Wednesday, March 04, 2015

A little update again

Goodmorning everybody!

First I am glad to say Jan is feeling a lot better, but I am not yet completely  convinced that all is ging well. Still, we are happy it is going lots better. He didn;t yet had a phonecall with his doctor, just because she has no visiting days, but i hope he will try to get her on the phone and may tomorrow can go to hospital to her, we'll see.
He also phoned the volunteer place, to say he will be there this weekend. I wanted him to wait to g there till he had an conversation with his doctor, but okay, if he feels up to it, he should try it.
Then Monday I had an interview with the participation fellow, which was real nice.
He already had a couple of ideas of work that might be fitting to me, and he just called me that I might get a phonecall these days from a lady, who will invite me for an interview.
It's nice to see this coach really is trying to do something for you, and I think he is good at his job. Now it's up to me and the organasation I will go to if we can match.

In the mean time i was busy yesterday with sorting out all kind of papers I need to copy to may be get a remission of certain taxes. But oh my God, you cannot imagine what they ask you on their forms, and how many things you have to send in. I should think that they have most of it already, but it isn;t making me happy and then, f course, I cannot find one or two things needed. These papers will be somewhere, but sometimes I am a bit chaotic and put them somewhere with the thought: "if I need it I can find it here", but it doesn;t work LOL.
I will at some time get all papers together, then have to copy them and send all to the council and have to wait for their decision. I am counting on nothing, but who knows, perhaps we are lucky for once.
And I promised myself one thing. From important forms I will make directly one or two copies at the least and put those in a "copy"file together. It will make things easier in future.
Funny how I am a bit untidy concerning my own "administration", however when i had an administrative job, I had it all really good organized, new where I filed it, with what, when etc.etc.

But in between all I also did some designing again, the flow is nice, not in top speed, but it works.
I think today I first will try to find all papers, fill in the forms, then also need to do a little bit around the house and i think that by then it will already soon be time to get dinner on.
Oh well, it will all be done, somehow and sometime (GRIN)!

May be tomorrow afternoon I will go to Heidi, to have a proper chat again. I had a phonecall from her yesterday evening, and  first wanted to go toher this afternoon, but the girl is so busy, and then most important, Danny, her hisband, will be working at hme, so then it'snot a god thing to go there and chat with Heidi, hahaha. We two need a quiet time, just the two of us, then we can talk about all we want, without interference. Girls just need to have such moments from time to time, isn't it?

Time now to finish this post, and get busy(although slowly, first need another coffee and then I will try to get started). I have the second part of the Fading Hours kit for you.
Have a wonderful day!
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Monday, March 02, 2015

Interview today, so not too much time

Goodmorning everybody!

I still have time before I have to get ready for my interview, but I am now a slow starter at mornings, so must take time to really wake up, then get dressed and then leave at time,
I am lucky it isn;t far away, I think it takes a 15 minutes walk, and for nw it looks rather good outside, sun is shining, a bit windy, but okay, if it stays this way I am happy.

Jan is feeling much better now, but you know me, I am in these cases a worrying type and not completely reassured yet. May be I got his so far he will make a phonecall to his specialist in the hospital today or tomorrow to perhaps have an appointment wiht her and talk it through. It would make me feel much better.

I had a quiet weekend, didn;t do to much, well, after that bad night and part of the day following, I guess I had to take it easy. But I did some laundry, and did also some designing, finished another kit and felt all happy about it.
 Might sound a bit strange but I am looking forward to watch tv this evening, because then is anther part of a terrible thrilling series we are are watching. So good it is on 4 days a week, and not just once a week LOL.
May be you heard of it. It is called "Missing" and is full of mysterie and thrilling events.




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Rebecca Winstone is a woman raising her son, Michael on her own following the death of her husband, Paul. When her son goes to Rome, he disappears so Becca goes to find him. She then discovers something from her past is come back and is the reason her son may have been kidnapped. She and her husband were CIA agents. She has to deal with men who are trying to capture and/or kill her. Her actions get the attention of Dax Miller, a CIA agent who wonders what she is doing so he pursues her. So she goes all over Europe trying to find her son and along the way she discovers her husband might no be dead.

Okay, that is all for today, ony need to post your freebie.
as far as I can tell, I didn;t post this one yet. It's named "Fading Hours".
Have a wonderful day!
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Friday, February 27, 2015

Bad luck, awefull night!

