Thursday, June 23, 2016

You also can have too much rain.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes a lot of water has fallen down lately, and again last night.
It was a fantastic temperature yesterday and we also had some sunshine, but at night I heard some thunder and it rained,  again.
In parts of our province they had so much rain in short time, that streets looked like little rivers, no fun at all.
Today again thunder and rain is expected, and after tomorrow temperatures will drop again several degrees.
I am hoping though for some steady weather with nice temperatures, a rain shower here and there, but weather that you can call "summer weather".

Tuesday afternoon Jan and I went to town centre. Jan needed some paint from a shop there, and okay, why not go there together?
It's kind of a 1-5-and 10 dollar store, so lots of cheaper things but great fun!
Jan found his paint an then we separated, to go our own way.
we left home with sunshine but during our visit at the shop it started to rain. Pity, but as long as I was in a shop it didnt matter, hey?
I found myself a jeans and a summer/autumn jacket for a nice price.
So my mission into twon was a success, LOL.

Yesterday I really didn;t do too much, just some little things, but today I think it will be laundry day. Not my all too favourite job, but okay, it needs to be done every now and then, LOL.
May be this afternoon will be a good time to phone the guy, who will change our central heating kettle to ask him for a price indication.
Then probably next week I will make an appointment for my dental.
Both things will hurt, talking finance, but are necessary.

That's it for the moment.  know I promised to make some photos of the garden, but not much new came to bloom, it will need a few days more.
I have a kit for you, named Revisited Memories.
Have fun with it and have a wonderful day and days to come.

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

I've been ├Âut'for a day and half.

Goodmorning everybody!

I am posting later in the week than planned, but as so often, when I plan something, it doesn;t happen.
well, this time too. 
Thursday I woke up rather early, nothing unusual to that, so I went for some grocerie shopping, to have it done with. all okay,
but after  cleared all away early afternoon I felt sooo tired and I just went for a nap. After an hour or so I woke up, but didn;t feel much better, in fact I felt worse.
Okay, that can happen, so I took womething to eat, which wasn;t tasting at all, then made everything ready for dinner and put on my comfy, warm, fuzzy pyama's. In the evening it wasnt better, had also a headache that wouldn;t go away, so early evening I took a warm fleece blanket and lay down on the other couch and then slept a bit. waked up sweating terribly, drinked some went to sleep again.
Yesterday I felt already a lot better, so  took a shower and popped back into another pair of fuzzy pyamas and stayed on low profile.
I think today I chased away the bugs or whatever it was(probably catched some kind of cold, who knows), I will keep relaed today too, stay warm and just hope it will be gone by this evening completely.
The weather has been rather good, although temps are a bit low. we had some rain, but also large periods with sunshine and then it felt oh so good outside.
But happy news! Today starts with some rain, may be pater the sun will come through the clouds but starting next week we will have lovely temperatures and lots of sunshine again, about 20-25 C.
Just hope the weather will get a bit steadier than it has been.

Our garden is showing more and more blooms, soon some lilies will open their buds and I just saw the first flower on a tomatoe plant.
May be I will make some new photos net week. I've bought some small hanging petuni's and some hanging pots, they are such sweet plants in happy colors.
For now I have some clusters and quickpage from arlene, made with the Sailors and the Sea kit.
Hope you can use them for some great photos.
Have a fantastic weekend and stay healthy and safe.
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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Lots of sport to see this summer

Goodmorning  everybody!

Thought perhaps a larger letter would be easier to read, LOL.
Tell me what you think about it, okay?

Yes. this week started the European Soccer championship and as you know Jan and I love to watch soccer, we are settled for this month.
Just pity our team didn't make it this time to the championship, but in a way it is a lot more relaxed watching the games. Still we have picked some other teams to "support". I think we first will be for Belgium, they have a rather good team and Belgians are almost the same as Dutchmen, not ion everything, but much alike. We like to call them our "reserve(or spare)-Dutchmen, hahaha.But for the people who don't like the soccer too much, on another channel on tv they give every day a detective. Well, enough to record on our dvd then for later.

