Sunday, February 17, 2019

Looks like springtime here!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Yes, it really looks and even at daytime it feels like a bit of Spring here.
We have sunshine, almost no wind and temperatures can go up to around 13-15C!!! Middle of this week it will drop a tiny bit, but it seems to go up again towards next weekend.

You can really see it in the garden, that temperature is going up(although at night we still have temps around zero!), everywhere I see sprouts of the bulbs coming up, snowdrops are blooming and it is such a good feeling! Hopefully we will not have a teriible weather dip in March or April!

Last Tuesday I went to the echografy and the doctor there told me right away he couldn;t see anything abnormal so that already was a relief! Now i have to go to the internist on this Tuesday to hear about the results of the gastroscopie. I still have at times a not nice feeling in the tummy area, but after a while it disappears again. So I have no idea what causes it, but it still is annoying to say the least.
Well, we'll know perhaps more in a few days.

I don;t know if it is because of the nice weather, but Jan suddenly became rather active. He washed the large curtains at the back and also cleaned the windows there(in and outside!). Wow, I was amazed(also a bit worried, because he has really to take care of his back, he must not strain his back too much!
But okay, he felt good about it. Then he also started to sow several seeds, some of them already are showing a tiny little thing of green above the soil!
Some of the pots in the mini greenhouses are already standing outside, because of the great temperatures at the moment. But also some of them are still in the room, they need warmer temperatures.
We;ll see how many of them will come to bloom. Every year it is a suprise.

Oh, I am proud of myself too! I made an important phonecall to the taxoffice, to get an answer for a question that could be important. Okay, it took me about 1 1/2 hour on the phone( can you believe that????), but at the end I got my answer, pfffffff. I must say that everybody I got on the line was very nice and helpfull in their own way. They only once ut me through to a completely unnecessary(read: wrong) departement but after some putting thourgh to different collegues I finally arrived at the right department and got what I wanted. I needed it for the taxes, and  now i could send all the papers to my accountant, which I did just yesterday!
Wow, now I only have to phone him next week, for a little thing and then the accountant can do his work. Whoopee!

I promised myself today a quiet day, and so it will be, LOL!
Still I did one more job today, and that was cutting Jan's hair. It was really needed, there was no coupe in it anymore, way too long and messy! Now he looks much better again.

I even managed yesterday to finish and upload a new kit for you. I named it Idyllic Day. And I hope to make another one this week, but somehow I seem to lack time and when there is some time for it I lack the energy, or inspiration. A problem which is difficult to solve, but we will, at a time, hahaha.
Time to end this post now and have a cup of tea I think.
Wishing you a wonderful week.
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Monday, February 11, 2019

Here I am already

Hello you all!

Yeah, couldn't live with myself that I didn;t post the download yesterday. Might be silly, but hey, we have to go on and not backwards.
So after I did the grocerie shopping early afternoon I made the preview and uploaded the clusters from Arlene from the A moment of delight kit,so here they are.
Weather looks okay here, but outside it just doesn;t feel yet all too warm. Has to do perhaps with the wind coming from the wrong side.
Still the sun is shining and that's making up somewhat for the really fresh temperature.
Have a nice day, till Sunday.
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Sunday, February 10, 2019

Had the gastroscopie, don;t know yet much

Goodafternoon everybody!

I had the tummy check this Friday, but I don;t know yet much. Seems they didn;t find anything worrying, so no immediate action is necessary.
Still the doctor wants to do an echo of my belly or tummy, that will be this Tuesday and then  have an appointment for the doctor next Wednesday to hear about the results. Probably it all will be not too serious(so I hope), but as long as I don;t know something I feel restless and not at easy and the mind osn;t very peaceful and quiet. I am not really worried, but the not knowing exactly is giving me the restlessness. Must say that in general I have less trouble with the tummy, although it isn;t to usual yet. so we'll see what it is about next week.

Weather here isn;t too bad, although we had two days with almost storm(I don;t like that), today it is raining but next week we will have quieter weather, with even nice temperature of around 9-10C daytime, and more chance on sunshine too.
You can tell the weather is rather "soft", because the snowdropps are already blooming in the garden and for a week or two already we have bulbs that show their heads above the soil, most of them are daffodils.
Jan already started growing some seeds for coming Spring, we have two little greenhouses standing in the living room at the moment.
The seeds need some warmth so they stay in front of the radiator.
Some are already sprouting!!

I have bad news for you though. i didn;t found the energy to make a preview and download for this week from Arlene's clusters.
On top of it for two days suddenly my mouse seemed to have some working trouble, or perhaps it was to blame on Firefox, but every time after a little while my mouse wouldn;t move anymore, very annoying.
But I will try to do something about the download and may be post it later on in a tiny post.
Depends a bit on how I feel this week, if I can get over that restlessness, because I know that isn;t good for me, but what can I do about it?

I hope you all have a great week, and that everybody stays safe.

Sunday, February 03, 2019

Finally tummy check is near.

Goodafternoon everybody!

