Sunday, September 26, 2021

This week could have been better

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Our weather has been rather nice, today it still is, there are temperatures around 21-25C, depending where you live, but next week temperatures could dropp quite a lot to around 16C, brrrr. Well that isn;t yet too bad for end September, but I am so used now to the 20-21C, that it will be difficult too get used to again, LOL. And there coud be more rain too.

No, we didn;t have a very good week this time. Jan had again trouble with the belly, more the intestines I think. Monday night and also uesday and even during the night he had a lot of trouble, specially those shooting pains. You know already the thinkg, I asked if he wanted the doctor, he said no, not yet, etc. From Wednesday it went slowly better with him, but apart from the pain he gets rather exhausted from it. Understandable, because with the pain and so it is diffcult to sleep a lot. Good, all seems to be okay again now, but of course it has it's repercussion on me too. One night slamost no sleep the worrie, etc. so I was quite under the weather too. Don;t you worry, all is normal and quiet now again.

Let's quickly forget about it and move on.

Later in the week, when I was feeling already a lot better, I did some shopping and found us some more tulip bulbs. I have two photos borrowed from the web of them. They should grow 45 cm. tall.

Aren't they beautiful? I hope they will grow well. If all goes well this spring we should have a lot of tulips in big pots in the garden. And it will be a happy sight on the patio.

Our "lease cat"Muppet, still is coming over a lot. She even comes in the house in the morning as I open the kitchen door and finds her a comfy place on the couch for several hours. Yesterday evening she also was inside and had a good sleep for a few hours. It is't that she has noo home, I know she has, but apparantly they don;t give a lot of attention to her I think. Yes, I am a softy, I know very well, but I care for animals. I know she also is often during the night here in her basket outside. It's difficult to know really what to do. We will keep an eye on her and see what she will do when temperatures will fall a lot and it will be windy and raining etc.

Friday I had to call the energy company, to ask where the bill of this month was dwelling. Normally I receive it around the 15th-20th of the month, but this time not. As I donlt want to wait till I get a reminder, I thought it better to call them. I had a very nice lady on the phone, she seemed rather surprised about the reason I called. I asked her: "you certainly aren;t used to get calls to send a bill, isn't it?". She had to laugh and acknowledge that. All should be settled now, she would send me a bill so I had time enough to pay without trouble. It only takes some time to get through with a phonecall. I had to wait about 8 minutes, that's long don;t you think? I probably could have done it online too, but I rather like to talk to a person with this kind of things.

Good, next week I will have to make an appointment to have cleaned and checked my cv-kettle. It's a yealy returning thing, and is good to do(also for insurance, if something might happen). Then next thing will be a call for waste pickup, we gathered quite some stuff, so better get rid of it now.

And all of the country is waiting to have a new government. Elections were in March, but there still is no coaltion formed which makes a government. It is horrible that it has to take such a long time and may be will need even more. In the meantime the country is more or less ungoverned, except for some urgent matters that need to be done. It could happen that we will have a government of minority, which isn;t really a good thing. It makes it more difficult to get things done, each time the government wants to make a new law, or do something important they will need to search in the parliament for support. That can be a tricky thing. But in case they even cannot come to some government in minority, perhaps then we could have new elections. I really have no idea at the moment what will be better. I am not very well into politics, although I have my opinions, but above all we need to have a new government and if possible a more or less reliable one. We'll just have to see what will happen in the next weeks. 

here they slowly diminish all measures for Covid, but I still will keep cautious and prudent because it isn;t yet over and I have to be careful for Jan of course. We are fully vaccinated, but we will have to see how all things will evolve during autumn and winter time. 

Now I think I have rambled more than enough and I feel it is time to have may be a cup of tea. 

Wishing you all a wonderful week and stay safe. 

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Edna B said...

Oh my, your new tulip bulbs are going to be beautiful flowers next spring. Pink is such a lovely joyful color. I'm glad that Jan is feeling so much better now. I just don't understand politics anymore. It's not like it used to be. I hope your government's issues get settled soon.

Temps are cooling here now. The nights are great for sleeping. I'm not looking forward to the cold winter temps. If we could just bypass them and go right to spring, that would be okay with me.

I got my booster vaccine and my flu shot, so now I'm all set for a while. Here's hoping we all get through the winter in good health. You have a wonderful week my friend, big hugs, Edna B.