Then when this event is over there is in July the Tour de Francel cycling. We may not watch it every day, but some of the tours of the day are interesting.
Then there is also Wimbledon, for tennis and then of couse the Olympics in Brasil. We have a few chances there, with Daphne Schippers, (100 and 200 mtr. for women), Epke Zonderland(gymnastics, specially the bar), Ranomi Kromowidjodo(swimming), Sifan Hassan(1500 mtr women), and in some other sports we have perhaps some chances. It will be an interesting event.

I had a nasty surprise this week. I was eating a cookie in the evening and suddenly felt something hard wandering around in my mouth. I though it was a bit of caramel of the cookie, but took it out and it seemed to be a tooth of my dental! And yes, I had a gap in my upper dental. So I went to an orthodontist nearby and had it repaired. But I definately need a new dental, cause this one is too old and could loose more teeth or even worse, break. Now we cannot have that, hey?
It costs a lot of money, so I checked with the health insurance if there is a restitution and after checking twice(!) they pay 75% of it, which isn't bad, if you only have the basic insurance.
So I think I will go for a new one in a few weeks.
Not happy about it, it is still money to spend I didn;t count in this year.
But we will manage it somehow.

Weather here is a bit less at the moment. The past week we had some gorgeous days, but now temps are about 18-20 C, cloudy, sometimes some rain, not too much sunshine in all, so no weather to sit in the garden at the moment. But I suppose the plants are happy with some light rain.
Somewhere this week Jan was looking into the garden and called me to watch the birds, At a certain stage we had 6 parrakeets enjoying some food I hang up. It is such fun to just sit and watch all the birdies come and go to pick some food. 

Well, that is about it for now. I have a kit for you named Sailors and the Sea.
Have a wonderful day and start of the week and stay safe.
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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

Grasping on to the nice weather, LOL.

Goodmorning everybody!

Sounds rather desperate, that title of my post, but I am not, don;t worry. But it always is tricky here for how long that weather will last. Still today it will be real nice, tomorrow there is change in the air and then temperatures will drop again to around 19 or 21 C, which isn;t all too bad, still big diffenrence with the weekend and yesterday, when we had 24-28 C.
well, Jan and I had ourselves a little walk yesterday I thought we should take advantage of that good weather.
So we went to the park not all too far to walk and had a nice walk there.
Don;t have a lot of photo though, but made you one of a canal we passed with a lot of "houseboats". You can even see that some have a little garden. It isn;t the most beautiful canal with those boats but still nice.
When we came home we had time to sit for a while in the garde just doing nothing. I had an easy task for dinnerpreparation. Sunday I made canneloni and there was so much left of it that we could have another meal from it. Just some salad to it and ready!

Also yesterday my friend Heidi had her birthday, so  phoned her already early in the morning to give her my best birthdaywishes. She didn;t have a birthday party, because everybody was working and to school, so only in the afternoon some family should come along for a little drink and then for dinner they would go out to a restaurant( I think only Heidi, Danny and Severine).

I have such fun watching the birdies that come for some food in my garden. I managed to come at about 1 mtr.close to a parakeet. I don;t expect that I will be able to touch them one day, but it is nice that they aren;t too easily scared off.
Still have not a clou what I will do today. There is some laundry that needs ironing, so may be  will take half an hour this morning and get rid of that.
And may be I will go to town centre for a moment this afternoon.
Jan also need to go out, because one of the tires of his bike is finished, kaputt! So he needs to get a new one and he will probably take two, to have a new set all along.
Today I have the clusters from Glimpse of summer, that Arlene made.
Have a lovely day.
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Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Temperatures getting a bit more steady.

Goodmorning everybody!

It took some time before making a new post. First because there isn;t all too much interesting to tell at the moment, second because I wanted to post earlier this week, but on Monday I really had an off day.
Already for a few days I felt rather tired, with not much energy, but Sunday night in bed I was sweating a lot, so I woke up Monday morning and took my temperature. Nothing wrong with that. But still felt aweful tired, so took a nap again and that during the whole day. Terrible, but nothing much really came out of my hands that day.
Yesterday it already was a lot better, still kind of tired, but  kicked myself and went out for a shopping, it was nice weather so it should do me some good.
Well, it did, although I didn;t do anything much more that day.
I think I caught some kind of little bug or virus perhaps, hope that it is almost gone now.
Want to go out today to the "far-away"supermarket which is easy to to go to with the tram) because on Wednesdays they have also a little market in the shopping centre there, so I can also fetch some veggies and cheese and such from the market.
They say on weather forcast that we might have some showers, although the heavy ones will be more in the centre of the country. So I will take my chance.

