Sunday, August 02, 2020

I think I walk more than I usual did.

Goodafternoon everybody!

We had nice weather and yesterday and specially Friday it was hot! We reached around 30C or so.
Today is somewhat cooler, because of the wind, next few days will be around 21C, but towards the next weekend temperatures will rise again a lot.
We might complain it is too hot, but it is Summer and if we didn;t had some warm temperatures we would complain also, so what to do? I think being happy we have nice weather, we can have the doors open, and it looks happy with the sunshine and blue sky.

Pfffff, another week with Tommy, and although I really love the little guy, he is no trouble at all, it is a bit hard to get up around 7.30 p.m. and go out with him, and then again 3 more times(well, the last walk is really a quick one, 10 minutes or so). But it breaks the day, it needs a total different planning and it might be good for my condition, but I feel the legs sometimes LOL! It is just that we aren;t used to it, that's the whole point. And sometimes it don;t like too much going out after dinner(rather sit down and watch some tv) but harder is it to get up on your feet again for the late walk. Why? I am just nicely settled on the couch with usually a pair of cosy lounge-paints, and then you will have to get your jeans on and shoes and get moving.
It might sound as if I complain deeply about the dog sitting, but that isn;t true. It is just the getting used to it that isn;t so easy, but I do it with love for that doggie. If you take care of a pet, you will have to do it well.

I have a bit of good news to tell. Last Monday I decided, together with Jan(wow, he agreed without much discussion)to call the doctor and have an appointment.. We went there on Wednesday afternoon(Jan walked the little distance, which was already a kind of victory for him, it was the first time in 3 weeks he got out on the street). He told the doctor about the situation, that it didn't get much better, or much too slow. So the doctor proposed to have some
physiotherapie. As we only have basic health insurance the treatment isn't reimbursed by it, meaning we will have to pay for it completely ouselves. Not so cheap, but for your health you will have to do anything if you can.
We could make an appointment right away(they have a physiotherapist practise in the same place as our doctor(that is very handy!) and Jan could have an appointment that same afternoon, only had to wait about 15 minutes. That was great! The physiotherapist let Jan do some simple exercises, and also homework to do! It was a good thing I pushed it through, Jan felt happy about it too afterwards. Next appointment will be tomorrow, and perhaps he will have a couple more, but the physiotherapist already said, he didn;t think Jan needed a log treatment.
It was, by the way, a very nice guy, and just the right type for Jan.
Now Jan already went out 2 days in a row(just for may be 10 or 15 minutes, but never mind, as long as he does that exercise of walking outside(at the moment still with the rollator of course), he will get the feeling back and slowly also the strength again and confidence again. And hopefully after a while he will be able to walk again without the rollator.

I just had a call from Heidi to tell me, they would start driving home this afternoon, so somewhere tomorrow they will be home again. And that means Tommy will be here only for today and may be tomorrow and then goes home again. I suspect, he will miss us a little bit, with us he is never left alone, he gets a lot of attention and much more treats(I know, not always so good, but I don;t overdo it, trust me).

Yesterday I had a little attack of cooking virus, so I made us a soup and backed us a small pirog(that kind of Russian pie, with minced meat).
That makes it easy for this evening's dinner, we will have the same LOL!
And I have strawberries with cream as dessert.
It is a rather simple, but tasty and quickly served dinner.

It is nice weather at the moment, not so steamy hot anymore in the garden, so perhaps it is a good idea to take a set there for a little while, perhaps I could take a small icecream????? Not a bad idea.
So I wish you all a wonderful week, stay safe, and till next Sunday.


Edna B said...

I think the news about Jan is wonderful. I would keep that rollator handy even after he is walking good again. Better to be safe than sorry, I say. Whenever I can, I make an extra meal so that I don't have to cook the next day. So I'm lazy. I know it! hahaha. I say definitely have that ice cream out on the patio. You're going to miss that little doggie when he goes home. You certainly are very good to him. I'm sure he'll miss you too. You have a wonderful week my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

You are sounding better but that is partly due to Jan getting better isn't it! I think it's part of our job to be concerned and helpful to our "other half". Now that I'm "Over the Hill" and really feeling it I at least have my 2 oldest daughters taking care of me.

We are happily in our new house. Another duplex but this one has 3 bedrooms, one of which is my office. Only one of the girls lives with me because the oldest still has 2 sons at home. I am so proud of my girls, that they want to take care of me. My lungs aren't getting any better so I'm on Oxygen 24/7 even if the one technician said I didn't need to be. He doesn't have to walk from one end of the house to the other end just to make a bathroom trip. I just don't tell him. I moved to a different city/state so I don't see him anymore.

When I moved to this new house in a different state, I came without furniture. My daughters have taken the responsibility of putting together the furniture. Starting with my bed, then came a desk for my computer. Then I needed a chest of drawers for some of my clothes, and after that came a dresser for the other daughter that actually lives here with me. and then her new bed. And in the ensuing days, there was a large stand for the TV, a 50 inch one at that. Then it was end tables for the living room, a nightstand for my bedroom, and 2 stands for Denise's room, and then a second dresser for my bedroom. All of those items came in a big box in pieces with instructions and all the necessary nuts and bolts but a special screwdriver for the building of all of the parts to make a house a home. And there is a "cubby with 8 places for the storge and one more bookcase for my reading books.

I'm about halfway through a new series of mysteries and I've been building another series about a Scottish Bakery with the laddies running it being helpful in solving mysteries.

The latest project for the girls was to "clean up my collection of Santa's before the Christmas season hits us. They have turned the dining room into a hospital for large Santa dolls. A toothbrush to clean up the faces, and brush their furry parts of their clothes. There is a shelf at the top of the dining/& living room that runs all around the 2 rooms across the top. It looks to be about 12 or so inches deep but we can tell when they got this part of the building "move-in ready" they didn't bother to clean up the years of dust that previous tenants hadn't cleaned either. I bought a very large ladder so the girls can take turns cleaning that shelf so the Santas have a place to reside for the upcoming season. They will put the dolls up there with some tissue paper covers until it's almost Christmas and then we'll take off the tissue for the holidays and put it back on until we move again next June. Hopefully into a single unit with a fenced back yard.

I guess I've rambled on enough. Time to take some medicines for the lungs and the heart.

Have a good week and we'll see you again next week!
Hugs from Corrine in Colorado.

hummerdawn said...

So happy to read that Jan is getting along and accepted the physiotherapy. That is great news. We are having up and down weather here too-heat waves and then cold temps. It is crazy!
I am sure you are going to miss the little doggie for a bit but also will enjoy not having that late night one to do!
Stay safe and good health to both.