Sunday, December 22, 2019

Christmas is almost there!

Goodafternoon everybody!

Ourweather is still not bad, today it is somewhat cloudy, during the night there was some rain, but temperatures daytime are still around 8C and at night also above zero, so that all is rather good. There are other places on earth where people do have cold temperatures, and like in Australia they would be happy with some of the rain.
That really is a disaster for all living down under! I hope the fires will be soon under control and that they will get some lower temperatures.

This week I did every day something. Sounded like a good plan it it worked rather well.
I am happy with myself that I settled two things that were really necessary on financial side. Now I can sleep relaxed, knowing it is done.

Finally on Wednesday I went to the hairdresser to get a severe haircut. Oh my God, how good it feels to have your hair in good order, short and easy to maintain LOL.

Almost every day I did some grocerie shopping, most of it for Christmas, and I am almost done for that. There are just a few small things I have to get tomorrow, like some bread and lettuce, and one or two fresh herbs. That you just have to get almost the last minute.
Shall I share with you what I have in mind for our Christmas dinners? Why not?
Christmas day we will have a prawn cocktail as a starter(with tiny little shrimps, called here Dutch shrimps (very confusing shrimps and prawns), made with a whisky sauce.
Then we will have big shrimps(or prawns) just quickly fried in the pan, I will marinate them first in some oil with a lot of garlic and some fresh dill and parsley. We will have a salad as side dish, may be a few slices of baguette to dip in the marinade. And probably for desert some stewed pears(but that could change still in something else).
photo shrimp 1
Shrimp two looks a bit like this

Second day( that is called Boxing day if I am right?) we first will visit my friend Heidi in early afternoon to have a coffee together and a little chat. I will bring her some of my stewed pears in a glass jar, that she can use later to put some flowers in or burn a candle in it.
Our dinner that evening will be very easy! I have a ready made soup, asparagus with fennel and parmesan cheese, then we will have slices of French bread(baguette) with several delicious meat in thin slices, like a special salami, a dried ham from Spain(which is rather salty), one or two sorts of French cheese and some slices of smoked salmon. All that will be left over from that, we can have the next day or may be even days. LOL!
I hope there will be a good Christmasshow on tv that we can watch during our meal(s), I didn't really looked for it in our program guide yet.
And of course on Christmasday we finally can open our presents, that our calling out to us already for 3 weeks or so. I don;t mind, really, it is just such a happy sight when I look at our Christmas tree with the presents under it, all wrapped up in beautiful paper, some even with bows on them. Lovely!
And the best always is the anticipation, the waiting for it!

That is about all I can tell you about this week.
There is only left one thing for me to do and that is wishing you all

                                           MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!


Mat's Merry Memoirs said...

Merry CHRISTmas to you and Jan! Sorry I have been delinquent in corresponding, but have been terribly busy. my back with the arthritis has been acting up quite a bit, requiring 3 different injections for eliminating some of the inflammation (plus endless xrays and therapy) and I have decided to sell my home here in Texas and buy another in Georgia where most of my family resides! I've been here 43 years and have noone here anymore (and like you, losing too many friends lately to death)that has prompted me to make this drastic move! I have been in this same home for 29 years and have lots of crap to purge and pack up! My fur babies are really not understanding it all! We go to closing here on Monday (23rd) and there on Thursday January 10th! Not had too much time to even be on my computer and I haven't even sent out CHRISTmas cards this year(that's the first time ever) But, I plan to send them out after I get settled to let everyone know my new address and my reason for missing this year!
Hope you and Jan enjoy your fabulous celebration and have a shrimp for me! hugs and promise more contact in 2020! Mat

Edna B said...

Sounds like you are already for Santa's visit. I know Pogo and I are ready. Today's temps are a bit warmer, thank you. We will have these warmer temps for a few days. Your menu sounds delicious, for folks who like seafood. Not me. I only eat fresh haddock, fried scallops and canned tuna (for salad). I'm not sure what Pogo and I will have. Well, he will have doggie food. Not me, I don't eat that. There's plenty of food in my freezer though, so I have time to decide. I'm glad you've found a nice rhythm for getting things done. I'm still working on that. I can't believe that two more days is Christmas Eve. Where has all the time gone? Kyra, you have a wonderful week, and Pogo and I wish you and Jan a very Merry Christmas. Big hugs, Edna B.

Linda said...

Hello and Thank you Kyra for all your news over the year. I hope you and Jan have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.
Although it is a little early, I'd also like to wish both of you a very Happy Birthday for 2020...