Sunday, January 19, 2020

I had some outbursts of energy this week LOL!

Goodafternoon everybody!

After a rather good night of sleep(because that isn;t the case all the time) I first took it easy this morning. I watched a serie I didn;t have the courage for yesterday evening anymore, because it already was too late. So I took my time this morning, with a sandwich and a cup of tea, all quite in the house(Jan was still sleeping), all wonderful.
Took another wink of half an hour I think on the couch(yes, lazy but why not?), then prepared the stew meat so that it could have it's time to get tender. Then I switched on the coffeepot, and by that time Jan woke up so we had our late morning coffee.
After that I took a quick shower and prepared the rest of our dinner(some grean beans, simple cooked potatoes , they all are ready to be boiled later) and some stewed pears, already done.
And now it was time to make my blogpost.

By the way, our weather still is rather good, it is a bit colder, we have around 5-7C daytime and here and there a tiny bit of nightfrost during the night.
But the sun is shining a lot, we should have some dry days in advance, with about the same temperatures, so not really bad.

What about the title of the blogpost??? Well, you might giggle a bit, but I made short notes on the calendar of what I did every day, so I wouldn;t forget!
Monday I needed something from a cupboard in the kitchen and I knew it needed some cleaning. And decided that I would do that! I am not a real cleaning nerd, who has everything always sparkling and shining, but at times it just happenes to me.......... a cleaning rage hahahahaha!!
I started with the cupboard that needed it most and then ended up doing all the higher cupboards(well, once started, you better do as much as you can).
It always ends up with clearing out some stuff, I re-organized the cupboard with the spices and the mugs and it looks so much better now. I was really pleased with myself. And it isn;t always just cleaning the inside of the cupboards, you always see some things that need to be washed, or re-organise etc. etc.
As result of that energy burst I decided to do very, very little the next day ROFL.
Okay, all is good but we don;t want to exaggerate, do we?

What happened Wednesday? Oh yes, I ironed all the Christmas tablecloths, folded up all the Christmas fleece blankets(that I usually put on the couches), stuffed it all away for next year. For dinner we had, I think canneloni, with a bit of salad, was yummie!

Thursday was a bit of everything, had to go to the pharmacy to get some medicin that I ran out of, some grocerie shopping, made for dinner spinach stew( fried half of the fresh spinach leaves, with some small diced onions, some pepper and salt, boiled the potatoes, fried some bacon in small dice, then mashed the potatoes with some butter and milk, mixed the fried spinach with bacon in it, then added the other half of the fresh spinach leaves to it, stirred and mixed it well with a wooden spoon, pepper, salt to it, in a ovendish and only had to warm it up for about 30 minutes on 180C in the oven). And I made a couple of meatballs to go with it. Simple dinner, but good.
After dinner, I spoiled some gravy on the counter and also on the floor so I decided I better clean the floor properly. It is done quickly, so no big deal, only I kicked the bucket and had a rather wet part of the floor with. I said some not so nice words, dried the floor with a mop of cloth, that all wasn;t foreseen for that day! All ended well, I had a cleaned floor so that was done already, instead of the next day or day after.

Friday I got completely crazy. I needed something from our storage and I suddenly got very irritated how it all the stock of coffee,pasta, canned vegetables, etc. all that kind of stuff was arranged there. we have a closed cupboard standing there and one open plus a few racks too. It is a  small room, just good for storage, because there is no window, so not much light, it is a rather cool part of the house, wonderful for some storage,.So I re-arranged and also cleaned the closed one, and re-arranged the open one too for a part at least, tossed away some things that were really old and long over expire date, and suddenly found myself with a "new" stock of storage cannisters and boxes ROFL.! I washed them and I can use them if I need to.
Was I a happy camper? Yes, of course!!!!!

In between all that activities I also did some other small things,  like a phonecall here and paying a bill there and such things. But that is usual stuff. Jan also did several things, I must say. He vacuumcleaned the shole house, did some work in the garden, mostly cleaning away some leaves etc., brought some garbage sacks to the containers further on in the street. Took care of the plants in the house(that is his job, I seem to have no real grean fingers for houseplants). It doesn't look much what he did, but I am happy he did them, it shows he is feeling better again( he had a few "off-days", I was a little bit worried, but without cause, hoorray!).

So yesterday it was a day of "easy going". I only changed the bedcloths, it was time for that again. But that was all!
Not much more to tell, not a really interesting report of the week to read probably, but truthfully recoded, (chuckle, chuckle!).

I wish you now all a very good week, without disturbing things that might happen, please stay safe and healthy!


Edna B said...

My goodness, you've been very busy. I could use a little bit of that energy. There's so much here that needs to be done, but I just do a bit when I can. It will still be here when I'm gone. hahaha.

Today we woke up to lots of snow. Joe has just finished clearing it all from the driveway. My driveway is really a big yard. And he fed our turkeys before he did that. I can't wait for Spring and some warmer weather.

You and Jan don't overdo things. Stay well and have a wonderful week. Big hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

God Bless you for all your energy and being able to laugh as you do those type chores. I have a room that looks like the 'Junk Yard' but it is things that I have to take the time to put it neatly into boxes and stack them nicely.

That room is Phoebe's since I moved myself into the room that Bridgit vacated. It's easier to keep clean since I don't have everything all over and no place to walk. It needs a little more elbow grease in Phoebe's room. Since we've had a goodly amount of snow and Phoebe is just a little 4.9 pound Chihuahua she sort of got lost in the snow mounds. I put a couple of rubber mats on the floor and I cover them with the puddle pads. So she just has to run around the corner to do her pottying.

All the Christmas things are packed away and stacked in Phoebe's room along with the boxes of summer clothes so I won't have to go to the big outdoor storage shed down the road that I rented for the overflow since it's such a small duplex. Easy to clean and tough to mess up if you want a clear walkway.

Time to start working on the Taxes that need to be filed. And I've been doing a little bit of digital scrapbooking. And one day I sat here at the computer almost the whole day rearranging the files and loading them on the thumb drives. If someone hacks into my computer all they will find are my files of kits from the many designers that I've visited and downloaded a kit with a different theme from.

Have a nice quiet week and take it easy. Things get done as it's absolutely necessary.

God Bless you and enjoy the weather. Do you start your veggies in the house in egg cartons like I do?