Sunday, May 19, 2019

Young life of Spring

Goodafternoon everybody!

Short weather report: on and off weather, meaning days with temps of ca. 13C, little rain, sometimes a day with sunshine and suddenly temperatures around 20C, like yesterday, but today it is again greyish, less warm and next week will be a  bit of everything, some rain, mostly cloudy, temperatures not higher than may be 16C. Not the kind of weather I want for the second half of May.

I told you we have a pair of blackbirds with a nest in our garden. Last week we found a youngster in the garden, still little, perhaps fallen out of the nest. we tried to put it back in the ivy near the nest but that didn;t work. The parents however tried to feed it on the ground, but two days later Jan found it dead in the garden. Probably it was still to tiny and the nights were rather harsh.
But.... they had another and we found that one too in the garden a few days later. Yet this one was much fatter and was also fed by both parents, as far as we could see. It was going around in our garden, finding all the time great hiding places.
Unfortunately we lost track of it so we don;t know if it is still alive. I do hope so.
It is possible, because we see the two parents searching for food in our garden(I give them bread crumbs and some tiny apple pieces) and going somewhere with it. So may be this youngster will survive. I do have a photo of it, when it was sheltering near our patio where Jan was sitting.
Isn;t it sweet????

I also have some photos of our garden, specially of two new plants I bought.
First one is a Convulves, it will grow to about 60 cms. and it should flower all summer right to october!
Then I also bought us a bush or little tree, I think it will grow more into a amsll bush, it is named an Acer palmatum, and if all is well and it survives, in autumn it will color into orange or dark red color(the leaves, of course)
Now it is still very small, I hope you can see it well on this photo:
And as last I have a photo of a Petunia" Millionbells". I love the two colors on it.

So as you would think, I spend a bit of time in the garden, and yes, a little bit I did. Very relaxing, I must say.
But there were also the usual things that took my time, of course.
On the bright side I can tell that by natural way Jan already produced two tiny little stones, so he was wondering if it still would be necessary to go to hospital tomorrow for the crushing operation. Well, I told him we are going, and we can show the doctor the stones. Still I think they will do the crushing, I don;t think all bits are already gone from the uteris.
so tomorrow we will have to get up very early in the morning, because we have to be at the appointment at 08.45!! Gosh, it will be hard to wake up at may be 07.00 already! We aren;t used to that anymore LOL!

Yesterday I did a favour to my friend Heidi. Yes, In the afternoon I went to her house to take a walk with the little dog. The family was on a day out and she asked me if I could do the walking. I did so and the dog was happy and Heidi too. I was lucky that it was nice weather yesterday, and after I did the job, I walked to the city center(about 15 minutes walk from her house) and did visit a couple of stores and aftern an hour or so I went home with the tram.
and by then I was real happy to have a seat with a cup of tea!

Oh, did any of you by chance watched the Eurovision songcontest on Saturday?
We did, because we had a singer there representing our country, Duncan Laurence(I think I already posted a link to his song last week?????)
Anyway, he did win the contest! At first it didn;t seem to happen but he got a lot of votes of the televoting public! We didn;t win that contest for a very long time, the last one was, I believe in 1975!
So congratulations to Duncan.
(If you would like to hear some of the song it will be easy to find on the net)

Well, I think I take my leave now, not without presenting to you some lovely clusters from Arlene, made with the Cozy Home kit.
Then cross your fingers for Jan, that after tomorrow Jan will be without any little stones, and that it will stay that way too. (He will have his control appointment in two weeks time, then we will know more).
I wish everybody a very good week, with some real nice weather!
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Sunday, May 12, 2019

My creativity is far away at the moment!

Goodafternoon everybody!

We have not really bad weather, although it is still too cool for the time of year.
Nevertheless we can sit in the garden at moments, because the sun is shining and doing its best! It is the wind that makes it colder.
But later this week temps will rise slowly but almost sure to around 17-18C, which is already a lot better. Wind is changing from direction, which is a good thing too.

How is it with Jan? Well, he has at least no painful cramps anymore, (as far as I know!), and he had to go to the urologist on Thursday. Unlucky there was no possibility for an appointment in "our"hospital, which is easy to reach with the tram and also near. He had to go to another hospital which is about half an hour ride with the tram. He didn;t like it , but hey, there was no other option.
They were so nice to plan taking a photo of the belly and so before the doctor's appointment, all in the same hospital.
And it came out that a little stone is still sitting in the uteris, and not coming out by natural way, so on the 20th of May Jan will have to go to hospital where they will crush the stone and then the crushed material will have to leave the body by natural way.
Hopefully it will go quick and after a little while all will be gone.
First however he will have to make a heart echo tomorrow, that because of the fluid he is retaining in his under legs. It isn;t that much but also not the way it should be.
Alltogether he isn;t having the best of time at the moment. I am already glad he hasn't the pains now, and all things that you do at the WC are going rather okay, so that is something good.