In the weekend I did take a few photos of my garden. Slwoly more plants are going to bloom and that looks so festive.
1st is part of the patio, where we have lot of pots.

Here looking from the paio to the back of the garden.

Here a close up from a Dianthus, I bought several of them  think 2 years ago, and normally they say it will last just one season, but apparantly they like it in my garden, after a little pruning they are full of buds again.

And here a fuchsia, I bought last week, I just loved that color.

So, at the moment there is sunshine and it is looking nice outside,  think I will get dressed quickly and go to that supermarket and market as long as there is sun to enjoy.

Of course there is a new kit for you. This time one named Glimpse of Summer.

Have a wonderful day.

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Thursday, May 26, 2016

Heading to a warmer weekend.

Goodmorning everybody!

Yes, the last couple of days it wasn+t really the very best of weather conditions. One day it was raining on and off, temperature not really splendid( something around 15or 16 C), yesteraday it was somewhat better, but from today on we should improve and have several day with temperatures around 20-22C and sunshine and very little wind.
There is a possibility in the weekend of some thunderstorms, but okay, we will see if we notice a lot of them

I have a kind of free day, that's to say I did almost all the grocerie shopping and found some time to sweep around with the vacuum cleaner LOL. Of couse there are some other things that I can do in the house and that will be done but may be today I will just get us a big bag of gardensoil. I can put one in my little shopping cart, so that is handy. We are out of soil and soom some pots need to be redone.
And today looks to be a good day to do some little jobs in the garden. It is looking quite sunnny and in an hour or two I think it will be really pleasant outside.
The arrival of better weather just comes at a good time, because this weekend there are fairs in two different streets, I think I will visit at least one of them. I don't think Jan will join me, because he has to go to his volunteerjobin the afternoon.
Pity, but better for him to stay quiet at home till it is time for him to go.

That's about all  can tell you about the last few days, I know, not very interesting, but oh , sometimes it just feels good to be able to say it ROFL.
Well, I have some clusters for you from Arlene, one frame clusters and 2 wonderful quickpages! made with the Lovely Past kit.
Have a great day and wonderful weekend.
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Saturday, May 21, 2016

Today I'll make some doggies happy!

Goodmorning everybody!

The new windowsill is in it's place. Yeah, miracle, but it happened LOL. it took some time, but Jan managed to make it look okay. Somewhere next week he will just have to paint the window(which was necessary anyhow) and all will look fine again.

I was rather busy yesterday, which isn't a bad thing. I first read some blogs and such at the computer, then had a little thing to eat and then went to the market. Had to put a bill at the bank along the way anyway, and we needed a bit of veggies.
Also bought us some mandarines and strawberries! Yes, it is time for them again and I cannot say I am unhappy with it, LOL.
I "did"the market in a slow pace, took my time to look around, kept although strong at the flower and plant stand and didn;t buy a plant or whatever for the garden.
Oh, also bought a smoked mackerel, I cleaned that up when I came home, so I had it all ready for eating. I love that on a sandwich or little fresh bun with just a tiny sprinkle of salt and pepper on it.
And it is a fat fish, which is good for your health too.
Prepared also some meat for Jan( made a marinade for it), so he could lay it on the small grill when he came home from his job.
Then changed the sheets and duvet covers on the bed and then I though it was enough for the day.

Today i will have to go to heidi's house this afternoon to take the doggies out. She phoned me this week to ask me for it. well, I had no special plans for today so of course I will do it. she also asked me if I had a certain plant in my garden, because she has lost that species. I can make her happy, I had a few. The one I will bring her isn;t a real big one, but once settled down that will come in time.
She also said I could take a look in her garden, to see if she had anything i wanted. For once thing, I know she has a lot of columbines and I lost about all of them(happened when jan suddenly becamse a gardener LOL).And today should be the best day of the week, temperature-wise spoken, so good for the doggies and good for me.

That will be probably all I will do today, only will make us a little pan of soup for this evening, as a quick and easy meal for a Saturday evening LOL. And it has been some time since I've made it.

I have a new kit for you, named Lovely Past, a great kit I think for some cherished old photos.
Have a wonderful day and weekend.

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