Saturday, October 03, 2015

A rather productive week, LOL

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, that Indian Summer weather definately has a good influence on me.
During the week I was out almost every day, be it for a quick grocerie shopping, or just for one thing needed at that moment, but I also did some work in the house, finally.
I did the floor in the kitchen, I did some ironing, I did several laundries, I washed the curtain in the living room, I did a vacuum cleaning, and then some other things that we have to do each day, hahaha.
So I am happy about myself and promised myself an easy day today.

I also did some designing in between and at the moment I am hooked to the game Mahjong again, grin.
I admit that i like to play some games at the computer, but that also has it's periods. There are times I almost don;t play them and then suddenly I find one that I really like and times passes aweful quick then.
Oh well, as long as I don't spend all day on it, it's okay.

The other day I got a request from a visitor, if she could use the Fallicious kit for a tutorial and I gave permission and I have now the link for you for that tutorial. It's for a lesson in PSP and i Dutch but you can throw Google translate on it or something like that. It's a very nice result of the materials the lady used, take a look, it might give you some inspiration.

I think we will have the last of the beautiful Autumn days this weekend. Next week forcast says we will have rain and a serious drop of temperature towards 13-14 C at daytime!
Perhaps in the weeks after the weather will "restore"itself a bit and we could have still some lovely late autumn summerish weather? Let's hope it does.

So that's in short my passed week, and it wasn;t a too bad one, let's go for more of those kind of weeks and I will be a rather happy girl LOL!
I have a freebie for you, made by Arlene, with Fallicious kit and she also made a fantastic quickpage.
Have a wonderful day and week ahead and stay safe.
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Saturday, September 26, 2015

Kind of Indian Summer starting here.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, after a week or two of rain and cloudy weather most of the time I think we are heading for a very nice week. It started already yesterday with a day mostly filled with sunshine, at times some small clouds, but wonderful weather, temperatures around 18C, so not too much but enough.
So I decided to take a walk yesterday afternoon, just walked to an area of our town, where I don;t go too often, but where they have a lot of beautiful houses and gardens, a lot of greenery and some smaller woodland area's to take a stroll.
And gosh, I really enjoyed myself there, and all together I was out for about 2 1/2 hours!
On the way back home I passed a little garden centre and yes, you can guess it...I went in, of course.
But I was a really good girl and didnlt buy any plants, well, almost none LOL. I just bought a nice blooming begonia for Jan'indoor plant collection and a tiny little "leaf-begonia"as they call it, Ths one just has beautiful foliage, but doesn;t get flowers.
I though this begonia had such happy colors, and just in fron you see the tiny little one I bought too.

But when home i really was glad to sit down on the couch. Jan already had left for his volunteerwork, so I watched a bit tv and then made myself some dinner and sat down at the couch again LOL.
The rest of the week was filled with a bit of the usual stuff, some things done in the house, some laundry, some ironing, some grocerie shopping, also had a trip to the market, and always must be careful not to buy too much veggies and fruit.(prices are rather low at the moement for a lot of things).

Just looking out of the window and see lots of sunshine but also dark sky, funny combination. Hope that it will not rain. I must go for some small things to the supermarket, so it better stays dry.
And i think I will stay home for the large part of the day. Oh, not a bad thing, I can work on a knitting project and also perhaps on a new kit for you and in the afternoon I can watch a few of my favourite programs on tv, these are on the BBC, and one is The Harrys Biker Food trip (I have a link for you to check them out and you will also find some great recipees there: I just love those guy, because in their program they cook some not too difficult things of the countries they are travelling through, but also you learn and see some cultural about those countries. You could call them kind of unconventional LOL
Just after that is the Great British Bake off, just love to see that, no baker myself at all, admire all that creativity and yummie things. Then there is Flog it and just after that Gardener's world.
Then it's about time Jan comes home and we watch the news and then a new detective serie that just started last week. Very interesting one, and kind of fingerchewing too at times, LOL
here's a very short story line:
Inspired by the story of a real couple, the  four-part drama begins when Eccleston’s character Robert and his teacher wife Katy (Marsha Thomason) are asked by close friend and police officer Mark (Paterson Joseph), to turn their remote Lake District B&B into a safe house for protected witnesses and crime victims.
Their decision to say yes means Robert revisiting the memory of a tragedy from his time as a policeman when a witness he was protecting was shot and killed.
The first family that come under Katy and Robert's care also cause the couple a few problems...

