Sunday, February 28, 2021

Several things settled, a few more to do.

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Although is was quite frisk yesterday, you could say it was nice weather, because it was dry, we had sunshine and it felt like Spring is around the corner. I think today we have temperature of about 10C, which is quite good for the time of year.

Last Monday I right away called the watercompany to settle for the bill I have to pay because of the leak. It was a tiny little bit less than I though, so that was more or less good, they already adjusted the 3-monthly amount to pay to the amount I usually pay. Now only the bill has to be payed.Good that's almost done with.

Tehn the day after I took all necessary papers and let them copied in a shop and I could sent them away to the accountant for the tax stuff, also a task of this week done and dealt with. Gosh I feel almost proud of mself LOL.

Rest of the week we did more or less the usual stuff, although Jan went to hospital for an ultraspund abdomen(as he has twice a year) and give some blood for normal test, in about a week he has his appointment with his doctor for the liver and stomach etc.  

Oh, Friday I went to the optician for my new glass, and yes, it is all much better. I just think they didn;t do the eyetest as it should have been. I still have to get used a little bit to the pair of glasses, but I think it will be okay. 

Then I have heard a bit of distressing news of my friend Heidi. Well, more or less distressing for me, because she and the family will move to another house. And that one is , much further away from our house then the actual one. She said I can come there rather easy with the tramway, but it will take probably 0 minutes more or less to go there. Not too bad, but it isnlt the same as when she was living near to us. Then I could walk to her when I wanted, or take the tram but arrived there within nort more than 15 minutes. It will be a little bit different, and more difficult to see eachother often. I don't have a driver license(can't have it because of my epilesy), so that makes it not easier. Well, we will figure out a way to meet somehow every now and then and there is the phone, of course(although it isnlt the same as chatting face to face).

I know heidi wasn;t completely happy about the house she is living in now, and I really hope this one will be more to their liking and that they will feel really "at home"there. Somewhere next week I will go to her to help a bit with the parcelling up her stuff, At least we can make a start and then see how it goes. She will be moving quite soon as i understood, somewhere beginning or half of April, so there is some work to be done to be able to get everything over to the new house(they will have help from her husband's brothers and perhaps a friend or two).

Yesterday I was doing a small grocerie shopping(I bought us a ready fried chicken for Saturday's supper) and going home again I bought some mini-violets and 3 forget-me- nots, to fill one or two planters on the terrace. I didn;t do that, I did let Jan do it, to keep him busy for a little while in the fresh air(smart hey?). Perhaps it is still a bit too early in the season, but it felt so good and it looks nice when we look through the window. It feels more like Spring this way.

Good, now it is time for me to go into the kitchen to look into my stew that is simmering, probably will need some more time to get it tender, but it needs checking every now and then.

Wishing you all a wonderful week, in safety, and hoping vaccination programs will go faster!

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Edna B said...

Oh my, I am so very proud of you my friend. Your taxes are done already! Good for you. It's a shame that your friend is moving farther away, but I'm sure the two of you will figure out a way to get together now and then. Gosh, she'll probably have to figure out a different doggie walker for when she goes away. Or maybe the doggie can stay with you? Just a thought.

That chicken sounds delicious. Wowsee! Plants in your garden already! I'll bet it looks so nice to see a bit of color in the garden now. Spring really is coming. I found lots of green sprouts coming up in my garden.

I hope your new glasses work out. If they don't, take them back again till they get them right. Your eyes are very important. Here's hoping all of Jan's tests come back good. A clean healthy slate is a good way to start the new Spring. You take care of you, hugs and love, Edna B.