Wednesday, October 22, 2014

I am in baking mood lately.

Goodmorning everybody!

We both love to watch a program "heel Holland bakt" on Sunday evening(it is like in Englad Great Britains bake-off) and it is getting exciting, because next Sunday there is the final.
But it sure gives you some ideas to bake something yourself. I am not great in that, never did much with it, but okay, I gave it a try.
Monday afternoon I made a "Messy apple crumble"and as was my first, i think it wasn;t bad at all.
We had two portions out of it with our evening coffee.
It was easy to make, but I liked it.

Yesterday we stayed in whole day, because the weather was terrible. Lots and lots of rain, together with very hard wind, almost storm, in the evening there even was some thunder and lightning. so definately nno weather to be outside.
I took advantage of it and prepared the veggies we bought at the market for the freezer(red cabbage and Brussel sprouts).
Today the weather looks much better, although there still is too much wind to my liking, but okay, there is some blue sky to see. So today I will go out again, to do a some grocerie shopping.
And may be this afternoon I will bake some more, I have some ready made puff pastry sheets in the freezer, and some pears, so I can make a few pear turn overs. Easy to make but yummie.

With those plans in mind, I think I need to get moving now, and if some time is left,  can perhaps add some more elements to a new kit I am making.
Terrible, how quick the hours in a day are used up, and dinner has to be made.
Wishing you all a wonderful day.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy with a new flooring, LOL!

Goodmorning everybody!

We had a good weekend, I can say. First of course because the weather was so nice, specially Saturdyay, with lots of sunshine.
Friday i did some boring house stuff, but it has to be done, and in the afternoon Jan went for a walk(he can do that now, although slow pace and feeling very tired after it), and when he came back, he bought a universal remote control. Sometimes it is so confusing with all the remotes at the coffee table, and specially the remote control from the tv didn't worked very good anymore, which is very frustrating.
But as he showed me his buy, I already knew there would be trouble to get everything working on the new control LOL! And I was right.
They always say in the users guide it is so easy, and it probably is, but we ALWAYS struggle with those kind of things.
Most annoying was trying to get the digital tv receiver working on it, and whatever we tried no luck.
But okay, at least we can skip the tv remote control, of which the little buttons for several functions almost didn;t work anymore. Jan got the dvd working with the new remote control too, so it makes life a tiny little bit easier.

Saturday we got up a bit earlier and went to the market. We came home with all kind of veggies and fruit and cheese, and I must say that the part with the new stands look very nice, but on the other hand it takes away the special feel of a market. No, I didn;t make any photos, because I just forgot to take my camera.

Yesterday we were supposed to take it real easy and quiet, but at a moment, I missed Jan for a longer time so I went looking for him and the idiot was cleaning the kitchen floor. Nice of him, but I don;t want him to do too heavy work yet, ahhhhhhhhhhhh men are sooooooooooooooo difficult.
But he stayed away from the living room so after a while I went cheking again and I went kind of crazy, because he had taken the linoleum( well, it is kind of different stuff, but I don't know the right word for it at the moment) that we once bought for the kitchen floor and busy cutting it and placing it on the kitchen floor.
Oh my, I told him off, without any success, so what else to do then getting on my knees and helping him cutting it and such.
Not that it is on the floor it looks as if we have a total different kitchen, that even looks bigger too.
Yeah, it really looks different from the wooden floor( just the common wood they use for flooring), and now that it is done(still have to do a small corner) I am happy.
But I could notice it was a bit too much for Jan, because he was real tired after it and I still am not happy with the fact he did the job at this time. May be I am over-protective, Jan says I am and that i worry too much.

Today I probably will do some shopping, because we need cat food and bread and coffee, and I better do it today, because tomorrow the weather forecast tells us we will have lots of rain, and very strong wind(which is always dangerous for me, grin !), and this week temperatures dropped for about 6 degrees.
already today it looks like real autumn weather, cloudy, with a little sunray peeping through, but also wind and rainclouds arriving.
So we are waiting for the home care to come for Jan's bandage( his leg is looking already so much better, almost normal size again) and then I will get dressed and leave quickly.

