Sunday, June 28, 2020

Windows have my attention at the moment!

Goodafyternoon everybody!

After a few days of really hot weather(temps of 28-30C), it has become a lot cooler today. Still not bad weather but temps have dropped to I think 20-21(if in sunshine). That will be for the coming week too.
It will be some sunshine,may be a little rainshower here and there. Although there were quite some heavy rainshowers the lst two days, specially in eaterns part of the country and some in the south too. So much rain that there was too much water at a time and people had trouble with it in their houses.
I saw on the news yesterday on one spot they had aso hail, and that were quite big stones!!! Glad we didn;t had it over here.

This week some of the time was filled with looking on internet for a good company for new windows at the front. As did our neighbor too and we have now one appointment for the 20th of July and i will try to make one with another company for the next day too. They will send someone to talk it through with us and then will make an offer. We'll see what that will bring.
Our nieghbor already found one company and had an apppointment made to go to their showroom on Friday afternoon. It wasn't easy to come there(and we couldn;t go with the neighbor he hasn;t a car)so he went alone with some measures of our windows too and a photo, just in case.
Well, he reported back to us in the evening and it was a great visit. He was in time there, and waited in the showroom for somehting more than half an hour and.................nobody showed up! And till now he hadn;t had a phonecall or email with ome excuses of explanation. Well, that isn't giving much confidene in the company, do you think???
Good we found already two other oned, that look good.
May be we can find a third party too, to have good comparison for the offers.

Hmmmm, it is kind of exciting to have the old windows replaced and it will cost some money, but it is something we really need to do now.
And if the prize isn't that high, I might ask for an offer that includes placing a new kitchendoor and little side window in the kitchen, of course.
That door is very bad, and it would be great if we could have that done too.
It's money absorbing, but it will bring back slowly some money too, because it will help to cut a bit on the energy, I hope.

I didn;t do much more this week, it was really too warm to do a lot, specially because the temperature suddenly had a rise from around 19 to in two days the 30C. If all should go a bit more graduately, I think our body would adapt much better. Still we shoud be happy that we had some fantastic days, and some more will come.
Life isn't still the same as it was before March, all to do with that Covid-19.
slowly the lockdown is opening again for a lot of things, but it will be still a strange thing to go to a restaurant or the beach with that distancing. Soon we can go in bigger numbers in the trams, trains and busses, however a facemask is obgligated when travelling in them.
In The Netherlands it is really in good control, let us hope it will stay that way.
People take care, but slowly get also irritated by the restrictions, so hopefully most of them still pay attention to the advices giving by the doctors and the government.
Yet someday we should be able to live life as we did before the Covid. But then I think we need a vaccin to help us with it.

Today I have an easy job for our dinner LOL!
Yesterday I bought us a fried chicken for dinner, we both could have half of it, but this time it was such a big one that there is still a lot leftover. So.... today fried chicken again, perhaps at around 4.00 p.m. a small cup of coup and then at dinner time the chicken with some salad and some strawerries as dessert.

It leaves me with some more "free time"(and I dont mind that), so i can have a moment in the garden and I can search a bit around on internet, or play a game, watch some tv, do some knitting, you see, lots of things to do.
Tomorrow will be much more a working day for me. I plan to do some ironing, also have to pick up some medicins at the apothecary for Jan, if there is some time left, perhaps get some groceries. If not I can do that the next day.

Not so much to tell is there? It is a quiet life we live, and with that Covid around the corner even more, but is that a bad thing? If no bad things happen that give you stress and raised heart beatings, I think we have to be grateful that we can live a rather pleasant life. Just let's try to have an as good as possible health, and some humor every day. It keeps a person going.

Okay, Now I will finish this and wish you all a lovely week to come and stay safe!


Sandi said...

A quiet life is good. I think this time has made us all more grateful.

Edna B said...

The weather here is strange too. One day, comfortable. Another day, too hot to do anything. We tend to go from Winter right to Summer. Spring and Fall seem to last only days now. Hmmm, has it always been this way? Or does it just seem that way to us? NO matter, it is what it is.

I don't do a lot anymore. But a little something every day works for me. I found a new method of cleaning that might help people like me who do not like housework and don't do it well. Every day, pick a spot and spend fifteen minutes cleaning it. Then stop. Eventually, everything gets cleaned. Hmmm, we'll see if it works. You have a fun and interesting week my friend, hugs, Edna B.