Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Soon we will have a new Central Heating kettle.

Goodmorning everybody!

Still good weather here, we even had a little bit of rain yesterday morning. I don;t think it was really enough for the garden, but it helps.
This whole week should still be good weather with temps around 22C, perhaps here and there a little rainshower.
So I think we shouldn;t complain right now.

Last friday I had the plumber over to look at our central heating kettle(which provides us warmth and also hot water), that desparately needs to be changed. And the last couple of days it even started to make some funny noises at times as I use the hot water. So I am real happy that in two weeks the plumber will replace the kettle for a new one and hopefully a lot of trouble we had with the old one will be history. Now just cross fingers that the old one will hold on for another two weeks.

In a few days my friend Heidi will be back from holiday, and it will be good to see her again. I hope we can meet somewhere next week.
So I just have to go to her home 2 or 3 times more to feed the fish and see, if the garden needs some watering and to collect the mail.
Then tomorrow  have another appointment for my dentals, I will also be glad when that will be finished, needs some more weeks.

I promised you already two times or so some new photos from the garden. It is hard to get an overview of it, but i tried. Perhaps it is a bit too light, but difficult to get a good photograph with that light contrast of sunny side and shade. But perhaps you get an idea. This was made about two weeks ago.
Then  have a lovely hydrangea that is blooming now, at the time I made the photo it kind of started now it is in full glory and I love the color.
And here a kind of "giant"lilly. The flower is enormous!

I wasn't very busy at the computer lately, I must admit. During the day I am doing things in the house, or grocerie shopping, or some reading under the parasol in the garden and enjoying the birds.
So the only time I do some designing is in the morning when I check my mail, but then I don;t have always great inspiration.
But I almost finished a new kit, so I am still a bit happy with myself.
Today I have the clusters for you from Arlene, made with the Behind the Attic door kit.
Have a wonderful day and week.
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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Suddenly we have summer around here.

Goodmorning everybody.

Yes this week we really had summer weather around here. It never goes smooth and graduately, no in a day or may be two, suddenly temps jump to 28-30C from before 20C.
Your body cannot handle these quick and radical changes all too well, so although I love warmer temperatures and sunshine and all, it is a bit too much of it.
Okay, that has been two days, today, also will be rather hot and sticky, with a bit less sunshine and one or two degress lower, then it will drop a bit more to around 25 C, which is fine.
I pity the people who are taking part on the 4 days March of Nijmegen, they have hard times in the middle of our country at these temperatures!
This year is a bit special because it is the 100th time it's taking place.
I have a link for you where you can read a bit more about it and see some video's and / or photos of it.

With this hot weather, you can imagine I wasn't very active, although  did some grocerie shopping( that's always needed), but i did it earlier in the morning when temperatures were still bearable.
Then every other day I go to Heidi's place, to feed the fish and arrange the mail and give water to the house plants and these days I also water the garden, cause it is very, very dry now.

Finally I've made some necessary phonecalls, glad that is taken care of. I also had my first appointment for my dental, making an imprint. Next week I have next one, then 3 more, but all together it will take around 6 weeks to have my new one. Seems a bit long but it is a smaller company and okay, I can live with that.

There also was a kind of excitement this week. One morning the doorbell rang and i saw a BIG policeman standing in front of me.
Right away he said not to be afraid(which I wasn't LOL), but they had some kind of tip that perhaps in our surroundings there was a weedplantation and if he could check our electric meter with a guy from the electric company. When the guy was checking the policeman asked about the appartment above us and he started to smile as we started to smile LOL. well, we've told him what we knew, that it used to be a little sexstudio, but that we werent sure if it still was.and that they had a large renovation this year. I don;t know if they reached the owner, but they were busy quite some time near our appartment. I guess, nothing was found, I didn;t see any real busy activity later on.
Our meter, by the way, was in good order and there was no strange thing about it(if there was a weed thing close, they could tap our electricity you know).
Still I am curious if anything came out of the neighbourhood search. But I guess, we will never hear anything about it.

Okay, as it seems to be a little less warm today, perhaps I will have a biit more energy and some serious "housework"can be done.
Like some dusting, vacuum cleaning, mopping the kitchen floor and bathroom one, and if I can do all that, I think I already will be happy.

With that sudden temperature rise, I also have not too much appetite, ot too good for me. But these two last days I've made a potatoe salad and that is a great thing to eat when it is very warm. yesterday I had some smoked chicken breast with it, tasted real good.
But today I think I will cook more properly, like some boiled potatoes, a bit of a green with tomatoe salad and a little sausage. Should be enough.
That's about all the "news"for now.
 have a kit for you, 'Behind the Attic Door".
Have a wonderful day and upcoming weekend and stay safe and healthy.
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Friday, July 15, 2016

The world is turning more and more insane.

Goodmorning everybody!

