Sunday, April 19, 2020

"Adjusted"life is going on

Goodafternoon everybody!

We have in general not bad weather, sometimes it is the wind that makes it feel a bit colder(coming from the North), but at the moment we have again lovely weather, with some wind, okay, but lots of sunshine.
There was even a little bit of rain yesterday, but not enough to keep the garden happen for a longer time.
The only ones that are happy with it are the blackbirds, because after it has rained you always see them hopping around and getting a lot of wurms out of the ground. So for them it is a festivity.
Temperatures are around 17-20C later this week may be even a bit higher.

Last Monday Jan and I did get all that pruning stuff at the street and there were lots of sacs and some bundles and later(as we agreed with them) our neighbours put there an additional 6 or 7 sacs with cut ivy to it.
The picking up service did come very early next morning, wow.
Glad we got rid of it, we had it in our garden for more than a week.

I also did make a phonecall to my accountant, to to ask if he received all the taxpapers in good order(I like to be sure). well, all arrived and he will send the the declaration in time to the tax office. So that's done, and now we wait to see if we have to pay some moneyon top. I count with it for a certain amount, if that will be lower, well, that's okay.

Jan wanted to do another job this week, the window cleaning of the front windows. But he didn;t get to it. I don;t know exactly what was wrong with him, but he said he didn;t feel really perky, bit of trouble with the belly and stomach. So better he took it real easy for a couple of days. I think already yesterday it was a lot better, not yet quite, but it seems today it is all good again.
so if it stays that way, may be later this week we will attack those windows LOL. At the same time we can clean them inside and also wash the lace curtain.
That's one of the things that we need to do.

There hasn;t much changed about the semi lockdown we have here. And it will stay that way I think at the least till the end of April, may be even till mid-May. Then may be we will have a re-start of the economy in stages. Every time a few things that can start or open again, like schools, perhaps restaurants, coffeshops etc( under strict conditions of course). It still will be a difficult time for longer.
I think it is better to do it slowly and prudent, and not have to regret a fall back and have a second outbreak of the virus.

Oh, I was surfing a bit on the net this week, just to see if there also still was something nice to see and yes, there was enough.
And to give you a little bit of happy feeling I gathered a few links, that might lift your spirits up a bit and make you smile.

If you want something more about nature look at this

and if you want to have a really good laugh

Now about time to take a look at the stew that is on the stove, has to stay on for at least an hour more, ay be even a bit longer. It is chopped lamb meat, lots of onions in it, also fresh paprika, cut in larger pieces, and mushrooms.
I will boil later some potatoes and perhaps make some salad or boil some grean beans, not sure yet LOL.

I hope you are all still okay and are holding on. Not always easy, but what has to be done, well, has to be done.
Take care and till next week!


Edna B said...

You are very ambitious. It is nice though when things get done. Even nicer when you do it together. It snowed here this weekend. Guess it's not quite Spring here yet. Well, I got to place an order for new yarn. Now I just have to wait for it to get here and I can start a couple new projects. Some are gifts for Christmas and some are just because. I'm keeping busy just like you. Your garden must be looking pretty nice by now. Having the birds there makes it even nicer. My birds are starting to come back now. I love it! You stay safe my friend, and have a wonderful week. Big hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

I'm still in a Daughter ordered Quarantine until Friday or Sat. Because I went out shopping with my Caregiver on Friday the 10th. I wore a mask for part of the trip but when we got back in the car I took it off but I didn't wash my hands after coming out of the store. I washed my hands as soon as I got in the house but daughter Charlie still said I should be Quarantined for 14 days. It's tough but I'm slightly afraid to go out by myself so I did the "Stay Home" orders from both Charlie and the Governor.
I'm hoping that the Governor lifts the 'lockdown' on the 4th of May like they promised. Our County has only had about 34 positive and 0 deaths. I think that's a good number. We are a small town and lots of open farmland around us.
The two daughters in Colorado have been making 'face masks' after they learned how to operate the sewing machine I bought them. I have no idea how many they've made but I think they made enough for their own family. Denise works with the Homeless people in their county so she wanted to make masks for them. She's sort of working at her job. She went shopping for the homeless last week and she will put the food goods in the pickup box at her office and come straight home. The homeless can raid the box outside the door and she only buys 'poptop' cans of soup since they aren't allowed sharp tools. At least they aren't supposed to have sharp things like knives and can openers.
At least it keeps the daughters busy and at home. They live just one bldg away from each other so they are in constant contact. And Denise calls me about every other day to check on me. She's going to move in with me when I ever get to move to Colorado. She has taken many courses in Caregiving and she will be the one who lives with me, keeping her job at the Grand Valley Center for the Homeless. It isn't a 40 hour week so she will have plenty of time to take me shopping and she'll have her own room and she'll be living with me. She's going to move out of her building in August (it's a low-income bldg or a HUD house) so she will pay me a stipend of rent to live with me and still keep her disabled status.
Time to get into the shower.
Stay safe and stay healthy, you are in the High-Risk Catagory aren't you both.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for the links Kyra, I will be checking them out later. It is good to hear you and Jan are doing OK...