Sunday, April 26, 2020

Every day life is still strange.

Goodafternoon everybody!

Sun is still shining here, although temperatures are lower than begin this week and will drop even more next week. And probably we will get some rain too. The drop of temperature isn;t so nice but some rain would be very welcome.
Of course for us with the garden, but more for the farmers and nature in general.

What to say about last week? Life still is kind of strange, although I must say I somewhat get used to it. I am kind of lucky, I guess, that i can go out, although it is only to get us some groceries or some other stuff.
I don;t get very far, most of the time I do the shopping in the nearest supermarket and some little shops in the same street there.
I had a couple of rather energetic days this week(not too much hey, but at least two, I am sure of that LOL).

On Fiday i even went to the market! I needed some veggies and cheese, and although the market is reduced to only the food stalls(fish, vegetables, fruits, cheese, potatoes) so about only a 3rd of the normal capacity, it is nice you can go there. There are measures taken, you can ony follow one path, you cannot linger along back and forth, and to get at the stalls you will have to wait for your turn on distance. There weren;t very much people there, so I could do it quick.
I walked home(I went to it with the tram), it was nice weather and good to use the legs a bit. I must say that almost everyone on the street or in shops is paying good attention to keeping distance.

Oh,there is more. After I came home from the market I took another trip, this time to my friend Heidi to bring her some fresh ginger(she likes it to put into her tea) and as extra I bought her a small amount of little snack tomatoes( you know the tiny ones),  of all sortsand colors from the market and two rooted cuttings from plants in our garden. She can put those into a big planter she has on her balcony.
We even had a short chat with a cup of coffee, yes, we held a good distance from eachother, even in the house! It still was nice to actually SEE eachother again for a moment.

Yesterday I was rather busy, for a few hours. First started the washing machine. Around midday I went for a few things to the supermarket and also to the jewelry to have the battery replaced from Jan's watch. It stopped and then ticked again and stopped etc. So I think the battery was almost used.
Coming home I started to make a soup for our dinner. It always takes some time, had to make little meatballs for it too, slowly boiled some chicken legs, so I could use the meat for the soup.
In between the laundry was ready, so I hanged that out to dry. Returned to the kitchen and made some piroshki for us to eat with the soup.
I made it easy for me, I used prepaired dough in slices from the freezer, so I only had to make the stuffing from minced meat, chopped onions, and chopped boiled eggs.
(you can make the piroshki with all kind of stuffing, like cabbage or mushroom, bu tI like them most with the minced meat).
When all this was finished and I washed all the pans and so on, I thought I had a good day and it was about time to take a seat. No, before that I did feed the birds too and then sat down a moment in the sun(watching some of the birdies coming for their "meal").
They look a bit like this:( I only made the dough not that thick)

Today I take an easy day. We shouldn;t exaggerate our boosts of energy!
I watched a recorded crime film first, than took a shower, and then write this post. This evening I have still some sop and two piroshkit left, enough to have a meal for us, I can even give some strawberries as desert, yummie.!

In between all this I am knitting too, mostly in the evenings, and am now halfway a second panel for the big blanket. I have still a long way to go, before that will be ready. At least I will need 4 panels, may be even 5. Well, it keeps me busy and I like very much the stitcht I am using, the Mock Cable. It is an easy 4 row pattern, also easy to remember and looks lovely. I have a link for you if you want to know how the stitch is knitted:

Good, the sun is just shining and right into the garden at the moment, so I will take a moment there, to get me some natural vitamins and also a bit of colour on the face.

Stay safe and still stay home as much as you can, because we aren;t yet done with this virus.  And if you go out, do it sensible and keep distance, small things to do but important to remember.
Wishing you all a lovely week!

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Edna B said...

Kyra, that pattern is gorgeous! I shall look up that link to see how it is done. And, I love that color! It looks like Spring! You certainly had a good walk and a wonderful visit with Heidi. I'm so glad to see you are distancing and keeping safe. We are all doing really good too. Of course, I worry about Deanne going to work, and out to do my shopping and errands, but she is careful too.

It's wonderful that you can sit out in your garden. It's still too cool here for me to do that, but pretty soon I hope. Some states here are beginning to open things up slowly to see how it goes. I have high hopes. Now I think I'll go see what's for lunch. Enjoy your day and stay safe my friend, hugs, Edna B.