We had some not too bad days, speaking of the weather. But temperatures stay too low for the time of year. Yet there is hope. during weekend and next week temperatures should go up to much nicer values of around 24 C. And then hoping that it will stay on for a longer time.

Yesterday evening Jan and I were watching a detective and suddenly we had a "breaking news" moment that informed us of the attack in Nice, France, during celebration of their National Holiday, the 14th of July. A big truck road into the gathered crowd and for now there are 84 dead and still a lot injured of which several in critical situation.
It's called a terroristic act, but it is't clear yet who is actually behind it. If it is a one-person action or an organized one. Whatever it is, it is still a horrible act and my heart goes out to all people involved.
The world surely is getting more insane every day.
You read and hear about attacks all the time, still some horrible wars are taking place, and the big question is why, of why, can't people live their lives in peace and some kind of understanding.
It really is sad, that through all the centuries men never learned(or want to learn)to do that.

I've made an appointment for my gastroscopie and it is far away.
Not until start of September! First I had an appointment in a hospital rather far away, but I called to ask if it could be done in the hospital close to us(just 10 minutes with the tram). Well, because I would get a light anaesthesia, there wasn;t much place, but finally they found room for me on a bit later date(just 1 week later). It is better this way, cause Jan has to come to pick me up after it and being in that hospital about an hour away of travel, it is difficult.
Also made an appointment for my new dental and the first one will be this Monday. let us see how long it will take! The guy I am going too is a good professional, but takes his time. That's okay in a way, you want to have a good product, but sometimes he takes just too much time LOL.

My friend Heidi is going on holiday so next 2 weeks we will have to take care of their fish and the mail. And look after the garden if it is going too dry. I am curious to hear about her holiday, they are going to a new place this year.

The garden is flourishing, I will show you next time, because  have to upload my photos and crop them first.
The birds are giving us a lot of fun. Some of the parakeets are already not too shy anymore and  I can approach them rather close, if I do it quietly.

I have received the clusters from Arlene of both kits I posted lately, so  I think i will give the clusters from both kits today.
Have a wonderful and safe weekend!

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Saturday, July 09, 2016

Doctor's visit and such

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, I did go to the doctor, it was this Wednesday. I told him how  felt etc., and he had me have a bloodtest to start with.
Went back to him yesterday for result and oh surprise, in all it looked quite good. Hmmm, in a way a relief, in a way, I am not getting any further.
So now he wants me to have a gastroscopie, he just wants to know where thatkind of "burning"feeling is coming from and I am taking the stomach pills for several months now, and it is not getting really better.
For now, I will have to take two, but as soon as I notice or think it is going somewhat better, I can try with one a day again.
So I will ohone hospital on Monday to make an appointment for the scopie. Not the funniest thiing to undergo, but okay, then perhaps  will know more.
For now, I am feeling somewhat better already, hope it will go on, cause I am done with feeling akward, tired, etc.
One thing I am happy about is that slowly eating something is tastful again. For some days I was kind of feeling sick when eating something, had no appetite at all, but that is coming back a bit.

Weather here is still like a rollercoaster. Some days have some sunshine, but also lot of clouds and periods with rain, then one or two days temps rise to nice values like around 24C and then after a day, or may be two, dropping again to 18C. Strange, but perhaps we should be happy with the good moments? Still  would like to have a more steady weather now, with really days or weeks with about the same weather and temperatures.

This weekend it should get rather warm, so let's enjoy those moments!
As you can figure I didn;t do much of designing lately, I should start next week again, I hope.
But I still have some kits "on the shelf". Normally today you would get the clusters from Arlene from the last kit, but they are not ready yet. Arlene is going through a difficult time at the moment, and needs the time for other things. She will make them, but a bit later.
So for now I offer you a new kit and that isn;t wrong either, is it? LOL.
Have a wonderful weekend and week to come, stay safe and healthy!

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Sunday, July 03, 2016

I found a name for one of the "unknown"plants!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Late today,  know, but  slept very long, as I didnt sleep very well the last few days'. Not feeling all too well, looks to be related with my stomach, but could  be ever sow well something else, LOL. Kind of undistinguished and vague complaints, that make you feel miserable.
That kind of thing always happens to me close to the weekend, so have to "sit " it out and perhaps see the doctor tomorrow.
Hate to go there, specially when you cannot pinpoint what is the matter with you. Well, first let's see how it goes today, I am feeling a bit better.

Okay, apart from that I did go quickly to the market on Friday, and of course passed the plant and flowerstand therre. And what did I see????
A plant just as the one I have and made a photo of( the one with the little red/white flowers) and of which I didn;t know the name! Isn;t that a coincidence? So it is a Salvia microphylla "Hot Lips". Love that name.
Our garde is really full of color now, just a pity we had soooo much rain, it needs to dry up a bit. Yesterday evening we even had some thunder and lightning too.

I am not really in the mood for a long chitchat today, hope you will forgive me that.
But i do have a new kit for you to play with, named So Many Things to Say.
Have a fantastic day and good week ahead too!