So this our weekend, more or less. Time now to give you something for your scrapping. I have some lovely clusters from Arlene made with the Autumn Comes kit.
And good news, I started already a new kit. Going slowly, every time I open PSE I just make two papers or so, but it's progressing. Not promessing anything about the date it will be ready, I noticed that lately that isn't working very well ROFL.

Have a wonderful day.

Download    HERE

Friday, October 17, 2014

Sorry for skipping a day!

Goodmorning everybody!

I really watned to post on Wednesday, but for now every Monday, Wednesday and Friday we have the health care coming over in the morning. Not that it really prevents me from blogging, but before she comes we try to get the room a bit "organized"LOL, then I have email to check, and read some blogposts from others and sometimes morning is gone already.
Rest of the day i try to be busy with things needed, like laundry, ironing, cleaning the house every time something, and then have to spend time on the computer with Official things, like form filling, writing letters, all that not nice stuff.
Then the afternoon was gone before I knew.
Last couple of days I did all I mentioned, well, more or less, but today I promised myself to do the posting first.
We are up today awefully early, because the lady of the hea;th care asked if she could come much earlier for once. So I think later today Jan surely will take a napp to catch up some sleep.

The weekend is sounding to be real nice, weatherwise, so tomorrow we want to go to the market.
Municipality is busy rebuilding/reorganizing it already for months now, and first part is about ready now. Instead of usual stands, there are now little buildings more like shops. It looks rather nice, but I wonder if the rent prices for the market vendors will go up sneaky, and then the prices for the products too. We'll see in future.

Oh, yesterday we received a letter from the health care disability payment department, that because of our appeal Jan will get a new interview on the 10th of December, where he will be able to explain to the full why he thinks he will not be able to work for 100%, it will be done ny another doctor and he may have an research by that doctor. I will go with him, perhaps i can be of any use. If Jan can reach disability of more than 35% he will get monthly payment from them, partly, and he will have to work for the other percentage. but it will be easier I think. Let's cross fingers by that time that the outcome will be favorable for him.
Will make things a lot easier.

I have a nice surprise for you today, yes, I finished a kit, zipped it and uploaded it and already sent it to Arlene(my very patient creative team) and now I can offer at last a new little kit.
I am not in full designing swing yet, because my mind is occupied with all stuff for health care, health security and such, but I am glad I made one.
It is named "Autumn Comes"', all in those warm autumn colors, and I also have already the clusters made by Arlene. This weekend I will try to make the preview and upload them, to have them ready for you soon.

Have a happy weekend

Download     HERE

Monday, October 13, 2014

Home after a necessary trip.

Goodafternoon everybody!

Yeah, I am late in postingm but I just couldn;t find time for it this morning.
First we had to wait for the health care lady, so before I wanted to be dressed properly, then made coffee for Jan and me, and had to check a few things on internet.
Then a morning is done with in a second.
After the lady had left we took a sandwich and then got on the tram to show and let copy our identity card
just a whole trip for that.
I took advantage of that and copied all kind of papers we have to send again for the appliance.
Hmmm, all those things take a lot of time, and I really believe time spent on this could take only half of it.
Okay, done with it for today.

The weekend was quite nice, I did some laundry, vacuum cleaning, removed some dust bunnies and did start baking something. I have made a Russian pirog, you could say it is a kind of minced meat pie, but you can fill it also with e.g. cabbage, or salmon, or whatever is at hand.
I made it with minced meat, miced with choppe onions and some crushed hard boiled eggs.
Make a dough, put half of it rolled out in a tray, put in the quick fried minced meat, cover it with the other half of the dough and hopla, in the oven for about 25 minutes.
That i made fridau, and Saturday I made a chicken soup and we had great dinner with the soup and pirog.
The pirog turned out to be really good.
We had so much left that also yesterday we had the same for dinner.
It was Jan's suggestion and he said: "why not have soup and pirog again, it tastes good and it will be an easy day for you cooking wise". Nice of him, isn't it?