So we have a busy tv evening ahead, hahaha.

Only thing that could be somewhat better is Jan's cold he has at the moment. Mine is almost gone, thank God, but he is still coughing a bit too much to my liking. Well, perhaps he needs a few more days of good sleep and sme sunshine of his body!

Do I have a freebie for you after all this rambling by me? Yes, I do! it is named "Fallicious", meaning it has a bit of autumn in it in a soft way.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Too bad we have to live in a paranoid worl!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Kind of late yes, but I woke up in the morning at a nice time and just sat on the couch with my coffee and watch a few programmes on tv and suddenly it was afternoon LOL.
Never mind, it's the weekend and there is no rush today.
Perhaps you wonder about the post title?
Well, that has to do with the news break we had yesterday. On the railwaystation of Rotterdam a Thalystrain(heading for France) was held up, because a young man jumped on it on almost the last minute and shut himself up in the toilet. No big deal, you would say, but several weeks ago there was about the same incident in Northern France I believe, and there really was a weapon involved (an Ak47!)and just because a few men were brave and overpowered him, a real tragedy didn't happen.
So of course when the incident in Rotterdan took place, all passengers were removed from the train police, military, search dog, helicopters, everything was there.
It took some time( Ithink too long,) to captured the young men, but then it showed he had no weapon or bomb or whatever and porbably had no harm in mind.
We still don't know whjy the young guy acted the way he did, seems there is a problem with language, so may be we will hear some more in a couple of days.
But I find it a terrible thing that at every corner of the street something could happen to you.
I am not walking around with that idea cnstantly in my head, but thinking about it it is kind of frightning. And these things make people paranoid, and sometimes too much.

Then we have another problem going on in Europe at the moment, and that is the huge amount of refugees coming to mstly Western Europe. Lots of them are refugees from Syria, escaping the terrible war that is going on there already for about 5 years,
In the surrounding countries of Syria, there are enormous camps, most with bad conditions, because those countried cannot cope with 3 or 5 million people extra!
So in a hurry several european countries take measures to recieve a lot of refugees, but it isn;t always so easy to give them a place to stay. it is a tremendous problem, but the politicians are to blame too for it. They could see it coming already for many years and as long as we don;t try to solve the problem at the roots, we will have to deal with large numbers of refugees. And I mean real refugees, running away for wars, life threatening situations. Yes, I feel really sorry for those people, leaving everything behind, not knowing if you will be able to start a new life, all you want is peace and safety and being able to live your life. And yes, we should help, even if it's  not always easy, but we never should forget the word " humanity". If we loose that, we aren't worth anything.
As long as there is a weapon industry there will be wars and that has its consequences.
Kind of funny really how the world works. On one side "we" spend millions on help to countried and charity organisations and on the other hand "we" deliver the means(read: weapons) to them.
Well I better stop moaning, I wouldn;t know a quick solution for the problem neither.
But that there has to change something is obvious.

Is there some more chearfull news to tell? No, not really, life here is pretty quiet at the moment, and I must say I love it, after all trouble we had the past months.We still have not all too bad weather, although it is not the kind to sit in the garden. we still have some sunshine, some rain too, you can notice autumn is coming near, you also can see it in nature. Trees slowy are changing their leaf-colors,
more and more plants finish their bloom, so in a few weeks it might be time to think about Christmas time again. Hahaha, no, I am nt up to it yet, but as soon as september is done with it seems that Christmas time is hurrying towards you.
For now I don;t want to think about it yet, I'd ratherr have some more really nice autumn weeks or even months, with not too much rain and wind and not too drastic dropping temperatures.

