Sunday, July 26, 2020

A week of early waking up LOL!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Weather last week was on and off, you could say. Some days a bit or rain, or just cloudy, another day there was more sun, yesterday we had quite some rain(good for the garden), temperatures not exciting, around 18-20C.
Coming week it should go up again in temperature. Well, a few degrees would be nice.

It was a quiet week, although for me kind of filled, because I have Tommy(my friend's dog) to care for. Pffff, it isn;t easy to wake up early morning and after a cup of tea go out for the doggie walk around 8.00 a.m.( but, sometimes when I get back I take a little nap on the couch to catch up with missed sleep, hahaha) then I take him out around 1.00 -1.30 p.m., again after dinner around 6.40 p.m. and for a very short one, just on a little grass close to our house for the nightstuff, around 10.30 or so p.m.
That last one isn;t perhaps really necessary, I know my friend doesn;t do that often, but I think it is better for him, otherwise it is such a long time till next day.

He is no trouble at all in the house. Most of the time he is sleeping, LOL.
Every now and then he wakes up, and looks if we are still around.
The best time for him is coming home from his walk, because then he gets a little treat, like some small doggie cookies.
This morning however he gave me a little fright, when I let him out. Suddenly he limped, and didn;t want to walk. So I tried to look at the paw he suddenly didn't use, couldn;t see anything, but he wasn't happy me touching it. I tried however, to kind of "massage"him between the toes, to try to clean it. Then he walked again but not happily.
So I made it a short tour, at home tried to check it again, he let me, but not happily again. But after a while he walked again rather well in the house and when I walked him just before posting now, it all seemed okay again, He even ran again for a bit. Pffff, that was a relief. I will keep an eye on it still, to see if it really is okay.
At the moment he is lying near my chair, all happy again after his little treat.

With Jan it is about the same. It looks as if some days the leg is hurting a bit less, although he still needs one or sometimes two painkillers. So it isn;t yet getting lots better and it is almost 3 weeks ago now. So I think I will have to be firm and make an appointment for him at the doctor. I just think he needs to make a check and I like a bit of advice. It will however be a struggle to let Jan agree with it. In those cases he is sooo difficult! But I think it is the best thing to do now, have a chat with the doctor, by phone or better in the office. Will be difficult for Jan to get there, but with patience he should be able to walk that little distance with the walker.
I know he feels aweful by it, not being able to do a lot, not participating in the walks with the dog, doing some things in the garden, etc.
Nothing to do about it at the moment, it will take time. In about 3 weeks he has an appointment at the hospital with his doctor there, half year check and so. I have no idea yet how he will be able to get there. Could be by taxi or perhaps a friend could drive us, or may be he has to cancel the appointment and make a new one a bit later. We'll see in about two weeks how Jan is and feels.

We had another company last Monday for the windows. We are waiting for the offer, it could take a bit of time as the agent told us, because now there is the construction holiday time. Nothing to do about that. I however got quite a good feeling about the company. Now it all depends on the price for the work.

In between that there are of course the usual things to do, so all together I feel rather busy. Must admit that sometimes I skipp a housekeeping task to the next day, but I try to do at least one or two things a day. Today I only do the walks and of course make dinner, but that's about all. Tomorrow I think I will do a bit of ironing, and next day probably have to do some grocerie shopping. I don;t like to take the dog with me doing that(only sometimes when I just need one or two things, he knows to wait in front of a shop, but I don;t want him to sit there for a very long time), so I have extra walks to do.
The dog will be here still next week and may be one or two days extra, depending on the return of Heidi from holiday.
I think it will be a strange experience again when he will be gone. We are getting used to in having him around.

That's bout all for this week, not much exciting, although it feels for me as if I had a very busy week, with lots of things I did. Must be the change of day routine.
I wish you all a very good week, hopefully you all stay safe.


Edna B said...

Having Tommy around is good for you. As for the housework, it will still be there tomorrow. I agree with you that Jan should see his doctor about his leg. The longer we leave these things, the longer they take to get better. I'm glad you leave the doggie at home when you go shopping. It can't be comfortable to just sit on a hot sidewalk waiting for someone to shop. I leave Pogo at home if I can't bring him inside with me when I go somewhere.
I hope you get to make a decision about your new windows soon. It will be really nice to have them all in before the cold weather returns. Take care of yourself my friend, big hugs, Edna B.

Anonymous said...

Kyra, I felt really bad hearing of Jan's leg so I prayed a healing prayer for him. God bless you both!
Love and Prayers,
Cassie <3