Friday, November 21, 2014

Gift wrapping started.

Goodmorning everybody!

Must say I took it a bit easy the last couple of days. But i am pleased to say I started wrapping the Christmasgifts. Not completely ready, but almost done.
I think that is about the nicest part of the presents. First searching some nice things, and then I love the wrapping!
It always looks so nice when you have a pile ready. It looks happy and mysterious at times too!
It looks to be a rather good day today, at the moment we even have some sunshine. Well, temperatures are not super, but nice enough. I think Jan and I will go to the market. It always saves lots of money to buy your fresh veggies and fruit there!

I changed the self knitted blanket on our bed. I had another one so that is covering the bed at the moment and the one from the bed I put on our sleeping couch in the backroom. The cover I had over it surely could do with a cleaning in the washing machine( that one is of kind of cotton).

We are watching on the Belgium tv a quiz, that is not easy at all, it's called Canvascrack. (Canvas is the name of the channel). If you get past 20 tables, you can win a sum of € 25.000,00!! But not many get to the end. Now there was a Dutch gentleman playing and he could reach the 20th table. So it was very exciting. But because he played even on 2 tables, he didn;t make it. Now we will have to wait several months till the quiz is on again. Bummers.!
Each table to beat has another opponenet, and you get 5 questions in a variety of subjects. No, not easy but very interesting. And Jan and I are happy as a child if we know a couple of answers, LOL.

I have today for you some clusters from Arlene, she made with the last kit. Little beauties as ever.
Oh, I even progressed on a Christmaskit yesterday too. I am working on two at a time at the moment.
But also should do a general kit for a next download for you, I think it still is a bit early to put on Christmaskits already, don;t you?
Well, perhaps this weekend I will get a boost of inspiration, who knows?

That's all, folks, till next time.
Have a wonderful weekend!
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Busy and exciting day yesterday!

Goodmorning everybody!

Today I will take it more easy than I did yesterday. where to start telling about that day in a logical way? I will just try.
Monday i was busy preparing the last things for the file I have for social security, our fight with the health security and such. I took me less time than I first thought, which was a good thing.
Then yesterday. That was the day for our interview for the social security stuff.
I was up very early already, decided not to go back to bed for another two hours, afraid I might wake up too late(despite of the alarm clock I could set).
So after my waking up coffee, I just was at the computer for a little while and then first hopped into the shower. That done and dressed, I had a sandwich, got the map and such ready to put into a bag, then made fresh coffee for Jan. Jan waked up and then the phone rang. Oh my, what would that be?
it was social security office to inform met that my appointment could take place, the lady to take the interview was ill. Ghee, that was a disappointment. Now Jan had to go on his own. And it appears i didn;t read the letters well enough, because we both had to do the interview with another person!
so okay, I have now another appointment at the 1st of December.
As I had "free"time now, I decided I could as well go out at once to do some food shopping. That went well, it even was dry outside.
I came back and took another coffee, then it was time for Jan to leave, with the file, of course.
I didn;t want to sit around, thinking all the time about how the interview would be with him, so I went busy.
And busy I was! I washed the curtains at front, cleaned the windows, indside AND outside, gave the room a sweep with the vacuum cleaner. Gosh I was happy about myself, I did some serious work LOL.
When all that was ready, I could sit down for a while.
Watched a bit tv, waiting for Jan to return home.
He was home quicker than I thought and he told me about his interview. Seems he had a nice lady, rather understanding, and the main result at the moment is that Jan isn;t obliged to apply for work, regarding to his health situation.Yippee, that already is good news. Now it may be he will have to do some volunteer work, but he doesn;t mind that. I think it even might do him some good, being out of the house a bit, having some contact with people and feeling more usefull again.
He seemes to have prepared a bit the way for me there, telling about my health problems and such.
Now I would like to have the same result after my interview as he had. I don't mind doing some volunteer work either, As I have really no hope that there is a job for me to find, this would be a good alternative to receive social security without too many problems.
So when Jan told about his result, I felt a bit more at ease, more relaxed, because all this isn;t the best for my nerves.

So we take it one step at a time for now, next thing will be the appeal for the health security thing, if we could get Jan into partly disabilllity payment, that also would be great and easier. That hearing will be 10th of December. So still some things to come and deal with.

To celebrate the results till now, LOL, I have a kit for you, named it Remembering the first Love.
I think we almost all had a first love, which, in a way, is probably the sweetest one. Some people just held on to their first love for life, but most of us didn;t I presume.
I know my first "love", just lasted for about 2 months and then I already had another one, oh wicked child I was ROFL.
Time for my second coffee now, so bye bye till next time.

Have a wonderful day!

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Monday, November 17, 2014

I walk as a feather!

Goodmorning everybody!