With all this going on I am not feeling very creative at the moment. I should do some designing, I guess, but nothing is coming out of my hands at the moment.
So I am very sorry to have to say to you that i don;t have a download for you today. This didn;t happen very often I think in the past years, anyway not for too long. And I do hope to have something ready for you next week, we'll see how things go. I do feel kind of guilty, you know. I have some lack of energy and if I have some I need to spend it on the daily stuff, like some grocerie shopping and a bit of caring for the house like dusting or cleaning or vacuum cleaning, well, all that.

But we do have lots of pleasure from our new tv. It is such a diffence with the old one! And how fantastic is it not having to worry about turning the tv on and out anymore(because we didn;t know if we could turn the old one on LOL).

It still is nice weather at the moment so I think I will have a moment in the garden with a cup of tea. And of course later I will make our dinner, I will make self made french fries(yummie), with chicken satay and some salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumber, salad and some apple.

Hopefully we will have a week without any stressing events, no sudden health issues for Jan especially.
If all goes as it should we might still have a good summer to come, ROFL.
Stay safe and take care of yourselves.

Sunday, May 05, 2019

We had quite a week!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Weather report: not all too good weather, although there is some sunshine every now and then. But the temperatures aren;t great, just may be 10C-12C.
Could be that later next week we will have again some rise in temperature, to around 15C.
Not yet something to take a hoorray jump in the air, but already better than noww.

Gosh we had quite a week! The week started rather well, Jan feeling already much better, but somewhere Tuesday evening he started to have some trouble in the tummy again, again with some painful cramps and so (but no obstipation, like the other time). It hold on the next day so I didn;t hesitate too long and called for the doctor the next morning. It was a pity that our doctor was on a week;s holiday so we got the "replacement"doctor(seemed to be the same doctor of my friend Heidi and she told me he was a very good one, some luck you do need to have).
doctor came Thursday afternoon, examined Jan and said that we should call him right next morning if situation wasn;t any better. It wasn;t so I had to go over to his office to get a letter for first aid at the hospital.
We went there and Jan was scanned etc. and after being there from around 10.30 morning to 15.00 afternoon we heard that there wasn;t a twisting in the intestines or something else there, which already was a relief.
Then came the urologist and told us that Jan had two tiny little stones in the ureter causing that pain etc.
She gave him some medication for it to widen the ureter and hopefully the stones would comes out "naturally". He also got some pain medication in case the pain was too much. He will have an appointment next week for a new scan to look if the stones have gone and also an appointment for the urologist.
He also has to go to hospital a day earlier to give a bloodsample. 
All together not the best of weeks, you can imagine.!
On top of it all out tv died out. Well, almost. If we wanted to switch it on it wouldn't do that, we had to wait for an hour or so to try again and if we were lucky we would have again image on tv. 
This happened a bit too early in the year to be honest, we knew our tv was a very old one, but hoped it would hold on for a few months more. 
Well, it didn;t, I think it was a case of Murphy's law here.
So we decided to buy us a new one. we planned that for Saturday.
I already saw it would be very hard for Jan to go to the shop, so I asked help from a friend, asking if he could drive us to the shop and back and help us if necessary with carrying the tv. It was no problem.
On Saturday morning he came but Jan felt so awefull, that I went alone with our friend. He suggested to go to a shop where he often goes for a tv or kitchen stuff like an oven or so and he was very pleased about the queality and specially about their service. It was very close to our house, so of course we went there.
I found a good tv, may be a little over bidget but still not expensive, really.
But now we had to get it home and install it. Here comes the fantastic bit.
Our friend told the owner of the shop he advised me coming there because of their great service and he asked if there would be a possibility that the tv was delivered at my home and still that very day!!!
And guess what??? They did so!! So I payed the tv, we went home, had a cup of coffee(Jan also was up again, still not well, but a little better). We didn;t see that friend for a long time, so we had a nice catch up chat.
At 3 in the afternoon two men came to deliver the tv and installed it completely with new cables etc. and installed the programms and so on.
All done in about half an hour I guess. It were very nice guys and patient and they explained all very well too.
I gave them a cup of coffee and afterwards a little tip, because I was soooooo
happy about that whole thing, and having the tv home at the same day, that was amazing! 
Oh boy, that new tv is so much better than the old one. This one has the new screen of course(is it LED???) and the screen itself is a bit larger than the old one and real clear, and good speakers in it, so we are happy with that at least.
Now we will have to wait and see what happens next week. Jan is feeling somewhat better, it differs a bit every hour. I am already glad if the stool is going more or less good, we don;t want another obstipation, do we?
He still has moment of sudden cramps and they hurt quite a lot. Lucky they hold on only for a few seconds, still it isn;t nice. I feel so sorry for him and also aweful because I cannot help him.
We njust have to adjust a bit our food for the next few days, better to try to eat some light digestive food.

