Monday, September 22, 2014

Quiet weekend, but still accomplished some things

Goodmorning everybody.

Well, I think the nice weather has left us now a bit. Upcoming days temperature will drop drastically, to about 60,8 F. That's quite a change!
But we have something to look forward to also, cause by the end of the week it will go up again to around 66 or even 70 F.
Hmmm, I suppose we will have to get used to other temperatures slowly, fall is around the corner. I just hope we will have a mild and short winter.

I didn;t do anything in the garden yet, there are too many things flowering still, so I will have to wait to dig out the bulbs from the dahlia's. Perhaps it is time to look around for snails, before they can produce their eggs LOL.
I saw a tricj on a garden tv program, that might help. First is cover your soil with a thick layer of cocoa shells, but the other trick was more fun. Take a watermelon, cut it in half, then take out part of the centre and make some little triangles in the edge. Then place them with the flat cut side on the ground near plants that have to suffer from especially the naked snails. seems to work okay.

Jan is still having trouble with his leg, I think it hurts too much after almost two weeks now, still having trouble with too much fluid in ti, so I suggested he could make a phonecall to hospital, but I think he still wants to wait a bit. Don't know why not take a few minutes and probably have a reassuring answer, but he is har for himself and also kind of stubborn, what a combination LOL.
We;ll see how it will go this week.

Weekend was rather quiet, which I didn;t mind, I still managed to get a laundry done and even ironed some,
oh yes, Friday I gave the house a sweep with dustercloth and vacuumcleaner.
And in the evening I am still knitting, when watching tv. I am left with quite some left overs from different yarns, so I started to make some pillow covers, eveyr one will be in one color, may be with a little stripe or so in another, depending how much yarn I have of one color.
So when I used all up, my couches and chairs and where ever I can put a pillow on, will look rather happy with all pillows in different colors LOL.

Also gathered already some of the needed papers together, made already some copies, other ones will have to be copied today or tomorrow.
It's a shame how much cop[ies of paperwork you will have to send with an apllication form, cause a lot of the information on it, government and council already have in their archieves, or they can get it all from the tax office. It's double or triple work for what?

On Friday's we are hooked to the tv program The Voice of Holland again, and oh my, there were some really good and talented singers to hear! It always amazes me again, how many people are really talented in singing or playing an instrument. You get a bit picky during the course of the program, because the standard is rising every week.

I am still not able to upload any photo here, all to blame on me, because i didn;t upload the program yet onto my computer. It's no hard work, I know, but I just cannot get it started, perhaps because there are going round too many other things in my brain? All will be done one day, just like starting designing again, but I want to have all applications dealed with first, and want to have Jan in better health conditions too. On the last I cannot help a lot, it will be just a matter of time and having patience, the other will be also time consuming for a while, before they will be, hopefully, granted and running.

So bare with me for a little while longer, and suddenly I will have some freebies for you again, my head isn't ready yet for them.

During the day i will have to do some cooking, making meat for dinner, but it has to be on low heat on the stove for some hours, to get tender. So I better start with it early, when that is on the stove, I have time for other things, no idea yet what, but I certainly will find things to do.

Time to wish you all a wonderful day and see you again on Wednesday.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Received beautiful award

Goodmorning everybody!

How about Jan? well, it is going really slow, but it seems to be going a little bit better. still i think it will take longer than he might think, to fully recover and he will able to walk without problem. The right leg is giving him the problem. Okay, that is where his wound is, wound itself is starting to look better, but he still has a swollen underleg and foot there from time to time.
Also still hurting, but I cannot tell how much, he is not giving much info to me.
It will take patience from him and after another week, or may be two, it should go a lot better( I hope).

Yesterday I received a lovely surprise from my friend Edna. She gave me a beautiful award, the Butterfly Light award. Thanks Edna, you gave me butterflies all over my body LOL!
Rules are quite simple, but after thinking I find them hard to accomplish!

This award was originated by Belinda of Idiot Writing. The conditions for accepting the Butterfly Light award are:   First, link back to Belinda, then:

1.  Write an acceptance post, making sure you link back to the blogger who awarded you and thank them.   You may not add this award to a post with other awards.

2. Individually name and re-award a minimum of 1 and a maximum of 9.999,999 bloggers.  You must let them know either personally with a comment on their blog or a "pingback".

3.  Write a short paragraph that is entitled:   "How I'm Spreading Light" or "How I am a Positive Influence".

First blog is from Matt, from Mat's Memories. Busy lady, with a great and warm heart, specially for her furr babies(LOL), but also very caring for a lot of people. I think she sometimes forget to think about herself, but she always has a remark or sentence in her blogpost, that makes me smile. Really a special lady and then she also offers from time to time lovely freebies.

