Friday, January 23, 2015

Sometimes you feel cold and stay cold

Goodmorning everybody!

Perhaps a strange post title, but Wednesday I just couldn;t get warm. It was warm enough in the house, and not extremely cold outside, but during the day I had cold feet, cold legs, cold hands and arms, terrible. Guess I didn't moved around enough, perhaps, but finally I took a fleece "coat" I once received as Christmas present and wrapped myself in it. Oh, it still took some time, but slowly I got warmed up.
Well, I almost stayed all day wrapped in it, and I felt a lot better LOL!

Today the weather looks okay, sun is shining at the moment, although the temperature will not get higher than about freezing point. I'll do some shopping today, because tomorrow there is expected to come some rain and more wind, even might be a little melting snow or something like it.

Till now I didn;t hear from the volunteer work, perhaps later today I will get a phonecall or mail with either rejection or invitation, whatever the answer will be, I would like to know now, if it is a rejection I can start looking for something else, and otherwise I can prepare myself for the "job".

Oh my, government has found something new to introduce. We already have an "own risk"to pay for health care, but now they have the idea to introduce an extra "own risk payment"for young people( age of teens and even younger) who need extra care for mental help. As they have no income the parents will have to pay, which might get as high as ca. € 1500,00 a year! Every normal thinking person can figure out that certainly families with a minimum income aren;t able to pay that on top of all the other costs of living. What will be the result of that measure? That parents will wait asking for help and that young kids that should have some psychiatric help or at least this kind of help will get worse and cannot grow up to sound people. Perhaps I say it a bit in the wrong words, but I think you will understand what I mean.
It is understandable that government tries to keep the costs of health care as low as possible, but I have the feeling they cut into the wrong areas of health care!
I should think that there are still other areas of the expenses of the government that could do with less money, and put that "found"money into health care and care for the older people, instead of closing elderly homes!

I better stop now, otherwise this will be a VERY grumpy and despressing post LOL!

Yesterday I did a few things in the house, also gave Jan a bad needed haircut and also started already with a new kit. I hope to go further on it this weeekend and finish it.
Today I have the second part of the Sentimental Journey kit for you. 
There are still little things that can make us happy, but they are becoming less and less, it looks as if governments take away all nice things that make life livable, and worthwhile and possible!
Still wishing you a wonderful weekend !

Download    part 2 HERE

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Here I am again, with little update on me LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

Oh my, I really had no spirit on Monday to make a post. Not that it was a bad day.
In the morning I just woke up at a good time, so I first did a check on my email. That sometimes takes a bit of time, specially when i want to answer on several. Then had to check a few things on internet, and then had to take a shower, then a cup of coffee, to really wake up hahaha.
But it was nice to do all quiet, not hasty, and was ready on time to leave for my appointment for the volunteer job. I was lucky it was rather good weather, dry, even sunny, although the temperature was low.
I found the address easyliy and was there rather early. Okay, no problem, I went in and had to wait just for about 5 or 10 minutes. It gave me a chance to look around at the reception there. What a hectic and bit of chaos. Not really a chaos, more an organized one, but I already understood why they were looking for help at the reception!
The interview went okay, I think, the man I spoke with, was a nice person, about half my age, but who cares about that? He told me they will have more interviews during this week, but they will let me know this week if I am picked for the job.

After the interview I went home again, but I didn;t take the tram, no, I walked back. It was such nice weather, although a bit cold, and it took me only about half an hour.
I had a very nice mail in the afternoon from my niece in France. We don;t have a lot of contact, but every now and then a little message, to keep updated. She is such a sweet person, as well as her whole family. Today I received some photos, and gosh, all the kids are looking soooo adult( somehow they always stay in your memory as the kids you saw when they had about 12 years old LOL).

Yesterday I didn;t do all too much, except for some shopping for groceries, just the usual actually.
Slowly the papers are coming in I need for the tax office. Yes, that is coming near too, although this year we have one month  more to fill them in. Not quite sure why, probably because they cannot cope with all the changes in the taxes. It will just be the case of assembling all, then make copies and send them to our accountant. Oh yes, it will cost a bit of money, but it is worth it.

