Sunday, November 22, 2020

This week may be some news about the eyes

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Looks not bad outside, temperatures are around 10C, sometimes cloudy, but even some moments with sunshine. For me it could last all winter this way, and you wouldn;t hear me complain much LOL!

A quiet week again, and no disturbance from tramrail work at night. That is already a wonderful thing. Only begin this week we had a form in the mailbox that the next 2 oe 3 weeks we might have some disturbance because of works on the new lighposts and cablenetwork. Meaning mostly, digging up the street first for the lightposts, closing the holes and then perhaps next week opening up the sidewalks again for the cablenetwork. Pffffff, they surely now how to plan things! Why can;t they open up the street and do both jobs at one time???? Seems difficult to realize.

Best thing of it is that work is done during daytime, so we have not much disturbance during our sleep. Of course when they start digging up etc. they start rather early mornings, so there is some annoyance. But good we will survive that too.

After a looong time of no going there I finally went again to the market this week. There are still some small restrictions and guidlines for Covid, but oh my, it was good to be there again, and also see all the stalls open again. After a few month of buying supermarket packed cheese(not really bad, but ....)I could buy us again our cheese at the cheese shop/stall. My oh my, it tasted good, and may be it is just in our head, but that cheese really tastes a lot better than the one of the supermarket. I also bought a little bit of fresh vegetables, biggest was a red cabbage. It was a huge one and only for € 1,00! Home again I prepared it for the freezer, so put a quick boil over the cut cabbage, cooled it down in freezer bags and now we have for abot 10 times red cabbage at dinnertime as sidedish. When I take a portion out I boil it for may be 1/2 an hour )must get soft, but still with a little bite to it), with sugar, cinnamon, some raisins and a few drop of viinagar or lemonjuice(for keeping a bit the red color). Yummie, that is quite a different taste as the one already ready to warm up that you can buy in jars. 

I found also a great waistcoat for Jan, it is lined with soft kind of furry stuff, so real comfy and warm for wintertime in the evening or so. He already had it one from the day I gave it to him, so it must have been a good buy hahaha.

This week i will have my appointment with the eyedoctor in hospital, where he will look at my eyes and see if I will need an operation for cataract. I hope so, because I notice for longer time that my left eye has lost a lot of shaprness. Now we will have to see when they can do the operation(if needed, of course). In december Jan has now an appointment for a lungfunction test. Asked for by the cardiologists, who didnlt find anything with the heart or vaines around, but Jan is a bit short of breath when doing an effort. We'll see what it will show. I am happy they keep an eye on Jan and investigate well, but sometimes you get a bit tired of doctor appointments. 

Can you imagine that in about 4 1/2 weeks we already have Christmas?????? The idea still has a bit to land in my brains. In two weeks Jan and I will start to decorate for Christmas ! And then the year is almost over and somewhere in January we will have our new windows, may be my cataract operation and I will have to wait for about 3-4 weeks before I can get myself a new pair of glasses. Gosh, In a few weeks time so much has to be done LOL.

Well, today it is a relax day, there is some speed skating to watch, and I like that, as you might know. Tomorrow I must be more energetic again, hahaha.

I wish all who celebrate Thanksgiving a blessed and also safe Thanksgiving! And wishing all a wonderful week. Before leaving I found this on the net and thought all could do with a little laugh:

A lot of us have pets and you will certainly recognize this


Edna B said...

You're absolutely right. I also wonder why the city can't plan to do more than one job at a time, especially when they are in the same place. It's great that your market is open again. Specialty shops items usually do taste better than the supermarket stuff.

You did great finding that jacket for Jan. Especially with the cold temps coming in now. He's a lucky man! I do hope the doctor removes your cataracts soon. You'll be able to see so much better afterwards. I love the cartoon. And yes, I always talk to my dog. You have a wonderful week my friend, big hugs, Edna B.

hummerdawn said...

So glad you got out for a bit and make some great purchases. You have things all nicely organized for the upcoming months and that will keep you occupied during this dreadful time. It's great the Drs are keeping an eye on Jan and your are going to have your eyes looked after. I too have cataracts and Macular Degeneration so it's not fun on the computer any more. Hugs to both and stay well and safe.