Sunday, August 09, 2020

We have an official heatwave now!

 Goodafternoon everybody!

Yes, when 5 days in a row temps get over 25C we have a heatwave. And ut us really very hot here. Along the cost where we live, it already is around 29C now, in our garddn even several degrees more. It will stay this way till apparantly Thursday, then there might be some thinder and lightning and some rain, and it will cool off , still there will be nice temperatures, better to handle, like around 23C.

I love it when it is real nice and warm weather, but now it is even for me a bit too much. Worst of all is that there isn't coming much out of my hands, I become very lazy, it is just too warm to be very active, so I wait till temperature drops a bit and then I must do some housekeeping again!

Last Monday n=my friend Heidi came by to pick up the dog, I think he was happy to see her again, but may be he will miss me a tiny little bit???? That evening it was a kind of strange feeling, not having to go our after dinner and later in the evening, you know. However, how much I love that little dog, it also was wonderful to be able to sleep soomewhat longer on Tuesday morning LOL.

How is Jan doing? it goes better by very little steps. But he already went out twice or so for a very short walk. He also does some exercises every day. Tomorrow he will have another session with his fysiotherapist. May be there will be another appointment, and perhaps that will be enough(I know also that the fysio is going on holiday soon), so may be Jan will have a check-up session after that holiday.

Could be useful.

In another week Jan will have several appointments at the hospital, but I think he will be able to go there(with rollator, of course!) by tram. From the tramstop to hospital isn;t very far to walk, he should be able to do that. Of course I will go with him, I will feel much better doing that than sitting home, wonderinf how he will cope.

It was so warm the last couple of days, that somehow we weren;t very hungry, specially not at dinner time, so yesterday evening I got us some buns, and covered then with some salat leaves, then a slice of smoked salmon and some slices of hardboiled egg, and a few cut up buns with pastrami, salat and some cucumber slices. It tasted real good, easy to swallow and later in the evening Jan took a bowl of quick made soup.

Today I will have a ready-made borsjt(Polish beetroot soup with lots of veggies in it). Just will have to warm it in a pan, and I still have some salmon and pastramie and bread from yesterday. So a quick meal, that will taste good enough and we could take also some strawberries as desert. 

Time to take a cup of coffee now, and I will wake up Jan(he went back to bed early this morning, because of the warmth he didn;t sleep very well this night.). But now it is about time he takes a cup of coffee, and opens his eyes, otherwise he will have trouble this night again to sleep a bit.

That's all for this week. I wish you all a wonderful week to come, and stay safe!




Edna B said...

We are having hot temperatures too. Soon, though, it will be over and we'll be complaining about it being too cold. It sounds like Jan is doing really well and I hope it continues. I'm sure that little doggie misses you. Maybe you need a new kitty to cuddle with? Just a thought.

This morning I'm watching TV shows about oil painting. It's really quite interesting. I enjoy these creative shows that show you how to do things. I've also been doing a bit of holiday shopping online. The holidays are only three and four months away. Now how did that happen?

Enjoy your slow days my friend. You've earned them. Big hugs to both of you, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

Hooray for Jan. It's slow healing but maybe that's the kind. I'm fighting a summer cold this week. The daughter that lives with me is having some serious 'hot flashes' so she has the AC on high so she can be comfortable. That means that I have to wear long pants and a sweater but I still caught a cold. And I have the vents fully closed in the 3 rooms I use the most (that's my bathroom, my bedroom, and my office). But if I sit down to have a conversation with my daughters in the living room I get really cold. Oh well, I can take the cold meds and get over it. Good thing I have a lot of sweaters.

I had an extensive Pulmonary Function test on Friday. It seems that I'm another inch shorter and another 5 lbs lighter, but my feet are another 1/2 size larger. I'm still able to wear my older clothes because they used to be slightly tight but now they are looser. Soon I might have to buy more new clothes.

I'm quite happy in my new house but I know I'll only be here for the length of the first lease, which is 12 months. After that, I'm going to find a new house that isn't managed by a Home Owners Association. I'm not too sure where I'll relocate to but it will be close to my older daughter. She is my caregiver and she doesn't want to be too far away from her boys and the oldest one works pretty close to her apartment but she takes him to work and picks him up when his shift is over.

Time for me to take my 'Vitals'.

Hugs from Colorado
I Tested negative for the COVID virus a week or so ago. GO me!