During the weekend i finished a new kit, and I could make the preview and upload yesterday. I made the download in 2 parts, so one for today, the other will be on Friday. Hope you will like it and can use some of it. Nowadays i have some inspirational trouble, to actually start a kit. Once I have the idea and colour pallette it goes rather well, may be slowly, but steady. I think I have at the moment so many things to think about and do and remember to do etc, that the designing comes a bit on 3rd place or so.
Okay, some day it will get better again.
The kit is named "Sentimental Journey".
Have a wonderful day and keep smiling.

Download     part 1 HERE

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Just to let you know

Goodmorning all.

I will be posting tomorrow. I did have time yesterday due to my appointment and when I was back home again, I had no real energy for it anymore.
So all is okay here,
See you tomorrow!

Friday, January 16, 2015

All problems resolved, I hope!

Goodmorning everybody!

well, it was a kind of hectic week, with all the problems around my appointment at social security department.
I´ll try to tell it in a short way(because otherwise I get pissed again LOL).
Didn´t get any phonecall. Then in the  `working file ´I got a message which didn´t help much, oh yeah they came up with another phonenumber, but it wasn´ t valid! Tried some more here and there, no luck.
So I finally decided to go in person to the office on Wednesday afternoon. What a good thing I did!
Explained the whole situation to a lady at the receptioncounter, and first answer was that they had no phonenumber! Can you figure?
Okay, I was already happy she found me in a file on the computer, but the guy I had the appointment with, didn´t put it in, but more interesting was that he appeared to be ill!
How nice! If I had gone the next day to the appointment I did that for nothing! So far for good communication! No only way to have a kind of contact with that office is through a general council number, but you´ll never get a direct person to person call at once. So if I get another appointment(they assured me that the guy will get in contact with me) I certainly will insist on getting some honenumber or at the least an email, to be able to get in touch with my so/called coach!!!!!
To keep it short, the lady typed the whole thing in an emailreport, so I am covered if there might arise any problems. I kept rather quiet at the counter, I surprised myself LOL, but once  left there you could see thinderclouds and nasty words coming out of my head ROFL!
Still I am glad i went there to avoid problems. More wicked was, that I moved my interview for the volunteer work from Thursday(would have been at the same time as appointment at the social security).
And now all would´t have been necessary. I have my appointment now on Monday. Hope that will go well and without any tricky things.

Jan had his appointment with the cardiologist in the hospital, for evaluation of the scan. All was in good order, at the moment there is no need for another operation to place a sten. So far so good, At the least some good news. He will have a control appointment only next year again, unless he experiences some trouble, then he always can call the doctor there.

Wow, I am glad we can have some quiet days now, we kind of celebrated that yesterday, hahaha, with watching till late night(and I mean really late ), some episodes of a really good serie, called Homeland.
We now watched the whole season nr. 3, but Jan already registered some new episodes on dvd from the new season nr.4! Gosh, it is of course fiction, but so exciting and I think several things in it are really based on realility.

I didn´t do all too much yesterday, although I went out for some food shopping, that is done with for the week. So I really want to do something about the house today, it is not the exciting stuff, but becoming necessary. I will be okay with that, when I really get into the moving part, it will take perhaps an hour and that isn´t all too much.
One good thing is that I continued for a little while on my new kit. Perhaps I will have it ready by next week.
Still, I didn+t want to leave you without a freebie and I have a very nice one. You will get 3 clusters, made by Florence. I think I will have to call her also a Creative team member, just like Arlene.
Florence has sent me lots of stuff again, so somewhere next week or so I will have something lovely from her again to download.
She is a wonderful lady, and doesn´t have always an easy life, I will not tell details, but the scrapbooking helps her and I am so thankfull that she wants to share her creativity.
So if you like her work, every little thank you for her would bring her a sunray!

Wishing you all a very happy weekend!

Download     HERE

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Don't talk about councils to me!

Goodmorning everybody!