Second blog will be from Corrine, from Grandma's Sarge Musings, a lady I "met"not all too long ago via email, and is now a follower from my blog. I think she is a special lady, coping with a lot of health trooubles, but keeping up the spirit( and from time to time she says she is weening a bit, but everybody has the right to do that once in a while), despite of all she makes a lot of layouts, keeps busy, and just reading about her life gives me the courage to go on at hard times. She survives too, so why shouldn't I too.

Both ladies, as well as Edna, also have a special sense of humor, and I like that very much.

Now have to write about me, which is very hard. Why do  spread light or have a positive influence?
I really have no idea. perhaps by just telling about my life with its ups and downs, in which people can recognize situations and perhaps find some extra energy to cope with their problems, as they see I cope with them too, sooner or later!
Oh, I am not always walking around with a big smile, but after a while I just think about my parents, how they should cope with a problem, and as they did and found solutions, I should do that too.
I was lucky to have a warm and loving couple as parent, who opened their hearts and house for others, giving a helping hand if needed. And they always tried to find some humor in things, and that helps a lot.
And that's the example I have and try to live by it.

I hope it is enough about me LOL.
Time has fled a bit now, so I better finish now, have to do a couple of errands, must not forget to buy a cartridge for my printer, will have to print some things out soon, but Epson printers don;t work if one cartridge of the 4 is empty. Very annoying!

Still having nice temperatues here, next week they will drop some, but we probably shouldn't complain yet!
Must also find a bit of courage to start cleaning out the borders now in the garden, prepare it a bit for fall and winter, hmmmm, the willing is there, but actually the real energy is failing somewhat.
Never mind, it will be done in time.
Can you imagine that I have to water the garden ? Last weeks we had so little or no rain at all, and perhaps next week some rain might fall, but at the moment some containers and parts of the flower borders are rather dried out!

That's all folks, we'll see if there is anything to tell on Monday.
Till then have a lovely day and weekend.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

"New governmental year"has started.

Goodmorning everybody!

Not too much to report about Jan. still walking very difficult which will be the case for longer time, I think.
But the would seems to be healing, although very slowly. He said he has less leaking from it, but still needs a proper bandage and such on it.
I will take a look at it today, as I have to help him a bit in changing it.

Yesterday we had our "Prinsesdag"again, which is the start of a new year in parliament.
Then the ministers present their plans for next year and on, our King reads the throne speach, a summary of the plans, and I pity him a bit, because he has no real influence on the content, but has to read it out loud, wether it is good or bad news.
Our queen Maxima had again a gorgeous outfir, and the weather was outstanding for the ride in the Golden Coach.  This year it was celebrated the 200 years of excistance of Prinsjesdag. I have found some photos, for you with Maxima on it.

Then, with the reading of the tjrone speach, all ministers and members of parliament are in the Ridderzaal.
And it always fun to see what creations the women wear, specially their hats.
Found a summary of them for you to watch, a couple of them had good taste, but there are some who had no good advice, or simply didn´t take it LOL.

Here a selection, not only from ministers and memebers of parliament, but also other officials that were invited.
Have fun watching them!

Already I am looking forward to our dinner today. We are having mussels today, just simply cooked and there will be one or two sauces, and some french bread with herb and garlic butter. Yummie!!!
just have to out today to fetch me fresh french bread, oh and must not forget to buy the new tv program guide for the next two weeks.

Did just a little bit of work in the garden yesterday, had to cut away branches from the ivy, before they will overgrow all. Our dahlia´s still are blooming at the full, gosh, those bulbs were a good buy.
Jan gave one of the frogs in our pond a name yesterday, Napoleon, LOL!
Ever so nice, but I am not sure i will recognize him(or her) later again. All the frogs have a bit different look, but it is hard to keep them apart ROFL.
He also noticed the return of some great tits, they spotted the little feeder I have, now Jan cannot wait till he is well enough to finish the bigger feeder and then we can watch the birdies also from the room.

That´s all for today again
Have a wonderful day and stay safe!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Very slowly looking to be on the mend

Goodmorning everybody!

It looks if Jan's wounds are a bit on the mend. He is still loosing some wound-fluid, and walks around(well, if he walks) with some extra bandage and even little towels around it, to catch it.
His left leg is behaving very well, no pain there, but the right one is still causing some trouble.
The leg is still swelling from time to time, too much fluid, but, very slowly, seems to go better.
The wound there is still hurting from time to time, and has to be looked after well.
Finally persuaded him to sit on the couch or chair, with a little bench in front of him, covered with a pillow, and then he can put his leg on it. I think it helps and gives his leg and the wound more rest.
The surgeon said it would take 2 or 3 weeks to heal completely, before he could walk again without trouble.
He will just have to "sit"it out, I guess.
But he walks around in the house every now and then, to keep the "household inside his leg"working.
Trying not to fuss too much, it makes him nervous LOL!

