Sunday, April 12, 2020

Easter with a bit of sunshine.

Goodafternoon everybody!

Let me start with wishing ou all a Happy and Blessed Easter!
It is however a bit different Easter than other years. We cannot visit our loved ones and friends as we normally did, and that will be that way for a longer time too.

The weather here has been really lovely for the last few days, we had temperatures around 20-21C, lots of sunshine and almost no wind. So we could open the doors to the garden, let some real nice air into the house. The garden is slowly awakening from winter, all in all I think it is about 3 weeks ahead.
This week wasn;t much different than the week before, of course, although there were some small events(everything is almost some kind of event at the moment LOL).
Monday Jan went to the hospital to have an ultrasound for some vains in the belly. He was checked for his temperature entering the hospital and had to keep distance. All went well there, although this ultrasound took more time than his usual one. He had a phonecall from the surgeon on Thursday, that all looked rather well with his stent and vains, although he could see perhaps a small stricture in one of the vains in the belly. For now no action was necessary, but in 3 months the surgeaon wants another ultrasound to see if there were changes. I am glad they keep a good eye on it, it is reassuring.

Oh, all the time on tv you here that you should try to keep fit during the isolation at home, so they show little exercises that you can do etc.
well, this week Jan and I had our part of exercise!!!
We have ivy growing along one of the walls of the garden, but it has grown too hard so it was really time to do some pruning. That isn;t always the easiest thing to do with ivy. But together(although most of it was Jan's work)we managed to get rid of a lot of it. One part of it we cannot prune yet, because we know there are several nests of tits, blackbirds and so and we don;t want to disturb them. That will have to wait till the youngsters have gone!
We didn;t do the pruning all in one day, that would have been really too much.
So Wednesday was the first "shoft"then a day of rest and Friday a second one.
For now it looks a lot better, although there is more to do later in the year. May be we will let it do by a professional, because part of the ivy in the back has grwon into a dead tree, so the tree has to go to or at least be cut down. It isn;t a very tall or tick tree, but we cannot do it by ourselves.

Now we have lying around several bundles of longer and thicker branches, and lots of sacs with fallen pine needles and small pruning stuff. That will be collected next Tuesday. So we wil have to bring it to the sidewalk tomorrow.
Another exercise, pfffff!

I finished my crocheted blanket but I am not really happy with it. Some of the stitches look really nice, but in the whole I think I will use the yarn again. I started already with another blanket or afghan project( I still had a bit of yarn from the crocheted one) and this time I am knitting it. I think it looks much nicer.
I started the 1st panel in the Mock cable stitch, which is real easy, but looks lovely. Not sure yet if I will make 3 or 4 long parts and sew or crochet them together or that I will make more or less large blocks, perhaps in two or three different stitches. Sounds all as if I thought it through very well, but I didn;t LOL! I think the plan will come about as the knitting of the first part progresses.
Probably very chaotic way of work, but most of the times it seems to work with me, so.............................
And in the mean time I am busy, while watching tv.

Before making this post I already prepared part of the dinner.
I will have egg-stuffed meatloaf with bacon slices around it . Something looking like this
Then some boiled potatoes and a salad.
Good enough I think for an Easter meal(hey, there are some EGGS involved)
The sun is disappearing slowly now, so I think I will sit for a short time in the garden as long as there is still some sunshine and a nice temperatures. Tomorrow and the day after we will have an enormous drop of temperature! It will not be more than around 9-10C!! But then later on in the week it will rise again to may be 18C. Let's hope so, because I am getting really used now to the warmer temperatures and also the happy making sunshine!

Take care of yourselves, stay safe, stay at home as much as you can, and if not possible, keep the distance!
Till next week.


Edna B said...

My goodness you two have been very busy! I'll bet your garden looks lovely now. Your meatloaf looks delicious. Maybe I'll try one this week. Today I'll cook a ham slice that I defrosted. Maybe mashed potatoes and green beans too. Yum. First I'll finish my Easter Peeps! You have a Blessed day my friend, and stay safe, hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

The meatloaf looks yummy, care to share the recipe?

I'm sort of glad I'm renting this house/half of a house, it's a duplex.
I'm still half-packed to move but am waiting for the government to say it's OK. We've canceled one date with the moving company so when we get the word of "OK you can come out now" my daughter will schedule another day that will work for her. Meanwhile, I'll pay the May rent and get busy sorting out the storage shed. I'm sure I have more summer clothes down there in storage. It just hasn't been easy for me to go down and look through the boxes.
I just finished my Vital readings. I'm still alive although the blood pressure is a tiny bit high, everything else is ok, 98.6 for the temp and that's really good. Can't complain at all. Even the Oxygen is at 96 which is within the parameters they gave me at the last Pulmonary exam.
Time for me to jump in the shower. Wish I could put the little doggie in there but she'd jump out and make a mess all over the house. lol lol
Take care and have a good week.
Corrine in Washington State!

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for your updates, good to hear you and Jan are doing OK. I hope your Easter has been going well. Please stay safe...

Scarette said...

That looks delicious. I'm going to try it!