Sunday, January 12, 2020

Life is getting in usual rythm again

Goodafternoon everybody!

Weather is about the same all week, temperatures still around 5-8 C, here and there some rain, short sparks of sunshine, bit too much wind, that makes it feel somewhat colder than it really is. Oh well, still not bad, we can manage this.

All together I had half the week busy and other half I took it easier.
Started Monday with a laundry that had to be done, because another one would come soon, the 3 Wise Men arrived at the stable  and it was the last day we had the cosy Christmaslights and tree.
 Next day Jan and I did get rid of all the last Christmas decorations(and it was good we did already part of it in the days before), still it took a few hours to get the room in order again, and I felt a little bit pooped out, although ot a much as other years, because there was a bit less to do.

Wednesday was my birthday, didn;t feel other than other days, but I became a year older(67 now pffff!)
I thought I make it an rather easy day for myself(which was also a good idea after the hustle of the day before). so first took an easy morning, watching my two favourite programs on German TV at the moment, in between had a sandwich and made some coffee. I also unwrapped a present I received from Miss Edna, two very welcome pyjama pants. They will serve me well, I was happy with them(believe it or not, my old pyama was at it's end, so it came just in good time).
In the afternoon I went to city centre, because I wanted to buy us a few special cakes, from the Wiener Konditorei. They make Austrian cakes and I love the one called Mohnkuche (a Poppy seed cake, and the one there is the best for me). I also took some cakeparts  with nutsand a part of Sachertorte.
Well, it was for eating with the evening cup of coffee, but now we also had still some for two days after, yeah!
I did a quick look in some shops, didn't see anything special I would like to take home, so went home after an hour or two. Made us bit later dinner and I really enjoyed the cake later on. It had been such a long time ago I had this one, so it was a real treat for me.

Thursday all was back to normal again and I got quite busy. First i did a laundry with all the Christmas blankets that were over our couches, to have them fresh for next year. Went for a few things for dinner to the supermarket, came home, laundry was ready to be hanged out to dry, did so and also did iron quite a bit of the laundry that was dry from two days before. And happy with myself I went into the kitchen to prepare the dinner. It was an easy one, macaroni with some minced meat and some cheese, had it all done rather quickly, so I only had to warm it up in the oven and make a bit of salad. Must say this time the macaroni really tasted good(it differs every time I make it, you know, but this time it was really yummie, perhaps also because I grated some Peccorino cheese over it when I had it on our plates).
Yes, it was a well spent day.

Friday I really don;t know with what I filled the day, I did some things, but cannot rememeber. Oops, doesnt sound too good, but it happens more time and probably it wasn;t anything really important, just things we often have to do, so probably a bit boring, however necessary, but easy to forget hahaha. Oh blimey, I now remember again I went to the market, because we needed some cheese and a bit of veggies, fresh ones. That took part of the afternoon. And in the evening it was ever so easy. We usually have a simple thing to eat, often Jan makes his own and I do what I like . This time we still had left over of the macaroni, so we had that(it often is even better tasting the second day, you know!).

Saturday we spent large part of the day watching tv, there was speedskating, European distance Championships, and as you know by now, we are great fans of it. And we did quite well, we had several gold medals and some silver and bronze.
I also phoned a friend of ours who had her birthday(glad I didn;t forget), had a little chat with her and if all works well we will phone eachother soone to meet and have a cup of coffee or so.

This was more or less our week,

If we can find a day the weather isn;t all too bad and Jan is in a rather "active"mood, LOL, we might go looking this month for a new couch. Ours is really at the end, the new one should be good to sit, not too hard, not too soft and good hold for our back. Hmmm, not always easy to find something that looks to our taste and has all we expect from it and not paying a too high price. But I am sure we will find something we just have to spend some time on it.
That is all I I am kind of planning this month(you know, too much planning isn;t working for me).
Oh, boy, I see that it is time to start cooking our dinner. I already have some diced pumpkin with rough cut onions in the oven, now the rest with it has to be done.
Have a lovely week and hopefully everybody stays safe!


Edna B said...

My goodness, you've been very busy. I'm so glad you had a lovely birthday. And that macaroni sound so delicious! I love pasta. I'll be cooking my gift pasta soon. Mmmmmm! How wonderful that you and Jan will be meeting up with a friend to visit for a while. Good luck with your search for a new couch. I love shopping for furniture. Of course, it's not something we get do very often. I don't make too many plans ahead either. Life usually has a way of changing things. hahaha. Rest up, my friend and have a wonderful day. Again, Happy Birthday. Hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

Good morning Kyra, I was very restless last night and ended up in the recliner in the living room. Just close my eyes and relax. I might have gone back to sleep but not too sure. My little doggie didn't come out and join me so it was comfy to have the chair all to myself.

I'm going to move back to Grand Junction with my #2 daughter, Denise.
I'm leaving it up to her to find us a nice house with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths. She got a fetish that she doesn't share a bathroom so she's going to take the master suite (if it has one with the bath attached) and I'll take the other bathroom. She has some pretty touchy health issues so I'm going to be helping her as she is helping me. She works for an organization that takes care of homeless people and she's even going to give one of them her old Van when she gets her new car. They'll take out the 3rd row of seats and he will have a place to sleep. They helped him with a really sturdy sleeping bag and a large blanket because his dogs sleep with him. She's always helping someone.
I know this is long but I wanted to let you know, even though I move around thisd crazy country I live in, I always check your blog to see how you and Jan are doing. It seems as though we are old friends.
Hugs from Washington with 3 inches of white stuff in the streets and yards. I'll put some pics on my blog. I just love it.

Terra said...

Happy birthday a few days late. That macaroni and meat and cheese dish you cooked sounds delicious.