Sunday, March 26, 2017

Springweather coming soon

Goodday to all!

Took some time to actually sit and start a new post but here I am.
It is going upwards with me, may it be slowly, but steady and energy is coming back too in little portions.
I am not ready yet to post every few days or even every week, the break I have with computering is actually fine with me for now. Oh, I do check my mails every couple of days, and sometimes do a little game, or check something out on internet, but I am not having the urge yet to get back to designing. Don;t know why to be honest, because it gave me lots of pleasure. Well, I will get back to it some day, I guess, but it may be not in the quantity I produced before. Who knows, I'll let it come as it does and we'll see.

Spring is really around the corner here.  Last week we already had temperatures around 10-14 C, although the nights still were rather cold, but they promised us that next week there will be days with sunshine and temperatures that may reach 18C!!! Now that is good news.
All the seeds Jan put in little pots are doing quite good. Some of them still have to sprout, but others are growing real fast.
So yesterday I already put some of the bigger ones in several pots and some in the garden soil and now crossing fingers they will bloom later on.

Next two weeks I will have to put some more effort in "spring-cleaning", not that I will jump into it as mad, but  I have to do it more thourough, want to have things in order when my niece comes to us.
I do hope that the nice spring weather will still be there, it would be nice to be able to sit for a moment in the garden or take a little walk or trip, just because it is lovely weather, you know.

Cannot chat all too long now, because I have to go to my friend Heidi's house to walk the doggies. She and the family are moving house shortly and are busy in their new house today again. It isn;t too far from us either, although it takes some more time to get there, so it will be harder to go there sometimes to take the doggies for a walk.
But we already tried once or twice to leave them at daytime with us and that went rather well. So if necessary, they can bring the doggies and we take care of them and their hands will be free. Okay, our cat isn;t all too pleased with it, but he can stay in the garden if he wants. And he can go into and out of the kitchen, cause the doggies just stay in the room and cannot open the door of the room.
So Brodski always can have something to eat if he wants.
First time the doggies were here, in the late afternoon Heidi came to fetch them and then after a while Brodski came into the house again. But he refused to come into the room and that lasted for a couple of days! Next time he dared to come into the room the same evening, the doggies stayed for a few hours. WOW, what a HERO! LOL.

Last week we had elections for a new government. Well, parties were chosen and out of them will have to be formed a government. It will be rather difficult, because none of them has a majority. So it will be necessary to have a coalition of several parties, probably 4. difficult, because they have different programs and ideas and will have to come to some agreement. We will see how long it will last until we will have a new government.
There were as always lots of ideas and promises, but you will always have to compromise if you want to work together, so let's see what will be achieved in the end!

Good, now I will have to end, soon will have to go to the dogs.
I do have a kit and clusters from arlene too. It is named "Quiet Moments". Hope you can use it for some lovely layouts.
Have a wonderful day and week ahead, and till next time!
Download   HERE

Download   HERE

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Still round, just taking slow on computering

Goodmorning everybody!

I am still around, but just do very little on the computer.
Thought however it was about time to make a little update.
Not much happening here in the house and life, which is all okay with me for now.
just trying to get back some new energy, which seems to be a hard thing. It might be a bit the time of year,  just have no idea really. But don;t worry too much, I am doing fine and doing better in little steps.
Talking of time of the year, we have some nicer weather lately, even sometimes the sun comes out for a bit and you see that nature is awakening.
Jan already did a lot in the garden, mostly pruning and cleaning up, it all looks about ready for the new season. He also has made a lot of little pots with seeds in it, now just hoping they will come to nice plants with a lot of flowers!
I got a mail lately from my niece in France, that she wanted to visit us for a few days, and see if we could swap some documents and photos of our families and that mostly of my mother's side of course.
It will be lovely to see her again after such a long time, I just hope my French will still be good enough to talk with her and her husband. Must say the French is rusty with almost no practise.
I already told her, that I gladly will give her already some albums with photos and such to take with her and give it later to her children.
With her children getting older, they get more curious about their roots.
And I am glad I can leave those things somewhere where they will be safe and a little appreciated.
My niece will come next month, just a few days before Easter, so I guess I will have to shake myself well and do some serious cleaning here, to have it all in good order when they come.
Then I will have to think about the things I can make for dinner. They are very easy people, but I want it to be nice and tasty of course.
So  will be busy coming time with that, apart from the usual things.