Despite of it all I had a few moments I could finish a new kit for you. I would have loved to make more, but  don't have the quiet feel in my system that I need for that. Probably you will understand what I mean.
Still I am happy I can offer you a new kit, named it Cozy Home.
Okay, that is all for now, hoefully next week there will be more happy news.
Take care of yourselves and your loved ones!

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Sunday, April 28, 2019

Quiet week, including our Koningsdag

Goodafternoon everybody.

Weather here is a bit on and off you could say. last week with Easter we had terrific weather, last few days it was much less and colder again.

we had a quiet week, all together, which was a good thing. I caught up a lot of sleep, and all went well with Jan, so that was already good.
He now has to work again on his condition, that will be a slow job I guess, but never mind, as long as he can take little walks and can do some lighter jobs in the garden I am already happy.

Yesterday we had our yearly Koningsdag, the celebration of the birthday of our King Willem-alexander. Each year the family visits another town and it is always a fantastic thing.
Our princesses are growing, of course and the eldest, princess Amalia  has now 16 years. The second, princess Alexia 14 and the youngest princess Ariane 12.
We watched the visit on tv, and later, when it was over, we did go out for a moment. Although the weather wasn;t that good, it was windy and every now and then a rainshower, it was good to be outside for a while.
We went to city center, to perhaps visit a fairiwhich in the end we didn;t LOL), but we also visit a little flower fair and there i bought 3 plants for the garden, so for me it already was a success, hahaha.
We did make a little tour and then decided to take a cup of coffe to get warm again.
We took that in a tiny little coffee shop, and also had each a tosti ham and cheese. It tasted great and did us some good.
Then we decided to take the tram home again, because it wasn;t that pleasant outside. For dinner we had a very easy meal. I had a soup of brown beans with smoked sausage in it and it was tasty, easy, quick and filling. What do you want more?
I have a few photo's of the Royal Family of yesterday's celebration.

Then I have tried to make some photo's of the parakeets. It is not so easy, because i don;t have a very powerful zoomlens on my camera and teh parakeets don;t let you come too near of themm. But  have a couple and will keep trying to get some better ones.

 It is not much I can tell you more, only that today I don;t have a download for you, I feel terrible about it, but I just didn;t manage to finish the started kit this week.
I will have it ready for next week, so I hope you can forgive me.

I do wish you a fantastic day and week to come, hopefully with some really nice weather and not a lot of problems.
Take care of yourselves!

Monday, April 22, 2019

Beautiful weather for Easter!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Yes, we have some real beautiful days at the moment, with temps here at the coast of around 20-23C and lots of sun.
Pity that today it is a bit too windy, but hey, we shouldn;t complain for now.
It is a pity too that later this week temperature will drop considerably, something of 13-15C only. If we compare it with the weather now, it is a big difference.

