Sunday, December 01, 2019

Windows 10 isn't bad, but will not be soon my friend!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Weathr here isn;t bad, it is a bit colder, daytime around 5-6C, night about zero in our aerea. Today it is rather friendly, with some sunshine and some blue sky, no rain expected. Well, just about the kind of weather this time of year(although I remember others years, that it was much colder and we had snow and frost).

It has been so mild with the weather that some of the daffodil and tulips bulbs we planted already show up above the soil! It can do no harm, but if they grow more and suddenly there would come a very cold period, I don;t know what harm that could do to them. Oh well, we will just have to wait, to see and accept.

Last week I spent some time here and there, to get somewhat familiair with Windows 10. Some things aren;t so bad, but there is still a lot I have to figure out. Good there is internet where you can find lots of things that can help you, but still the fact remains I am not really good in it and never will be, so several things look difficult or to me and have long explanations and there I mostly get lost LOL. It needs time and for all patience and a bit of courage to. Hmmmmm, I have the feeling I am lacking on two of those(the last two ROFL).
Never mind, somehow I will get there.

Oh, I was in the city this week, I had to find myself a nw pair of shoes. I have one pair, that is really at the end(but they still walk so good, however, they don;t look good at all anyore) and I have another one that has a little leakspot somewhere in the bottom, so when it is raining slowly I get one wet foot.
Lately I already looked around but it is difficult to find, because I have very small feet and have to look a in the child departement. Nowadays it isn;t that bad, but still hard to find something to my liking and also fit well and comfortable. Perhaps I could find more on the internet, but I like to try on before I buy and I hate it to have to send back and order again etc.
This time I was lucky, I found a nice pair of shoes, more the sporty looking kind and there was a discount of 50% on the price because the shop had Black Friday week!!! So I have a nice pair of shoes for very little money. And if they only will last one year they served well for that money.

Also I made finally time to make a visit to Heidi. Good I didn;t go there the week before because she told me she had been ill. I was angry with herfor not letting me know. And then she always starts laughing, when I say that kind of thing. I think she doesn;t let me know(unless it is very serious)for not letting me worry about it. Very kind of her, but sometimes I better like to know, and perhaps I can do something for her. Lucky she has her mother living very nearby, so she can ask her to do some shopping, or walking the dog, but I wouldn;t mind to do that too. May be not every day, but once or twice, so that her mother can do other things, you know.
She felt much better this week and it was ever so nice to see eachother again and have a good chat about lots of things, some not serious, some of more importance. It is good to have someone you can trust completely and tell whatever is on your mind.

I also made a start of doing some important stuff, that should have been taken care of already but the hospital stuff of Jan intervened that and then it takes me some time to get less stressed again, and then I have to gather courage to pick up the phone and have conversations abut subjects I am not all to familiair with. Perhaps some of you have the same.
Now next week I have to finish it.
And what comes then???? First the holiday of Sinterklaas, but we don;t do much about it and the day after, that will be the 6th of December Jan and I have to start decorating for Christmas. Perhaps it will take a bit more time, because Jan still has to take care to not lift or stretch out too much(although it is going well with him), which doesn't matter. And I will have to start thinking about our Christmas meal this year. At the moment I have no idea yet, it will come to me suddenly(I hope).
Then I got news that a Christmasbox I sent rather early, already arrived at the address! Wow, the post really did it's best this year! Now I pity the receiver having to wait that long before she can open the presents!
Have patience and courage and perseverance, my dear LOL!

Well, this is about all there is to tell for now. Next week Jan will have an appointment with the cardiologist, at last! That to hear about the results of the test they did about 4 month ago or something like that. Well, I suppose result wasn't alarming, otherwise they would have let him know something much earlier.
So with all things to do next week, I think I will be quite busy. And also a friend called last week that he wanted to pay a visit coming week.
We'll see how much of the planning will take place, hahahaha!
I think my washingmachine is ready with the program, so I have to hang out the laundry and then I will have still a moment to perhaps play a little solitaire and then dinner has to be made. Very easy today, because I prepared the large part of it already yesterday. Just have to warm it up in the oven. Tadaaa!
Wishing you all a safe and wonderful week!


Edna B said...

It's good that you were able to find a new pair of shoes. Now your feet will stay dry and warm through the winter. I know what you're going through with that Windows 10. Hang in there. Maybe it will get better. hahaha. I'm still trying to find my way around it too. I hope Jan's test results are good. I'll keep my fingers and toes crossed for him. You have a super day my friend, big hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra, it is good to hear you and Jan are doing OK...

hummerdawn said...

From reading all your posts I have come to the conclusion you are a very frugal shopper and keep coming up with lots of good bargains! Lol. Kudos to you!!
Our weather has been quite mild also for this time of year. We had a very cold October but a nice Nov and so far Dec.
I too don't like reading long explanations for things but with Windows 10 you will soon have mastered the things you need and want to know.
Have a great week.