Sunday, November 29, 2020

News about the eyes

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Weather still isn't really bad, although temperatures are going down. There are days sometimes from still 8-9C, but soon this week they will go donw to around $c daytimes. And possibility of nightfrost at the coast. Brrrrrrrr! So next week it will be time to put on the wintercoat, with it's furry inside layer.


In general it was a quiet week, again, yes. Till now we didn;t have much trouble of the cablenet work that was announced. The new lightposts are placed and connected to the electricity cbales, and are shining. They give much light, but i don;t like it. It is a very cold light(LED), and bright. I really liked the older ones more, they were shorter and gave also good light, but that was more to yellow, much warmer, not so "penetrating". oh well, probably in one or two years they will change it again LOL.

I had my hospital appointment for the eyedoctor and the result was that I have cataract in the left eye, the sight has been going down a lot, so I will have an operation and they will put in a new lens. I will still need a pair of glasses, but they can bring it down to around -2,75( and now I had -8 in the left and before the cataract already something of -5 or so.). They will first do the left eye and see how that will go. And if i want, they can do later also the right eye. But let's start with one at the time. I already will be happy if the sight will be a lot beter and sharper, then I can probably take a new pair of glasses with variofocus(as I have now). I must admit that i find it a bit scary, eye sight is real important and although not often this kind of operation will fail, you'll never know. Let's just trust the surgeon. Most scary I find, that i only will have an anaesthesia in or around the eye, so only local. Meaning I will at least hear all they do and say. Not my idea of an smooth working operation. Hmmmmmm, lots of people did it and are okay, so I should survive that too. And I will have it already on the 18th of December!!!!! So that is real quick. First weeks it will be however a bit difficult to see really well, because of my actual pair of glasses, but it will sort itself out, I hope.

First next week Jan will have his lungtest, that's first to cope with. Then the week after appointment to hear the result and then the week after that I will go for the eye. Pffff, not the best start of December and way to Christmas time. But we will try to relax a bit, mostly by starting the Cjristmas decoration next weekend. 

You see, although we don;t have a busy day one after another, in larger time spread we do have a lot going on. And with all this it is sometimes hard to find an every-dya energy to do all the usual and necessary things. Lately I find myself pushing ahead several things, by saying: Oh, I can do that tomorrow or the day after. Recognizable?????? And i must not give in to that too much! That is no good thing for me. So I am glad soon decoration time is there, it also makes you do several things that otherwise you would leave aside, LOL. 

I had last week a short phonecall with my friend Heidi(and I should call her again today, or possibly tomorrow) and she told me they have now a new doggie, a puppy! The same breed as the other ones, something of a shihtzy-boomer. There seem to be a lot of different looking ones, but this one a much the same as the last one, Tom. Only Heidi told me this one is almost completely black, with a bit of white at the end of the tail and on the breast. It is a bit difficult to go on a visit now, but i will see him soon enough, I hope. At the moment they are very occupied with the little one, named Rolo, to train him, of course. 

 Time to "jump"out of my pyamas and put on a nice warm and comfy home suit. Then there is some sppedskating to see on tv and in between I will prepare a bit for dinner. Not much to do so, I only do want to make us a new batch of stew pears, yummie.

I wish all of you a lovely week and please stay safe, although we are a bit fed up with this situation. But....... think about yourself and people around you. With some extra attention a lot of misry or harm can be avoided. Take care and talk to you next week!


Edna B said...

I'm glad to hear that you'll have your eye done soon. You'll be able to see so much better. And right away too! You might want to hold off buying new glasses until after the second eye is done. If you have problems with your glasses after the first eye is done, maybe try wearing "reading" glasses for a while to read and do close up stuff. Just a thought.

How wonderful for Heidi to have a new puppy! Puppies are such fun. I hope Jan's lung tests go well. They are not fun, but I guess necessary. As for the street light, I don't like that new cold blue light either. I wonder why folks are always trying to change the things that are not broken???? Oh well, you are right. Maybe in a few years they will change things again.

Now I'm off to do some blog reading before heading for the kitchen to see what's for lunch. I ate really early this morning and now I'm getting hungry again. You have a wonderful day my friend, big hugs, Edna B.

Jan said...

I had my cateract removed last June. While the doctor was working on my eye, we talked about golf and swimming! They did give me something to relax me.
The morning after the surgery, I was able to see my alarm clock without fumbling for my glasses...I was amazed.
Best of luck!

fl_connie said...

When I had my cataract surgery two years ago - I was absolutely terrified beforehand! To my surprise - there was nothing to be terrified of, lol! I didn't have a corrective lens put in just a regular one and I could see well the next day. The other thing that really surprised me was that the colors I was seeing were so much brighter than before and although my other eye had a small cataract that could have waited another year for surgery - I had it done as soon as I could since I couldn't stand the yellowish tint out of that eye.

So - good luck with that and I hope you love your "new" eyesight, and good luck to Jan also with the lungtest.


Grandma Sarge said...

I had both eyes done about 2 weeks apart back in 2006 I think. And this last week I had an exam with a new doctor and he gave me the prescription for 2 new pairs of glasses. I was worried about maybe having to have the eyes done again because sometimes I see a rainbow when looking at someone and on other occasions I see two of everything. Not a good sign. I'm hoping the new glasses will fix all of that. The poor Optometrist said he'd never seen a white wring around the pupil. I told him one doctor a long time ago told me that ring is collection of Cholesterol so I guess I have fatty eyes. LOL.
I've lost about 45 to 50 pounds in a year (don't know how), just know I had to buy new clothes and the one doctor told me I'd lost some inches, and I'm now 5 ft,4 inches . When I joined the Navy in 1960 I was 5 ft 7 inches.

I know where it went, my shoes are tighter now so they must have stretched out. haha!

Got to go fix my KFC Chicken bowl.
Take care and God Bless.