Sunday, November 28, 2021

More and more measures are taken in the country

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Our weather isn't too nice, we have around 4-5C, yesterday it rained almost all day, today is looking grey too and I can tell you it isn't my kind of weather. But... some hope there is, later this week the temperatures go up a bit, still it will be rolloercoaster weather, with even some snowflurries here and there(most of them in the Eastern part of the country).

All together it was again a quiet week, and I did all the things as usual, some grocerie shopping, a little bit of house celaning and oh yes, I got to mail  a Christmasbox. I know, it is early but there could be some problems with the post so better too early. Sending to the USA is a little bit more difficult, we have to announce our postsending(either letter or parcel) on line and get us a customform printed. So I had a whole list of things for the Christmaspresents, with weight and discription, and started to fill in Okay, all good, till I reached item nr. 5 and wanted to go on with item nr.6. There was no option for it. HMMMMMM??????????So I called with some difficulty custormer service of the post and asked them how to do it and have n trouble with sending the box. After a while the guy on the phone  came back to m, he asked someone else. Well, they said I could combine some items and if that was really diffcult because of the diversity, I just could enter "Christmaspresent"then how many and the weight. Thanks a lot, I had a lot of time spent to make the list in advance and now it was all for almost nothing???? So I splitted it up in 3 items, Christmaspresents the amount and the weight of the combined items. Let's hope it is good enough.

Normally it takes not too much time you know, before I went to the post office, filled in a few items on the form, signed and ready it was. USA I am not really happy with your new rules!

Yesterday I was busy quite some time in the kitchen preparing for our dinner today. I tried my hand on an Indonesian meal, probably a true Indonesian cook or housewife wouldn;t be too impressed with it, but for us I think I did good enough. I made one stew meat in special sauce, on dish with some chicken, one dish with little meat balls in sauce too, green beans specially spiced, to that we will have some noodles and also some boiled and fried rice. I is rather time consuming, to prepare but on the other hand, I think I have enough for two days, so that's nice. I tasted a little bit of all, and think it is tasty. But I must say, this food isnt something ou make every week or so, first because then it isn;t something special anymore and second because it takes quite some time preparing. So this evening we will have a full table with lots of small dishes. We will take our time to enjoy it.

Strange thing happened again. Muppet the visiting cat suddenly disappeared somewhere. Friday evening she was visiting for a short time and then wanted to go outside, so I let her and since then we haven't seen her anymore. She did something alike some time ago too, and came back after a day or 2-3. So we will see what happens now. I just hope she has a good place to shelter with this bad and rather cold weather.

Oh, I started knitting again, I bought some red yarn and started on something that should be a kind of afghan, i think, for Christmas. It should cover an armchair or at least part of it, the Christmas blanket I use for it, is a bit small, so perhaps this will look better. Yeah, just one more week and then we will start decorating for Christmas already. Gosh, can you imagine??

Only the next few weeks will not be so nice,because there are taken more severe measures against covid. Now all shops, restaurants, cafe etc have to close from 5.00 p.m. till next morning at least 5.00 p.m. Only supermarkets and pharmacy's can be opened till 8.00 p.m., schools still open, but kids have to wear masks, at least when they move around. Well, lot more measures, it all takes a lot of commitment of everybody. Hospitals are still coping more or less, but there are not really necessary operations that will be persponed. Infections still rise, so something has to be done. I wonder if this all will help enough, at least they started giving the booster injections, but it isn't going too fast. And there are still people who will not take the injection, I cannot understand it.

Let's hope that some day not too far away we will have it under control, because everybody is a bit fed up with this. But of course I try to take care and stay safe and keep distance etc. It is a scary virus, don;t ou think?

With that in mind I better finish this post, wishing you nevertheless a fabulous week in safety and hope you still can get some Christmas feeling!


Edna B said...

You really are quite busy! I don't really do much cooking anymore. There's just me here and I can use the microwave for most things. A red blanket sounds wonderful for the sofa. It will look very Christmasy. And warm.

I'm sorry to hear that Muppet has wandered off again. Hopefully, she'll be back soon. I'm hoping that this virus can be conquered soon. We have lots of folks here who won't get the shots. I just don't understand.

I'll be mailing my box to you tomorrow. Today I'll get it packed, and tomorrow Deanne will take it to the Post Office for me. I have to fill out those same forms too.

Now I'm off to read a few more blogs, then it's wrap time. You take care of you and Jan, and you have a super week. Big hugs, Edna B.

hummerdawn said...

Yes I was just reading about the variant also...They say not as bad for the vaccinated but not good for those that aren't. I have had my 2 shots and wondering about the booster or don't do! Lol.
Our weather is up and down..windy, cold, snow, windy, rain. It goes crazy and makes everyone sick. 3 of 4 of family have colds that just won't go away. We all tried antibiotics but doesn't really work. Been tested, tested and as long as tests fine that I guess it just will take longer than a normal cold to go away.
Sorry kitty has wandered off again. If she was a feral cat to start out with then she will continue going her way! Lol.
I admire all the time you spend preparing meals. You must be a super cook! Jan is lucky! Lol.
Hope this still finds both of you all okay. Seems like we just put Christmas stuff away and it's time to pull it ok again.