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, it isn;t a that good morning here. Oh my, the good fortune Gods have left us at the moment.
Yesterday jan got really sick. I think he suffered from it already the evening before, but "tough guy as he is(better call it stubborn) he didn;t say too much.
But yesterday he really had it going on him. His belly had swollen(which is not good at itself, but also he has to be careful about his belly button and the umbilical hernia). But on top of it i think his stomach played triks with him, During the day and specially evening it became worse, he had no appetite at all, and then he started to throw up, poor fellow. I saw it on his face he was in pain, and then you feel so helpless, sitting on his side!
I already was ready in the earlier evening, to call my friend Heidi, to ask if sheor her husband could come over with the car to bring Jan to hospital. Perhaps not yet directly necessary, but with Jan's health problems, you know, I would feel better. But he wouldn;t hear a word about that. As I should know already. 
Okay, you can imagine that Jan had a bad night and I had the same. Almost didnt sleep, I woke up all the time, after I finally went to sleep( think I was up till about 2.00 p.m.). but that wasn't much.
Jan aso felt extra bad, because today he had his first day of work as volunteer, but no way he could go there. 
So I called them early morning to explain the situation, with a lot of excuses, but the lady was really nice and understood it. 
Now I will keep an eye on Jan toay to see if it is getting any better with him. If not, I somehow should persuade him to call his specialist doctor or go right away to hospital to let them have a look. I don;t think this will happen well, let's hope it will not be necessary and that he will feel slightly better during the day and the weekend.
It really is a disappointment too for Jan, he looked forward to go to this job.
Okay, he just woke up and it seemshe is feeling slightly better. No way he his jumping around at the moment, LOL, but he told me his belly is feeling better a bit, yesterday it was a itght blown balloon, today he can push it in again. That already is good news. Now hoping that it will go better during the day. I think he should try to take as much sleep as possible, and then hope for the best during the weekend.
So, I am a bit reliefed, not reassured yet!

Good, that's the news I had for you today. Wished it was of another nature, but thinks like this can happen. I think I will take a good nap in the afternoon, that will keep me on my feet.
After I finish this post, I will see if Jan gets back to bed, then I quickly will go out for a few groceries.

As you can imagine, we didn;t do anything about the sowing yet LOL. It was planned to start yesterday, but something came in between.
Well, it still can wait a bit, next week will be a good time too.

The one thing I accomplished yesterday(but that was still in the morning)is a new bloglayout. Better something done than nothing at all I think.
But I have a new freebie for you, this time one of Florence, a set of "springy"clusters to get you a bit in the mood for the spring season, although in many parts of the world winter is still showing itself.
I wish you a wonderful weekend, hoping to have much better news on Monday.

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Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Some more rain but less cold.

Goodmorning everybody!

Not like other parts on his globe, we have rather good weather.
We will have some more rain but if that is the price to pay to have no ice and cold, okay.
The nights are still a bit cold, in our area just around zero point, more to the eastern art just a coupe degrees below
But the weatherforecast tells us that in the weekend we might reach temmperatures around 9 C (48 F), so that is not bad.
I saw already some snowdrops blooming in our garden a good sign that somewhere spring is lngering around the corner(well, that's what I tell myself to keep hope up LOL).

Jan definately is busy in his mind with the garden already. Yesterday he spread out all seedpackets I;ve made last year and he wants me to take a look at it telling him what is what and which ones he'll have to sow now and which ones he can sow later, directly in the garden.
I don;t mind doing that and it keeps him busy for a while.

Yesterday i received a letter from the participation offcie to come over for an interview on Monday the 2nd of March. It will be with the same guy, Jan has as "coach".But guess what, i probably will not have to tell a lot about myself anymore, it seems that Jan told him some things about my "talents"already, and such LOL! Sneeky from Jan, isn;t it? But also nice to prepare the path for me in this way.

I think I will go out for a moment today I need to buy a bit of knitting wool for the "project"I am working on at the moment. I am making a new cover blanket for our couch, this one is from thinner and softer wool than one I made last year. Then I will be busy with Jan and the seedpackets. I also proposed to him to make a simple sketch of the garden and make a planting plan with it.
It is hard to plant all the seedlings when they are ready at the right place sometimes.
I still have a couple of flowers on my climbing rose, that tells you how little winter we had this year!

Well, ladies, today I have the clusters from the Time is precious kit for you from Arlene. She has another freebie for you on her blog, so have a look!
Stay safe and have a wonderful day!

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Confusion all around hahahaha!

Goodmorning everybody!

It was a such nice quiet weekend. Weather is going a bit up and down, periods that is is nice and sunny, and periods with lots of rain. Yesterday evening we even had some really fierce wind, lucky all stayed in place in our garden.

Oh something funny happened though yesterday morning. Jan has to get him a certification of good conduct, for the volunteer job. Well, he has to go to the council for that, but nice is that the organisation he will be working for will pay for the costs.
The office for civil affairs is opened all day, but you can go there without appoinment till 11.00 a.m.
But................yesterday morning I was sitting all quiet at the computer but suddenly early morning around 9.30  suddenly Jan came into the room, started to dress himself, quickly took a coffee, mumbled something about opening hours of the council and rushed out of the house.
It took me a few seconds to realize where he was going, was Sunday morning.
So I ran to the door and just was able to shout out to Jan that he had to come back.
He didn;t understand it, but did so, figuring he might have forgotten something.
Him back into the house I asked him what he was going to do. Jan: "well, obvious, I am going to the council". Then I laughed and told him it really only was Sunday morning and he would go there for nothing(lucky it is only about 15min. walk). He looked somewhat besotted at me,asked if I was right, I showed him on the calendar and on tv the day and date and then we both had a good laugh.

