Friday, February 05, 2016

Snowdrops and crocus!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, I was in the garden for a moment yesterday and saw little bunches of snowdrops and crocus, they need just some more sun and they will bloom! It's a bit crazy, to have them almost blooming this time of year.
I removed a bit of weed and mosspatches, so that the soil can "breath"a bit, but the soil was too wet to do some serious work on it. It is better and easier too, to do this kind of work when the soil is rather dry.

I had a nice email this morning, from my niece from France. We do now have a lot of contact but every now and then we send a little message, to let know all is okay and how we are doing.
It is sweet of her, to think of us.

Also yesterday I did the shopping  needed, get us some bread, catfood, the usual things and now I am all ready for the weekend and longer. How great is that? I might even pop into my lounge pyama later and enjoy a snuggle day LOL. Depened also a bit on the weather. It looks as if it will stay dry the rest of the day, although it is cloudy. May be it will be a good idea to pop our for a moment, just to have some fresh air. I've not decided yet. And may be I can do some ironing and get rid of the laundry, put it away on its place. Already did some necessary housework this week, so I am almost duty-free LOL.

Tomorrow I'll have to go to Séverines birthday party, I don;t mind, but I don;t have a real connection with their family and friends, and those moments Heidi is much too busy with everyone, to be able to chat with me for a long time. So I think I will just stay for a little while and try to visit Heidi later next week. Sounds like a good idea to me.

So this is about all there is to tell, not really exciting, I know, still I am happy with that fact. I settle for even kind of boring, how lovely is that? And then wait till spring arrives and get busy outside, which is always good, when you can do that in nice temperatures and with some sunshine, and then suddenly all kind of little things happen again.
Till then, bare with me and to compensate you, LOL, I have a kit for you, named Missing Always.
Have a lovely weekend and see you later next week!
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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

February starts mellow.

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh yes, we still have good temperatures, all around 7-10 C daytime, nights around 5. and that is quite high for this time of year. Only thing that is a pity, is that we have lots of wind. But it will settle down till the end of the week(they say). Still there isn;t all too much too complain, is it?

The weekend went by very quiet, and I could say nice. I even got at some times busy in the house, LOL, and that is already a step forward. Oh, and i stopped with taking the stomach pills as of Friday and till now it all goes quite well. Only yesterday evening I had a little annoying feeling in the stomach, which only lasted for an hour or so.  May be I can go on without those pills, would be wonderful.

Very slowly I started on designing again. Oh, don;t get excited yet, I just made a few papers and elements, so it's still a long way to go to have a complete kit again, but hey, it's a start!
I am glad to know, that i am not the only one who has at times trouble to do some designing, It seems Arlene too has such a period, but whenever I send her a kit, she still makes the wonderful clusters! And on top of it she is suffering from a flu attack at the moment, poor girl! I told her to take it easy and first get rid of that flu and then perhaps think about making more clusters, if I have a kit ready.

It isnlt looking all to bright outside, it's a bit grey, although till now dry, but periods with strong wind. Hmmm, I think it will be best for me to do some shopping now, because later today they say it will be raining. Those forcasts aren;t always to accurate, but in case they are right this time I better get dressed and moving.
And then Jan can have another nap, because the workers in the appartment above us were busy long before 08.00 this morning with a d.........d machine that made a lot of noise. So we were awake and now nobody seems to do anything anymore(or they left). Thank you very much. As Jan is going to bed very late, he is kind of a nightowl, he could do with a couple of hours more sleep.

I have some wonderful clusters and a quickpage from Arlene, made with The Past Remembered kit.
Have fun with them, have a lovey day.


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Friday, January 29, 2016

Happy Birthday to my Jan!

Goodmorning everybody!
Yes, today it is Jan's birthday and now we have the same age again LOL!
No big party and such, he has to go to his volunteerwork, but I will make him smething nice for his dinner, that can be warmed up in the oven.

I am in doubt, if I should go out today. There is a rather stormy wind blowing, but on the other hand I could do with some fresh veggies and such from the market. And I don;t think tomorrow is an option, as they say it will be raining plus windy.
So, may be I'll go early this morning, having still the best of the day and make it quick.

Last week I was rather busy around here, doing some laundry, some ironing, vacuumcleaning, well, you know, the usual things. But they have to be done and it went all quite well, I must say.
And I spent time in the kitchen, which is kind of therapyfor me at the moment LOL. I like trying out recipees I saw on tv, or read somewhere and often they turn out not bad at all. And Jan eats practically all I make, isn;t that a wonderful man? He doesn't give much comment, but I can tell if he likes it or not. just by looking at him and if he has a left over or not. hahahaha.  It's only when it is really not tasty at all, that sometimes he tells me that.