I think today will be a good day for him, to sit for a while in the garden, temperatures will go up all week, and quite some sunshine is expected too. Not very much rain, lately, so perhaps it will be a good thing that I water the garden somewhere today.
Still having tomatoes from our plants, although they are heading to their end. Gosh, we had a good crop from them. And they are tasty too!
Must have them next year again.

Not started yet on the designing, I think I just have not the quiet mood for it yet. And this week we also have to dig in a lot of paperwork and letters have to be written and such, all to council and health security benefit offices, Yak, hate that but has to be done.

That+s about all that is going on here now, but first issue now is to have Jan better and healed, then other things are on the list.

Wishing you all a wonderful day, you deserve it, for leaving me all those uplifting comments.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Good news.!

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, the last couple of days were some strange ones, but I visited Jan every day, of course and saw he was getting better every day.
Tuesday he had to lay still and flat, had a bit of fever and they gave him a pressure bandage on his leg, cause the wound was leaking a bit.
Lucky for him, he had television , so he could watch a bit and pass time with it.
Yesterday I already was all surprised when I came into his room, he was dressed in his jogging trousers and had his sweater on and he had been up already, mobilized as they say.
So he wanted to go downstairs, to the coffee corner with me, and walking slowly he managed it.
Oh, it was soooo good to see him do that.
And we thought he might be send home friday, but just when i wanted to start a post here, there was a ticking on the window and I saw Jan standing there.!
They released him already today, yippee!!!
Of course i was a bit cross with him that he came alone with the tram(although it is very near the hospital and very near to our house), but i was soooooo happy to see him home again!
Now all has to mend and he will have to be careful of course in the next few days. If he should have a leaking again, he has to go immediately to the hospital, if all goes well, soon he will have a call for an interview and control there.
I think i will be doing better too, now that I have him around again. Must keep an eye on him, of course, that he takes it easy, and such,
well, this is the news for today, I think it is enough and very happy too.
All your thoughts and prayers helped in this, I am convinced of it! Thank you!
Now i will have to do some things here, also do small shopping task and then I can prepare later dinner for two again.
Have all a wonderful day!

Monday, September 08, 2014

Little update


Just got a call from the hospital, from the surgeaon himself, that Jan's operation went well, he is now in the 'recovery room" he will be rbought to his room later this afternoon or early evening, so I think i can make a quick visit around 7.00 p.m. this evening
a day has a lot of long hours when you are waiting for a phonecall, so I trief to keep a bit busy with little things, and now I am already more quiet, after the phonecall.
As soon as I know a bit more, I will let you know.

Friday, September 05, 2014

Monday will be a bit nervous day.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday afternoon we got the phonecall from the hospital to tell us the time Jan has to be there, and we will have to get up early. He is expected to be there at 09.00 a.m. and when I asked if they could tell the tim of operation, they said it should be around 10,00 or 10.30 a.m.
Wow, i think we will not sleep a lot the night before.
But this gives us time to gather all things Jan will have to take with him in the weekend.
Then of course, as always, all comes at the same time.
In the mail yesterday we got a lot of envelopes with paperwork to read and fill in for the health service stuff,
they surely know when to send it, don´t they?
We will have to be rather quick in doing so, but first we will have to concentrate on Monday and the days after, and then we will see further. One thing at a time, I say.

Last couple of days weather was nice, and at the moment it looks it will be going on. Nice.
I didn;t make photos yet in the garden, also first have to install the program disk on the laptop, to be able to import the photos of the camera.

Be happy with me LOL. Jan sent away an email yesterday all by himself to his doctor. She wanted to know the hospitalization day ( think she will try to visit him).
Jan is trying out things almost every day, so slowly he will feel more comfortable on his laptop(but it will take still time and a lot of patience of me, which i don;t have much at the moment). Yes, you can giggle about it. but it isn't easy to explain, so many things are so easy and like a habit on the computer now, but for him it is a whole new world and experience.

Almost finished a blanket I was making, i will make a photo of it, it will be a present for Heidi, for letting us have the laptop, and just being good friends.
When that is finished, i will have to take at hand some projects started, better first get them finished and then we can think about something new.

ladies, may be i will not post on Monday, it depends a bit on how things go, etc. so don;t worry if there isn;t a post, I will let you know soon as possible how the operation went and such.

Have a wonderful weekend.