Sunday, May 31, 2020

Why is is so necessary to change all the time?

Hello everybody again!

Yes, my try-out post did publish, let's hope this one will do the same. It seems necessary to change change Blogger every now and then, for a part I understand, but sometimes the new isn;t always better. Sigh! We will have to live with it.
I already had trouble to find button to make a new post. By kind of accident I found out it is the "+" orange sign at the bottom ritgh ot the posts page.

Good, so far, so good we will get the hang of it, I hope.

Weather here has been great. We had last week average of 21-23C(depending on where you live in the country), lots of sun, sometimes a bit too much wind, but that will get less too next week. There was no rain which is a pity, we could do with some.
Last week Jan was watering the garden and told me afterwards it has become kind of difficult to use the hose any longer because at different places little tiny holes showed where the water came out too. Hmmmm, you could use it perhaps still as a "watering system"LOL, but a new hose had to be bought. So I fid=st checked with some DIY stores what kind they had. There are two not all too far from us, so I went to the nearest one and found a good one for not all too expensive but from a good brand, 20 mtrs. long, enough for our garden. We already had all connections so that was found and bought quick. At the same time I bought a two armed small spot, to place on a wall cupboard in the living room. we had one there but that one was old and didn;t give enough light and the bulbs gave up quick, now we have leds and it is much better.
So I was a happy camper.

Oh, in one of my posts I was telling you about the sound that suddenly was lost?
It was in Firefox, but I tried Microsoft Edge(with is default of course) and there I have no problem. I tried to find out the trouble with Firefox on the net, but for me it became too complicated, so I must find somebody who is more agile with it, who perhaps could help. For the moment I use Edge when I need sound and for all other still mostly Firefox(I am so used to that browser).

In the garden it is time that the slugs show themselves, you know! I know they are needed in the garden too, and also the birds and frogs seem to like them, but I don;t want to have an over ivasion of slug families, because they like to eat leaves of my plants(not all but several species are very liked by them LOL).
So I started this week the slug hunting, best time is late evening around 11.00 a.m.or bit later. And there are always some. But much more if Jan has watered the garden that evening(or it has rained and nice temperature). At that time you see me going out with a little plastic bag, an old sugar tongs(great for it) and a little torch.
By now I know the "gathering places"and I am rather succesfull catching them.
I know, it isn;t very animal friendly, but I don;t want to use any poison. and I could use perhaps some traps, but there they die too or drown, so I appologize  to all slugs, they just have to stay away from my plants!!!
I am sure there are plenty left for the frogs and birds and also enough that still can do their thing to make sure there will be a next generation next year LOL!!

Anyway, one of the evenings Jan too was in the kitchen and suddenly called me to the kitchen door and told me that I just mist a bat, that had entered the kitchen and thank God also flew out of it! I know that there are lots of bats in our neighbothood, but it was something special to have one in the kitchen, of course.

May be he or she was checking already for Halloween, who knows. perhaps it saw one night at the front the with on broomstick that hangs at the street-side looking window???It could be a sign for it, that this might be a good address to visit with Halloween??????

All together it still has been a rather quiet week, we do our thing, Jan is almost not going out, only if he has to go to hospital for an appointment or so, of may be to bring a trash sac to the container in the street. He is of course also into a risk group, so it is best he stays in as much as possible. Lucky we have the garden and it is now good weather so he can go there, do a bit of work or just sit and make a puzzle.
He also has a bit of trouble with his breathing, part of it because he smokes, but some of the being short of breath after some effort could have to do with vane around the heart that has narrowed. He will have an intahe conversation by phone the 9th of June about a catheterization. The doctor already talked with him about it, and Jan agreed to have a stenth in the vane. They could do it in a one-day admission in hospital, perhaps a one night stay over.
We'll see what the doctor tells us the 9th of June.
A little bit of tensive times coming up. It shouldn;t be a trouble some operation, but I will be glad when it is over and all goes well, you know???

After the 1st of June several business will open up again here, as well as basic schools(already) and secondary or high schools. It all is done very graduately and slow. For some people it seems to be too slow, understandable also, but there also is still the fact of public health and we should care for all. so there is still the distancing, which is sometimes very difficult to hold on to.
Let's just hope that in a few months life can be lived as before, may be a little bit better even, may be people will stay a bit more concerned about the people around them. 
It is a strange time and it will stay that way for a bit longer.

In the mean time we sould enjoy small things as much as possible, be happy with some good weather, picking up some hobby's we almost forgot, and not forget to smile every now and then.
Wishing you all a wonderful week, in good health!


Edna B said...

I guess now it's my turn to try the new changes. Tomorrow. I agree, it's good that you have the garden for Jan to get his exercise, plus the plants keep him busy. I have to buy a new hose too. It seems like I just bought new ones a couple years ago. Time must be flying by faster than I realize. Hmmmm.

I'm keeping busy with my crocheting. The nore I do, the more I realize how much more I really still have to do. You stay safe my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Terra said...

I hope Jan's stent procedure is successful, I think this is routine procedure, my husband had stents put in years ago and they worked very well. Change is constant isn't it? I never used Zoom until this crisis as just one example of change.

Grandma Sarge said...

As soon as my Grandson gets my computer set up again I'll probably be able to tell you about my move. It went pretty smooth and we are at my new house. The furniture truck will be here sometime before the 7th. I have my new recliner and some new TV trays and again some outdoor folding chairs. My puppy is starting to get the jist that this is our new home. She goes out in the back and barks at the construction workers who are working on another new subdivision. This house is only about 3 or 4 years old.
Something happened to my computer and now it wants to continually make me leave this page. It's too frustrating for me.

Take care and be safe.
Hugs from Colorado!