Talking about the weather it isn;t good. still lots of rain and wind, so it is still rather dark and grey, hope this will change all soon a bit.
Oh my, yesterday I wanted to check an appointment I have with the social security council, cannot find anywhere a paper with the time of the appointment. Strange, because those things I am careful with.(or perhaps he even didn;t give me the paper?)
But, okay, you can always make a phonecall, right? I spent about an hour or no, more, to get a kind of answer! Most simple would be to contact the devision office and ask information. But......they don't have a phonenumber! Only way to get in contact would be by internet, via a site where I have a file, where you have to log in with a special code and leave a message there. Do you believe that? But.. I tried it another way. Via lots of phonecalls I finally ended up with a general phonenumber of the council, where you have a department for social security stuff.
I was lucky to get a real nice lady there, who seemed to understand the problem.(If you don;t appear or too late on an appointment you are bound to have a penalty, meaning cuts in payment). She couldn't set me through to the devision office neither, they don;t have a phonenumber either.
But I was lucky to remember the name of the person I had the appointment with, so after some time, the lady found me in records, saw I had already been there twice, but couldn;t find anything about the new appointment, but I had the name right, hoorray. Now They had a phonenumber of the civil servant but aren;t allowed to give it to anybody. They will try to reach the civil servant and the lady promised me that i would have a phonecall from him within 24 hours. ( already checked on my "file", nothing there). Crossing my fingers at the moment that he will really phone me today, because the appointment is for tomorrow. If I don;t have a phonecall this afternoon around 14.30-15.00 , I should phone the general number again. Can you imagine it has to be so difficult to get some simple information???
I think that if I dont have that phonecall this afternoon, I perhaps should go to the office, to see if I can get any information or contact with the guy. Then Jan has to stay put at home, in case a phonecall comes in when I am away. I get very pissed about such things, the more because I do all possible to get the information, and if i am not succesfull, it of course will be "my fault" with all consequences. Then you will have to go into appeal, perhaps, but probably will have no success.
Hmmmm, let's just wait patiently part of the day, perhaps all will be solved later today.

I have a bit brighter note too. I also made a phonecall for the volunteer work at the refugee help office, had a short conversation with a nice guy, he asked me to send a short mail with a cv. So i did right away, and this morning I found a reply in my mailbox with invitation for an interview. Hoorray, that's something. Only nasty thing is, that it is also tomorrow, probably the same time of my interview with social security guy, so I will have to phone and ask for another date/time. Pffff, sometimes life isn;t going very smoothly.

Jan went to his scan yesterday, came back home after it, kind of broken! No, not because of the scans he had, but the bench he had to be on, was so hard, that he had serious back-trouble after it, poor guy.
So after he came back, he first sat down for a moment and then he lay down on the couch to take a nap and give his back some rest. It helped some, but I saw he took his painkiller early evening, and he only takes it when it really necessary( he has a rather high pain threshold).
Hopefully today he will have less trouble with it. Tomorrow he has the appointment with the doctor for evaluation. so we both will be "en route" part of the day.

I was so grumpy after my efforts of the phonecalls, that I didn´t do very much else rest of the day LOL!
Washing machine was filled, so I turned that on, and that´s about all. Still something good came of it, because I started a new kit. Will take more time to complete it, and with all those appointments and such, I will need several days more I guess. Still a start has been made, which is something.

I promised you today a freebie and so it will be. Arlene has made some very beautiful clusters with the Paris, ville d´Amour kit, I am sure you will love them. And so you will love here new freebie kit on her blog! Link is here. And here is the preview of that kit
And now the preview and downloadlink of the clusters.
Have a very nice day and cross your fingers for me that I will get a phonecall soon today about the appointment!

Download   HERE

Monday, January 12, 2015

Storms around, and i don;t like hard winds!

Goodmorning everybody!

The whole weekend we had a really hard wind blowing, at times stormy, and that will go on for the next few days.
I saw some images on the news, and the sea looks really dangerous at the moment, with high waves.
There isn;t yet any danger for our dikes or us behind them, but there are guards keeping an eye on them.
So it was a good time to stay in this weekend, although I catched a better moment on Saturday to pop out for the newspaper.
During the weekend we spent a lot of time at tv, because of the speedskating and  we did well.
As well as at the women and men competition we have an European all-round speedskating champion.
And it was really exciting too, till the last moment we weren;t sure who would have the gold.

Today I really should make some phonecalls to see if I can get some volunteer work, I know lots of places and institutions are asking for them, so I hope to find a place soon.
So that will be the main job for me today, may be I will need to make just one call and will be invited to come perhaps for a little interview, and may be I need more.

Then tomorrow Jan will have to go to hospital for a scan of his vains, to see how they are doing and Thursday he will have the apointment with the doctor to evaluate. I hope all will be good and that no drastic things will have to be done.

I have no freebie for you today, I still have to make a preview of it, so forgive me, but I will have it for you on Wednesday.

That's about all for now, I will have a coffee and then start with making phonecalls and such.
Have a nice day.