One afternoon I was for a while in the city, just spend a lot of time looking around, didn;t buy much, but I found a little present for Séverine's birthday. So next Saturday some  friends and family will gather for a while to celebrate. Jan will not go with me, because he has to work, but I already explained that to Heidi, and of course she understands.
I think I will end this post now, and hop into some clothes and hurry to the market, before the weather gets really unpleasant.
Here a new kit, named The Past Remembered. 
Have a lovely weekend and stay safe and healthy!
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Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It's going better with me again.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, after a few unpleasant days, I think I am back on my feet again.
Oh, how I hate it when I have such a low-mood.
One thing surely helped and that was the weather. In the weekend we had periods with sunshine, grey-covered skies, even rain but oh boy temperature was around 8C and that is good. Yesterday it was even better with about 12-14 C and sun and blue sky.
For now the whole week will be around 7-8-9 C and no frost in sight. Hoorray!!!

Yesterday I was on the phone with the sity council to try to clear up a few things, but it ended up in me having to copy over again all kind of papers and send it to them. Well, I did so, it is on it's way and I hope all will be cleared up now. This is soooo frustrating. with one push on a computer button they can see your whole file with everything they want, but no, we have to send copies of the same things over and over again. Pfffff, it is no fun.

But i did that yesterday early morning, so the rest of the day I could turn around a switch and think of something else. What did i do? not too much LOL. after i had all the papers copied, I went home, prepared the whole bunch with id-numbers and underlighning etc. and Jan took it to the mailbox.
He went on for a walk and went into city centre and around, bought some Chinese quick soup and was away almost all afternoon. I stayed home, prepared all for dinner and watched a Father Brown mystery on the BBC. It all felt good.
Dont know yet what i will do today. May be I will go to town, and then I can look around for a little present for Séverine, who will have her 14th birthday soon.
Might be a good idea, the weather looks good enough.

Upstairs they are still busy with the renovating. Pffff, it takes some time, I must say. I think they really ripped the whole place and are rebuilding it again. Some days are very annoying, when they make a lot of noise, and specially when that starts already at 8.00 in the morning. But one day we had it quiet, last Sunday!.

The garden looks a bit sad now, although we have some little hardy flowers. Just a couple but they hold on LOL. Porbably because of the soft weather. I saw on the news, that here and there the crocus were blooming already and that is very early!

I have a freebie for you today. it's the clusters from Arlene, made with the A Men's world kit.
Have a lovely day, stay safe and healthy!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

An off day and creeping up again LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

Our weather is rather cold, but here in the west part we still cannot complain too much. We have some frost, but in the North-East they had a couple of days of serious frost(around -10C night) and there even was a first competition on natural ice there.
Porbably this night we will have again a cold night but if all forecasts are right in the weekend it will be lots better, meaning no more freezing and temps around 6 or perhaps more at daytime. How wonderful sounds that????

Monday I wasn;t feeling all too good, not that I felt sick, but my mood was low and got lower towards the end of the day. It was a real bad day, an off-day as you could say. It just sometimes happens, and don;t ask me how. it's just that all things big and small, little problems, larger issues, worries about all kind of things just heap up and suddenly all seems so very difficult and gloomy and terrible and for a moment you just don;t see any solution or ray of light.  Lucky me I got rid of it pretty soon, although it lingered still a bit yesterday.
So don;t worry, I am not having some break down or burn out, just a bad day.
Oh well, yesterday I was much better already and went out to do some shopping, catching some fresh air(it was rather cold than fresh LOL), but it was good for me.

Jan went yesterday to a check up appointment with his doctor for his vains and such and he did a little test and all was really looking good. So if nothing strange happens, it isn't necessary for Jan to have another appointment with him. That is not too bad news, is it?

I think it is time for me to have a sandwich, then i can take my pill for my stomach(going a lot better, perhaps somewhere next week i can stop with it, I hope), and then may be go out for a moment. or I'll wait a bit longer, it seems to be raining a little at the moment.
There might be enough launry in the machine to turn it on, and in the afternoon I will watch a Father Brown mysterie on he BBC, amongst other things .

I have a freebie for you, named A Men's world.
Have a wonderful day, till next time.
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Friday, January 15, 2016

I fear winter creeps in!

Goodmorning everybody!