This is about it for now, of course i can ramble a lot more about some things, but that will be for a next time.
To compensate you again for the long silence I have a kit and some clusters for you.
Be happy and take good care of yourselves.

Download   HERE

Download   HERE

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Knock, knock, who's there?

Goodafternoon everybody!

I bet you all thought I disappeared. But no, I just took it real easy and also have to say I was a bit lazy.
Glad to say my back trouble is gone, but then had last weekend stomach trouble, but after that it is going better every day now.
I won;t be chatting long, there isn't much to tell either, but just wanted to let you know  am still around.
It seems a careful start of spring is here at the moment. We have days with temps around 8 or even 10C, not so much sun, which is a pity, but we can't have it all at once.
Must say I am still feeling rather tired, perhaps it is the quick change of weather that has something to do with it too. So that is one reason I am not yet often at the computer, although i should slowly change that rythm again. Oh well, it comes as it does,
I have though a tiny little compensation for you for the long wait, LOL.
A February mini kit with clusters from Arlene.
Hope it cheers you up a bit.
I don+t make any promises about next posting, of course i will try to get back in a bit more normale schedule again, just don´t know if I am ready for it yet. Depends on the mood I guess and the energy that I will have.
But don´t you worry, I am doing okay, I am just spending my time more on other things at the moment.
Talk some more next time.
Till then take care of yourselves, and have a great week ahead!

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Download   HERE

Thursday, February 09, 2017

Quick update

Hello everybody,

First thanks to everybody's comments, concerns, support, everything! You  are marvellous.
I did go to the doctor Monday morning, got some pills to fight infection. Seems it is a joint that probably is a bit infected, I did have that a few years ago too. Not funny, but the pills do help. I am not taking biggest dose I am allowed too, I take one a day, better for my stomach.
So may be it will take a little longer before all is really gone again, but I am feeling already a lot better. Just have to take care still with some movements. Oh well, we will survive.
The rest of sitting at the computer is actually quite nice too. Seems an odd thing to say, but it gives lot of rest.  do miss reading some blogs every day, so I will have to do a lot of catch up. May be this weekend I can sit a bit longer on my chair at the computer.
But as  am here now I just as well can post a download. If I am right, you still don;t have the clusters from the kit Yesterdays come back.
So here they are.
Download HERE

I really hope that in a few days I will be able to make a bit longer post with some detailed updates about our life(although at the moment it is quiet, oh what a blessing LOL).

Saturday, February 04, 2017

Trouble never travels alone LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

Will be a short post. Last week I had trouble with my computer
Virus or bad malware With a friend i could fix it. Then looked if battery or adapter died Found another, it seems to work again.
Then yesterday I must have made a falst move, so I strangulated a muscle in my back. Hurts!
But as it is weekend, cannot call my doctor. Don;t think that weekend doctor can do a lot and probably that one wil be far away, so difficult to go there.
so I hope it will slowly get better and if not I will phone my doctor Monday morning and hopefully he will have some pills. Last time I had the same, he gave me "muscle-weakeners"or something like it and it helped.
So this back-trouble prevents me too to sit long at the computer.
Please have some patience, I will be back, just cannot say when.
Take care

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Winter seems to leave slowly

Goodmorning everybody!

