Sunday, April 18, 2021

More or less a gardening week

 Goodafternoon everybody!

We have not too bad weather, meaning we have sunshine, most part f the day, not too much wind, only it is annoying that the wind still comes from the North, or North East, which makes it still cooler. However, we reached now around 10-12C, could go up for a few days to 15C. And if you can sit out of the wind in the sun, it already is really nice. It could be we will have a few rainshowers later this week, but if they don't last too long, it is good for all that grows.

Did i tell you about the knd of mess with Jan;s medicins and prescriptions? Yes, i think I did. Well, I called with the assistent of his doctor in hospital, expained, and asked to send to the pharmacie the still needed prescriptions of 3 medicins. I waited a few days and went to the pharmacy and hoorray, they received them and all is well now. I am glad it is solved and done with. 

I had two days of real spirit (and some energy LOL) for a bit of cleaning jobs, amd I am happy they are done. Don;t get me wrong, I didn't do a whole Spring cleaning cycle, oh gosh no, but .... okay, some things are done. And sas it is already such frinedly weather(although a bit frisk for the time of year) I couldn;t resist buying some spring plants to brighten up the garden(and it keeps Jan busy too, which is a good thing for him).

I bought some violets, petunia's, lavender, the "stoechas variety"

8717263080145.jpgAlso a few verbena(the annual one), two geraniums, and begonia. Seems a lot but when you have to fill some long containers and larger containers it isn't really a lot). I;ve made some photo's but I will have to practice with my camera and my new laptop to put the phtos on the laptop. I hope windows 10 will recognize my camera, but i think it shouldn;t be a problem. So give me some time to figure it out.

Or tulips are in full bloom now and really brighten up our terrace in their containers. Next year Jan wants to put them all as a mix match. Hopefully we will be able to keep the bulbs in good order to plant them again this fall.

It feels really good to be able to work a bit in the garden*and even sit for a while in the sun!!!) in fairly agreable temperatures. It makes you long for warmer times and also better ones concerning the Covid. Our country is really slow in vaccinating, and it is a shame. We should be able to do a lot better. Jan and I still don;t know when we are in line for vaccinating and almost all is still in lockdown. It will be very difficult to hold through after already such a long period of lockdowns, specially for a lot of enterprises, like in the horeca etc. 

It is said that the infections are still too numerous, but that would be a lot less if vaccination would be done properly and a lot faster! Everybody is getting slowly a bit impatient and with better weather coming up it will be hard to keep people inside.We are fortunated to have our garden as a kind of escape to be outside, but lots of people don;t have that possibility. But now.finished with my complaining.

Did you see yesterday anything from the funeral of Prince Philip of Great Britain? I saw a summery of it but found it still impressive, although it was a very limited one because of Covid. I felt so sorry for the Queen, specially seeing her sitting so alone in the chruchbench. Although she might have seen it coming I am sure her heart aches. Imagine they were married for 73 years! It will be hard for Queen Elizabeth to continue her reign without her husband on her side. May he rest in peace and may God give the Queen a lot of strength.

It is time for me to pop into the kitchen and see if my lamb stew is already tender enough. With some boiled potatoes and may be a salad we will have our dinner. I think that, if the sun still will shine, a bit later I will sit a moment in the sun, it is good to do so and catch some free vitamines and also start to have some color on the face again. 

I wish you all a wonderful week, and stay safe.



Edna B said...

Does your camera have a memory card in it? If so, that card usually can fit into a slot on the side of the laptop so that you could see all the photos on your laptop. Just a thought. I'll bet your garden is looking really nice now. It's good that you have the garden. It helps to keep Jan busy doing something he loves.
I finally got to see my heart doctor and he has put me back on my meds. I also have to wear a heart monitor for a couple of weeks. At least I can breathe better now. It will feel good to be able to do some things again. The weather is a bit funky but maybe Spring will be back soon with her warm temps. At least I hope so. Enjoy sitting in the sun my friend, hugs and love, Edna B.

hummerdawn said...

We had 25 CM of snow which is nearly gone now. But we needed moisture badly as we were heading for drought conditions. So as much as we didn't want it, it still was a blessing. A lot of the spring flowers such as crocus and such were out but I think the majority of them survived. But the weather temps are extreme ups and downs and a pain in the butt! Lol. We are on our 3rd wave of Covid-19 and it's the bad ones. So we may be looking for restrictions again as they were loosening them up somewhat. It will be so nice when it can be treated like the flu with vaccines annually. If that ever happens.
Hope you and Jan continue to stay safe and hopefully get to spend more time in the garden. That is so soothing and calming.

Grandma Sarge said...

I wish I could have a garden. I do have 2 Bonsai's in the house and money tree (ha ha- it doesn't give me money), and one bamboo tree making it's way up the glass it's in. The only color is the pretty rocks I found under the bushes that block our entrance walk, and get really bushy and scratch up Denise's car if she's too close to the bushes.
I'm under 10 hour "Nurse" care and they are soon going to make it 12 hour shifts. Most nurses like 12 hour shifts any way but she is asking for 24/7 care but only scheduling 12 hour shifts yet since I'm not bed bound yet, and the way I cruise around the house it'll be a couple of years before I'm bed bound. I still take my own showers but there is a nurse in the room in case I fall. But I have a stool in there that swings around in a circle so I can run water on my back and my head so I still wash my own hair. I'm not ready to leave this earth yet. Still have things to get done. I just have to go slow and make sure the O2 is working. Maybe turn it up a notch.
I'm still doing scrapbooks for friends. My scrapbook soft ware is having trouble working with the Windows 10 program. But I'm going to work a way around it.
My Nurse has shown up so I have to get my vitals taken and other such things as a shower again. Have a good is warming so enjoy! Stay Safe...Hugs