Weather slowly is going down now, it isn;t cold but also not really nice. Sometimes some rain. some moments of sunshine, yeah, summer is at it's end I fear.
Still we did some gardening when it was dry and a bit sunny, the garden is getting emptier now, now we will have to wait till first frost and then we can take out the dahlia bulbs.
Jan will try to get the bird feeder ready as soon as possible, so we can place it in the garden for our little feathered friends.

I still have some "free"time left this afternoon, before starting dinner, so I may play a little game on the computer, and then in the evening I can do some knitting, while watching another soccer game of our national team. Oh, Friday they played also and amazing, they did win the match, although I didn;t find it very convincing.
Let's see what they can do tonight. and if the game is boring and / or bad, we have a serie/film on a dvd that I bought the other day for just a few bucks. It says it has playing time of 315 minutes!
Must be some British serie, about espionnage and such, so we will certainly enjoy ourselves watching it.

I wish you all a wonderful day and see you on Wednesday!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Rather good visit to hospital.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yesterday in the afternoon we went to the appointment with the surgeon for Jan's legs.
I must say that the last couple of days it looks better and so he tells me too. Okay, here and there suddenly the pain comes back again, but it is less and he can walk now for a longer time, though it is very slowly.
After a quick view on his right leg the doctor said it looks good, the wound is healing nicely.
Because of the smaller troubles Jan still has with the leg(the left is behaving very well, now it is the right one giving him still some trouble) he still has to continue 3 times a week with the bandage and then the doctor wants to see him back in 3 months, they will do a special scan, as I understood, to see if really all is well with the vains.
So all together I can say it was good news.

But of course there also was a less nice thing in the morning at the post. We got a big envelop of the municipality, about the appliance of a social assistance benefit, and remember we already filled in several large forms with all kind of information, mainly financial. well, I thought they already had all,if missing some municipality can have information of the government, like the tax office, and about all our data is already known. But no, we will have to send copies of all kind of things, again, and reading that i felt sooooo frustrated and even angry! Can you imagine?
Okay, today I will assemble all needed(have almost all already in a fiile, hoorray), and will have to copy all. I think I better make for sure several copies of each paper, in case we will have to send more LOL.
Then within 4 working days we will have to go to an office to show our identity card and to have it copied, and probably we will get an interview in another office after a while. So they send you all around town, so far for public and governmental services!

No, I will not ramble more about it, and yes, I understand you will have to show proof of your some things, but it could be done, I think,much more efficient, all almost in one session. And without sending people to all kinds of offices all around town, and on the internet. And don;t you believe it is easy to get some proper information by phone! That's quite a different story, Yes, yes, yes, I will stop now.

Weather is, speaking temperature wise, still rather good, we only have now here and there rainshowers and at times gloomy weather, although today the sun is shining(for now).
I know, summer is over, but I can deal with nice autumn weather, that could last all the way to spring, hahaha.
Probably that will not happen, but we can always hope, isn;t it?

This evening we perhaps will watch a game of soccer of our national team. Not that I am very hopeful they will do good.  It is for qualification for the European championships in 2016, but their first game they didn't perforn well at all. So may be we will zapp around a bit, because there also is The Voice of Holland this evening and I really like that program.  I know, we could tape it, but there are still a lot of things to record, so Jan will be busy to figure out what to record on dvd and not.

Yesterday evening we had a mish mash for dinner, grin. I didn't feel up to really properly make a meal, so I just looked into the fridge. I had some minced meat, some chinese cabbage(really like the taste of it), some paprika, tomatoes. So I cooked a bit of macaroni and in the mean time stirr fried all the veggies, so that they still would be a bit crispy. Chopped onion to it, some herbes salt and pepper at the last moment added the macaroni to it and tadaa, ready. and yes, it tasted real good too. all ready in about 20 minutes ( counting also the copping of the veggies) Now that was quick!
Today is our "free"cooking day, so I have no idea yet what I will eat this evening, neither has Jan(he makes his own on Fridays, usually).
I still have some minced meta left, perhaps I can use that in a soup, for little meat balls. Hmmm, could be a good idea.

Oh, the doorbell is ringing, I think it is health care, to give Jan a new bandage.
Time for me to finish this post and get dressed too. And I have some things to do today and I want to have them done so I bid you goodbye and till Monday!
Have an awesome weekend.