Looks a bit cheerful outside at the moment There is some blue sky and sun is shining. However today is still a cold day witn only temperatures of about 2 C , so that isn;t much.
Think we still will have a colder night with some frost this night, but if forcast is right, we will have temperatures of about 7-even10C daytime and a couple degrees above zero at night. Now that is something nice
It is no garantee that winter will stay away now, we can have it back in no-time if wind direction changes and that can even be in March or even later. But I am not thinking of that. We just hope, that raise of temperature will hold on and stay for some time steady and that after that we will get some nice Spring weather. Hope makes us live, isn't it?

It was quiet here this week and yesterday I really had an off-day. I wasn;t feeling great, not that I could pinpoint it, and was sleepy along the whole day.
So I tried to take as much sleep as I could First in bed, then stayed awake for a while and then on the couch again. Think I needed it for some reason. Today is much better

Later today Jan and I have to go to city center to buy us a new vacuum cleaner. Always there are things happening you didn;t count with but cost some extra money. Hope we quickly find one, that does the job well, and doesn;t cost all too much.
I think being out in the fresh air will do us both some good, as long as we wear warm jacks and scarfs.

This weekend on Sunday Jan will have his birthday and we will have both the same age again LOL!
Not doing anything special, he is working that afternoon at the elderly home, doing his volunteer business, so  guess he will be happy to come home and eat something and have first a nap on the couch. But I will think of something nice for him to eat.

So I won;t linger too long today, cause i want to go not too late and still have to get dressed and somethng to eat before.
Hopefully next time my post will be a bit more interesting.
The kit for today is "Yesterdays come back".
As the title gives away it could be a kit for some nostalgic layouts.
Have a wonderful day.

Download    HERE

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Cold, please go away!

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, it has been cold the last few days. At least, we think it is cold At night it freezes in our area, a 3C degrees, daytime we just crfeep up till 0 or 1C , and I know there are readers among you that smile reading these temperatures. yes, there are people living in temperatures much colder and with lots of snow etc,etc Just can say I am glad i am not living in those parts of the world LOL.
Still it is feeling rather cold. I went out yesterday, had to go to the market and  was glad i wrapped myself up in a long warm coat and hat and gloves, because that was needed.
There wasn;t almost any sun to see like we have today, which also makes a little difference. When you walk in the cold but on the sunny side of the street you can already feel a bit the warmth of the sun.
Oh, it is a teaser, because spring temperatures are still far away.

Nothing much is happening here these days, and it is so wonderful.
I just am busy with cooking and some work in the house, of course, but all in quiet pace, there is no rush at the moment
Jan is getting better and better from his cold, not yet completely gone and he had an attack of sleep the day before yesterday. He isn;t already a good sleeper, but because of the cold it is even harder to sleep, specially at nigh. So the day before yesterday he already slept long in the morning, woke up, did some tv watching and cross word puzzling, then in the afternoon took a little nap, then had dinner and then after being lying on the couch for half an hour just went to bed to sleep. Gosh, he really slept for hours again, woke up late evening, had something to drink and after an hour or two went again to bed and slept again. I guess you can say he just needed a real catch up. never mind, it did him good.

Our Brodski is in the house and specially the living room a lot lately. Probably he find it too cold outside too So when he needs to do his business, he runs out the little catgate, does whatever he needs to do and comes back quickly and then sits in the room at all different places. Sometimes very handy in the middle of the room, so we have to be careful if we walk there LOL, but also on the chair, or in the evening on the couch between Jan and me. all warm, safe and cosy .

I think I will take a real easy day today. Yesterday I went out, to the market and supermarket, so  have about all we need for the weekend.
Okay I might do something in the house but I am not extremely motivated at the moment LOL! Okay, I will get busy later today, I just first will take something to eat and then we'll have a coffee and perhaps then  will think about the mischief I can get into.
It is nice to have sometimes a day, when it doesn;t matter all too much what you do or don;t do.

That's about all for now, so I will finish and give you a small kit, a minikit, named January. I am hooping to make a mini kit for every month of the year. I give you Arlene;s cluster and quickpage at the same time.
Have a wonderful day and good week ahead!

Download    HERE
Download    HERE