First a bit about our weather. We had some snow, really just a bit, nights few degrees of frost, daytime just above zero. But.... this week, if all goes well, we might reach at daytime already around 7C and nights real cool but above zero too! Isn;t that wonderful?
And if you look well at the trees and bushes you might already see the start of buds and here and there a tiny, tiny leaf coming to life.

Yes, end of this week, on Friday, I finally  can go to hospital for the gastroscopie. Hopefully they find the issue causing this stomach trouble(although it is much less than some weeks ago). Of course we hope it is just a small thing and perhaps they can fix that, or tell me what to do, so I have less trouble. we'll see, cross fingers and have good faith. More we cannot do at the moment, LOL.

The same day Séverine, my friend Heidi's daughter, will have her birthday, she already will be 17 years old! Gosh, I still see her somehow as the little girl, that brought us our rings at our wedding!!
She will not have a big birthday party(perhaps next year when she will have 18), she liked to go out for a dinner with the grandparents and I can understand it. May be she will do something with her friends too, I don;t know.
so I don;t know if I can visit her(my appointment is at 11.45 morning), but I will send her at least a nice card and we'll see how it goes at the day.

We had a quiet week, all together, although there always happen things you aren;t waiting for, hahaa. For example a few days ago we had some trouble with the broadcast of the tv.  The images had a kind of hickup at times, or some stations didn;t show up at all. All not pleasant. During that day and evening it went from not nice to worse. First I though it might have something to do with our tv(it is almost a pensionado, but it has to hold on a bit, not yet really the money for a new one), but in the morning I called the company and there was a malfunction somewhere at the lines or the server. But later in the morning all worked again well, what a relief.

I am surprised at times, how customer-unfriendly some companies are!! I have a bankaccount at another bank than the one I have my day-to day stuff. I need an annual overview for the tax-declaration.
My usual bank just sends it to me somewhere in January, no problem.
he other, however not. So I called them to ask if they could send me a printed overview, because I have no working printer.
No, that wasn;t possible. The account was a on-line product and I could download a PDF with the overview.
"Yes, I know", I said, "but I just haven;t the possbility to print it out and I need it for my accountant, who does the tax declaration and I want to send him all papers in one batch". Well, I could speak long or short, they just didn;t want to do it. I wonder why it is such a big trouble??? On top of that they have the overview ready about the end of February(which is rather late). All the other things i need for the accountant I have together around latest half of February. Then I can send it to him and he can send the taxdeclaration stuff to taxoffice somewhere in March. How sooner you send it the sooner, if you're lucky, you have the return payment on your bankaccount(if it is done quick somewhere end of June).
Because of that stupid bank  have to wait for all longer than normally.
So I decided to change that account to my usual bank(if they have that special service for that more specialized account) as soon as possible. And if my own bank cannot do that, I will find another that is more customer friendly, I am sure! Can you gather that I am a bit pissed off???????

So we always have to deal with tiny or small issues during a week, some not so bad, some playing at times at your nerves, but it will all end well in the end(most of it does).

Then the nice thing was Jan's birthday this week. Thanks for the wishes for him. It was a normal day, but I made him a tasty meal, he had some birthday phonecalls from some friends and family, so all was well. Now we are again of the same age, till next year.
Unbelievable we are 66. Might not seem old to some of you, but for me it is a strange idea. It has to settle yet in my brain. As I said ofter, in the mind we feel still 20 years younger, but the body at times tells us other things, Quite annoying sometimes, but we have to deal with it in the best way we can, that's all.

Okay, not much more to ramble about, so time for the freebie. I have a kit for you, named it A Moment of Delight.
And I started already this week with a new one, so you see I am trying to keep up, LOL!
Have a wonderful week, stay all safe, because  saw that in some parts of the world the weather is really nasty.

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Sunday, January 27, 2019

We had some snow and cold here!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Oh, the snow and some ice finally arrived in our country, and do i tell you this with a big smiel on my face????? NO, NOT AT ALL!
But..... it didn;t last for very long. We had about two days of snow, not all too much, just a couple of centimeters(at least here at the coast) and some freezing nights.
However, yesterday and today the temperatures suddenly came up to around 6-7C, weven at night just no less than 5C! So that isn;t too bad.
Next week it will drop again a bit, but only at night it will be freezing around -3C, and at daytime temperature will rise above zero, to perhaps +3C, still not too bad.
Nasty thing is that later today in our part of the coast there might be quite a heavy storm for a few hours. I do hope it will not be too fierce and that it will blow not for a long time.
On the other hand we still shouldn;t complain too much, we didn't have really cold weather till now and almost no snowfall, quite different to e.g. Austria where they had snowfall in a few hours to around 2 meters high! And that for several days along!
And also in other parts of the world winter had knocked heavily on the door.
But I notice that with every year I get older, I am more against freezing and snow than I used to be.