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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Let there be light in the garden!

Goodmorning everybody!

Perhaps a puzzling title of the blogpost, but let me explain.
Sunday we had a rather nice day, and even with sunshine so good day to do something in the garden.
I had noticed for a longer time that the ivy at the back of the garden was growing too fast, yes, ivy can be rather invasive.
So I took my pruning scissor and started cutting. Oh my, lots of branches came done, and then I came across one bigger and thicker one and I thought it would be good to get rid of that one.
Okay, I took out my little treesaw( good enough for thicker branches, very handy thing) and started sawing. After some pulling and such the thing broke loose and gosh, it made a BIG difference!
I got so enthusiastic, that I tried it on another spot again, and also there I got much more space.
It really makes a difference at the back, you can see though now and it gives a lot more light there, which is a good thing.
It took me a bit of time, to cut the big branch and all stuff into handier pieces and then bound it all together, so we can bring it one day to the sidewalk where it can be picked up.
I was very pleased with myself that day LOL.

Still the weather is kind of holding back the last few days and ti will be of about the same the next few days. Like yesterday morning, when there was suddenly a lot of rain, but towards the afternoon it cleared up and became dry again and even later we had some sunshine again.
Temperatures however stay a bit low for the time of year, only around 16-17 C when it rains, when the sun comes through it might clim to 18-20 C. so a bit too low for summer time, and I think we had enough rain for now, the soil needs to dry up. Certainly in the south and south east of The Netherlands, where they had some big thunderstorms, with lots of rain and hail and that caused an enormous bunch of damage. Lots of farmers have difficulties now, because of the harvest, that is drawning and the the ones that own greenhouses have not one anymore with whole glass in it.
They have insurances, of course, but not for this kind of damage.

Yesterday Jan went to his doctor appointment at the hospital, to hear about the result of the last MRI. I think, it was good news. The blood clot that his doctor noticed earlier at the vain at the end of his liver had diminished and seems not to cause a problem anymore, so Jan doesn;t need to go to another hospital for more tests and who knows what else! His doctor was rather pleased with Jan';s condition, only one minor point she had, that it seemes that Jan is loosing a bit of blood somewhere, may be, but she cannot figure out where it might be. Nothing is showing on the MRI's and Jan is feeling good so for the momnet he has to take some steel pills for anemia. He had them a couple of years before for a while, so all seems to be okay for now.
He will have a new MRI somewhere in November and an appointment with the doctor in December.
Well, that was a big relief for me and believe me, for Jan too(although he never shows it too much).

I've made some photos in the garden again, and may be somebody can help with the name of two plants. I really have no idea of the one in the 1st and also in the 2nd photo. If there is anybody who might know, please be kind and tell me!
I just adore that little bush in the 1st photo, I grew it from a small cutling once and it needs some pruning when flowering is over and then it is respong with a bunch of little flowers again.
The 2nd photo I hope is good enough to see what flower it has, I guess it is kind of a fieldflower?
And then I have one photo of my lilies that finally came to bloom.
Perhaps next week I will have some more, there is a fuchsia that starts to bloom, and the flowers are awesome. They just need some more days,

Today I have clusters from Arlene for you, made with the Revisited Memories kit. Beautiful as ever.
Have a wonderful and happy day and rest of the week!
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Thursday, June 23, 2016

You also can have too much rain.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes a lot of water has fallen down lately, and again last night.
It was a fantastic temperature yesterday and we also had some sunshine, but at night I heard some thunder and it rained,  again.
In parts of our province they had so much rain in short time, that streets looked like little rivers, no fun at all.
Today again thunder and rain is expected, and after tomorrow temperatures will drop again several degrees.
I am hoping though for some steady weather with nice temperatures, a rain shower here and there, but weather that you can call "summer weather".

Tuesday afternoon Jan and I went to town centre. Jan needed some paint from a shop there, and okay, why not go there together?
It's kind of a 1-5-and 10 dollar store, so lots of cheaper things but great fun!
Jan found his paint an then we separated, to go our own way.
we left home with sunshine but during our visit at the shop it started to rain. Pity, but as long as I was in a shop it didnt matter, hey?
I found myself a jeans and a summer/autumn jacket for a nice price.
So my mission into twon was a success, LOL.

Yesterday I really didn;t do too much, just some little things, but today I think it will be laundry day. Not my all too favourite job, but okay, it needs to be done every now and then, LOL.
May be this afternoon will be a good time to phone the guy, who will change our central heating kettle to ask him for a price indication.
Then probably next week I will make an appointment for my dental.
Both things will hurt, talking finance, but are necessary.

That's it for the moment.  know I promised to make some photos of the garden, but not much new came to bloom, it will need a few days more.
I have a kit for you, named Revisited Memories.
Have fun with it and have a wonderful day and days to come.

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