Now today I will have to wake him on time, because now he can go for the certificate to the office LOL!

During the weekend I didn;t do much, but I did spend a lot of time at the computer and almost have a new it ready. But before I can finish the preview and upload the kit, I first have to go out, to get a load of medicins for Jan, of which he is running out.
Perhaps on the way back I cna get us a smaller bag of soil, because Jan said he wanted to start sowing plants for this summer. We have lots of tiny pots for that and I took rather a lot of seed of the summer flowers, and if we start now, they will be ready to plant out earlier.
So soon eveywhere in the house, where there is a place to put a little tray with pots and seeds, it will be occupied.

It really was a weekend of confusion, I have to admit. In the weekend I got a few mails from visitors, asking where they could find the second part of the Sweetheart kit. I took a peep on my blog and I had to conclude that I didn;t post it!!!!!!!.
What a stupid thing of me!
But those things can happen, and are easy to restore. I just have to post it today.
Sorry ladies, for the mix up this week, but no serious harm is done, is it??

Oops, time goes fast, I must wake Jan so he has time to drink a coffe to wake up completely, before he goes to the council.
So here is the second part of the Sweetheart kit, and then next post there will be the add-on from Arlene to the Time is Precious kit, okay?
Have a wonderful day.

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Friday, February 20, 2015

Some good news to tell.

Goodmorning everybody!

It feels good to start a post again with some positive news LOL.
Wednesday Jan went to the elderly home for an interview and came back quite happy, I must say.
He has got a volunteerjob there! Yeah. He told me the interview was nice and that he will start his work there next weekend on Friday. He will `work`there on Friday, Saturday and Sunday afternoon from 4.00 p.m. till 7.00 p.m. and he will help with the dinner. The people have then sandwiches and such as dinner( they get a warm dinner at lunchtime), and he has to distribute the stuff and clear it away when all have finished and get the kitchen a bit in order again. So it is rather light work, no need for him to bring people from their appartment to the dinner and back.
The lady who interviewed him was very happy that Jan agreed to work in the weekend, seems they have a bit trouble finding volunteers for it.
He will have a contract for this job, only pity is that it brings in no money, except for a compensation of the costs of transport(he needs a tram to get the ). When it is good weather he will take his bike, but it´s nice they pay the transport.
Who knows, may be in future it could lead to a kind of payed job? I don+t think so, but you never know how things can change in a year´s time.

Now I will soon get an nvitation at the participation office too, I guess and then cross fingers that they can introduce me somewhere too!

The last couple of days I was doing some housework, like mopping floors and ironing and doing another load of laundry, and cooking and shopping and also some designing at the computer, so time went fast.
It doesn´t look to be such a nice day today outside, at the moment it is raining and we have a bit more wind, but okay, as long as there is no snow and frost, I should be happy.
Perhaps it will get better later in the morning, I will have to go to the drugstore to get some medicins for Jan and get a letter at the post.

Oh, on Wednesday, when Jan had his interview, he went to the market after it, it´s very close to it.
He came back with some veggies and also fruit, among it prunes, LOL!
So I think I will make us on Saturday again some knoedel,  made of potatoe mash with  some semolina. In the centre there will be a prune and the knoedel covered with sugar(best will be icing sugar) will give a yummie easy meal. I only will make the knoedel a bit smaller they will be easier to handle.

 Today you will have the second part of the Time is precious kit.
And if you are busy anyway with a bit of bloghopping, then you should go to Arlene´s blog, she just has posted some nice kits(they are available in her shop for a real nice price) and also very lovely freebies! And you also should check out Linda´s blog, there are some awsome quickpages for you too!
 Have a wonderful weekend!
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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Another day with sunshine here.

Goodmorning everybody!

It has been a rather nice day yesterday, speaking of the weather, although I didn't go out. I just wanted to take a day off from running around, so I stayed in.
But it gave me opportunity to do something about the laundry, so a lot has been ironed now.
Jan was busy for a while in the garden, cutting away a lot of the ivy that has grown too much.
And if he can do a part of it every day, soon it will look much better.
It was a good day to be busy outside, although it was still not warm, but if you stayed "in action", you didn;t feel it too much and there was some sunshine too.
So at night here at the coast we have temperatures around or just below zero point, bt at daytime we reach about 7 C.

I worked a bit on a new kit yesterday afternoon, and finally could upload Arlene's clusters from the Sweetheart kit. So I will give them to you today and then Friday the second part of the Time is precious kit.

Soon I will have to wake up Jan, because he has his appointment at the elderly home today, for a volunteer job. I so hope he will be succesfull.
During the time he is away I can do some needed grocerie shopping and also want to do something about the kitchen floor, it needs a mopping.
and then I really should gather all needed papers for sending with an application form I told you about.

Time now to do a little bit of bloghopping and then making some coffee and then get busy.
Wishing you all a wonderful day.

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