Sunday, January 26, 2020

Service of companies isn;t always as it was for some years.

Goodafternoon everybody!

A bit late, but still okay, I guess. weather at the moment isn;t bad. Today we have a bit of sunshine, later on it will stay grey. Temperatures are around 5C, later this week a few degrees more to 9C, but then we will have more wind and also rain. Rain and wind, not my favourite things, but cold is worse, so I will not complain really hard.!

I did a few things I had in mind this week, so I am a little bit satisfied with myself.
I did a phonecall that needed to be done, I cleared away bankpapers and payed bills in their folders, I got rid of a lot of magazines with recipees of all kind. I took out a few that I may make one day and the pile that I got rid of made quite a difference on the little cabinet that stands near the desk I have my laptop on.
Gosh, I can see part of the top of that small cabinet again ROFL!

Title of my blog was put there, because I find that sometimes companies should be more flexible for their clients. For example I need for taxes several annual statements of bankaccounts, retirement payments of government and privat savings etc. we used to get them all on paper, sent to your address, very handy. Ony had to copy them for the accountant and voilĂ , done with.
Nowadays they don;t do that anymore, they have them all on line, so you will have to donwload them and print them yourself. But what if your printer isn;t working, or you even don;t have one? That's a plausible possibility, hey? Well, if you call them and ask if perhaps they could print it for you and send it by post, the answer is: NO! They give the "kind advice", ask a friend if you can use his/her computer and printer. Not everyone likes to do that, or has that possibility. And most of the time they person at the phone already has all the necessary on the computer screen while you are calling them. One touch of a button and one envelope is all that is needed. Perhaps I am asking to much, but I cannot really understand their attitude.
well, I will have to live with that and ask for now my friend Heidi if I can use her computer and printer because I still haven't bought a new one. I will one day, I just need one for a print every now and then.

Firday and also yesterday I wasn;t feeling really perky, I think I have caught a little cold or so. My throat was a bit raw, I had some headache, full nose. But i took some paracetamol yesterday evening and also some just before I went to sleep and I feel already much better today. Hopefully it will be gone by tomorrow. I don;t want to get ill, or worse, get the flu. I had my flu shot, but you still are able to get the flu, only it will not be  as tricky as without your flu shot.
No, I cannot get ill, because Wednesday Jan has his birthday, and I want to prepare a nice little dinner that evening. I am thinking of the shrimps we had with Christmas, because they tasted yummie and Jan loves them.
And by that day we both will have the age of 67, oh my, TERRIBLE, we are slowly getting really older people!!!!!! HELP!!!!! LOL.

Good, now I will watch a bit of tv, I have an easy task this evening for the dinner, we will eat the rest of the soup I made yesterday, fresh chickensoup, well filled, so good enough for a meal.
Wishing you all a wonderful week!


Edna B said...

I paid bills too. And I did a bit of work on my tax stuff too. I also have to buy a new printer. I'm thinking maybe an HP all in one printer will be just fine. Jan's birthday card will most likely be late. I thought yesterday was Friday and I was going out to mail it this morning. Then I found out that yesterday was Saturday and the card will get mailed tomorrow. I'm so sorry. I get forgetful sometimes and lose track of time. I hope your cold goes away quickly. Jan is going to enjoy his birthday dinner! I hope he has a great day! You have a wonderful day too my friend. Big hugs, Edna B.

hummerdawn said...

I am so with you on this topic! Not everyone in the world has a computer and a printer! And today you pay very little for a printer but have to pay thru the nose for the ink! It seriously is a big pain. My printer out of ink for quite a while now and I just don't have extra funds to pay nearly $30.00 of one ink cartridge!
Hope you are feeling better. The colds this year are downright nasty and last forever! Still fighting mine for over a month. That and what I have called a Frozen Shoulder (glorified arthritis is what it is. Lol.) and the pain is something I have never had before. That is why I have been quiet on here as it left arm and hurts to even type.
Our weather has been very mild and humid for a bit now. I really love it but my body doesn't. Lol.
Happy Birthday to Jan and hope you both are doing well.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for all the updates. It is good to hear you and Jan enjoyed your Christmas and New Years Day.
Hopefully you didn't get the cold you were trying to fight off in your last post...