Last week wasn;t a nice one. Filled with runds to the pharmacy, calls to the doctor, etc. Fron last Sunday evening on Jan had an obstipation trouble, which isn;t a nice thing to have. a few times he also threw up, although he didn;t eat anything. With his medical background I worry about those things a bit more than normal, so I called the doctor on wednesday morning and asked the assistant if the doctor could come by to check on Jan.
In the afternoon he came and after a check and some questions etc. he prescribed two tablets, that Jan should take in the evening, before going to sleep.
So I went to the pharmacy and in the evening he took the tablets and just at that moment he had to throw up so the tablets got out. Ghee, now we had to wait till next morning. I called the doctor again, explained and he came again the afternoon. He now prescribed an enema. It was one we could do ourselves. So again to the pharmacy. And in the afternoon we did the stuff and oh it started to work a little bit. Still, there was some light at the end of the tunnel.
Next morning called the doctor again to tell about the situation. He advised to do another enema that morning. and he even came over later to check, if it went better. And we were happy to say that slowly there was progress, he was happy about it too. Prescribed again the same pills from earlier that week, just in case. So I again to pharmacy.
But during the day Jan had more and more normal bowel movements(is that the right expression?), and he didn;t need to take the pills.
I am happy, that all seems to be quite normal again. He lost some weight, because for a few days he didn;t eat at all, I can imagine he didn;t feel like it.
Now we have to get him on his feet again, so to say.
You can imagine, I didn;t get much sleep for some days, and with all the running around etc. I was a little bit pooped out. perhaps even more by the feeling sorry and worrying than by other.
It is a good thing that just now we have this lovely weather, so Jan can be outside a bit, take in some sunshine etc.

What a story, isn;t it?
It took about all the time of this week, okay, I did some small things here in the house, did a bit of shopping, just the most necessary, and didn;t have much energy for anything else.

I really hope to have some nicer rambling next Sunday and that i will have a new kit for you.
I think I will sit for a little while in the garden, now that the weather is still nice.
And later hand some apple pieces in the rose arch for the parakeets.
Also some breadcrumbs for the blackbird family(they have two youngsters to feed).
For dinner I will make some lambs steak and self made french fries, possibly with a bit of salad and as dessert some strawberries with cream! Yeah, time of strawberries arrived, yummie!
Okay, I wish you a wonderful week and see you again next Sunday.
(and yes, I will check, if the post is published now LOL!)

Sunday, April 21, 2019

What a stupid thing(of me or Blogger?????)

Hello everybody

I didn't check my mail for a few days and today I read a mail from my friend Edna that she missed me last week on Blogger. So I quickly checked and it c ame out that my post of last week wasn;t published, was still in the "draft".
So I published it now and hopefully it will show.
I will try to be there with a new post tomorrow.
For now have a Happy Easter!!

Lovely days are in sight!

Goodafternoon everybody!

We had some rather cold days here, not really freezing, but quite some difference with a week ago. But.... there is light at the end of the tunnel.
Next week temperatures will go up day by day and we may reach even to 20C by the end of the week. WOW! Perhaps not right in our area, but it still could be around 17 or 18C which is already fantastic. And there isn't much rain expected, which is in one way nice, but for garden and field not the best. So probably we will have to water the garden here and there, specially the things in smaller pots, because the soil dries out quickly with the sun shining on them.
Although the temperatures weren;t that great, we had quite some sunshine and already seeing that makes you feel a bit better and yes, I couldn;t resist on buying a few plants already for the garden. It is a bit early for them to be planted out already but I take the chance. I bought some Busy Lizzy and some Petunia's and they bring already such color into the garden, even if they just fill a small space for now.

It was a quiet week, oh how wonderful to be able to say that, although there was kind of shocking news from an old friend. He had his birthday last Monday and i called him to pass him our birthdaywishes. He told us that just a few days before his car was stolen! It was just a small car, but for him more than enough and he used it quite a lot. He was really a bit down by that event.
He will get a little money from the insurance, but by no way the amount for a new car. He will have to wait several weeks before he will get the money and then he will have to look around for another car.
It isn;t as much the money he will have to spend on another car, he will be able to afford that, but more the fact he hasn't his car so looses more or less his mobility. But there was some light for him. A friend hurt her shoulder, so she cannot drive for a while and she lends him her car for now. Quite a nice gesture, isn;t it?

At the moment there are the European championships Gysmastics taking place in Poland, already from Thursday on I believe and today are again some individual finals to watch. I love to see gymnastics, there are some marvelous sporters there! May be we will be able to win one medal there on the horizontal bar, with our fantastic Epke Zonderland.I must keep an eye on the tv to take a seat on the couch when he makes his exercise(cannot see the screen from where I sit at the computer).

We have some more visits again from the parakeets, they kind of disappeared almost during winter! But this morning there were four of them, anjoying the apple I hung up in little nets.
And we have a blackbird that is coming around for food and I think he has a nest very close, may be even in the ivy, but I couldn;t detect it.
and every time Jan or I have done something in the garden, specially when planting or raking the soil, it is around just after to see if it can find some juicy worms or so.

Good, I will finish now, and have some beautiful clusters for you made by Arlene, with the kit The Poet's Hiding place.
Have a fantastic week, hopefully also with some nice weather.

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