Sunday, February 27, 2022

Scary times in Europe

 Goodafternoon everybody!

To start with we have rather nice weather, it is dry, we've had and still having, sunshine, temperatures around 8C(although at night there is some nightfrost). But in a few days the nightfrost will disappear again. I do hope so.

Oh, I am satisfied with myself. And why? I managed to send away all necessary papers for tax to my accountant. No worry about that for now. 

I also wanted to bring a two pairs of trousers I bought for Jan to a little shop where they can make them shorter. I can do it by hand, but I am not really good at it and it will look much better when it will be done on a sewing machine by a more or less pro. It didn;t happen this week, because at the beginning of the week it was no good weather, still hard winds till stormy, rain and such, not really my kind of weather(you know, have to carry bricks in the pocket when it is storming real hard LOL).So that must be done next week.

Rest of the week I did a little bit of housekeeping, some grocerie shopping(but didn't feel to go to the sewing shop as well). Jan was quite busy with his seedlings, some pruning, sweeping up all mess and putting it into bags. 

Right now that I am typing this post, I have Muppet on my lap. In dreamland, as far as I can see. She was already hear this morning but didn;t stay very long, probably decided it was nice company here and returned a bit later.

I don;t want to talk too much about politics, but this is something, that touched me and also makes it a kind of scary situation in Europe. I am talking about the invasion of Russia into the Ukrain!

There was already for some time the threat it might happen, but somehow nobody really believed that Russia would go for it. I think Russia thought they would have a pretty easy walk over, but that is a mistake. The Ukrain people stand for their country and freedom. And my heart aches for all the inhabitants there who now live in fear, uncertainty, and must cope with a real war. I hope they will win in some way, although in such a situation at the end nobody is winner, because there is done too much damage of all kind. And lives are lost on both sides for what?????

And it is also a very uncertain situation for Europe too. And this just started invasion, or just call it war, is on the very border of Europe, Ukrain is only about 2000kms away and that isn't very much. I can understand that specially in Eastern Europe, like Poland and the Baltic states and a few more they are really nervous too. 

Let's pray all that this invasion/war will end real soon and that there can be found a way that the two countries can get on speaking and negotiation terms again. But for now I am not hopefull. And let's pray for all Ukrains that are in this difficult situation, they do need our support in some way.

It isn't the most uplifiting post for this blog, but sometimes things happen in the world that make a deep impression and must be talked about for a moment at least.

I will put a photo of my ongoing crochet project next week, I did want to have one today, but okay, not completely in the mood for that.

Wishing you all a wonderful week to come, stay safe.


hummerdawn said...

Glad your little visitor still drops around to see you off and on! My grandson has a cat (I live with my daughter and him). She still a kitten really and not spayed yet so she can be pretty lively!!
We all have been keeping up with the Russian/Ykraine misery. My province Manitoba, Canada and around my home town area was settled by the Ukranians back in the late 1800's. It is very disturbing to see all the violence on the sites. Our prayers are with all the Ukrainians and all the people that may be
close to the fighting also.
Take care. hugs.

Edna B said...

Sending my prayers for the Ukranium people. I hope Russia backs off soon. there is no need for another war. I am so glad that Muppet still comes around to spend time with you. She sounds like such a wonderful cat.

I'll be looking forward to photos of your newest project on a later post. Little by little, I'm getting back to crocheting. You have a super week my friend, hugs, Edna B.