was used water. Hmmmmm, remember the last time when we had that terrible leak during several months without noticing? Good Lord, I was praying that it would be nothing. I went checking if all taps were shut, they were only not the one of the gardenhose, not really good. So I closed it till no more was possible and after a few minutes checked the meter again. Hoorray, it wasn;t moving anymore! Pfff, that was a great relief, can you imagine?

To end this post with a bit of a laugh, I have a remark of Jan he made yesterday. I was talking to him that it would be better for him if he went out for a short walk every now and then. I know it is difficult for him, because of his breathing. At that time we were watching some animal program on tv from a zoo where they were looking into turtle behaviour. Then Jan said it might be a good idea buying him a large turtle as pet, then he could give that a walk, because the   turtle walked about as slowly as he did, which was better than to walk with the little doggie from Heidi. It gave us a good laugh, and no I will not buy him a turtle. LOL.

It is good he still has his humor and sometimes self-mockery. Yeah, we know we are getting older and it comes sometimes with some imperfections of the health. We can feel bad about or make the most of it. Best is to try to make the most of it. 

Okay, time to ge something done here, and because of the nice looking and also nice feeling weather it all is more easy. As long as the sun shines you feel better, isn;t it?

Wishing you all a very lovely week, stay safe.

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Edna B said...

That was so sweet of Jan to make a comfy bed for the kitty cat. I'll bet the new curtains are going to look really nice once they are hung. Somehow new curtains always seem to make everything look so nice. Jan is so funny, but I agree, I should have a turtle to walk with too. That's about as fast as I move now. hahaha. It's good that you caught that hose water leak. I'm glad it wasn't worse. After you and Jan finish with all the painting here and there, everything is going to look new. How wonderful!

I got off to a late start this morning. So now I'm going to the kitchen to see what looks good to have for brunch. Then later, I'm going to make a meat sauce and some pasta. Yum! You have a wonderful week my friend, big hugs, Edna B.