Sunday, February 21, 2021

Spring is in the air.

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Oh yes, we definately are going to have a lovely week with the weather. Temperatures will rise and already today it is about 14-15C but it could get higher during the week. Wind will go down too, more sunshine, almost dry, how wonderful this is??? And then knowing I have to feel sorry for a lot of people who have trouble with cold, ice, snow , powerloss because of that etc. I do feel sorry for them, but can you blaim me for feeling happy with our weather at the moment? You can never know how long that will last at this time of the year.

Last week I went back to the optician for my pair of glasses. They checked again, had some incomprehensible comment on it, but at the end, they will give me a knew glass with a little bit of different strenght on the right side. Okay, happy with that, I guess, and after that I will have to see if it is really better, because I am not yet totally happy with the new pair of glasses. I knw, it also has to do with the right eye, that has starting cataract, but still I think, you should have a pair of glasses that give you good eyesight. For now I also have a bit difficulty reading on the computer screen, 

If it will not be much better, I perhaps should go to my doctor and then to eye doctor again in hospital. But let's first wait and see what will be with the new glass.

It was all by all a quiet week, again, yes, with this lockdown and the curfew, there isn't very much you can do, only to go out for some grocerie shopping and to some shops that are still allowed to be open. However, when I was in the street of the optician, there also was a shop I have near me too, and it looked as if it was open. It is a kind of all kind shop, with some clothes, some kitchen stuff, some yarn and other hooby stuff, a bit of everything. It was the shop where I got my yarn for the couch cover I am knitting. I was short, but shop closed. Last week i saw that they handled a package point, poeple could call them or mail them and then on day after you could pick up your ordered stuff. I didn;t do that but asked the lady at the door if I could buy some yarn if it was in stock. And she agreed to it. I was lucky to be able to buy at the door the yarn! Now I can go on with the knitting, yippee!

parctically all shops are closed and they try to survive in any way they can and who blaims them? Lots of them get some support from the government, but there are also small ones, or just started ones, that have bearly right on some support. It really is time that the government speeds up the vaccination programme, so that soon, although under certain restriction, shops can open up and partly normal life can start up again. It is taking all far too long now.

Tomorrow I will have to make an not so nice phonecall, it is to the watercompany. I got a mail that it is time to report the waterlevel figures. We have to do that once a year and then they see what will be the next monthly amount you will pay.(if you used more of course you will have to pay the plus-amount).Because we had that terrible leak last year, I will have a very high bill to pay extra. I talked on the phone last year with a lady to explain and she told me to call her back as soon I got the yearly mail, then she could not do anything about the big bill but she could adjust the monthly amount to our usual(which would already be lovely). So tomorrow will be a necessary call, but one that will cost a lot of money! Nothing to do about it, we should have been perhaps more careful, but we had no idea at the time. I will be glad that it will be done and payed and I can forget about it.

In the garden already there are all kind of signs of Spring, as the ulips bulbs already are coming out of the soil,(far too soon, butthey survived the really cold winter week), our daffodils however suffered from the ice and snow, they look not good, but snowdrops make up for it, and with the high temperatures we will have this week I bet everywhere you will see suddenly new life in nature. Just hoping that we will not get a set back in Marchor even April.

For now it is lovely to see some blue sky, with sunshine, feel much nicer temperatures when I step out of the the kitchen, the birds also feel much better and come by more frequent, so in little things life is still good. Now the big things will have to be taken care of! My friend Edna already had her first Covid -19 vaccination, I am so happy for her, because it is more safe for her now. But I have no idea when we will be in the row for it. 

It's all for this week, there aren;t much very exciting things to tell about nowadays.I wish you all a very lovely week and stay safe, keep up the Covid measures, they are still important !

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Edna B said...

I'm so glad to hear of your wonderful weather. Maybe it will come here soon too. I agree, it's taking much too long to get everyone vaccinated. Hopefully, you will have access to the shots soon. It's cold here but I don't want to complain (even though I do) because the rest of the country is not doing so well with the power outages, no water, too much rain, etc. You enjoy the warm temps while you have them. And those beautiful flowers too! It will be a while before we have any flowers blooming. Show us a photo of your new couch cover that you've been making. I can't wait to see it. Take care of you and Jan, love and hugs, Edna B.