Sunday, December 29, 2019

The year 2019 is almost gone!

Goodafternoon everybody!

We have still not really bad weather. It is a bit chilly, around 5-6C, sometimes a bit of sun. Not much wind, so that helps when you are outside, it feels not so cold when the wind isn;t blowing strongly.
During the night in the estern part of our country there is a tiny nightfrost, here at the coast we still haven;t that. Hoorray!

And how was your Christmas?
I can say ours was wonderful! Christmas day we took it very easy, did all in a kind of slow motion way and it was nice to do so. Later afternoon we unwrapped our presents from Miss Edna and we had a real good time with it. One present, no, two presents were reallt remarkable and good fun, Jan received a puzzle book with a Dutch wordsearch!! Isn't it funny to receive that from over the ocean?
And Miss Edna found me too  a fantastic thing. It is a cook book, titled The Art of Dutch Cooking, written by a Dutch lady, the Countess of Limburg-Stirum! Now how surprising is that! It is written in English, but with all kind of recipes of really Dutch things! From starters, to meat, fish and deserts, cookies etc.
Oh, I will enjoy reading that and I am sure I will try some of them.
We had lots more of things, like for Jan a warm and cosy sot pair of lounge trousers, and some yummie cookies, and I received an address book, a pretty shawl, socks, and also a lovely, sweet lookijg with on a brrom! And we had more, so she made our Christmas very special.
And I sneeked in also a present for Jan this year, a small bottle of aftershave of his favourite scent. He didn;t buy it for himself the last few years, because it is not really cheap, but I thought this year we had the opportunity of having a some more money, it was about time to do this. And he was really happy with it.
After we finished the unwrapping, slowly I started to make our dinner. And I can say it was delicious, all succeeded so well, during the savouring of it we watched a wonderful show on tv. Then we had a bit later our cup of coffee with some oh so yummie bonbons, and all was well and cosy.
Next day we went to my friend Heidi early afternoon to have a cup of coffee. I made her the stew pears and she was happy with them(I know she likes them a lot). It was a nice visit, very relaxed, I think we spent there may be two hours, may be a bit more and then went home again.
That evening we had a soup for dinner and then some french bread with all kind of meats and some cheese, also very tasty and also very easy to prepare LOL.
Looking back I can say we had a lovely Christmas.

And then suddenly, after looking forward to it for so long, it is over in a light flash! The days after we also took it rather easy, took all as it came or as we liked and now is left only one holiday this year, New Years eve and new Years day.
Tomorrow I will go out to buy us some of the traditional "Oliebollen" and "Appelflappen". I still don;t know really what we will have for dinner on New Years Eve. It will be something quick and simple for sure.

It was a kind of rollercoaster year for us, lots of things happened (as well good as less good)and some changes took place. I just can hope and wish that next year will be less of a bumpy ride and that for all our health stays in order. We surely can use that for some time.

It is all for this year. I hope you all will have a fabulous New Years Eve and good start of the new Year and I am wishing you all the best and good luck for next year already. Thanks for your visits this year, hopefully you will come back next year?
Take care of yourself and you loved ones, life is so short, take advantage of the good moments and cherish them.
Till next year!!!!


Edna B said...

Good morning Kyra. You made our Christmas so joyful too! Hmmm, what is that favorite scent of Jan's? I am so hoping that the new year will bring good health for all of us. We deserve a good year. I don't normally go out for New Year's eve, but this year I am going to the Paris Cabaret to hear Jazzy sing one of my favorite songs. "At Last." Deanne, Eddie and I will have prime rib for dinner. I'm hoping to get some nice video to share on my blog. Enjoy your evening, be warm and safe. Pogo and I love you. Hugs, Edna B.

Grandma Sarge said...

I'm so glad you had a joyous Christmas. My neighbor across the street brought me another Turkey dinner from a local restaurant because he knew I'd be here alone with my little doggie. It was a Man-sized dinner so again I separated it into 3 meals and put them in some plastic storage dinner containers that are separated and come with a cover that has a little pop up for the steam to escape as it cooks/reheats in the microwave.

Now I'm going to make some Spaghetti and put it into pyrex divided dishes with lid and I can cook it in my Hot logic containers. The Pyrex dish sits on a smooth plate and heats the dinner that way. in a pretty container that zips shut and then starts reheating dinner. Takes about 3 hours so I just plug it in and go about my chores and when I get a little hungry I open it up and there's a hot meal for me. I love these things. My hot logics are the Mini size but they have many more choices but I'm a dinner of one so I don't need large.

I've got most of the Christmas decorations taken down and boxed up. Just ran out of Packing tape and boxes so I'll go to Walmart this afternoon and pick up some things on my shopping list. I take my little Phoebe with me and tuck her inside my jacket with her head stuck out to sniff at all the people who stop to look at the little thing. I think I need a roll of bubble wrap for my decos on the shelf. They are breakable so I usually wrap them up. Last year it was tissue paper but this year I'm going to use bubble wrap.

Got to eat breakfast and get the dishes washed.

Have a Happy New Year and I'll be watching the different celebrations on my TV with a Root Beer. Don't like crowds.

Hugs from Washington and God Bless everyone.