Friday, January 09, 2015

Quiet but wonderful birthday yesterday!

Goodmorning everybody!

Midnight from Wednesday to Thursday was the moment for me to get into my 62 years of age LOL. Well, as I still was awake then, I got my birthdaykiss from Jan, of course.
And I finally could open the present I already received around Christmas. And what a lovely gift that was, accompanied by a beautiful card, all from my friend Edna.
She sent me a fantastic afghan she made herself, and I can asssure you it will be heavily used!
I was too lazy yesterday to make a photo of it(sorry Edna), bt i will do so this weekend and show it next week.
Add to that some lovely e-cards, some phonecalls of good friends, and I was walking almost all day around with a smile on my face.
And then I must not forget all the wishes I received in my comment- and shout box fromyou visitors.
Thanks so much, they are the little starlights to brighten the day extra!

The day went by very quiet, but ever so nice. Jan and I even made a little change to our living room.
We moved a little bureau, we had in the bedroom to the living room, (it wasn;t very heavy, don;t worry),so now Jan has a place for his laptop too and can sit warm. He had it on the dining table, but that wasn;t a very good place, that only is good for a moment. Now the table looks nice and and not messy anymore. Great change I must say.

Before I helped Jan I went out for a moment, had to get us some things.It was raining, but the temperature wasn;t bad at all. Now today I should do some real grocerie shopping but I am reluctant to do so, looking out of the window. There is quite a fearce wind blowing, and every now and then a rainshower is coming down, so not the nicest weather. perhaps a bit later today the wind will decrease somewhat.

Oh, yesterday in the post we had a folder from the government and guess what? Now we have to have an "energy-label"for our home! For the moment we are given a preliminary one, but whenever we want to seel the house we must have a official registered one! somewhere this year( of course as soon as possible) we will have to go to a website, where we can check the data, government filled in and then we will have to chose an expert who will check those data and the ones we might have changed, because we have different kind of glass e.g. in our house. Then, all on line, this expert we give us the official label, which will remain valid for 10 years. and guess what? Nothing is free these days, so it might cost us several dozens of euro's. And no expert is coming to the house, to see changes you announce on the website, no, you will have to deliver photo's or bills yourself all digital.
I know, we all have to pay attention to the energy saving, but I am getting a bit tired of the government who meddles with almost everything!
But if you don't have the official valid energy label at the time you sell your house( or rent it), you could get a fine of several 100 's of euro!
 Okay, next week I will check the website and see what i will have to do.

Then i just have to pay attention for a moment to the aweful attack on a newspaper in Paris, resulting in 12 deaths at the moment. I was really chocked when I hear and saw about it on tv, and specially the video where you actually could see how a wounded police man was shot through the head. Done so neglectful, mindless, without any mercy by the offenders. I know, assaninations take place over the whole world and almost every day, but this one is an attack on not only just a newspaper and the writers, but also on the freedom of speech and democracy. And all done in the name of a faith. Which is no good thing in any circumstance. But............ how difficult it may be, we must NOT start to blame ALL people who have the same faith, in this case the islam. Because people who do those terrible assasinations and attacks, aren;t true believers, they just use faith to hide behind.  It has nothing to do with a faith, they interprete is completly wrong, only to justify their actions. And we should all be very aware of the fact, that the danger is we might think all people of the belief or faith have the same ideas, and tolerate those kind of gruesome actions. That's what those horrible groups want to achive. To get a wedge between different faiths and people. And we must not let that happen. Most people just want to have a normal, nice life, and have no problems with eachother, and we all still have to believe in that and live to it. Toleration is a great word and something to cherish.
I will probably never understand, why there are people, who try to put people against eachother, while the world would look a lot better if we just could live our lives next to eachother, each in his or her own way, respecting some laws and respecting another view.

To a brighter note we will have an interesting weekend( at the least for us) because there will bethe European Championships Allround speedskating and as you might know by now, we love to watch the speedskating. We have some great candidates who might win the title, although they will still have some heavy competition. Curious to see if some of our skaters will bring some medals home.

About time now to end this post, not without a freebie! Although my "production " of kits still isn't great, I managed to get one done and perhaps I will have time this weekend(in between the skating LOL) to start another one. This one is in one of my favourite colors, purple/lilac and has a French theme, named it Paris, ville d'Amour.
Have a wonderful weekend!
Download    HERE