Sunday, December 08, 2019

Christmas is in the house!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Weather here is quite good, today there even is a bit of sunshine, temperatures are around 8C, there is somewhat more wind. During next week temperatures might drop a wee little bit, but there might come more rain. All in all we still cannot complain.

Last week I fnally did a task that was on my to-do list for a longer time. I had a phonecall with the tax office to settle a thing, it didn;t take long, the lady at the phone was very helpful and all is done as it should be. I aso did almost finish another task, have to do the last bit somewhere in the next two weeks and yes, I will do that, and then the annoying but necessary things are done(only tax stuff has to be assembled like every year, but that is for February/March).
I was happy with myself when mentioned things were done. The second task will not take long now because I had a very good phonecall and also chat by net and now i know how to do it. Sounds kind of mysterious perhaps, but it i all in the financial corner, part to do with pension, part with kind of tax.

Then last Tuesday jan had the appointment with the cardiologist, finally.
Outcome: nothing to really worry about, Jan has a bit of cholosterol too much, but he is taking medicin for it and there are no disturbing results of the small test done. Still the cadiologist wants to see Jan in another 3 months to talk through how he is feeling. The doctor knew Jan had a surgery not long ago and still is reovering from it, so he wants to give him time to do so and see how his condition is in 2 months time. Seems this cardiologist was  very nice man, easy to talk to and making some sense too. Well, if Jan says so, it has to be really a good doctor, someone who takes some time to listen and to talk, even if they are very busy and have terrible tight schedules.

Thursday was the holiday of Sinterklaas. We didnt do much about it, we watched on tv a nice show with Sinterklaas in it, it was rather funny and amusing. I just had some special sweet things, like little marzepan balls, and an almond pastry, as on this photo:
During the day Jan and I already took down the boxes with Christmasdecoration, so we could carry them into the room the next day.
And on Friday we started the decorating. We didn't start too early in the morning, but around noon we began. Gosh, every year I got surprised how long it takes to get everything done andwe didn;t manage to finish it that day, so Saturday till mid afternoon we needed to get everything done. I must say I was quite pooped out. Nevertheless, the result is great again and it lookes all very cozy.
And now I could place all the presents I got from overseas under the tree! Okay, we have to be patient till Christmas, but it looks so nice!

So today I ordered myself to have a lazy day! I need to do that to kind of protect myself, LOL.
In the morning I sat at the couch and looked a bit of tv, very late morning I finally took a shower, and then sat down again, to have a little bite and watch some more tv(speedskating this time) Then it was time to make my blogpost.
When I will have finish there still is some cooking to be done, but I will not do something difficult, it will be very straight foreward for today.

I still had some time this week to get some more into Windows 10. Mostly I read a few tutorials, or small classes, and some of them were very nice and easy to understand. I will not rush into things, slowly does the trick(I hope).
I am already ever so happy with the speed of my new laptop. It is a difference of day and night to the old one!

Now I will have to think of the dinner for Christmas, I want to get the things I might need quite in advance, so that I don't need to make the grocerie shopping the last few days, because then it always is sooo crowded everywhere.
Good, that's for next week, now it is still  "lazy time", for a little while anyway.
Perhaps I will do a quick solitaire game, then prepare the simple dinner as much as I can(you know,peel the and cut te potatoes, cut in parts the broccoli and putting in the pan, season the chicken breast filet), so that around dinner time, there isn't much more to do then really cook and fry the things.

Wishing you all a lovely week, and stay safe!


Edna B said...

I'm so glad to hear that you managing to get around in Windows 10. Good for you to be thinking about getting tax papers and stuff together. February and March will be here before we know it. I admire your energy. I still have to put up my little tree. I want to address envelopes and wrap today, so maybe I can get my tree up tomorrow. It's good to see that you are taking time to relax. Now I'm off to get started on today's projects. You have a wonderful day my friend, hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

I too have been doing my Christmas decorating. Not too much outside because I've been warned that yard things have a way or running away in the night if your house doesn't have a fence or a big dog tied out there!
I'm meeting with 2 Geriatric specialists this week. One nurse to go over my medications with me and a doctor person to check me out. I'm not a very good patient these days. Things have happened in my house and with my Peace of mind that I'm usually grumpy when I get to the VA Clinic. And now I can't take my Registered Companion dog with me. It seems she can't perform a physical service for me like opening doors or helping me get up off the floor is fall. But she has been certified by a Veterinarian but that's because she notices me getting a little flustered and jumps on my lap to love me and it usually works real well.
I'm putting the story of my decorations on my blog.
Have a great week and sending hugs from Washington State..halfway around the world even.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you for your update Kyra. It is good that Jan is doing OK and his doctor is a good one who listens and explains.
It sounds like you are doing well learning how to use Windows 10.
I hope you both have an enjoyable week...