This year lots of prices have gone up, and not with just a few euro, but with tens of euros. Like energy cost, for example. We pay a certain amount every month and they have raised it with around 33 euro's per month! That is quite a raise( and we still have to hope we will not use too much so that we don;t have to pay an extra amount when we get our year bill!) Then the government also raised the taxes with 3% on all kind of groceries, so mostly all the shopping you will be doing(and specially the daily or weekly things you need) will be more expensive, Then the health insurance has gone up with around 10-15 euro per month, and then I am not speaking about all kind of taxes of city council, provincial taxes etc.
Okay, government has lowered a bit the rate of the taxes we have to pay on our wages, but it will not help a lot. Here and there some wages have had a general raise of may be 1,5%,nice, sure, but not enough to pay for all the more expensive costs of living.
Government has the nerve to say that in general almost everybody will have a bit of money extra to spare at the end of the month!
But I am sure that it will not be so for a lot of people. The government have a counting model that says we go upward, but in that model they didn;t count in the council taxes, provincial taxes, lots of things more that had gone up in price.
Am I sounding too critical or even depressive? I don;t think so. I didn;t even mention the rents of houses and prices of houses. They have gone up enormously too.
So all together it will be hard for a lot of people to pay for it all.
Like pensions for the elderly, they don;t go up, they have been frozen already for several years, no index raise was done on them.
Yes, we live in a pretty good country, still, but the gape between the richer and really rich and the common man is getting wider and wider and that isn;t a good sign at all, to my opinion.
Good that is off my chest, now we can talk about other things LOL!

In fact, there hasn;t been much of a change here. Oh, Jan is feeling slowly better again, I don;t think he is up to 100% yet, but you know, as he isn;t talking much about his health or how he is feeling(which is making me mad at times ROFL), still going better is good.
I cannot complain at the moment too much about  my tummy, sometimes is is not nice, but it seems to go better slowly. You will see, by the time I have to go to hospital for that gastroscopie,  I will feel almost fine hahaha.

Tuesday my hubbie will have his birthday and then we both will be again the same age of 66!
We'll see what we will do that day, nothing too special but I will cook a nice meal I guess and perhaps have some tasty cake with our coffe in the evening.

I did find some time to do a bit of designing, still it is going slow these days. But as long as I do something, it is okay, I guess.
Today I have clusters from Arlene for you, made with the Floating on Dreams kit.
Wishing you all a lovely week, with not too much cold, or extreme heat, best of all try to keep safe and healthy.
Till next week!

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Sunday, January 20, 2019

There are some amazing artists around.

Goodafternoon everybody!

This morning I could sleep a bit longer, oh, it's a wonderful feeling after long times of not sleeping all too well, or just in kind of shifts LOL.
Then i watched a recorded episode of The Greatest Dancer from the BBC.
This link explains what is all about and how it works and you can also see some performances, if you like.
I love Strictly come dancing even more, but this also is a fantastic program and you are able to see some pretty talented people!

Then I took a nice shower and then prepared a bit of our dinner, I put on the washing machine and even did a little bit of ironing. After that I went out in the garden to leave some food for the birds and then I thought it was time to take it a while easy and so here I am!

The weather here has changed somewhat, it has become colder, at night we have (at the coast )around 3-5C frost and at daytime just 2-3C in the plus. Yeah, we aren;t used to it anymore. But the good thing is that it is dry and we have some sunshine. may be one day later in the week there might be some snow, but they aren;t sure of it.
Well, the snow can stay away for me!

I managed to do one necessary phonecall concerning our state pension. I forsaw that it would take a long time, mostly waiting on the phone, but i was ever so lucky. I was through in one ot two minutes and the person helping me was ever so nice and all was settled in a few minutes. Sometimes we still can be lucky, hoorray!

I am receiving in the post already every now and then papers I need for the taxes, I have a folder where I put them all in so I cannot forget one. Still I think I must make a phonecall to one bank to ask if they can send me the annual statement for the taxes.  have one bak that does it automatically, but the other might think we can go on line and print it out for ourselves. Of course that is a possibility. But as I have no working printer at the moment and a very lazy laptop, I want to ask me to sent it to me on paper. Shouldn;t be such a difficult thing for them, hey? Some however aren;t too willing to do so. We'll see how it goes.

Somewhere this week in a program I cannot remember anymore, I saw some amazing work of an artist, who is making, among other things, portraits with tulle fabric. I was in awe! I have two links for you where you can see for yourself what amazing work this guy is making.
His name is Benjamin Shine, a London artist. Never had heard of him before, but it really love the work he makes and it is so difficult!
Take a look for yourself:

All this week I tried to take some time for me to do some designing.  managed to make a new kit and started on a new one. It is going not really quick, but at least I am back into designing a bit.
I also like to do some games when at the computer, simple ones like a card game or a mahjong. It is so relaxing! Then sometimes do some blogreading, and an hour has gone in a flash!

Talking about going in a flash, I should finish this post now, the laundry is waiting for me, and after that I would like to relax some more, okay??
I have a new kit for you, Floating on Dreams. Hope you like it.
Wishing you a marvellous week and stay safe!

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Friday, January 18, 2019

Sorry for not checking the blog!

Hello eveyone!
Just now I noticed that my last post wasn;t published!
So there is nothing to worry about, just perhaps Blogger, or may be me not being accurate enough, was to blame.
Good, hope all is okay again,
I'll be there Sunday, if all is well.