Wednesday, October 08, 2014

feeling a lot more "myself"and had a busy day.

Goodafternoon everybody!

yes, I am very late posting, this morning I was a bit lazy, then we had to wait for the health care lady, and then I first had to do some things.
First I had a nice long shower, last couple of days I think the cold came out at night, I was wet from the transperation. Oh well, water and showergel is good for that.
Already yesterday \I felt much better, but I think today the bug I had disappeared completely.
So time to do some things again.

After my shower I had another cup of coffee and then went out. I was lucky not to have much rain anymore(all morning it rained), and first went to pick up my new identity card. Instead of 5 years this will be valid for 10 years, great. It is quite expensive, we have to pay € 52,00 for it.
Then I went for some food shopping, needed bread and cat food etc.
I was back home rather quickly, and I started preparing dinner for this evening.
I still had fresh spinach, that needed to be used and I made an oven dish with it with chicken and potatoe.
That ready I put on some stew pears for our desert, had finally a sandwich and then had time to post.
I will give you the recipee for the dish.Amount of the ingredients is for 4 persons.

500 gr, spinach
375 gr. potatoes in slices
two or three chicken filet in dices(or take more if you are a "big"eater LOL)
2 table spoons olive oil
1 onion chopped
salt and pepper
1/2 table spoon italian herbes( or you can mix some yourself, of whatever you have at home, like some basil,
oregano, bit of paprika, thyme)
1 egg
2 table spoons of milk
grated cheese.

Cook sliced potatoes with some salt for about 3-5 minutes.
Put 1 tbl.spoon olive oil in a pan, stir-fry the fresh spinach, with the onion, pepper, salt, nutmeg and herbs.
Let it cool off a bit.
Stir the egg with the milk and mix it with the spinach.
Fry the chicken, with some salt and pepper, (or you also can use some ready made chicken herbs)not completely done.
Grease the baking dish.
Then put on layer of potatoes, then the spinach, then the chicken, another layer of potatoes and end with some greated cheese.
Preheat oven at 150 degree C.
Put the dish in the oven for about 20-25 minutes till the cheese is coloured a bit.

Yesterday I made some elements again to the kit I just started. It is progressing, although still slowly, but I will get there. Already feels good to have again energy and inspiration for it again.
I hope someone will try out the dish, it's really yummie and not difficult to make.
Okay, now it is time for some relaxing, so I will play a game at the computer.
Have a great and wonderful day!

Monday, October 06, 2014

The weekend was nice

Goodmorning everybody!

Well, I must say I was quite busy. Friday, after the really short post, I got quickly dressed and after a cup of coffee I went to the market. It was nice weather for it.
It was a good visit, i came back with several veggies, some cheese, etc. but when i was back home I really was happy to be able to sit down for a while.
Saturday was even better weather and it inspired us two to do things in the garden. No, not really true.
Jan did a bit, I cleaned out partly the borders, where still is work to be done. But start was there.
Jan felt rather good and attacked the windows to the garden and now they look oh so shining! we also washed the curtains, and oh boy, they have quite a different color now ! LOL.
I urged him not to do too much, he has to build it up slowly, but at least he could use his leg again a bit.
Strangest is still as I told Friday, that at night in bed his foot is "killing"him, and during daytime there is almost no trouble.
A thing to talk about with the doctor, visit is on Thursday.

Yesterday weather was already less good, so I spent a bit of time in the kitchen, making stew pears, and rest of the day I just sat on the couch watching tv, but....................................tadaaa.............I finally started with a new kit. Can you believe it? it will take some time before it will be ready, but it felt good designing again.
It will surely not be a large kit, but the start is there.

Today temperatures are a lot lower, I think we will not reach higher than around 61 F. Brrr, that is quite a change, and it is hard to get used to it. It may be for only a couple of days(rain is expected too), and by the end of the week it may creep up to perhaps  66 F again. Much better.

I think I will do some cleaning in the house, and I hope to go on for a short while on the new kit.
First i will grab me a sandwich, and another cup of coffee, after that I might be ready to attack the house LOL.

Have a great day.