So time to finish the post, and leaving you with a freebie from Arlene, made with the Mode du Passé kit.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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Saturday, September 12, 2015

Should a bit of luck smile upon us. LOL?

Goodmorning everybody!

No, I am not desporate, we just had some tough times this year and I think we deserve a bit of easier one for the rest of the year, hahaha.
May be it started last week. at least we had letters from the tax office that we get a little bit of money back, hoorray, now it has to come on my account, I hope next week it will be done.
There also was something wrong in the social benefits payment, we got that sorted out buy a guy in a social centre(where we come at times to see our volunteer coach), he made an ever so important phonecall, wrote a letter for us, it's on the mail now and now we cross fingers that soon we will receive some money back from that too! And we could do with an extra "reserve".
So perhaps a bit of luck is sprinkled upon us?LOL

Then  didnt hear for already a longer time from Heidi and I began to worry a little bit. We often have weeks, that we have no contact, but it lasted a bit too long now. I tried to phone her, no luck, then finally shed called back, but it was the day before yesterday just at the time I was serving out our dinner, so it wasn't the best time. I called her back later that evening, and her daughter told me she was having a nap. finally yesterday( after still several tries), we got in touch, pfffff. I wasn;t feeling at ease yesterday all day long, just hadn;t a good feeling, and it showed I was right about her. Lucky she hadn't trouble with her lungdisease, but she suffers from mouth ulcers which is very annoying and painful. She is under control for it and has several medicins for it, so it will disappear after a while again. But you can imagine that it is hard to eat something or drink (which is the easiest, with a straw). So the poor girl isn't feeling very great, then with all kind of things of "normal"life getting in the way too(those things can "grow over your head" at times ), she was in no mood to have a chat with me( and  think she didn't want to worry me either).

Our weather isn;t too bad at the moment. You could call it kind of unsettled, some sunshine, sometimes a bit of rain, one day wind from the west, the other day from the east, but still temperatures are not bad, they stick at around 20C and that feels okay, specially when the sun is shining.
I spent a little time in the garden yesterday, pruning some of the ivy, which grows like mad, grin.
Our dahlia's still are blooming and they are just wonderful, only have to put them on another spot next year. And as I have so many I can give Heidi a few of them(you can easily split them up after you dug them up in late autumn).
Now I will have to think of something to eat this evening, as Jan is working, it should be something qick and easy, I will have dinner earlier and then I will prepare a plate for him, that he can just warm up in the oven. 

This evening for sure will be detective evening at tv again, LOL. Oh, we also watch other things, but our heart is for a big part at the detectives, specially the British ones, but also Danish and Swedish ones are great! And sometimes our neighbours, the Belgians have some good ones too.
We also love to see some good documentaries, about all kind of subjects, or films about nature.
Then we follow some sport, and the news, of course, and here and there a good quiz, pfew, we have busy times in the evening ROFL!
And then we register on dvd and video also some programs, because they are broadcasted at the same time, yeah, it demands  a good planning, and usually that is Jan´s task, grin!

I think I covered all that I could share, and it is time for your freebie. A kit, that I named `Mode du Passé. Hope you can do something nice with it.
Have a wonderful weekend, thanks for the visit!
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Sunday, September 06, 2015

Time slips away like sand

Goodafternoon everybody!

It's early afternoon, but as I am used to post early morning, I feel I lost half a day LOL!
Well, loosing time seems to be quite a "normal" feeling at the moment. The days pass by in a kind of rush, and when I look back at them, I just cannot remember with what time passed. I know there are things I achieved during those days, but I am "missing"also moments hahahaha. No, don;t worry, I think my brain is still working okay, but days sometimes are filled with all kind of little things to do and they aren;t all worth remembering.
This week I finally got to the hairdresser, and what a relief that is, believe me.
Also had an appointment with my "volunteerwork coach", which was nice as always. He gave me another two weeks to orientate myself to volunteerwork I might like to do( this coach is very nice to me, and gives only positive reports to the guy of social service benefits, ), but also I might be taken in in a group for language lessons to non-natives, specially women on another location. They know I am not a teacher, so giving lessons myself already, hmmm, I don;t know if that is a good idea, but I can help perhaps in setting up language course, in getting material for it, calling around, typing things if needed etc. etc. I hope to hear from the starting group soon, they will have a meeting and I am invited to it, to brainstorm with them. Might be nice.

