Sunday, February 02, 2020

February already and what a nice date today, 02-02-2020!

Goodaftoon everybody!

Our weather is wet today! Last week we had rather high temperatures of around10C or even at places some higher. Sadly there was also a lot of wind, so it wasn't really nice to be outside. Next week it will get a little bit cooler, with more rain, but..less wind.

A lot of our bulbs already come above the soil and we even have some daffodils blloming, which is rather early. Soon the tulips will have grown higher and will have their buds too.
All in nature in our pat of the world is quite early, roughtly about a month or 1 1/2 even too early. I do hope we will not get suddenly in end of February a real winter with frost and all that, because that would effect all that already is in bloom.

It was a more or less quiet week, with little tasks done, but I didn;t have all the energy like the week before! For now it is okay, there is a next week and who knows what I will do then?????

Of course there was Jan's birthday in the middle of this week(thanks for the wishes i received for him) and the meal I had in mind succeeded well. It is always a bit tricky to prepare shrimps, if you fry them too long they get chewy and don;t taste as good anymore. I made a potatoe salad to that and I think Jan was happy with his birthday meal.(He did gave me a compliment later in the evening for it, WOW!).

You know, with our retirement pays and pension, we now are a little bit easier on the financial front, so to speak. It feels quite good you know, after some years of being careful with spending the money you had in a month.
Just to have a bit more "stretch" is making already a big difference. I used to be in city center and looking around and seeing lots of things we could use or needed replacement for, but I couldn't buy some of them because we needed our money for other, more urgent things. Now I can buy every now and then a little thing that could do with replacement, or just because it is nice. And I am not talking about big amounts, may be just a thing for 10 euro, that now I can spend without feeling guilty. Don;t get me wrong, I still like a good bargain, and if I can find a thing in a sale I will take that, of course!
It's just the idea that I can, not necessarily that i will buy it. Perhaps a bit strange, my explanation, but perhaps you understand what I mean.

So today it is 02-02-2020! Our King and Willem Alexander and his Queen Maxima married on that day, in the year 2002, so they are married now 18 years.
And I have here an article out of the New York Post about this date, which I did find interesting.

The date — February 2, 2020, or 02/02/2020 — is a palindrome, meaning it reads the same forwards as it does backward.
This is the only time the special sequence will occur this century, reports the Washington Post.
The eight-digit date is especially rare because it works in both America, where dates are written as day-month-year, and in other countries where dates are written as month-day-year.
The last time such a palindrome occurred was 909 years ago on 11/11/1111. It won’t happen again for another 101 years, when the calendar turns to 12/12/2121.

With this little nice to know fact, I will leave you again and wish you all a very good week to come.
So till next week!


Edna B said...

You really must take a photo of your beautiful flowers to share here. We wont have flowers for a while yet. That was really nice of Jan to compliment you for the birthday dinner. I hope he had a really nice day.

I understand what you mean about having a bit of wiggle room with the finances. It's a nice feeling to know that you can buy something if you want to. Happy Anniversary to your King and Queen.

Now I have to go check my laundry. I have about three loads to do today. I don't mind. Laundry is my favorite part of housework. You have a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

Thank you for that little fact at the end. I posted it on FB since I was sure if I hadn't heard of it someone else hasn't either. I am starting to get my boxes in a row for moving day. it's about 2 1/2 months and then I'll I have a lot of books to pack up and a whole large filing cabinet of genealogy paperwork. Sounds daunting but I'm sure I'll make it. The kitchen will take up some space and I also have a storage shed that I've not had the energy to sort out so I'm just going to take it with me and my #2 daughter will help me with it.

It's starting to look like an early spring around here. But I'm not going to be long enough in this house to worry about a garden. Maybe when I get settled in Grand Junction I can put a few veggies in small pots and bring them indoors if the weather won't let them grow. I don't mind tomatoes in the kitchen since that's where I'd need them anyway.

I hope you have a wonderful spring and get lots of veggies planted. I might try a few spices mon the kitchen wall. I saw it in a book and it looks good in the kitchen. My lungs aren't being nice these days and it feels like Pneumonia at times. Im just take another Energy drink and it gets a little better.

Hugs from Washington State.