Perhaps a bit cryptic, my blogpost title? Well, you will understand as I tell you that Saturday I went to the hairdresser, finally! Oh my God, he did get rid of a lot of hair for me, I have now again a short model, very easy to handle and it feels so ggod. Therefore it seems I walk light like a feather again LOL.
The weekend we stayed almost all the time inside, I just popped out, as I said, for the hairdresser, and on Friday afternoon some quick shopping.
Oh I was busy Friday afternoon all together. I made us a big pan of soup, not just any soup, but a Russian one, called "Borsjt". Main ingredient are thin sliced beetrood. and then you can put in all you want.
So I made broth and in it went of course the beetroot, together with diced celeriac, carrot, potatoe, chopped onion, some chickenmeat in little pieces (normally is it made with beef, but I didn;t have it, so chicken was a good alternative)some garlic, pepper, salt.
I was very curious to taste it(think I only made it once years and years ago), but I can say it succeeded well and it tasted great. A big bowl of that soup, with a spoon of crème fraiche, on the sidesome french bread with some (garlic-herb)butter makes a great and nutricious meal.

The weekend Jan was somehow "iunder the weather", don;t know exactly what was the matter with him, but he had some trouble with his belly, and as he isn;t quite informative towards me, I still am not sure what is the matter. He slept a lot, cause he also is feeling real tired, so hopefully today it will be somewhat better.
If it stays on however for a longer time, I want him to go to the housedoctor or even better, call his doctor in the hospital. But I almost know for sure that will not happen, or he almost must die first, bummers!
Let's hope he just catched a cold or something.

Today we both must fill in some papers to bring with us to the intervies tomorrow at a department of the social security. I have no idea what to expect of it, in their letter of invitation they claim, it might take an hour or two or more! Hopefully it will take a bit less time.

Yesterday our soccer team played an official match for placing themselves into the next round. Well, with the bad results they had lately, there only was one option: winning.
They were lucky to have a not really strong opponant, so we had some hope. And finally they did what they were expected to, they won, with a great 6-0.
So some light is shining at the end of the tunnel.

Don;t have yet a freebie for you, that will be for Wednesday. Hope you can wait till then.
So today I do need to get busy around here, probably some ironing to do and such and the forms have to be filled in for sure.
Have a wonderful day, thanks for your visit!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Newbee in computering sometimes tiresome!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh my, Jan is slowly liking to be at his computer, he is discovering all sorts of things but this also can be tiresome at times for me LOL.
Like yesterday evening. I was all prepared to watch a police serie I like, and be able to knit a bit on my blanket. So I was installed with my coffee, all ready to relax and have a nice evening. Forget it.
Jan took his laptop and treid to find some music on Youtube. Okay with that till he downloaded a couple of video's. He couldnn;t find them back on his computer. So dear Kyra came over and looked around a bit in his files and hoorray I found them. On a very reasonable place, a file named "videos"hahahaha.
Back to the couch, but after a couple of minutes he had some trouble again.
Without making it a looong story,  all together I spent about 1 1/2 hour with him, trying to find some things he wanted, finding the easiest way to get them in a file etc. etc. And it is normally not too difficult, but sometimes Windows 8 is acting a bit different from Vista and windows 7, so it is searching for me too.
At the end I was glad I could help, but doing so I got( I am honest here) sometimes very unpatient. I am NOT a good teacher in computer stuff, the more while I too don;t know too much about it. Okay, I can use my programs, but something different, that also needs a whee bit of technical knowledge is not for me.
But we will work it out, as long as he doesn;t ruin my "relax evenings"too often, hahahaha.

I must go out today I think, because I want to have a haircut, so I'll pop in the salon and make an appointment. Want to look as nice as possible when we will have our interview with social security next week. And my hair has grown too long by now too, so after a cut I will feel better, I think.
Last Wednesday afternoon I went to the market. it was rather nice weather, and I found us some fruit and veggies and of course cheese. yes, cheese is something we eat a lot, most of the time just on a sandwich but in the evening also at times in little cubes, or some slices, just because you have taste for something but not sure of what. And then cheese is a good option, grin!

Brodski found a new place to have a nap, it is again on the window seal. I always wonder, why cats always change after a while their spots.
But one thing stays the same. when I do the washing up in the kitchen after dinner he waits for me.
The when I am ready and enter the room with my mug of coffee he is sitting in the middle of the room, just waiting for me to sit in the chair(Jan is usually occupying the couch then for a little nap) and when I am just about installed he jumps on my lap, turns around 2 or 3 times and to find a comfortable position for a nap.

I have today just a little freebie for you( I am working on a new kit, may be I can finish it in the weekend), made a quickpage with the Romantic at Heart kit for you, and hope you can use it.
Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Another sad day.

Goodmorning everybody.
Yes, there was another gathering of the families and some officials to remember the planecrash of the MH 17 in the Ukrain. I just don;t understand the Dutch government, they don;t make much haste in recovering the body(or parts of them) and other stuff.Always the excuse that the situation is too dangerous, but all the time the battling parties in the Ukrain kept the area rather safe, so why not go there with a big amount of people and get all they can find. It must be frustrating for the families who don;t have any news about their loved ones(still some are missing in the dna determination).