It looks gloomy outside, it is raining and greay. Not my kind of weather. and slowly it seems that winter comes into our country. Most of it is in the North and east of Holland, till now, and I hope most of it will stay there.
But temps are down and we reach no more than about 2-3 C at daytime. Not too much hey?
Oh well, we'll see how far it will go and how long it lasts.
I feel sorry for Jan though today, as he has to go to his volunteerjob and it looks very wet outside. May be it will be better to take the tram for once. It's no fun to arrive at the elderly home, completely soakded, is it?

It was a quiet week here, despite of the upstair neighbour having his house renewed.  must say the guys working there don;t make too much noise, specially in the mornings.
I wonder how long it will take to renovate the appartment.

One day this week I just couldn;t figure out what to do. Do you have that same feeling once in a while too? There are lots of things you can do, but none of them seem to appeal to you, you are just feeling a bit bored and walk every now and then through the house(for nothing), then sit for a while and watch tv without enjoying it etc. It is awful to experience! It doesn;t happen often to me, but this week I had such a day.LOL.
Wednesday I went to the market and I was lucky with the weather. Just had one little and short rainshower to enndure and that was already on the way back home. I bought us some veggies for really almost nothing and I have enough in the fridge for at least 1 1/2 week I think.
The last few weeks I am kind of hooked to a cooking program on the BBC, it is James Martin Home Comforts. He gives some real nice recipees that aren;t always to complicated. I just love the way he talks you through, and every time you also get an inside look of some special home farmers and such, which is really interesting. and I just enjoy watching cooking programs, I can;t help myself.

How about my stomach trouble? That is going better and better. Nonetheless I called the doctor yesterday to ask him, if I could stop abruptly with the pills iif I wanted. He asked if it was all gone, I said"well, not yet completely"and he gave me some more of the pills. He told me to take them for another week or may be two and then if all went well, I could stop with them. If not better, I should visit him again. So let's hope that stupid stomach comes to rest and that soon I won;t need to take those pills anymore.

Now it is about time to have a sandwich and make some coffee and then wake up Jan. Yes, I let him sleep long the days he has to work, I think he needs that.
Then later I will prepare some meatballs, that jan can have with a sandwich when he comes home this evening. I am not sure yet what i will have for dinner, but one thing is certain: it has to be something quick and simple! ROFL.

Today I have the clusters and quickpage from arlene for you, made with the From past to Present kit.
Oh, I even was busy for a moment on a new kit this week, wow! I finished it(just took a few elements to complete it) and I am halfway the preview. So I think it will be uploaded and ready somewhere this weekend.

Have a wonderful day and weekend and stay healthy!
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Monday, January 11, 2016

A year goes by faster than we know.

Goodmorning everybody!

Already 11 days into the new year! Gosh, almost cannot keep up with it .
ooking back onto the year 2015,  think it wasn't the best of years for us. Jan two times surgery, me in hospital with sever pneumonia, than several really heavy leakages from the neighbours, some other difficulties and nasty things that popped up, I am glad the year is over.
Now all we have to do is cross fingers for a better year LOL!

I had a nice birthday on friday, very relaxed I can say,  thank you for all the good wishes, they brought a smile onto my face.
At the moment, our upstairs neighbour seems to renovated the whole appartment, which is nice of him, but now we have to live with several weeks of hammering, sawing and such noises above our head. I must say till now they try to do as quiet as possible. Hope it will not last for too long, I am getting a bit itchy, every time this neighbour is working in the house, because often we got trouble afterwards ROFL.

Weather here is still not really bad, weekend was almost dry, temperature still is around 7 C. But it might go down later this week. The weather forcast guy isn't yet completely sure about it, but it might happen that we get to 2 or even 0 C with a bit of wet snow or something.
Let's hope he will be wrong. But it can happen that in February and March we suddenly will have real winter. Not that I am looking forward to that, no, not anymore.
When I was a child, I did like to have some snow and winter weather(but also not too much), but now that I get older, I am less and less happy with winter weather. I wonder why?

I am not yet really into kit designing gear again. That will comeback I am sure and I am glad I made a few kits in advance. So I can offer you a freebie today, a kit named  "From Past to Present".
as you might have noticed I did change my bloglayout. Well, I had too, cannot let the Christmas layout stay on for ages, is it?
Later today I will go out for a moment ( kind of hibernated this weekend in my fluffy housewear, sooooo wonderful LOL), it is time to get some fresh air and have a walk. Must keep the muscles moving from time to time!
Have a lovely day.

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