It hasn;t been the best of weather to go out for a longer time last week, we had lots of rainshowers, some real heavy ones, at times also some clearing up and sunshine, but the temperatures dropped enormously to about 16-17 C daytime. And that is really several degrees lower than usual temperatures in the beginning of September.
But may be later this week it will crawl upwards again a bit. I really hope so, because i am not ready yet for low autumn temperatures and such. I am crossing my fingers for having a loooong Indian Summer, short autumn and winter and early spring again.LOL!
I will have to spread my dahlia's otherwise in the garden next year. Oh, they are doing very well, but they grew much bigger than I thought, so they will need more space between them and another place in the garden.
The tomatoes are doing okay too,  we had several times a salad containing a few of our own tomatoes.
Just need to cut them down a bit, remove more of their leaves, so that the tomatoes at the plants will catch more light and sunlight specially. And we have to hope for a week or so of much warmer temperatures, so all my tomatoes will ripen at time.

Today Jan has his last day of social work this week(no, it hasn;t ended, just this weekend LOL,) but I wonder if it isn't a bit too straining, 3 days in a row. I asked him, but of course he denied it, still I see he is rather tired after 3 days from 16.00-19.00 a.m., which may not seem a long time, but he misses his after-dinner nap like this. He comes home around 19.30 a.m. drinks something then after some time he has to have his dinner, and of course then it is too late to take a nap.
He helps people of age with their evening sandwich and drinks, preparing it, clearing off, getting the little kitchen in order etc. for a group of about 15-20 people. Most of them are at that department for
medical rehabilitation, after an operation of e.g. a hip, or a fall at home, something like that.
So the larger part of them are still capable of eating themselves, but have sometimes a bit of trouble making their sandwich, (and sometimes they just like to be pampered a bit, hahaha). One day there is much more to do than on another day, there are evenings he has time to take a pause, even take a cup of soup himself if there is some left over, then is isn't so straining of course.
It's a kind of work Jan likes to do and does it well, it also helps he has his background of nursing, so he has a keen eye to see where real help is needed and so. Plus he is easy in little conversations with them. 
well, I will keep an eye on him, so to speak and if I think it is just a bit too much  will try to convince him to perhaps spread his 3 days differently. May 2 in the weekend, then a day od rest and then another shift. But that will be hard work for me to get his that far hahahaha.
And.... did I do some designing this week? Not too much, but I did start another kit again.
I am spending time at the computer though, but it is filled with other things at the moment. Have to keep up a bit with a few blogs I follow, and now again I will have to spend some time searching for a nice volunteer job if the language thing will not blossom, and slowly Jan and I have to spend some time in the garden, preparing it again for autumn and winter. We still have a bit of time but with the weather changing to less good all the time, we'll have to pick the moments.
But there is a freebie for you, made by the wonderful creative Arlene, clusters and a quickpage made with the Seaside Sunset kit.
Leaving you now, with wishes for a lovely day and good start of the week.
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Monday, August 31, 2015

What's wrong with people nowadays?

Goodmorning everybody!

In a way it is a good morning, because it is another day, we are still alive, it still is summer, and such. The way it isn;t such a good morning is that the guy from upstairs, didn;t show up. He would have been here to paint last week Thursday, then came to say he couln't come but wuld come Thursday.
Then on Thursday morning he dropped a note in our mailbox, saying he couldn;t come but would come at around 6 evening. And surprise? Nobody came and no message or phonecall or whatever either.
I have his phonenumber, but Jan refuses to call him, saying: "I refuse calling him, because it then looks as if we are begging". I can understand him in a way, but don;t agree completely either.
So now Jan will start painting himself today( I wouldn;t have him do it during the weekend, because he had his volunteer work to do).
Glad at least we have a bucket with paint, brough by this guy earlier. It is something.
But I feel rather pissed off, and I think I am allowed too.
I don;t know why it seems to be so hard to keep a promise? Or why make a promise if you are sure you will not keep it??