I had two rather good days, no problem with my epilepsie anymore, and did some stuff in the house and some food shopping.
I wonder whenever I will learn, not to put anything on the stove at a time I am at the computer!!
It often goes well, but not yesterday. I had some stew pears cooking and checked on them too late, so the pan looked a bit funny inside, kind of black, you know?
With some work i will be able to get it clean again, but it is so stupid of me.
Hmmmm, perhaps it has something to do with age??

If it will stay dry today(not sure if it will) may be I will pop over to the market. We are almost at the end of our cheese and we could do with some fruit to. Must take care of the vitamines in winter,.
Then this evening we will see if our national soccer team is any good, they have a "trial"game today with Mexico, as preparation for the real thing this weekend, when they have to play Letland. And they just have to win that game, otherwise they might no go to the next round, and that would be a real shame.
We have good players, some of them really work hard, but somehow a winning spirit seems to be missing.
It will not be the end of the world if they don;t get to the next round, but a pity. But we have a kind of "reserve"team we can support and that is the Belgian team. So cross fingers they both will go further, if not we always can support the remaining LOL!

Still have way to go for the new blanket I am knitting. It will be a replacement for the one we have now on our bed, just for having a change. Then the one on the bed now I perhaps can use as cover for a sleeping couch we have in the backroom.
well ladies, no more news for now, so here is your second part of the kit Romantic at Heart.
Have a wonderful day!

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Monday, November 10, 2014

Not the best of weekends

Goodmorning everybody!

Yea, i had some trouble with my epilepsie this weekend. Always unpleasant, but it is over now.
I kept low profile Saturday and Sunday, so the rest did it's work.
On Saturday Danny and Heidi came over to look into one of the universal remote control for the TV and such. well, as I expected also Danny didn;t get a fantastic result LOL.
One is working perhaps 50%(but for me enough, it replaces the worst of remote controls with the functions we need) and for the rest I give it a cross and good blessing and we will continue with the several remotes. Oh well, perhaps soon we will order a new digital cable box with interactive tv and I can get it for a very reduced pricce and I will try to get a service guy with it, who will connect all cables and plugs and will prepare the remote control that goes with it. Then we probably are done with the several remote controls.

I finished a Christmaskit this weekend, that will be on the World Wide Christmas Scrapbooking blogtrain. Also already received the clusters from Arlene, so I just have to make a preview for them and upload them and then can send the email to Antoinette, organiser of the blogtrain every year.
Even finished another Christmaskit. Yeah, you see, slowly I am coming back into designing mood.

We also receive every other day or something some official papers from the council. We will have an interview at their office next week, and of course we have to fill in again forms to bring with us(I wonder why, they already have all they needed, but they like to give you extra work for nothing, it seems!).
But we will do our part and try to keep calm and not irritated(which is sometimes not so easy), you can catch more flies with sugar than with vinager( don;t know if this is a proper saying, but you know what i mean I hope).

Weather is not all too bad, of course temperatures have dropped now, we are in the 53 F to about 58 F at daytime. Today there is even some sunshine, so I can do with this kind of weather till next spring. I fear, it will not happen.

Last week Jan had made a kind of fruitsalad, we had too many pears and apples lying around, so that was not such a bad idea. But we had such a big bowl, that Friday afternoon I made with the biggest part of it an applestrudel. Still hade some puff pastry in the freezer, and the result wasn;t too bad. Good enough for a first try I  think.

I have a kit for you today, still one i had uploaded before the computercrash. I believe I didn;t offer this one yet.
Named Romantic at Heart. Hope you will like it.
Have a wonderful day.

Download    part 1 HERE

Friday, November 07, 2014

Today wind and rain, no time to go out

Goodmorning everybody!

Specially today it doesn;t look too good outside. There is lots more wind and it is raining too, so it looks rather unpleasant. There is no need for me to go out for something, so I better stay in and perhaps I will spend some time on baking some cookies or something alike. Sounds like a good idea.

Before doing that I better do a bit of householding, LOL. I saw that the curtains could do with some water, and when they are soaking, I could clean the window at the front.
We'll see if all this will happen today, because it's not my favourite time passing, grin grin!
I should look into the presents I have gathered for Christmas, to see if I have all and may be I can start wrapping them, and find a box for it. I still have time for it, but I want to have it ready by the end of the month and send it away start of December, so all will arrive on time.
It's quite funny to have to think already about Christmas, it looks so far away at the moment.
Nevertheless I am getting slowly in some Christmasspirit, because I started on Christmaskits, yeah!
Found already some great stuff on the net to use.

I am sorry, but I don't have a freebiekit for you today. Monday however there will be a download again. Hope you can live with that idea!
Not a very interesting post, I know, but sometimes that happens.
And it also happens becauise at times it looks I have a writers block, LOL.
Next time will be better, I am sure.

Better I finish now wishing you a fantastic day and happy weekend.
Till Monday, ladies.