Sunday, April 05, 2020

Priveleged with a garden

Goodafternoon everybody!

We are still under mild lockdown(staying at home, work from home if you can, schools closed, restaurants etc. closed, only go out for grocerie shopping, making a litle walk is okay, but maintain distance, etc.).
And it is not always easy, and now I am talking just about us two in one house, we don;t have children, that cannot go to school, still have to get lessons on line as much as possible, young children can go out on the street to play, but in very small groups of perhaps 3 and for short time during day. we can do our shopping still ourselves, well, I do that, better not let Jan go into shops etc, bit risky.
This will last at least till and of April and then we will see how things are going.

It seems in our country the Covid infections and intaking on IC is flattening down a tiny little bit, but nothing to get very excited about yet. The result of all measures taken will be visible perhaps at the end of the month.
This all meaning it is still a tricky situation, and also getting very difficult for all kind of small or bigger entrepreneurs.

It all is sounding very depressing, yes it is and yet we must try to keep our common sense and not let fear for the "unknown"take over.
 Perhaps it is very easy said, but it is the only thing we can do.
So let's keep ourselves busy in any kind of way. 
I am still working on the green afghan, I think I am almost there to finish it
(it will not be a very large one this time), then I must make an edging on it,
that will make it look much better. Oh, there are lots of edgings you can make, 
but i think I will not make it too difficult.
Every now and then I do some housekeeping stuff, yes, unbelievable but true LOL,
😁, and I also try to make our meals as easy but also tasty every day. That is 
sometimes a hard thing to do, having to think what to eat for dinner. Well, most of the time I am more or less successful. That keeps me busy, because I try to prepare in advance for the evening. 
For example today I've made already small kebeb on skewers
something like on this photo
Also boiled bigger chunks of potatoes, those I will put in the oven with some oil, seasoned a bit, so that they will get a nice crispy crust, and I have mini tomatoes and some corn salad.
Should be quite enough, don;t you think?

Last week Jan kept himself busy in the garden a;most every day. For one or sometimes two hours he was busy re-arranging pots, filling them, also weeding and filling garbage sacs full with sweeped up needles from the trees and some leaves came too, hahahaa. Now we have I think standing 8 big sacs standing in the garden and two bundles of pruning stuff waiting to be picked up. I've made an appointment with he collection service for garden waste. The earliest date they could come was on the 14th of April! Gosh, that takes time. I guess lots of people are working in their gardens now and there is a much bigger offer of garden waste to be picked up. But okay, at least it will be done.
Now a little bright note to that. I suddenly noticed that there has been a start with road works close to our road. Gosh, perhaps the week of the pick up they would be busy on our part and may be it wouldn;t be possible to put the garden stuff at the edge of the sidewalk.
Good, a few days ago I had to go out for grocerie shopping and I walked to a man who seemed to be a teamleader of the roadworkers(yes, I kept the distance of 1,5 mtr!). I asked him if he knew if they would be busy on our part at that date and told him of the garden stuff pick up. He asnwered that he didn;t know but that he would ask the supervisor. I asked him if he could come to our door to tell me the result(it was close of where they were working at the time) and he said he would do that. He wrote our housenumber on his hand and that was it. And yes, it worked!!!
Next day at about 11 in the morning the doorbell rang and there was that ever so nice man to tell me, we easily could put the stuff outside, because at that time they wouldn;t be working at our part.
Now I call that a super service! It just made my day!
This week we will have real nice weather, they say we can have temperatures to 18-20C! with little wind and only a little bit of rain.
Gosh, just now that is becoming nice weather we will have to stay in. And here we are priveleged, because we have a garden to sit in. Also people in an appartement with a balcony, how tiny it may be, still have possibility to enjoy a bit the sunshine.
It is more difficult for people who haven't those possibilities. Lucky here we still can go out for a walk, only people cannot go in bunches to parcs or the seaside or woods. There are restrictions and even close downs for it. 

About time I finish my rambling now, wishing you all a good week, hopefully everybody is still safe and will be.
Jan and I are still okay, thank God for that.
Try to keep up the spirit, till next week!

Good, I think I rambled enough for today adn will finish now.
I just hope everybody is still okay, Jan and I are still okay, let's hope it will stay this way. 


Edna B said...

Those kebobs look delicious. I'm so glad that you and Jan are still doing so good. I feel lucky too because I have a big yard and my little porch. Take a photo of your blanket so that we can see how pretty it is. It really would be nice if this virus started to go away by the end of the month. Maybe if we all hope for it, it might happen. You and Jan stay safe and enjoy your garden. You have a wonderful week my friend, big hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

It's a big chore to go to the grocery store. My "caregiver" goes with me and reaches for the things on my list and then we come home and she helps me put things away. She likes to keep busy so when she sees me getting a little winded she makes me sit down and put the Oxygen on. This is the second caregiver I've had. My first lady was such a joy and she shared stories with me and enjoyed hearing about how the nuclear industry and the Navy worked. Then she'd show me pictures of her 2 darling boys and I'd make a copy and turn it into a scrapbook page for her.

I had to cancel my moving date from April to late May because of the lockdown and some states have police or sheriffs at all the roads that cross into their states. The state police on the other side of New York are stopping all New York cars and making them turn around I think. Since NY has to most cases and no one knows if they are carrying the virus or not they don't take any chances. Can't blame them. Only the big trucks are on the move carrying food or medical supplies.

I have a young cousin who drives one of those big trucks and his beautiful Golden Retriever rides shotgun with him. They have a map that they are monitoring and coloring in all the states they have gone to. One for him and one for "Penelope the retriever". She sits up by the window and watches out the window. They make pit stops at
the road rest stations and they sleep in the truck. Cousin Todd says she takes up more room than he does. I've got a couple of pics I've done for him and I think this afternoon might be a good time to catch up the blog.

Time for me to jump in the shower and straighten up my bedroom.

Take care and like they say to wash the hands a lot in case you touch your face.
Sending good thoughts and hugs from Washington State.