Well, we keep this in the back of our head and next time something will happen we will act differently.

we have a bit of strange weather at the moment. Temperatures are around 25 C, as it was yesterday too, but in the evening there was some lightning and thunder, not too much, also rained some, saw on the news that in other parts of the country they had real trouble because of the rain.
Now during the day it should be quiet but towards the evening they expect new rains and thunder and lightning. We'll see, if we will be lucky again.
If it will stay dry most of the day, I might make a trip to the market, have to drop a bill at the bank too, and it is on the way to the market.
I am not sure yet, but perhaps is will be best to do, leaving Jan to his painting, in peace and quiet.
(I know how I am. All the time checking if he is okay, not suffering too much from his back and so, and it is better for his and my mood that I go away for a while LOL).

I've managed to make a little kit for you, named it Seaside Sunset.
Hopefully you can do something with it.
Sorry it is kind of short post, but at the moment I cannot think of anything more that would be nice to read for you. Oh yeah, one thing we Dutchies are very proud of!
We have the world champion 200 mtrs. sprint. called Dafne Schippers. A lovely young women of 23 years old, who also took the silver medal on the 100 mtrs. sprint at the World Championship Athletics in Beijing!
And here is the kit
Download   HERE

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

May be a promise will be kept!

Goodmorning everybody!

The good news is that about all has dried well after our big leak, and yesterdaymorning the guy did turn up at our door with a bucket of paint and such. So at least we have that, but he had no time yesterday, he promised us to come tomorrow and do his painting. Okay, let's hope and see.

With all that going on last week I forgot to tell ayou another strange thing that happened.
Somewhere last week Jan was in the extension to look for a tool or so and he called me to cme and help him because there was a ................pigeon there.
During the warm days and also because the room had to dry, weleft open the window and the door to the garden. I suppose the pigeon came in through the door.
It was not easy to grab him but finally Jan managed to get him out. Okay, that can happen.
But two days later I heard a strange noise coming out to me, first thought it were just two pigeons fighting a bit, but then went looking and again a pigeon had entered the extension room.
After a while I managed to get a towel over him and grab him and released him in the garden.
I must say, those two birds didn;t leave a too big mess, amazing.
So now we put in the door again the door with fly-screen, to prevent the birds to come in LOL.

Oh my, August is almost over with, and next week I will have to visit my volunteer coach again.
Then I am sure we will come to an agreement again for doing some volunteer work. To start again will not be easy again( as I am used to free time all the time, hahaha), but it will be a good thing.
The last time I saw hime he suggested I will do the same as before, helping out in classes with language lessons for not natives and I think I still like to do that.

First thing now is the painting, hopefully it will be done this week. Then we  can put back all we moved for now to give the guy some room to work.
And then really hoping we will not have any leak anymore, not this year, not next year .!!
I am completely DONE with that!

Okay, today should be a rather good day, speaking of the weather. Last couple of days we had quite some rain, although temperatures still were not bad at all. We only have a bit too much wind to my liking and there is a chance to some rainshowers. Then all should turn into some more "quiet"weather, but that always can change from day to day at the moment.

Sorry I don't have a freebie for you now, still in very low gear concerning the designing. I did start another kit, but it will take me some time to finish. I am not spending as much time at the computer as before, probably that will come back too later when the weather is getting colder and it will be dark sooner.
For nw I just like it that we don't have to turn on the lights on at 5 in the afternoon already!
And when we wake up, it is light and often the sun is shining and that feels sooooooooooooooo good.

Think I will do a bit of blogreading and perhaps do a few things on the new kit, then get dressed and eat something, then see what mischieve I can come up with hahaha.
Till next time, I suppose it will be somewhere in the weekend.
Have a lovely day!