Sunday, July 05, 2020

Roller coaster weather isn't good for us.

Goodafternoon everybody!

Yeah, we have kind of rollercoaster weather at the moment. One or two days it is gret weather, thatn sudden drop of temperature by 8 degrees, rainfalls(too much at a time), annd the most annoying for me is that there is soo strong wind. Even if it isn;t so bad outside, that wind makes it feel colder and isn't nice to walk in and it avoids you to sit in the garden. I like to sit in a chair and not blown out of it LOL.
So all by all, the weather could be somwhat better and it seems that next week it will not be a lot better, temperature will let us down with around 18-19C, there should be less wind later on, and may be some more sunshine.

And even if the temperature isn;t really bad, yesterday it was raining almost all day and then at a moment it felt not comfortable in the house so I even put on the central heating for a while. Just a degree or so The more, because Jan felt not really perky, he complained of not getting warm(therefore mostly the heating a bit) and very early evening he went to bed, whihc was the wise thing to do I guess. Probably catched a cold when he was sitting in the garden I think on Friday, it was still sunny but lots of wind and moments of cloudy weather too. Late this morning he came out bed for a moment to drink something and have his medicin and it was a bit better, but now he's back there again, hopefully he can sleep some more.
He didn't have a fever, so that is already a good thing, but we'll keep an eye on him!

Last Monday it was a day of using up all energy for the week I guess, LOL.
I went to the apothecary to fetch some of Jan's medicins, Also changed the bedlinen, then did get me more info about windows, and also made two appointments for that. Think I also did some vacuum cleaning, prepared dinner, well then I thought it was enough for one day.

The other days of the week I did something every day, specially housekeeping things( I am very bad at that), and Thursday we had an appointment with a company for the windows. It was with a company I knew from earlier working day, it isn;t far from our address. It was an elderly man that came, very quiet and friendly person. We spoke about the kind of windwos and I also asked him to look at the kitchen door and little window there. He will make me an offer with and without the doorstuff. He also called at the neighbor to look there( the neighbor first was at our house too). I am curious what the price or the work will be!
I also discovered that we will need a municipal permit to change the windows at the front(if you do that at the back of the house, normally it isn;t necessary). It shouldn;t be a problem to h=get the permission, but it will take money, of course, and some time to get it. Very annoying when you want to settle a date with the company for the work, because you first have to be sure of the approval of the council. Pfffff, why cannot things go the easy way? It already is something to find a good company to do a good job for not a too big amount of money, make the appointment for placing the windows and new frames.
There was one company I called, and when I asked about delivery/placing time they asnwered that it couldn;t be earlier than somewhere in December! Well, I at once drew a line through that company's name, because I want to have it done before october. It must be ready before Autumn, and not done middle of the winter!

So tomorrow I will try to call the desk for building approvements of the municipality, see how I can get the approvements as easy and as fast possible.

Oh, some really good news about Séeverine(my friend Heidi's daughter). She is doing a speech thereapiste study(I think it will take her 3 years) and she passed her first year without much trouble. I am very proud of her. It never is easy to go to a kind of university after highschool and start something completely new and the more now with the trouble of the Covid-19. But she made all the tests and so and she can have now a holiday time and start the second year in September.

So that was about all. Next week we will have the visit from another company for the windows and there is planned still another one. Well, I think that having three different offers we should be able to pick one out. Yes, I know, all I talk about now is new windows LOL, but I am happy we have the financial possibility now to have it done.
Wishing you all a safe and lovely week, till next Sunday.

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